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  1. Crossed the Sierra Nevadas today from East to West. Climbed to 14.5 first and kept a lookout for downdrafts as the wind was out of the West. But it was smooth and beautiful.
  2. I think I would swap my M20R straight up for a Vans RV-8 AND and Vans RV-10.
  3. That's my setup. Works great. Only real complaint is that it often does not capture the glideslope. Not a huge deal. I anticipate that and manage the glideslope in VS mode with small adjustments to power and descent rate. Don't have WAAS, but nonprecision GPS approaches get me low enough. Would love a digital autopilot but I can live with this forever.
  4. I load the navigation db on a low capacity SD card (the G1000 doesn't seem to be able to handle high capacity cards), then put it in the top slot of the mfd, power up, it loads, power off, then repeat in the top slot of the pfd.
  5. In your neck of the woods, I love Ella's at the Airport Watsonville.
  6. Went to KCMA for breakfast this morning. Three Mooneys pulled up next to me but didn't stay long. Any of them Mooneyspacers by chance?
  7. Don't forget the big watch! You might fall out of the sky without one,
  8. First stop Demning, NM? Looks like we fly the same routes.
  9. Thanks all. Both problems seem to have resolved themselves. No more database errors on the PFD and all of the XM weather products are back. Still not sure what happened or why it's no longer happening. But I'll take it.
  10. Thanks. No issues with recent updates and all databases are up to date. Have not done the WAAS upgrade. Just weird when a couple of seemingly unrelated things go buggy at the same time.
  11. Did some flying over the past two days and had two different bugs for the first time, maybe unrelated but I don't know. On the G1000 PFD got error alerts that the terrain databases were either missing or errors exist (can't remember which). But then on the next flight there was no error alert. On one flight all of my XM weather products gradually disappeared (metars, airmets/sigmets, precip). Some disappeared before others but over time they all disappeared. Then on the next flight they were all back. Any ideas as to what's going on?
  12. 234mph in level flight per flightaware.com. Was indicating about 169kts at 7500 feet, probably 40 degrees lean of peak. Good times.
  13. Good times. Thanks for organizing, @MooneyMitch. @MikeOH and Hilda, nice to meet you both. Let's do this again soon!
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