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  1. Why don't you call the facility and ask? Then you'll have a correct answer.
  2. We looked at that one, it looksike it was used in a war, maybe it'll clean up
  3. with a 60k budget you can swing a K model.
  4. it is a scott for sure, a partner has the part number but they're unobtanium. I'm in no rush, if you make it out there and happen to have one it'd be greatly appreciated. Ours has gone missing and I haven't been able to find one anywhere.
  5. I need either the glass cover that screws on the o2 pressure gauge in the pilots arm rest, or the whole gauge assembly.
  6. Thanks- the diagram confused me. (item 44)
  7. does the K have an electric blower motor?
  8. I don't think so- no market. It's too costly to get the STC and the resulting product will cost more than most GA aircraft.
  9. around here the used diesel trucks hold their value more than twice the gas.
  10. that they aren't paid well enough to be able to afford it?
  11. Looks like it is indeed the cable bending a bit at the bottle valve, making it hard to get shut off completely. In another plane I was a partner o the cable broke, I'll look at that thread to replace the cable with thicker.
  12. If I don't isolate the leak to something else a helper spring might be a good option if I can figure out a way, thanks
  13. Thanks! Let me dig into it a little so I have a clue what I'm talking about first. It's hard for me to get at that valve, I'm a little big to fit in the avionics bay
  14. Thanks! Another good possibility, do you remember the oring specs? It might be different on your r vs our k
  15. They make o2 leak detection fluid? Sweet! I bet you're right, the rigging. I'll mess with it when it warms up. Any recommendations for overhaul shop on the valve if it comes to it?