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  1. I'd be very surprised if from a 60 plus degree angle that anyone could tell the difference between lined up on a runway vs a taxiway 100 feet away.
  2. I don't get it. Both runways look like runways to me and the taxiway is missing a couple important things, like runway numbers...and white stripes.. and the chevrons are a big clue. Yeah, I get it that the jet was camped right where the numbers would be if it was a runway, but it all seems obvious.
  3. no thanks KDRO 231653Z AUTO 25020G28KT 10SM CLR M01/M07 A2968 RMK AO2 PK WND 25028/1637 SLP044 T10111072 also moderate at 200 SW of DRO
  4. moderate at 180 and 240 across CO and I'd imagine moderate or better wave. Severe at 170 in NW CO.
  5. I wouldn't, not even in a turbo. at 12k feet you were looking for an absolute ass beating.
  6. basically dead. vaporware, never existed.
  7. works great, there's a 63c posted 5 or six times it works so well.
  8. I assume he got it running, an update sure would be nice
  9. I know a guy that has one but he wants $450. Too much for me. Here's his email phone 8084438506 his name is adrian I do not know him. I just asked him about the one he was selling a few weeks ago.
  10. I believe a similar situation happened when obama was in seattle a couple years ago. OR guard out of PDX zipped out there.
  11. rare clear, warm, calm day along the rocks today. Jumped to leadville and back before work. 1.2 round trip. LXV of course is 9,933 ft MSL. Nice flight, smooth as glass. Quick touch and go at LXV and home. Love that rocket power.
  12. I took the rocket on a 30 minute hop today, 14,5 out and 15,5 back.... But there were big rocks in the way. I showed 1500+fpm the whole time, no worries at all. Thing was born to climb. Anyway, I still think the m22 is slick as snot, but the fantasy vs the reality is probably scary (and expensive)
  13. would have to be timing if you have compression, fuel, and spark, no? Crossed up plug wires somehow?
  14. it's 1-1/2" square steel tube, 1/8" wall. they were out of 1-1/4 and 1" was too small. it's a wheelchair battery, 22 amp hour, and a winch for an ATV. the cables, one runs to the jaws to open and close them, and the other disengages the clutch on the winch so it can freewheel. When the jaws are open, winch is free, when closed, it's engaged. One lever with an over center lock and two cables. the drive wheel is from northern tool, and like Don Muncey's tug design I had the winch reel turned down to accept a sprocket and cut a keyway and ran #35 roller chain to drive it. I built his design first and used a lot of his ideas on my own frame. the controls are standard remote winch controls from ebay, a switch and a contactor mounted by your thumb to go forward or reverse. I might be biased, but I think it works better than the gas powertow it replaced. I'll shorten and clean up the wiring someday... maybe. It could be a little shorter but I wanted leverage and weight on the wheel for traction.
  15. not sure I saved any money over buying a used one, but I had fun anyway. maybe it'll work. They really get you on small quantities of metal.
  16. hey, it works.
  17. midfield generally, but I fly pretty tight patterns.
  18. I dunno why. If I'm going long range, say 1.5 hours or more, I go high. I have looked at the ad for that m22 before and thought having a nearly one of a kind airplane is way out of my budget. Imagine when all the little seals that keep the pressurization in start getting old and cracking. I'm sure they're unobtanium.
  19. Idk if it's compatible but I have a new old stock of the newer comant style.
  20. Intermittent operation.
  21. Yes, it can get gummed up. You can take it out and soak it for a few hours in carb cleaner and reinstall to see if it helps, it did ours.
  22. You said a ferry tank was expensive, any chance of a ferry permit to get it to Willmar? They could do the tanks and the annual.
  23. They're already testing a drone shield at a few airports. Well, one anyway