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  1. Mooney M20J Prebuy

    Why gear down? This one was stuck because the fbo broke it. Incompetent shop wanted 40 hours to flush the fluid before they would hook it up to their mule and troubleshoot it
  2. I tried to work out a bay tour last month on the way to shelter cove, nct couldn't really work out a way to do it unless I cancelled and went vfr. I regret that I didn't.
  3. Hope you're enjoying. Came across from telluride to McCall ID a few days ago, choppy the whole way at 180, cursing you the whole time
  4. I have had 2 attorneys as plane partners. All I can say is never again.
  5. Better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  6. Might be. It's quite alarming the first time you encounter it.
  7. Be careful. Those fools like to come to a complete stop on interstate on ramps.
  8. PS every time I'm out flying and it's bumpy I think of you now Joe, lol
  9. Mooney M20J Prebuy

    Got one once to fly a 414 home with the legs stuck down. I wasn't the pilot. Just working there
  10. Why would anyone go to okc voluntarily? Yuck.
  11. GNS 530W for sale

    I'd replace that century hsi and ai with an Aspen or whatever you feel like and ditch the flux gate stuff in the av bay and keep the 500
  12. Sorry Joe. If there are indeed screws under there the Maxwell procedure will work, I have used it myself. I'm not familiar with what's under that compound.
  13. Flying to see the Eclipse

    It was absolutely beautiful over in McCall today. Not a cloud in the sky. Lotta traffic on the road though.
  14. Looking for a Mooney

    I could be talked into one
  15. Looking for a Mooney

    How about a rocket