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  1. you don't have to go turbine to get AC.... most of the sr22 g5's have it. A lot of the G3 I'm sure it was available on the o and a
  2. it's a lot easier to do what you did, and buy a plane with AC.
  3. I haven't compared the soft side, but the hard side coolers are pretty comparable.
  4. sometimes they just get gummed up and an overnight soak in carb cleaner will free the little internal wheel up. YMMV but my last one ran fine until I sold the plane after a soak.
  5. the liner is all one piece and the exterior shell is bonded rubber like material, you'd have to puncture it to get it to leak. I think the zipper is waterproof too if it fell over but I haven't tested it. I think I have the 30 but it's hard to tell. I can measure it if it came down to it. It's sort of hard to get a feel for their size from the website. I ordered a hard side too but deemed it simply too heavy for flying. It's a quality product, I can say that with confidence. When we go out for a week we tend to make multiple stops, so I'll load it up with cider, beer, cokes, lunch materials, snacks, water, you name it and haul it from spot to spot. Take it on beach BBQ's, picnics... it's been everywhere.
  6. I feel like this was discussed before and the consensus was not enough capacity
  7. Absolutely not. Things like 2 inch thick walls. Usually I keep it in the back seat and I keep food, drinks, snacks, and I carry a charcoal grill. I use 2lb ice packs that usually fit in the small hotel freezers but ice works in a pinch. I don't remember what size mine is, not the smallest but 2nd smallest I think, it fit great in the back seat of the k models.
  8. I use an rtic soft side for travelling. It's good for 2 or 3 days with ice packs
  9. I don't think you'd find a fiki sr22t in budget so the bravo or 252 is probably the way to go. I think a fiki g3 is going to run 420k ish. Don't waste your time with the no hazard shit. Get the fiki with redundancy
  10. I probably can, depending on how the ppi goes on our plane. I'll know by mid to late next week
  11. John works on our Cirrus too. They're busy but they're phenomenal.
  12. I don't really hang around the airport. Hope your hangar faces anything but west. Ours is a bitch in the winter. The class is good, a bit basic. I'm sure bill Dunn is still teaching it.
  13. The airport owned hangars are about a 10 year wait list. We're due west of the port a ports in the blue hangars but our plane is under contract. If you need an O2 fill or something in a pinch give me a shout. I have a Mooney adapter around here somewhere. If you don't have your own, suggest purchasing a fill setup. Signature wants more every time. I'm not sure if sheltair does o2
  14. Time to make friends with Scott at Arapahoe aero. Don't waste your time with the shops at bjc and eik. Scott's a Mooney guy from back a ways. I'll take Scott's shop over Maxwell any day.