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  1. These deals never fall in my lap
  2. Might help to mention what you consider high and what you consider low. my goal is to get as high as I can without getting killed by the head winds.
  3. 4.60 self serve.
  4. Other way around. From denver Willmar is 540.4. KELA is 754.4
  5. well, beats a seminole?
  6. at least I can get the r-ATP at 1k hours. it'll still be expensive.
  7. boutique air runs pc12's also
  8. who's doing your annual?
  9. nope. only game in town is signature
  10. wilmar isn't that far in a mooney, I'd take it there or houston and see if they'll patch it.
  11. Wow, first time I've heard arapahoe aero and "relatively inexpensive" together, lol they charged us 9 hours to install a reiff engine heater....
  12. That was AOPA. I don't have a ton, but I have enough hours that it shouldn't be 13k.
  13. They don't work that well for the jets, why would they work any better for GA?
  14. everyone is talking about fuel burn. no one has mentioned how costly twin insurance is,
  15. The fact that insurance for an individual owner hasn't been mentioned once leads me to believe not many have any twin experience. Last time I requested a quote for a 310 it was 13k a year.