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  1. RHV is CLOSING. County has not accepted Federal money for about 10 years. Soon to commission $400k report on how to redevelop the land.
  2. Does anybody know the cost of replacement biscuits/donuts?
  3. Austin Kalb used to be a commissioner at Tehachapi. Good guy. Can be found on FB or I can see if I have his contact info
  4. Does anybody know: 1. What changes did Rocket Engineering make for -NB engine? And 2. What changes were made to increase gross weight? Thanks in advance.
  5. Looking for a B&D Instruments 2.25" electric tach for 1984 Mooney M20J that is dead. B&D Instruments: 0513-016 Thanks in advance for everyone's help
  6. BatteryMinder Model 24041-AA-S3. 24 Volt @ 4 Amp for Hawker, Odyssey or Gill (LT 7000 Series ONLY) $85.00. Free shipping in the US. Contact Jim Price, jaspriceaz@gmail.com
  7. The advantage of the Sidewinder from Redline is that it is small and light enough to take when you travel. Often useful
  8. The bulb costs $0.44 and can be replaced in 20 minutes...
  9. Can an owner change lightbulbs in panel avionics? The issue of voiding a warranty is not my question. Thanks to all.
  10. Paul Beck of Weep No More is hands down the best
  11. The color code is on the first page of my airframe log book
  12. Yes, I do have a long body and I am getting 32-34 miles per charge on level 2. If I peddle lightly, I get more miles per charge...
  13. Pilot BluLink, GA version. It enables you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. $100 and free shipping in the USA. Jim Price 480-772-1527 jaspriceaz@gmail.com
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