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  1. Does anybody know the "floor" dimensions of the Ovation/Eagle Cargo Space?
  2. Is Mooney Speed Shop still open? I get an error when accessing
  3. Long body Mooneys have a clause prohibiting slips with flaps extended.
  4. Sorry
  5. I used Ceramic Coating from for $29 several months ago and my M20S still looks like new. It took 30 minutes to apply after the Eagle was cleaned and no rubbing. Good stuff
  6. My Mooney was jet blasted at SJC and then got wet with morning dew. I gently wiped off the windscreen to fly home, but apparently not gently enough. There are microscratches all over. Is there a safe and effective way to get rid of these? Aaargh!
  7. Update: Rumor is that there are 2 potential buyers... Hope at least half of this rumor is true.
  8. We just got our first article from a new contributor and it is excellent! Thank You Lee Fox.... The Mooney Flyer
  9. This post and $3 will not buy you a Starbucks Coffee, but 2 sources indicate Mooney may have been purchased. I hope it’s true. Anyone on MooneySpace hear anything also?
  10. If you are even remotely interested in contributing articles, please email me at so that I can answer any questions.
  11. Richard, I follow your BLOG and you would be an amazing contributor to The Flyer. I hope you consider it.
  12. Would love an ATC Q&A Feature. PM me if she is interested and we could talk
  13. Another type of regular Article could be “Mooney Destinations” surrounding various airports including Things to do, hotels, restaurants, hiking, etc share the love of places you’ve taken your Mooney