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  1. so... apparently the box the avidyne tech suggested to replace our WSI doesn't work with the IFD running software 10.2. Cool.
  2. we have a sirius weather receiver, but it's stamped WSI and avidyne but it's a WSI AV300, looks like this SiriusXM doesn't provide the service for it, it goes through WSI. WSI recently was purchased by IBM and at the end of 2017 they're discontinuing service for the system. That sucks because siriusXM can't load it in their system, and is more expensive so we'll have to go with something else for weather.
  3. there's a dude on the vans forum that swaps out the terrain cards with current data for like $50 or something if you don't have the right loader, I got one from him a bit ago and he's a stand up dude. In case you weren't aware I think the terrain loader is different from the normal navdata loader.
  4. Today's flight for 2017

    yeah, for real?
  5. Also the data availability nation wide. I know what the metar is at my destination the whole way.
  6. Airports near Yosemite

    Guess I should have went to Fresno, kmer was about the same, hour fifteen or so
  7. There are a few different but similar systems, that one, emeds, that all work about the same. Why don't you ever hear of any development for ga on it?
  8. And heated fuel vents and heated stall switches, there's just a little bit more to it than a 24v system and extra pump.
  9. None of which has anything to do with the topic at hand.
  10. There are some YouTube videos that demonstrate it. Basically it thumps the ice off. I don't really have the patience to listen to lectures and pursue the stc, so I don't see this going anywhere. People can go back to arguing the merits of spraying WD-40 on their wings or whatever other hairbrained theories get passed around here.
  11. The elevators? It should, the thumpers are tiny.
  12. You can put it on the elevators. A lot of the 231s and 252s have hot props
  13. Airports near Yosemite

    Merced was very reasonable when I was there in June, no ramp fee with self serve fuel and what I considered at the time to be a fair price. The town is uh....yeah. I wouldn't want to make the drive every day to the park from that far out. That about exhausts what I know about it. Mariposa looked neat, I'd like to have spent more time there.
  14. Airports near Yosemite

    I looked in January for a June trip and it wasn't early enough!
  15. Airports near Yosemite

    Driving from the West sucks so bad. Tioga was closed, the north was closed, and the only open route was one lane for construction. Yosemite is beautiful but way too crowded for me.
  16. Airports near Yosemite

    We did Merced because cars were available and cheap, and Tioga road was closed so mammoth lake wasn't an option. I think a member here is based at kmpi, driving through that looked like a good spot. Can't help on places to stay. We bailed out early, Tioga was closed and a rock slide had closed the North West entrance, whatever that one was called, and it made getting around too difficult.
  17. replaced one of my strobes, went to do the other and found the fixture melted and missing the reflector etc internally, Probably contributing to the melting. Any chance anyone upgraded to LED's and has one floating around? It's not worth the energy to call the wreckers and explain what I need if someone has one floating around.
  18. Sweet! Sure send those LEDs on over Yeah, I should probably fix this melted one before something bad happens.
  19. 1990 MSE for sale

    I thought I read something about the certified jpis can't be moved from one plane to another. I can't remember the reason, they won't allow you to recode then or something
  20. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    Fancy. I just mark the bottles with a sharpie c
  21. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    It's 1.6oz per qt of oil. I run 10qts on a change so a whole bottle. I or dose my oil with a big syringe, 1.6 ea so the makeup oil is dosed and no one has to think too hard.
  22. and plenty of mooneys have icing equipment and aren't certified for FIKI, but it's still better than nothing. People pay big money to cav for non fiki TKS systems. and what of thermawing? You see plenty of lancairs with it.
  23. Oshkosh 2017

    Oasis is what they go by. Did a ppi for us at a reasonable cost.