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  1. Near or directly under the stowed inflatable life raft?
  2. I've never used one but am surprised that it could scratch the valve like that. Looks like a brass or bronze small "inner" ring at the very end. Is the black rim just visible under the blue stuff steel?
  3. Can we see the probe end of the scope please.
  4. Ok, good time to confess. I can't remember the flight at all but for some reason my passenger got out before I shut it down. I think we had parked the car in the tiedown area or something and he got out to move it. I didn't brief him about the prop - I mean it's obvious right? He started toward the plane and I immediately shut it down which made him stop. In the car on the way home I asked him if he had considered the deadly Hartzell. He laughed and admitted it never occurred to him. My bad for sure. Never took passengers' unfamiliarity with ga for granted again. I can't stand pilots that dont give a good "clear" or just give a token "clear". But that day I was the dangerous pilot.
  5. I agree. My original post was to find out the time frame from submission to certificate issue (assuming supporting documentation would need to be included with submission). I got that - three months or so. Thread drift caused the discussion to include the best strategy for submitting all this, and I'm glad it did as I got extremely valuable info and now feel I will have the best chance for success. I haven't submitted yet. Thanks for the info on Dr. Bruce Chien. Your last sentence is good advice. I wish everything worked as well as MS.
  6. Me too. Been looking for a "Will Work for Mooney" sign on eBay but can't seem to find one! Best of luck to you Ilya. Enjoy the hunt.
  7. You can't make this stuff up...
  8. BasicMed looks like the best way to go if you can. I haven't "held a medical after July 14, 2006" so I have to go the AME route, THEN BasicMed.
  9. This is exactly what I'm doing but you describe it much better than I did. It's been a number of weeks that I've been gathering necessary documentation after a five minute consult with AME. He seemed to know exactly and instantly what the FAA would want given my app. Now that I have all those docs I'll go in for exam, let him submit everything, go have a beer, watch the beautiful Mooneys go by on and study airspace requirements, reading metars and... All the rest Thanks again for all the responses. I now think I'm going about this in the best way possible.
  10. Yes, AME has reviewed my application, and before submitting anything told me what the FAA would be requesting in addition to the app. I have all that and it looks good. As I understand it, if the FAA requests additional information/documentation you have to supply said documentation within 15 days. I dont know if this is correct; just think I read it somewhere. So the strategy is use a knowledgeable AME and submit everything at once.
  11. Of course, not what I wanted to hear, but it is what it is. I'm going to think positive and continue studying. A lot has changed since the last time I flew and I truly enjoy learning about aviation. Might even be a hidden blessing. Three months - jeez...
  12. Assume something will need review in OKC. Thanks for responses.
  13. About how long will I wait to get my 3rd class medical certificate from the time my AME submits my application? I'll register with MedExpress before exam. Anything else I need to do? Any gotchas? Last medical was 1983 so BasicMed is out. Is this a taboo subject?
  14. What did you use for an antenna?