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  1. You dont want to give up your steering. I can't think of any free castering retracts. I'm guessing without a centering mechanism you'll run into trouble stowing the gear
  2. This is the way to go, and likely what a potential cfii will demand
  3. Wow, what a cake and meal. Congrats!
  4. I don't get it either. having owned.... 3 continentals now I'd kill for a lycoming TBH. I don't see this creating competition and pushing prices down.
  5. peevee


    you really don't get it. wow. OK then. Go on with your homophobic self then brah.
  6. wouldn't have happened if he bought a cirrus not sure he would have made the leg from puerto rico to miami either, though.
  7. peevee


    you... you don't read so good, do you? to be fair, I haven't exactly hidden my disdain for jose. He comes around here, makes wild and unsubstantiated claims that are often unsafe and we're better off without him. Don't even get me started on his tanks that should have never been STC'd.
  8. peevee


    I didn't know Steingar was Jewish, nor is it significant to the point. Nor any of my business.
  9. and damage history and a hit on hull value on a brand new airplane.
  10. peevee


    so if it had been say, a jewish wedding, and he posted a bunch of antisemitic comments it would be "just another viewpoint"?
  11. Oops. Must have been on his return from St Croix.
  12. This. Start off at the level on the flowmeter for your altitude and adjust for your pulse ox, I like to be 92-93%
  13. They work just fine up to 180 as rated. I wouldnt use O2 below 12k
  14. Has it been mentioned that you can still do your own maintenance on an experimental if you didn't build it? What you can't do is the annual condition inspection.