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  1. So we flew from Co to ca to northern CA to or to ut to home, 2 of us at alts from 140 to 240. We left with 1500psi and landed with 1k psi. 10 or 12 hours of flying. Probably about 8 hours at 180-200
  2. Iirc the rocket manual calls for 3 cycles, and it's full feathering. Why I do not know. Or care I guess.
  3. Yep, fresh overhaul by Corona and a fresh tank seal by Paul Beck.
  4. Ah, someone bought cg. We had a prebuy done and ultimately settled on a different plane. It's a nice flying plane.
  5. Not exactly. Atlantic owns the fbo at mtj. Their bread and butter is the overflow jet traffic going into mtj when they can't get space at Tex, which has a very very small ramp. It's the same story as Aspen. Wealthy people that don't care what it costs, that's the business they want, just like heber city I was just at. You and I aren't their demographic.
  6. Avflight dro is good. But it's not Atlantic that owns mtj ase and 2 others that escape me. Avflight is old school. I get in there almost weekly for angel flight West.
  7. Clearly you don't see the volume into Montrose around the busy ski weekends.
  8. Most of Colorado ski country is about like that.
  9. Sounds like you can only replace one with it and have to keep the other magneto. -35 could be a problem for us in the flight levels too
  10. I'd jump on it for less than the cost of a mag overhaul. Hopefully they get it to market.
  11. Fancy, I just look at the chart and fill based on oat. I don't know how to do the math to say how your 75cuft will fill but if you own the tanks airgas will let you pay the difference for 330s if you decide later you need more. Ours are on a big cart and I don't find them to be terribly difficult to move but it takes two people to lift if you need to
  12. No turbo, no care.
  13. my nose gets super dry and cracks.
  14. 125cf tanks won't last long. We use two 330CF and get several fills. Here are the instructions from our transfil rig. o2 fill instructions.pdf it's basically fill as slowly as you can and watch your pressures as already mentioned. I put an inline valve in between our tanks and the plane so I can close it off and see what my tank pressure is. Be sure to use clean wrenches, no oil on them.