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  1. it was a strong recommendation from the shop to get a good result. You never get the old one fitting like before. So better sealing (with les sealant), more even surface of the bolds, and full coloring and not a touch up for bolds and scratches. the overall fitting on the ends is another point. As mentioned before I did it first time in a Mooney and I was positively impressed by the result.
  2. Does anyone have experience how to bench test a Voltage Regulator? E.g. VR415F Thanks Hendrik Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I did it in my M20K and it came out very nice including the color touch up. It's quite some steps and I decided to not go with a thicker windshield. (the difference thickness would not make a difference to me - https://www.udayton.edu/blogs/udri/18-09-13-risk-in-the-sky.php ). Maybe it a bit quieter inside but you facing significant higher labour cost (10 to 15 hours more). I was using the same color tint and the UV protection for the replacement. I also renewed the retainer as recommendation from the avionic shop. I flew more than 50 hours since and have no issues. The labor was around 30 hours for the work and it was done at ThreeWing Aviation at KBDR. I like the result a lot and it was well done. I especially was impressed by the color touch up and the over all quality. Maybe not the shop for you since its 2138Nm. But you have a Mooney, why not ;-) Hendrik
  4. flumag

    avionic from upgrade for sale

    :-) yes, very good taste. Yes B now. I like it a lot. Especially the second bluetooth source. This helps to satisfy music taste (back to taste) in first and second row. Also the flight mate is nice (it helps to get an acoustic engine alert signal out of the EDM)
  5. flumag

    avionic from upgrade for sale

    some update and add ons to the liste above. all in red is gone... sent me an PM if you have any demand P/N S/N KCS55A Directional Gyro KG102A 060-0015-00 HSI - Horizontal Situation Indicator KI525A 066-3046-00 Slaving Accessory KA 51A 071-1053-03 11820 Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter - Flux Detector KMT 112 071-1052-00 123673 insight Strikefinder w cable SF2000 2000-021-009 insight Strikefinder antenna SF2000 sensor 2000-022 Flight Command Indicator with FD KI 256 060-0017-00 3450 CDT TIT gauge CDT TIT 0227-005 22370 COM 8.33 KY196B 064-01840101 5388 COM 8.33 KX165A w GS 069-01033-0201 VOR indicator KI203 066-3034-00 11250 voltage converter w connector RB-125 718 voltage converter w connector RB-125 727 COM w tray KY196 064-1019-20 4859 intercom TELEX PC4 70650-000 GPS Annunciation Control Unit for King KLN-90B MD41 MD41-328 5184 mount KG 102A 071-4025-00 audio panel PMA8000B 050-890-0202 GPS w tray w cartridge w antenna KLN90B 066-04031-1122 25696 GPS w tray w cartridge KLN90B 066-04031-1122 40566 TRX TRIG TT31 00220-00-01 ADF indicator with heading sync KI227 066-3063-01 2818 Attitude Gyro, 14V RCA26AK-4 102.0064-02 870163 air temperature OAT 11A D1068 audio panel KMA24 066-1055-03 4064 clock VOR/LOC Converter w connector and mount KN72 066-4009-00 3489 ZAON Portable Collition Avoidance System XRX ONYX 40734 VSI VSI 7000C.31 Course Deviation Indicator MD40-66L 2010056-66l B99689 201 fuel flow transducer Turn cordinator ANS-SOM C007284 Encoded Altimeter Aerosonic Corp 101627-01904 C120821 Altimeter w connector Altimeter T3889 isntrument cluster Mooney M20K 231 6247-00066 640281-513 GPS antenna King Bendix KA 92 071-01553-0200 17893 Com antenna VHF COM anntena CI 196 KMT 112 mount 047-4111-02 tray KT74A tray KT74A rotating beacon HR-DF 14 R14-13416 tray KX 165A tray KX 165A handheld GPS AV80R EU DB handheld GPS AV80R America DB Voltage Regulator Kannad RC100 remote control switch RC100 S1820513-03 JP Instruments Engine Monitor 6C EDM 830 29656 3.16 Garmin DataCard DGRM 73 Garmin DataCard DGRM 72 Garmin NAV/Com w antenna GNS 430 011-00280-10 97138412 Garmin NAV/Com w antenna GNS 430 011-00280-10 97138398 Garmin transponder GTNX 330 011-00455-00 84125307 instrument cluster Mooney M20K 231 6247-00066 640281-513 CDT TIT gauge CDT TIT 0227-005 PS Engineering PMA450A 050-450-0102 B45A1145-G-ST
  6. With the new PFD MAX and the MFD MAX with extended battery the AI is not required either. https://aspenavionics.com/products/general-aviation/efd-1000-pro-max This game is way to expensive for me not to KNOW the rules. Thats what Aspen is aiming for. It will be clear if the Aspen MAX are certified and available. The website is speaking of January now for the certification. But I agree a good step forward.
  7. not sure what changes with the Aspen MAX but a backup (IAS; ATT, ALT, compass) is still needed with the Evolution 2000 (MFD and PFD) see installation manual Aspen.pdf
  8. I had the same question and decided finally for the L3 ESI-500. I'm very happy with it. You can do more on the L3 than the G5 (e.g. SV) . In the mean time Aspen sells L3 products as well what helps to get a better package price. I know the L3 is more expensive than the G5 but from my PoV it worth it. Hendrik
  9. I'm still looking for an alternative for my Spot3 (interference with WAAS GPS). right now I'm looking at the following options: Garmin InReach mini ($350 plus subscription) King Bendix Text and Track ($399 plus subscription) Both supporting 2 way communication. The SpotX I ruled out due too the interference and usability (keyboard, font) of the SpotX devices. Does anyone have real world experience of the InRech or the Text and Track? InReach and King Bendix are Iridium based. The King Bendix also features an external antenna what could increase the usability in Mooneys. Also some METAR request could be sent. I found also the different subscription approach very interesting. Se the inReach below. I could find anything on the King Bendix thanks Hendrik
  10. flumag

