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  1. mooneyflyer

    Mooney Flyer Mechanics List

    Yes... but we already have a complete listing of all MSCs.... but it's all good
  2. mooneyflyer

    Mooney Flyer Mechanics List

    The Mooney Flyer currently has the most extensive Mooney CFI list available. we are considering adding another list for Mooney-savvy mechanics. Please send Name, Phone, Email, City/Airport to and we will compose a list. thanks, Phil
  3. mooneyflyer

    Richard Bristow Crash

    I saw a report of Richard Bristow who crashed in his RV-6 yesterday at Petaluma. Richard was a longtime Mooney Owner and friend to many of us. Early reports were engine failure on departure. thoughts and prayers, phil
  4. mooneyflyer

    Hot CHT #2

    Another quick check is to swap CHT sensors and see if that’s the issue.
  5. mooneyflyer

    Oil Consumption and CamGuard

    I love CamGuard.. It works. My original question is just to see if other IO550 owners have experienced increased OIL CONSumption.
  6. mooneyflyer

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    Often, forecasted turbulence is not encountered. If I want to get somewhere, as opposed to a fun lunch run, then I will check PIREPS, and make a go/no-go. Moderate turbulence is tiring and annoying. I slow down for moderate, but mostly for my passengers comfort. I found Don Kaye's article on how to mitigate the effects to be very useful. If I get anything more than moderate, I will land.
  7. I did a test on my M20S with IO-550. I was burning a quart every 9 hours using CamGuard. At last oil change, I did not use CamGuard. My consumption has gone down to almost 1/2. Anyone see this type of difference? Is it possibly a red herring?
  8. mooneyflyer

    Taxing around without any cowling installed

    Just remember that the engine is not getting baffled any longer so I would not run it for very long or at higher power settings than necessary.
  9. Kelly Couch, who attended the Paso Robles Fly-In just sent this Drone Video to us. Enjoy:
  10. mooneyflyer

    New Aircraft Circular on Traffic Patterns

    Called a Midfield Entry, and then a direct turn to Downwind
  11. mooneyflyer

    New Aircraft Circular on Traffic Patterns

    Yes, except this time it's the FAA weighing in.
  12. Thanks to an AMAZING turnout from AMAZING Mooniacs with AMAZING Airplanes! great fun. Thanks also to Richard Simile of Delta Aviation for bringing the Ultra! I want one! And Greg Baker and Damon Trimble of LASAR. lets do another fly-in next weekend! phil
  13. 53 Airplanes.. a few lesser makes
  14. SEVERE VFR for our Innaugural West Coast Mooney Club Fly-In! There’s a hot Acclaim Ultra on the ramp and lots of warm hospitality too! Phil & Linda
  15. mooneyflyer

    KPRB - West Coast Fly-In Sat 04/14

    Kelly, Tell Center there is FREE FOOD for FAST MOONEYS!