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  1. Aspen Upgrade Pakage MFD500

    What bothered me about our setup is we had 2 screens. The MFD wasn't a backup it wasn't great for charts. All I liked was the airport diagram on landing. It basically looked cool. It wouldn't let us eliminate the backup gyro. If we lost out pfd we lost our only glideslope. We were down to one cdi with no gs and backup gyro.
  2. Wire welder

    More capacity. They're supposed to be easier to weld with. Better duty cycles
  3. Wire welder

    I have an autoarc flux core which is supposed to be made by Hobart. I'm happy enough with it. I agree, get a decent brand. A 240 if you can. The hf ones run ac, don't do that. The welding forums are pretty down on the eastwoods these days.
  4. Everytime I non-rev....

    it's also a lot cheaper. like, a LOT. there's a sweet spot where it's faster to go by airline, I think about 1000nm
  5. Aspen Upgrade Pakage MFD500

    you really would be better off with a MFD 1000, the 500 won't run reversionary with the PFD. A 500 is better as a third than as a second screen IMO (BTDT)
  6. Everytime I non-rev....

    I can jump seat and rarely do. It's fun once in awhile and if you get a fun crew it's worthwhile and we have good discussion, but it's certainly more hassle put in than I get out.
  7. Mooney Wake

    That ain't nothing. Try it with a wood wing.
  8. Opinions on this 252

    He had to have dropped the flaps waaaaay outside the arc
  9. pattern etiquette question

    When I was in college FedEx was still running 727s into our home airport. Controller cleared a girl to touch and go ahead of the 27 and she must have taken a little too long, they sent the 27 around. The captain keyed up and in a southern accent just said "ma'am, do you have any idea how much it costs to go around in a seven twenty seven?"
  10. This happens like, literally daily all over the place. If we made a post for each one there would be no room for any other topics.
  11. How to lose 4 quarts of oil in 3 hours

    I'm more concerned about the hacksaw you have on the wall. Hope you don't get too frustrated.
  12. pattern etiquette question

  13. bah, just a little more power and she'll get there.
  14. any day you don't hear about me on the news is a good day