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  1. Found a new old stock gauge on ebay. Thanks guys
  2. I need either the glass cover that screws on the o2 pressure gauge in the pilots arm rest, or the whole gauge assembly.
  3. we're missing the glass on our o2 gauge anyway, so if I can find a NOS gauge I'll just buy it and replace it when I replace the cable. I guess while I'm there I can replace the line too but I doubt it's the issue.
  4. our onboard O2 is leaking with the valve off. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Are there any common points to check? Bad shutoff valve maybe? It's a little sticky to shut off, when you slide the lever to open you can hear it pop as it pressurizes, when you close it you have to close it and then push on it again to get it to shut off (you can hear it hiss for a second when you do) but it seems like the valve is getting pushed all the way off.
  5. I'm talking about the high pressure supply line o-ring. I specifically said "high pressure line"? Are we talking about the same thing? The tank was pressure tested in September, so that was disconnected.
  6. What? No it doesn't hold pressure. Leak detection fluid failed to detect the source of the leak.
  7. I understand that- that's the point. That high pressure line is before the shut off valve, so it's a potential leak with the valve off. For $.25 I'll change that oring before sending the valve out for repair.
  8. well, I didn't pull the side panel and check there at the gauge yet. I want to replace the cable so I'll check when I take the interior panel off to do that. For 20 cents I'll swap that oring too. I'll find it... eventually..
  9. Yes, the gauge line tees off before the shutoff valve kind of where the fill line tees in. Since the tank was recently tested I think a bad or damaged oring is a plausible place to look, and it's cheap. If it's the line to the gauge we have problems.
  10. Any idea how I know if the oring is compatible with oxygen?
  11. Yes, no evidence of leaking. In fact no evidence of a leak anywhere.
  12. We adjusted the rigging of the cable to ensure the valve is off, we can't find any leaks so next test is to replace the oring as it's still leaking with the valve fully off.
  13. We run a battery minder (non aviation) on dual gills at all times.
  14. Why don't you call the facility and ask? Then you'll have a correct answer.
  15. We looked at that one, it looksike it was used in a war, maybe it'll clean up
  16. with a 60k budget you can swing a K model.
  17. it is a scott for sure, a partner has the part number but they're unobtanium. I'm in no rush, if you make it out there and happen to have one it'd be greatly appreciated. Ours has gone missing and I haven't been able to find one anywhere.
  18. Ours isn't functional. I'd like to check the various linkages, tubing etc.
  19. Thanks- the diagram confused me. (item 44)
  20. does the K have an electric blower motor?
  21. I don't think so- no market. It's too costly to get the STC and the resulting product will cost more than most GA aircraft.
  22. around here the used diesel trucks hold their value more than twice the gas.