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  1. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    grandson? Oh man you're old. Better gimme that lancair so you can slow down
  2. Monroy tanks

    So, we've been wondering... How exactly did monroy get his tanks approved? 91.205 says you have to have a fuel gauge. The old wives tale is that they have to be accurate when empty and full, which the monroy tanks aren't. However: how do they comply with 23.1337 exactly? ยง 23.1337 Powerplant instruments installation. Fuel quantity indication. There must be a means to indicate to the flightcrew members the quantity of usable fuel in each tank during flight. An indicator calibrated in appropriate units and clearly marked to indicate those units must be used. In addition: [] Each fuel quantity indicator must be calibrated to read "zero" during level flight when the quantity of fuel remaining in the tank is equal to the unusable fuel supply. . .
  3. Monroy tanks

    Ish, sure. It's a bit more of a sliding scale with the rocket. Though with 2 people up front the rocket needs a lot of ballast to not go fwd cg. Like 100lbs.
  4. Monroy tanks

    That's ok I think it's pretty funny when it gets personal because I went to a different brand airplane. I even like Comanches Actually, I have a lot of piper time so they always feel like home. Hey in another thread that I can't find you recommend a starter that doesn't eat up the adapter on the cirrus, which one was it again?
  5. Monroy tanks

    Book max ifr range is 886 for the g3. The rocket is a bit harder to figure. I could true about 186 at 15.5 gph at fl180 for economy but I wouldn't push it beyond 5 hours, personally. It held 108 max but I never figured I had more than 100. If I wanted to do better than 200 it needed nearly 20gph, I ran 1550tit, many would probably run 1600 and save a few pennies. Rocket suggests no higher than 1600 continuous but cmi says 1650, I'm betting if you could shave some more range off at the expense of maintenance cost. I think you could run lop at 1650 and save enough fuel to cover the cost of a turbo overhaul. Our plane with gamis was not a happy camper lop. Useful load is within 50ish pounds but the g3 holds a little less gas, 92gal.
  6. Monroy tanks

    Range is basically the same Except it's actually comfortable for 4 to 5 hours.
  7. Monroy tanks

    Except that I did own a Mooney (two, actually) and it did have the mad pisser's tanks. I just want to k ow how they satisfy the above reg. That's all. I know it's not a corroded out 50 year old plane but it'll have to do. Plus it's fun to watch you guys bitch. You take yourselves way too seriously.
  8. Where are the links to these flying death trap accidents?
  9. Monroy tanks

    All you need is r2d2 to hop out there in flight and dip the tanks for you
  10. Monroy tanks

    I find the wing gauges to be reasonably accurate if not sticking Probably more accurate than the fill a little and wait and fill some more dance it takes to get the long range tanks filled up. There's a pretty solid 5 gallons you can leave behind if you're not careful.
  11. Monroy tanks

    It doesn't bother you that above about 20 gallons a side you have no earthly idea how much fuel you have unless you have made a calibrated dip stick?
  12. Brb let me get a pic of my volt
  13. Belize

    We stayed awhile on Ambergris and then a week or so down in Hopkins. Don't be afraid to get out of the touristy areas either.
  14. Belize

    It's kind of "English" a bit of creole I guess. Perfectly understandable. I love Belize. Fry jack, stewed chicken. Love it. Nice people too. I always got a chuckle listening to the belezians talk to each other and then switch to pretty good English when they talked to you.
  15. aww, 407ND. I used to fly that airplane, she also used to belong to UND, though after I graduated. We found each other 2 states away somehow. She was a good plane. They signed me off after a 45 minute check out though. Maybe that's why it's not around any longer.
  16. Costs money to post there. We all know Mooney owners won't pay.
  17. Belize

    I'd like to, but haven't had the time/nerve I couldn't make it nonstop and a tech stop in mexico adds some expense. I'm betting @kortopates has been there though.
  18. 40smoh is high time? Cool.
  19. We'll have to let the market decide. It's a 6 month wait to get a new sr22. How many new mooneys they sell this year again?
  20. And you know, the fact that it was designed 20 years ago and not 60. And it's more comfortable and better equipped and has modern avionics. I don't see many j models truing out at 190 knots either. Oh and dual alternators and no vacuum system. Oh, forgot dual ahrs and screens that run reversionary mode. I love it when people spend 400k on an airplane and thousands a year on fixed cost and brag about saving a few gallons an hour like they're saving real amounts of money.
  21. Garmin perspective I think that paint is ugly too but whatever.
  22. Yeah, or will be in a week.
  23. Huh? One guy lands in a field in the middle of nowhere and suddenly no one needs a chute? That's quite a leap.
  24. Looks a bit like shelter cove
  25. Someone actually buy one or was it a factory demo ship? Man that's uh, bad, bad paint.