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  1. A bad day for my prop

    Wow! Bad luck, but I’m surprised we don’t see more of this. A Mooney friend chipped his prop at Monument Valley at a fly-in, hundreds of miles from help.
  2. Does anybody seem upset that AOPA wasn't interested?
  3. Fly-In Arrival Information. Fly-In Arrival Info.pdf I just threw this together. Hope it answers most of the questions. If not, I can revise.
  4. Here is the current registration list. Cannot wait to meet everyone! Phil
  5. I’ll be providing ARRIVAL & TAXI instructions as the date gets closer. I’ll also post attendees soon, here in this thread. phil
  6. Or someone brings a Drone.
  7. We are up to 28 Mooneys as of this morning. This is shaping up to be a huge and fun fly-in. What a great and fun start to the West Coast Mooney Club!!!! phil
  8. Check with ACI... they have some hotel/car packages.
  9. OK.. We are up to 22 Mooneys signed up. I am arranging for a great fuel discount on that day by our FBO, ACI JET. Looking good for our first West Coast Mooney Club Fl-In!
  10. Nope.. 19 Mooneys and counting. I am so stoked!
  11. West Coast Mooniac's Group - Join Us

    OK. First Fl-In is to KPRB on April 14 from 10-whenever. Please REGISTER HERE for food count since food will be free! phil
  12. Absolutely, but please REGISTER. You know we will talk about our Mooneys for hours!
  13. Up to 16 Mooneys and 32 folks... Fun in Paso Robles on April 14th CLICK HERE to Register so I can figure out food.
  14. Battery Minder

    10 years going on 11 years with my Concorde and matched BatteryMinder. Second battery going on 8 years. they work
  15. Any KPAO pireps?

    Parking at south end of field always available. Sometimes just need to back her onto gravel. Fun place