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  1. High FBO fees.

    Busy little field. I stopped in there to get a dog on the way home for pilots n paws and accidentally timed it with the outdoor expo show (that is in Denver now, suck it Utah) and there wasn't a car to be found and the only hotel a Travelodge for 300 bucks so we hopped to heber before the hotels there filled up. Turned out we liked heber so much we've gone back. You gotta swim in the crater, it's too weird not to.
  2. High FBO fees.

    Yeah, I agree. I didn't check the rates because I had been there the summer before and they weren't bad. Next time I'll just go to Spanish fork or south valley.
  3. High FBO fees.

    He said near salt lake, not slc. Probably south valley. U42
  4. High FBO fees.

    Ok3 has airnav comments turned off
  5. High FBO fees.

    Spanish fork I was at heber this summer, their fees are ridiculous and they weren't a year ago. 6.50 a gallon and 25 bucks a night to park is what I remember.
  6. Huh, odd. Nope, mine is a safe flight c-46001and sounds completely different. not my pic, same part though Sorry I couldn't help
  7. Cruise RPM

    I'm really getting tired of tracon or tower asking me to slow down 50 knots. Go down or slow down guys, pick one.
  8. I have a safe flight switch from our k but it needs to be riveted back together. I believe it's a slightly different part, I can send pics if you want.
  9. aren't they supposed to ship this month some year between 2013 and 2040?
  10. Cruise RPM

    Cmi has advised to avoid cruise operations below 2300, which is why I run 23
  11. Cruise RPM

    I run 2300, I don't notice a speed difference between 23 and 25, it's smoother and quieter, and our tach is accurate at 24 or 2450 so it saves a few pennies on mx costs per mile.
  12. So who makes a decent cmi cylinder? I haven't heard good things about the factory jugs, eci had an ad so I wouldn't buy from them... Any others one should consider?
  13. if I had the time and to do it over, I'd sand and paint the switch, then have someone laser engrave it, then fill the burned letters with paint. It's about $50 though to have someone do a rifle receiver, so I'd imagine about that much for the switch. Too much to invest in this project. I'd also print or order an extra switch to test so they don't burn right through the one I spent time sanding and painting.
  14. I keep a sawyer in my hiking pack which I almost always use for packing for short plane trips up to ten days or so, I guess I have that with me.
  15. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    Oh, I saw one of those once then it disappeared behind me
  16. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    Psh, best mid body turbo? Clearly you've forgotten one contender.
  17. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    I would think a turbocharged 360 would be a neat little plane.
  18. Gear Doughnuts

    The funny thing is I think our a&p charges 80/hr. Good luck finding a dealer mechanic anywhere near that cheap
  19. WTB 2004 - 2005 Ovation 2 DX

    Tim's a good dude too.
  20. Hangars and extension cords...

    man, how much time do you all spend in your hangars. Ours is kind of gross, and I don't leave a small fridge with drinks because it'd just freeze in the winter.
  21. prop seal question

    I've never had a mechanic recommend seals at the first sign of oil, usually I've asked if it should be done and they say wait until it gets much worse.