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  1. Thinking of going to Sun n Fun for the first time. How does the experience compare to Oshkosh? Not a fan of the website. It is impossible to navigate.
  2. This is about right from my experience as well -- including fuel, oil, insurance, maintenance and property tax.
  3. Yes, but that is not a case that any lawyer would take on a contingency. Nor is it a case that any client should pay a lawyer to bring. Considering the cost of drafting the complaint, serving, proving up the case, getting a judgment and then a writ of execution -- in all likelihood the return on investment would be negative.
  4. How much hand flying are y'all doing? Gotta confess, except for pattern work and the occasional training flight where I make myself hand fly, my autopilot is on from 400 agl after takeoff until I am on short approach or entering the pattern.
  5. Gotta wonder if this whole dance was just an effort by the Company to reduce (or eliminate) its exposure under Texas' WARN act.
  6. Well as long as we're confessing, I had this exact experience landing at Mammoth Lakes (KMMH) last winter. No wind, black ice, didn't touch the brakes or rudder pedals on roll out. Could barely walk on the tarmac. It all worked out, but never again.
  7. Greetings from Mammoth Mountain where gusts are over 60mph. What is usually a 1:45 flight was a 7:30 drive! The Mooney has spoiled me.
  8. There are no winners in the single engine high performance aircraft game. Sales of the SR22 (turbo and NA) are about 50% of what they once were. And they are the success story. There are so many better places for money to go than into GA in general and complex high performance singles in particular.
  9. Not if all they are trying to do is shut down as efficiently as possible with minimal exposure. Then they would silently go about their business. But I agree: If they were trying to save what is left of the brand, they would probably be communicating with their most loyal fans and brand ambassadors. I wonder if there is a forum where those types hang out.
  10. Presumably some workers will not return from the furlough. If there is very little work to do, others who have returned will get the picture and find other employment (the unemployment rate in Texas is quite low). Then, when Mooney gives the 60-day WARN notice, there will be fewer employees who are subject to it. Or maybe 300 employees are coming back to crank out new Acclaims while four of the thirteen built in the past two years are available for sale right now on Controller.
  11. Wonder if this is just an effort to comply with WARN statutes. Hard to believe they intend to continue building planes that no one has ordered.
  12. I've never regretted a go-around!
  13. Beechcraft has only sold 5 Bonanzas through the first 9 months of 2019. Premier had an Ovation Ultra listed and unsold for months earlier this year. Also had one or two Acclaims in inventory for awhile. Point is, at least as late as August, Mooney was manufacturing and selling product to its dealers that no end-user had actually ordered. Supply was out-pacing demand. Just seems like if there was a backlog of customers waiting for Mooney to fulfill their orders, we would have heard from at least some of those anxious customers here on MS.
  14. On a flight from Monterey to SoCal, here is sunset over the Pacific and moonrise over the mountains at the same time. Was quite a show.
  15. Need to replace a taxi light on my Ovation2. Maybe it's time to upgrade landing lights as well. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.