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  1. Richard my fiance just sold in her near perfect condition '17 Wrangler Unlimited to a local Jeep dealer for a grand over the highest KBB "dealer trade in" price. Its insane. Its more than what they could have paid at a Mannheim auction but they wanted the "bird in the hand". I sold her on the Teleworking from home = why have a $600/mo car payment? concept.
  2. The Burger King behind my house starts people off at $12/hr. They close down at around 5PM due to zero available staff. This is at a busy exit along I-39 which cuts through the center of Wisconsin. I just got a flyer in the mail yesterday that a local milk production facility is starting unskilled labor at $16/hr plus shift premium and a $2000 signing bonus. Minimum wage in 1996 was $4.25 which is $7 in today's money. These high school kids are certainly in a good spot. I just think of the countless hours I worked in high school to make a peasants wage by today's standard. I believe Micky-D's
  3. I left that agency with all of the cool birds but I’m at another that does indeed have a large scale transportation operation. My dream job would be at the US Forest Service seaplane base in Ely, MN.
  4. I bought a used one ; a Flightworks Capella XS. The beauty of E-LSA is that you can take a 16-hr course and then apply for the repairmen cert. My mission changed for the time being so I’ll be playing with experimental for now. Let’s all see how FAA’s MOSAIC plays out over the next several years. I’m hoping they’ll one day adopt something parallel to Canada’s “Owner-Maintenance Category” (4 place or less, =
  5. I miss my D. Sold it about six weeks ago. The good news is that the FSDO just issued me my Repairman’s certificate for my E-LSA! I have 112 months to the day until I retire when I’ll finally get that J...
  6. The pilot was indeed talking to Detroit Approach (I posted a link above that starts at 15:30hrs local). ATC clears the pilot for the VOR-A into the airport. There is a moment when ATC asks “state your intentions”. Granted it’s my understanding that ATC has no clue if the PIC has a current IFR. Unfortunately the recording only has the ATC side of the radio comm’s and not the actual doomed aircraft. I believe there was another Mooney in the air en route to PTK at the time of the crash that was talking to the same Approach controller; maybe they’re a member here?
  7. Did the pilot file IFR? I thought that if FlightAware shows a route then it’s IFR. No official confirmation yet if the non-IFR rated registered owner was actual the PIC.
  8. I’m curious why an overhaul shop would recommend not going with an overhaul with his own firm. Did you consider a second opinion?
  9. Yeah this is a bizarre one. The approach controller advised him twice of a ceiling of “200 MSL” which even if translated to AGL, the VOR-A MDA is 1580-1 (624 AGL). Why on earth would he bother to even “take a look”? PTK, OZW, ARB, and YIP are really not that far away and all have ILS/LPV approaches.
  10. I did notice an oddity with ATC radio chatter to the doomed aircraft how a Learjet reported a “200 MSL” ceiling in the vicinity (and repeated that). The airport itself is 926 MSL... I wonder if that further confused the pilot.
  11. Well after zooming into the tracking I doubt it’s fuel exhaustion...
  12. Im listening right now; can only hear Detroit Approach. Start it at the 2-min mark. At 4-min in (1534 local) he must have an issue “47P say intention?” Since the feed is PTK’s it has clutter from Clearance Delivery as the scanner is monitoring several frequencies. There might be another feed on 132.35mhz. I’ll have to look. https://archive-server.liveatc.net/kptk/KPTK1-Del-Gnd-Jan-02-2021-2030Z.mp3
  13. This just happened about two hours ago in Lyon Twp, Michigan (NE of Ann Arbor). I’m curious if this was a fuel exhaustion issue. I know we have some MS’rs based out of that field...
  14. I bought an E-LSA in February and I’m going try to stay active. The way the market is right now I might sell the E-LSA for a profit and build a new one instead!
  15. Pending Sale in progress... I received an email from a friend of the prospective buyer less than FIVE MINUTES after posting it on barnstormer LOL!
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