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  1. Looks like CHT no. 2 has crapped out. Should I be replacing all of them? Will they all fail about the same time? Also, rpm gage flickering into the red momentarily from time to time but sound of the prop not changing and everything sounds just fine. What's happening?
  2. That is how mine look, too. So I never use my recognition lights.
  3. A bit out of the way, but it you stop in Las Cruces, a great restaurant is La Posta de Mesilla.
  4. Maybe a fuel stop in Las Cruces. Then PSP, through the Banning Pass, PDZ, a couple more miles Southwest, then hang a left.
  5. Does running the air conditioning reduce power? Was thinking about this as I took off from Sedona this weekend with density altitude around 8,000 ft.
  6. I am "only" 52, fly with the AP engaged from 400 agl until on final and any flight longer than 3.5 hrs wipes me out. Once flew solo nonstop from Austin to SoCal in intermittent IMC. Man that was dumb.
  7. At this point, the non-cancellation of this event is starting to seem weird. What's the thesis: Social distancing is a misguided policy?
  8. Only 22 days till the start of Sun n Fun. Anyone have any intel on whether it is likely to go forward? Seems like al kinds of large gatherings are getting cancelled.
  9. It's got to be a Reposado or Anejo, right? I'm partial to Clase Azul but there are so many good ones.
  10. Just bought my tickets. Flying in to KLAL and pitching a tent. Got the VIP tickets cause what the heck. Looking forward to meeting some of you!
  11. Question about the pattern at KEGE: on left downwind for 25, looks like the hills are RIGHT THERE. Is downwind inside of those hills or over them? Extend downwind for a nice stable straight in?
  12. Flying to KEGE next week. Looks like high terrain on downwind for 25. Is that right. Any tips.

    1. jrwilson


      I’ve only been once.  I did use 25 but no issues with terrain within the pattern area, the airport is in a pretty good valley and no real issues with the approach, at least VFR. 

    2. TGreen
  13. Flying to KEGE next week. Looks like left traffic for 25 with pretty high terrain on downwind. Is that about right.