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  1. Low level flight over Lake Powell is a must. Land at Goulding’s (UT25) right in Monument Valley, another must. Do a couple of Grand Canyon corridors
  2. Concorde runs circles around Gill for strength and longer life
  3. I have an electric backup pump I will sell you for cheap... Also a brand new SigmaTek if you want for cheap also
  4. I updated my TERRAIN from fly.garmin.com to my FS510 yesterday on my PC.
  5. But a 510 requires no Garmin Dealer installation. You simply replace your data chip with the 510. Voila
  6. As I fly On 1 Battery, are both fully charging? Or only the battery selected?
  7. 2 Jupiter Bikes "Discovery X5" fit through the cargo door and into my cargo bay with ease. You can buy new for over $1200 or Refurb for about $500
  8. Thanks to all for your help. Gotta love the folks on MooneySpace.
  9. What are people’s Cold and Hot Start procedures on an F? A friend just bought an F and asked me.
  10. Anyone have LIghtspeed Tangos? We currently have Zulus, but are drawn to the wireless Tangos. I've been told they are'nt quite as quiet. Any PIREPS on them?
  11. Does anybody know the "floor" dimensions of the Ovation/Eagle Cargo Space?
  12. Is Mooney Speed Shop still open? I get an error when accessing www.MooneySpeedShop.com
  13. Long body Mooneys have a clause prohibiting slips with flaps extended.
  14. https://planeperfect.us/ Sorry
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