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  1. Fine. F all y'all Later.
  2. Parachute is the least of my concerns cost wise, lol Everything is expensive, alt 2 quit, there goes 750 plus labor. Hoses, seat belt inflators etc etc
  3. you have 3 posts. do you even own an airplane?
  4. Yeah, maybe with rayjays.
  5. Too slow and I don't need 4 seats.
  6. Because there are still one or two decent people here. They seem to be dwindling....
  7. Easier said than done, ime. Hard to get people together. Hate to leave the group I'm in because of it.
  8. I'd love a 4p or esp. I can't afford either or insure a 4p If I had the scratch the mako looks sweet too
  9. Not by myself I can't. I have partners on the 22.
  10. Don't remember. It's pretty slow though... Looks like my memory was off, 249 wet!/n980ja-diamond-da42-twinstar
  11. I hate you. I really like this 360, but feel it's overpriced!.html I flat out can't afford the mx on a certified twin. There's no fing way. There's a ratty 310 around for like 230 an hour but they want a few hundred multi to solo it. The baron I don't know what they want. There's a twin star too for under 200 but it's not a diesel.
  12. It's a lovely airplane to travel in. I'll miss it. Given the choice again between the 22 and acclaim... I think I'd do the 22 again. Who knows. No one wants to partner on an acclaim so it's not an option. If I list a 22t share for sale I have people lined up within a few weeks ready to buy.... As I've said, I'll never own another certified airplane. Unfortunately prices have gone up a bunch and there aren't many nice exps on the market at what I consider a fair price.. I'm basically looking for a 360 or glasair ii at this point. I need to sit in a 360 to see if I fit. Short of that there's a nice baron for rent locally, if it's under 300 an hour it's probably worth it.
  13. I still want one but I refuse to own another cmi engine. Let alone two. Plus my partners are a bunch of vaginas.
  14. dehumidifying a whole hangar ???

    I'd be curious to see a log of the humidity in the hangar with them running, it's a lot of volume and quite drafty so I'd imagine little benefit, but maybe not
  15. My good friend OWES me...

    I got my private in 1998/9 and thought 45 bucks an hour was exorbitant for a 150, lol. I can't imagine the guys paying 5 bucks or something back in the 70s.