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  1. Only been once but it was ok both days In fact I don't remember any wind in guanacaste at all. Nice place. I do remember their radar sitting on two shipping containers... On top of two more shipping containers...
  2. There's also a warning about flying over the field at the end of the awos tape recorded by the one and only don dolce haha
  3. Then I'd want another 100
  4. coming back with the plane we were down at 8 avoiding wind, IFR, and passed a bonanza like he was standing still. I could do with another 50 or 100 knots, though.
  5. why not the little czech engine like they use in the lancair? Seems like it'd work just fine. Extend the mount out and a new cowl, bam! turbine time!
  6. you need to be on the lookout for a kingair and or a twin otter hauling ass into the pattern though and expect a lot of traffic squeezed in between the bravo and the rocks in general. It's a busy corridor.
  7. 90% of the time in the summer they'll depart on 1 west and one north runway land north x3.
  8. Neither usually a problem, especially on a summer morning I wouldn't be too concerned about bumps. I'd be more concerned what denver tracon is going to do to get you around KDEN. Sometimes you can fly right over the field, sometimes not. 12,5 to field altitude is only 7,000 feet to lose. Come in a bit north of the delta and dump altitude. No big deal.
  9. god knows a 737 just can not make it to an airport on one engine! we almost died!
  10. Den class b is easy to avoid if he's coming in vfr. Even a na can top it pretty easily. Going around the north under the shelf isn't too bad either. I prefer that to the south and mingling with APA traffic
  11. You can always buy the minimum for the fee waiver and move 8 miles to eik for a top off. Bjc is a better airport than the other 3 imo but we hangar there so I'm biased.
  12. honestly, I choose a different airport usually.
  13. I like to rent from the fbos as they usually give great service and great prices but I hate having to actually call someone to do it Several years ago it was never an issue to just show up and get a car and hotel but it seems like more and more people are traveling now and that's been harder to do. One time I couldn't get a hotel and car in salt lake City. WTF? Went to Heber for the night and it was a good decision, neat town.
  14. I rent a car like a normal person