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  1. did not know that. cool.
  2. Different in a plane, the ambient noise is such you can't hear yourself as easily. I wear foam plugs under my electric muffs for shooting.
  3. I didn't quite get the full amount, but I think I sold them in a day or two for $20 or so less than new over on toilet bowl of america. Er, I mean pilots. It's a weird thing but I like the mic boom on the right, not the left. I have for 20+ years. The halo can't accommodate that. I also couldn't ever get the thing bent around just right to get the mic to where ATC could hear me clearly, and getting the ear plugs in just right always took a lot of fiddling. There was some issue getting the volume set right I couldn't ever work out, I think that was me, not the headset. Phil is super nice and helpful.
  4. I had halos and sold them. They're not for me.
  5. I think my DC's with headsets inc noise cancelling are quieter than my new bose set.
  6. I was about to be really annoyed if all I got was a half eaten salad picture. That's not a bad looking steak.
  7. What makes you think it would be any better than earplugs? That's essentially what they are.
  8. Sounds like a huge hassle to put the halos on and then a headset.
  9. approximately .55 AMU, and a superior design I believe. Aside from one pretty poor weld. Here's what the retrofit kit looks like.
  10. interesting. I had family in marion, it's not a big place. Anyway, thanks for the link, I'm going to bookmark it and stay there some time.
  11. If you had to I think that works, but sounds like it's unnecessary in this case. It's not something I've had to deal with
  12. He looks shifty to me. Better get that lancair to a good hangar, like mine.
  13. I mean, even if it wasn't a fly away state just have him meet you next door to make the sale and note it somehow maybe.
  14. I'm gonna tag along on this one because most of ours look like they should have collars and don't, and the ones I have ordered have all been too long so I'm super confused.
  15. along the lines of the use tax, you need to make sure the state you buy in is a "fly away" state. Some states charge you sales tax if you buy the plane there, I believe most are flyaway states and if you're leaving with the plane they don't. I guess if it's a private party sale it might not matter. CO has no state registration, just the use tax but those buggers find you. You've got 60 days in AZ to register- The fees are very, very low