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  1. We have a KAP150, I don't suppose there's a simple and easy fix for this, like it's a known issue is there? It's pretty odd. It's fed from an aspen 1500 system, though it might still be getting attitude from the BK AI, I'm really not certain. We run in HDG mode 99.9% of the time because the aspen is driving GPSS.
  2. I didn't realize owning a Mooney meant you automatically had to crap on all other brands.
  3. And the Cirrus is or was handmade in Grand forks ND and Duluth MN. Who cares?
  4. 22 handles just as nice as the mooney. you guys seem to think it's more than what it is. An airplane.
  5. Not really. The cirrus is much easier to live with. Even with a second door the mooney is more of a hassle to load. I'd take a TTx too.
  6. That wasn't KAPA, that was KFNL. And it was an sr20, N407ND IIRC but I'd have to check my logbook.
  7. I've had it both ways and living here wouldn't go back. I can climb at 1500fpm through about any altitude I'm certified. Just saying.
  8. Honestly, buying new I'd buy the 22t with fiki. Sorry.
  9. Yeah it's only 3/4 of a mil or more.
  10. cool, someone hurry up and buy the plane I can afford in 40 years.
  11. pulled the AP out of the tray to peek around. BTW, around here it has been said the KAP-150 doesn't have a static connection, that is incorrect. Anyway, there are only 4 adjustments on the entire thing. The one on the front labeled RN for I assume roll neutral. There are stampings on the faceplate that say RC and PC, I assume that means roll control and pitch control or something similar, but there are no adjustment pots near them On the side of the box there are 3 pots, PDN, PDG, and RDG. I'm guessing it's pitch something neutral and pitch something gain, and roll something gain. But I can find nothing on the internet. I might bump RDG up a little. Very gently. I might also just send the stupid thing to oklahoma.
  12. no turbo, no care. If you plan to go IFR west bound like, ever, you'll want one. Plus, K's are going for less than J's it seems.
  13. I'm sure the people with money would rather that airport not exist at all.
  14. someone has to know how the KAP-150 bank adjusts? Only adjustment on the face is the roll neutral screw, I don't think we want to screw with that.
  15. around denver anyway, their reputation isn't too good anymore.
  16. doc suggests I do, I've heard nothing but horror stories so I'm a little... hesitant. I imagine it'll mean no flying for at least 4-6 months, plus no work for at least 2 or so. That's its own can of worms.
  17. That's not bad. Time to twin shop maybe.
  18. 83 231 rocket conversion 600 SMOH, about 2500TTAF excellent paint, new interior aspen 1500, king 150, JPI900, IFD540, reiff preheater, AXP340 adsb out, built in o2, o2 service equipment to fill the tank in hangar. Aspen has synthetic vision, chart and navdata subs for the aspen and the IFD540 paid through the end of 2017. XM weather to the IFD540. Speed brakes, monroy tanks. etc. $15k buy in, $200 a month fixed, approximately $175 a month towards the note. $90 dry for MX/engine reserves. Shoot me a message if interested and I'll get some pics. It's a very, very nice airplane. PPI done at maxwell's last november, I can send that report to a seriously interested party for perusal.
  19. Pp thoughts only, not an ancient Chinese accountant or mathematician
  20. Still looking, yes. We are at bjc. Jason Hurd will never touch once of my airplanes again. This airplane has never nor will ever be in his shop.
  21. Not to mention 45 minutes at turbo Mooney speed is 150 miles or better. Probably enough to cross the Cascades and get down to warmer temps or climb out of it.
  22. I used to pay for wingx, now that I get it for free I still use it but I would pay for it over the others I've tried. I think I can get the Garmin app for free too but I haven't bothered. I like wingx. Foreflight is immediately off-putting to me for some reason. I tried to like it and couldn't.
  23. Wingx also displays the traffic patterns barbs on the vfr chart, which is really handy. Foreflight will plan an entry and runway based on winds but I prefer the wingx way
  24. I can't find any setting to toggle it on and off, the only thing I can think of is check settings (gear at the bottom) and turn on the setting to show distance and time to next waypoint and destination. I think it's just on by default. I'll mess with it next time I fly, since it won't show me anything on the ground anyway.