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    There is not a lot of routes that can be flown without a ferry tank or at least file FL250 over the north atlantic. The way over Frobisher Bay is kind of a usual alternative and doesn't require HF or FL250. For US pilots feelings the fuel in Greenland could be quite expensive (approx. $20 per GAL). Here some pictures and the route from a 2010 flight https://www.findmespot.com/spotadventures/index.php/view_adventure?tripid=213182 and https://www.findmespot.com/spotadventures/index.php/view_adventure?tripid=224625 Also make sure that you plan accordingly since on Sunday all Greenland airports have closed (accept you like to pay a fortune for open the airport on your request. There is also no night flights over the ice cape from or to Greenland airports. Planning is key.... I know its limited in MS but in case you speak Germany here is a very helpful doc thats also maintained with basically all needed information and procedures likes customs, FBO's, rescue equipment etc. Hendrik
  11. flumag

    Aspen SAIB

    here the official statement from Aspen... July 11, 2018 Dear Valued Customers and Partners, I am writing to you to in response to a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) issued on July 9, 2018 by the FAA regarding an airworthiness concern for aircraft equipped with the Aspen EFD1000 primary flight display. An Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) event on an aerial application aircraft (Air Tractor - AT-802A) occurred when the aircraft was operating under night VFR conditions. Unlike the majority of aircraft in the general aviation fleet, this particular installation had a high intensity light that draws high electrical currents. Turning this on impacted both the whiskey compass of the aircraft and the Aspen Directional Gyro (DG), and attitude displayed on the Aspen EFD1000. The Aspen system is designed, like other EFIS systems, with a magnetometer that must be installed in an area of the airplane that is not susceptible to magnetic interference. Aspen provides flexibility and instructions to the authorized dealer on where to install the magnetometer during the system installation. If modifications are made to your aircraft after your Aspen system has been installed, that could potentially affect the heading system, it is recommended your shop recalibrate your Aspen system in accordance with the installation manual procedures. We are cooperating fully with the FAA, and it is not an airworthiness concern. I have been flying confidently and without issues behind Aspen equipment for over 8 years, as well as my sales, flight test team and Aspen Board of Directors member, retired AOPA President Phil Boyer. Again, if your Aspen installation was signed off in your aircraft logbook and tested according to the installation manual, there's no need for concern. We will keep you informed of any new developments. Sincerely, John S. Uczekaj President and CEO
  12. flumag

    Need Mooney Ferry Pilot (US to Germany)

    Hi Tim, I have flown my and other Mooneys several times back and forth between Germany and the US. End of August I will fly with a M20K to Boston from Germany. My home base is presently KBED. Happy to chat (gern auch auf Deutsch). The bigger part of the preparation was all the time to get the paperwork set up. Especially if you like to keep the Mooney in the EU. Insurance for the ferry flight, tax handling (assume the Mooney is part of your moving goods) etc. There are some things that needs to be planed ahed if its not just a visit for some weeks. The routing is almost given with a J and just have some "weather options". You would also need a ferry tank for some more routing options. There are several options for a ferry pilot. Guido or Arnim are just some. Why you are not flying with one of the guys? It's a very impressive flight. Hendrik
  13. flumag

    Flying around OKC on a beautiful morning

    Thanks! Impressive view angel...
  14. flumag

    Flying around OKC on a beautiful morning

    how do you mount the camera?