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  1. flumag

    Need Mooney Ferry Pilot (US to Germany)

    Hi Tim, I have flown my and other Mooneys several times back and forth between Germany and the US. End of August I will fly with a M20K to Boston from Germany. My home base is presently KBED. Happy to chat (gern auch auf Deutsch). The bigger part of the preparation was all the time to get the paperwork set up. Especially if you like to keep the Mooney in the EU. Insurance for the ferry flight, tax handling (assume the Mooney is part of your moving goods) etc. There are some things that needs to be planed ahed if its not just a visit for some weeks. The routing is almost given with a J and just have some "weather options". You would also need a ferry tank for some more routing options. There are several options for a ferry pilot. Guido or Arnim are just some. Why you are not flying with one of the guys? It's a very impressive flight. Hendrik
  2. flumag

    Flying around OKC on a beautiful morning

    Thanks! Impressive view angel...
  3. flumag

    Flying around OKC on a beautiful morning

    how do you mount the camera?
  4. flumag

    Garmin 750 interferes with spot

    sounds good Jerry, does the Airtext LT offers any tracking option beside the text's?
  5. flumag

    Garmin 750 interferes with spot

    Thanks for the feedback. I spoke to spot. It seems they are aware of the issue and the only recommendation that I got was to increase the distance between GPS antennas, GPS device and the Spot. Not really a reliable option for me and a spot in the baggage compartment is not very use-full. So the only option to me is selling the spot and cancel the subscription. does anybody has experience with the Garmin inReach? Its a satellite messenger as well but is using Iridium instead of Globalstar. If Oscar had an issue with the GDL51 it seems similar with Iridium. Thanks Hendrik
  6. after going through a bit of an avionic upgrade in my M20K I realised that my Garmin 750 and 650 interferes with my Spot3 (www.findmespot.com). Both GPS loosing there connection/ position frequently (I asume in the transmission mode of the the spot). The Spot was placed on the glare shield and the antennas are mounted as first on top of the plane behind the wind screen. The spot is using the Globalstar satellite network so far as I remember. I was using the spot for quite some years and I especially liked the tracking, and alert option over some longer flights over the North Atlantic. Does anyone have similar experience? any solutions? does the new SpotX has the same issue? Thanks Hendrik
  7. flumag

    Whelen ORION 650E field approval

    J was clear since its part of the STC. K was just not part of the STC Hendrik
  8. flumag

    M20K windshield replacement

    Hi iain, I did it in my M20K. The windshield price is minor compared to labor. I stayed as the sam thickness I had in but went up on UV protection. The estimate of the shop were 30 hours. 10 hours seems a bit optimistic. I asked several shops and got roughly the same answers (around 30 hours). If you go for a thicker model you need to add approximately 10 hours. I will get it back next week and I can tell you exactly how much. Hendrik
  9. thanks guys, I will aim for that and see if I can find some P/N somewhere. Hendrik
  10. I'm close to get a second alternator in my M20K after the vacuum system was removed. Does anyone else have done it in a M20K already? What is a good solution for the switch of the second alternator? It needs to be close to the primary alternator switch to handle it with one hand. Is a splittet Klickson rocker switch a good solution? Thanks Hendrik
  11. I'm doing a avionic upgrade and will sell my old avionic. See old panel below. Here a table with parts, P/N, S/N and mod's. (see detailed pictures on the linke below). I will update the list frequently. Parts were removed in working conditions and are in the country (MA). ALL IN RED IS ALREADY SOLD! P/N S/N Mod KCS55A Directional Gyro KG102A 060-0015-00 11973 HSI - Horizontal Situation Indicator KI525A 066-3046-00 17471 mod 1,2,3,4,5 Slaving Accessory KA 51A 071-1053-03 11820 Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter - Flux Detector KMT 112 071-1052-00 123673 mod 1 insight Strikefinder w cable SF2000 2000-021-009 3372 insight Strikefinder antenna SF2000 sensor 2000-022 3535 mod C Flight Command Indicator with FD KI 256 060-0017-00 3450 CDT TIT gauge CDT TIT 0227-005 22370 COM KY196B 064-01840101 5388 COM KX165A w GS 069-01033-0201 13160 mod 1,2,3,4 VOR indicator KI203 066-3034-00 11250 voltage converter w connector RB-125 718 voltage converter w connector RB-125 727 COM w tray KY196 064-1019-20 4859 mod 1,2,3,4,5 intercom TELEX PC4 70650-000 GPS Annunciation Control Unit for King KLN-90B MD41 MD41-328 5184 mount KG 102A 071-4025-00 audio panel PMA8000B 050-890-0202 Y05003 SW config HZBC GPS w tray w cartridge w antenna KLN90B 066-04031-1122 25696 GPS w tray w cartridge KLN90B 066-04031-1122 40566 mod 1,2 TRX TRIG TT31 00220-00-01 3765 mod 1,2,3,4,5,6 ADF indicator with heading sync KI227 066-3063-01 2818 Attitude Gyro, 14V RCA26AK-4 102.0064-02 870163 air temperature OAT 11A D1068 audio panel KMA24 066-1055-03 4064 clock VOR/LOC Converter w connector and mount KN72 066-4009-00 3489 mod 3 ZAON Portable Collition Avoidance System XRX ONYX 40734 VSI VSI 7000C.31 37384 Course Deviation Indicator MD40-66L 2010056-66l B99689 201 fuel flow transducer Turn cordinator ANS-SOM C007284 Encoded Altimeter Aerosonic Corp 101627-01904 C120821 Altimeter w connector Altimeter T3889 5934PAM-JA.87 isntrument cluster Mooney M20K 231 6247-00066 640281-513 264 GPS antenna King Bendix KA 92 071-01553-0200 17893 Com antenna VHF COM anntena CI 196 KMT 112 mount 047-4111-02 tray KT74A tray KT74A rotating beacon HR-DF 14 R14-13416 tray KX 165A tray KX 165A Images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WMLM9JvzjlmISPjj4JORrswCw7jYVJa8?usp=sharing If you have any interest or questions please send me a PM. Hendrik
  12. Thanks guys, thats helpful. The old sender a re still reading ok, but CiES sender locks good. The EDM setup is clear to me now. Let see how quick the JPI EDM840 can be replaced by the EDM900. Hendrik
  13. Hi, does anyone has an EDM 900 with a Monroy fuel tank extension? How is the setup for the fuel tanks? Since only the inner (main) tanks have 4 sensors it only make sense to set the fuel indicators to 72 Gal usable fuel (M20K) in total. The EDM 900 has a two tank configuration. If you top of all tanks than the usable fuel is 101 gal (M20K with speed breaks). Is there the same logic as in the EDM 730/830 to set the fuel quantity to 72 or 101 after refuelling? I think the used the "to the taps" option for this configuration in the EDM. I assume its that way but just like to see if somebody has real world experience. Thanks Hendrik
  14. flumag

    Autopilot roll oscillations

    IMG_3152.MOV Hi David, I had the same. For me it was looking like that (see video). Longer story short only a servo overhaul was fixing it. There was quite some experimenting around that had only cost me time and money. I sent the servos finally to Redbird for the overhaul. This was not cheap but I haven't had any issues again since. (knock on wood) Hendrik
  15. flumag

    Turboplus Intercooler FAA-PMA Approved

    The installation of the Turboplus Intercooler and the Merlyn Black Magic Control wastegate in my M20K are finalised and I'm looking forward to some real flight experience/ enhancements in the next days. Hendrik