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  1. I had two M20K at Threewing in KBDR. Quality of avionic work was very good. Thinking ahead also behind the panel was the part that I like most. Also after finishing the job it was not a back and forth to resolve glitches. Everything worked well if I got the planes back. I checked several times during the work to get the progress and get aquality impression. They are not the cheapest with $105 per hour but the quality is there. They also a GARMIN dealer. If you like you can talk to Jared. Can't speak about the utilization but why not using the winter month. Maybe you are lucky and they have still a winter spot for you.
  2. so it's getting time for the before and after pictures....
  3. sure thing, February 19. I'm waiting for the set to go on a ferry flight to Europe.
  4. June 12, 2019 CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the first in line to receive your new MAX upgrade. We are pleased to let you know we have submitted TSO paperwork to the FAA this week and expect certification by June 30. Please contact your dealer to schedule your unit removal and return to our Albuquerque facility. Your dealer will include the RMA paperwork provided at the time of your order. Based on this certification schedule we will be ready to receive units for your upgrade by July 8, 2019. Once we receive your unit, expected turnaround time will be 7-10 days. If the certification date changes, you will be notified by June 20 with an alternate date we will be ready to receive the units. We have also communicated with your dealer regarding upgrade status. Depending upon the condition of your current unit, we may be assigning a unit with a different serial number. If you require your original unit returned, please let us know by emailing our customer support manager, As a reminder, the upgrade is compatible with the EFD1000 Pro PFD and 500/1000 MFDs. It is not compatible with our Pilot or VFR display systems. Please ask your dealer to ship your display to our Albuquerque manufacturing facility: Aspen Avionics 5001 Indian School Road, NE, Suite 100 Albuquerque, NM 87110 Thank you for your business, and we hope you will enjoy many more years of efficient use with your new MAX upgrade. Sincerely, Aspen Avionics
  5. with multiple wishes from the second row seaters I consider to install a USB power supply port. Does anyone has done it already and found a good location? Still struggling with all the antennas and AHARS around. Thanks Hendrik
  6. Who has migrated fully to Whelen LED lights (wings and tail) and took out all the old NAV and anti collision lights? Running into an issue with the lower current draw of the NAV LED lights. Basically after switching them on and off they not going fully dark again. They stay at a lower intensity but you can clearly see they are on (especially at night). Also the dimming of the annunciator panel is interfering with that. This is due to the 5 volt output and how the dimming option of the annunciator panel works. The old light bulb NAV lights will not work at this 5 Volts and drained the current immediately. Does somebody running into that issue already and solved it? Thanks Hendrik
  7. now was the interference also reported from the FAA. https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2019-05-14/faa-warns-gps-interference-spot-peds?utm_campaign=AIN%20Alerts&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=72761047&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-87KznVsR6hqOJpJLsdhAN7hzlXmHcW1B7CtTxLsXxZBGs-4fM7-yoJczG0qKPZHrt0td-Mzr0OzWyKzcs_xuCpzEOKuBjGNNzN2qSReOAP2h2NG0U&_hsmi=72761047
  8. So yokes are removed and send in for refurbishment. Lets see how they turn out....
  9. sounds good. How long does it was taking?
  10. Hi Steven,

    Debbie was mentioning you for getting some good priced Whelen LED's.  I have a M20K in CT prntly that needs to fly back teo Germany early June. So Oshkosh is maybe a little late.

    Thanks Hendrik

  11. what is your ask for the CDT/ TIT? Is it fully working?

    Thanks Hendrik

  12. What is the best source of a full set of the Orion (650E and OR5001V) lights 14 V? I know that they are sold at e.g. SNF or Oshkosh with some discount. Is that discount also available somewhere else? Thanks
  13. $200 as removed $275 as new (middel of 1975) :-) (must be like good wine) $650 an overhaul and repair
  14. since I get asked here some pictures of the gravel strip from Kulusuk. Refueling hurts a bit with more than $16 per GAL.