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  1. If you lean on taxi til it runs rough, then richen a tad, then if you forget to richen the mixture, your engine will stall when you add takeoff power. It's impossible to do any damage that way.
  2. Wow.. such a judgement call with "No information about this incident. Things happen very quickly in Mooneys. My saying is "If you weren't in the cockpit, you shouldn't judge another's actions". Can't we support our fellow Mooniacs here in MooneySpace until they are proven wrong? Give them our support over their loss. Just sayin'
  3. This was a flight review. wish you would not assign your judgement to either the PIC or CFI without any credible knowledge of what actually happened. I am not flaming you, but rather showing some empathy for fellow Mooniacs. Things happen much faster in Mooneys than many other airplanes too
  4. As always, a thoughtful and objective analysis!
  5. Perfectly said. I think we dont show much sympathy for a fellow Mooniac who probably has lost his airplane, or saying negative things about the CFI, or speculating on the cause of the accident. Imagine if it was you and your Mooney. You would feel terrible about the jokes. Let's show some empathy for a fellow Mooniac. And let's act consistently... people agreed not to speculate on the Mooney Caravan incident at Osh until the NTSB completed its findings. Let's show this owner the same. Is that OK to ask?
  6. Everyone was unharmed... was a Flight Review
  8. This is extremely important. New model Mooney owners need to know that Mooney takes really good care of their installed base. It's part of a buy decision!
  9. If you have an Engine Monitor, and you should, breaking in rings is simple. Your CHT will be hotter than normal. The minute your rings break-in, your CHT will drop to normal. It's as easy as that. Phil
  10. Pulling a cylinder on a pre-buy? Never! Find another buyer. Too invasive with possible catastrophic results if mechanic (who you probably don’t know) improperly reinstalls without proper preload. A complete annual should be sufficient. Just my $.02
  11. Does TRIM UP have any effect while taxiing? News to me.
  12. There is no way for me to visually check my Eagle fuel tank after burning a little more than 12 gallons, there is no visual fuel to see from the fill cap. So I can only measure by keeping track of fuel burn