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  1. Nvm

    Oops delete me.
  2. It'll be round about the 16th
  3. Anyone been? Planning a one night stop next month. Aside from frequent fog, no fuel, no awos, no approaches, anything else I should know?
  4. for a king system. Something is broken in our plastic thing that holds all the various switches on our yoke, PTT, AP D/C, trim, etc. All that's good but the holder thing is broken and loose. Any idea what that's called? I don't even know where to begin looking for a replacement because I don't know what to call the thing.
  5. The trim switch alone is like 800+
  6. Noooooo, the 4 door Porsche has always been Audi.
  7. I see them driving around, so someone is buying them. To be fair I'm not sure they're any uglier than that similar looking mercedes that was a sedan trying really hard to be a coupe, I can't for the life of me think of the name.
  8. bellanca is crafting airplanes out of wood today (probably, hell I dunno, they've been in and out of business more times than mooney and that's no small feat) if it's got wings, I'll fly it. I don't care what brand it is.
  9. I'll get fish and chips for lunch and breakfast at the food truck the next day. Things are looking up, hopefully the weather won't hose me.
  10. just a one nighter-see-what-it's-about stop. we'll go back another time, I'd really like to do the trail but never have time.
  11. fish and chips you say? Where abouts?
  12. if I divert I either have to pick something that I can rent a car at and drive to shelter cove to use my existing reservation, or pick somewhere else on the coast to stay Cec is a nice area
  13. if anyone is planning to use that to upgrade from the old style there is a bit more to the retrofit kit you'll need.
  14. Not certain we need it yet, but in case we do does anyone have a working stall switch they'd part with? We have a k but I think they're all the same anyway. I see a couple on eBay but who knows what you get with that.
  15. I have the solution for that... <------ I think the Comanche is a fine choice also.
  16. well, if I can't get in I'll go to crescent city or somewhere else on the shore for the night I guess. Hotels are going to be tough in June with no notice I suspect. Plan to arrive in the AM and depart in the AM, is the wind worse in the afternoon or is it just spotty? With no weather reporting that could get interesting.
  17. I bought them assuming we have klixon switches, we don't. One is the latest version and one is a version back. They're red. I might have a white one around too, I'll have to check the ubiquitous junk drawer to be sure. Free.
  18. I use ratchet straps, they seem to work fine. The argument could be made that they don't stretch like rope but it's never bothered me for a few days. Don't forget to lock the controls too. I'm a seatbelt kind of guy.
  19. Hah, at first I thought you meant Breckenridge Co but then I thought wait, they don't have an airport.
  20. The whole holder as I picture it. I realize there's a screw missing from the trim switch and that's confusing but the whole plastic cap on the yoke is what I need, from the cws and autopilot switch to around the trim switch to the top of the yoke.
  21. you could probably solid model it and 3d print it too I guess. CNC aluminum would be neat, then you could anodize it black. That would be too sweet. Maybe this winter when the plane isn't flying I'll work on something, thanks for the ideas!
  22. Any ideas how? It's been broken under where it says trim up, so it twists a little bit which can't be good on the wires. It's annoying but not $300 annoying.