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  1. Wow you guys aren’t considering the full spectrum of overhaul prices. I spoke with Jewell Aviation last fall and it was $12.7 for the overhaul plus $1.7 for R&R plus X to have the prop IRAN’d or overhauled by their guy or your guy (I used Cody and my IRAN with SB updates was $1.2k). Cracked case? Yeah stuff like that is obviously extra. I have yet to read a bad review about Jewell except for the constant compliant that they are always busy. As far as the engine being “timed out” what are the circumstances behind that? Has it been sitting unused for years? Flown 1 hour every two weeks? If the widow has time to burn, I’d just fly the thing to Jewell, break it in, and give it to Jimmy Garrison to get $45-50 for a solid bird with a fresh windmill up front.
  2. It’s the largest organized criminal organization in the world. But we all get paid on time and have a “guaranteed” pension.
  3. My $0.02: In regards to automobiles and valuation tools, Kelly Blue Book, Black Book, Edmunds, etc. values are a racket (steered by the dealer lobby). I have access to Manheim’s wholesale vehicle market tools which use actual dealer-only auction sales data. I frequently see vehicles sell at auction for a fraction of what KBB claims they are worth. My point is that these consumer level valuation tools don’t quite paint the whole picture. For example yesterday I bought a ‘12 F-350 4x4 reg cab work truck for 5.8 AMU’s. The “street value” according to KBB and used car lot research is 10-13 AMU’s. Did I really get a deal? Nah I paid what most dealers do for this type of hoopty. I’d personally rather spend my dime with a reputable salesman to valuate my Mooney as they truly have the pulse of the market.
  4. My D is still participating in a 4-month long annual due to calamity after calamity. Thankfully a local flying club member here yesterday put me in the left-seat of their newly acquired PA28-180. Its obviously not a Mooney but I believe that Garmin should mail him a commission check. They had just spent AMU’s in the high thirties on a new panel. Dual G5’s, GFC500, new Garmin comm, Stratus, a bada** fancy audio panel, etc etc. It was my first exposure to the GFC500. Wow that 20 AMU roughy estimate isn’t looking so bad after all... Here is the future site of the new Vertical Launch Spaceport (Granot Loma Estate) along the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior:
  5. That is correct. Its for a SA18 valve. I just read McFarlane's web site and the kit actually does come with a Viton o-ring. My bladders have the SA18 valve.
  6. But there is a “seal kit” for $3.
  7. If you ever want to “rebuild” one, the kit consists of two o rings and new clip. Like others mentioned, I do not think the o rings in the kit are even Viton which is mindblowing considering the price of the kit. Maybe our [mention]OSUAV8TER [/mention] friend can compete with a similar kit that uses Viton.
  8. Seems like the difference between those two models is that one has the "Heading" option. I'm curious that will send roll-steering control to the Century IIb box in lieu of the vacuum heading indicator.
  9. I have zero intention on keeping my vacuum AI. I believe it is the source of my Century woes. I do not have gobs of AMU's to pay for two GI-275's though. I'm considering the GI-275 just for the AI to get the autopilot online. $4700 + install for the 275 or $2500 for a factory new Sigmatek 5000E.
  10. The press release has a subnote that it "Requires GI 275 ADAHRS + AP variant.". I just looked on Sarasote Avionics website and they have two 275's with the AP function: 1. Primary AI w/Autopilot Interface (p/n 010-02326-20) $4389 2. Primary AI w/Heading & AP Intfc (p/n 010-02327-20) $4689 Anyone know if option #2 above will allow a single GI-275 to provide exclusive AI and heading data to the Century box? I'd obviously keep my existing vacuum heading indicator for now.
  11. Oh. My. God. This is a game changer. Huuuuuuuge IMHO.
  12. I’ve received two messages from forum members outside of MS interested in my vintage D model in the last week. I think the budget value of the vintage birds is keeping them popular amongst prospective buyers. I’m not even sure I want to sell it either.
  13. I went with Aircraft Magneto Service per advice of the MSr’s here. This is what I paid for exchanged units in Nov 2017: Minus the 300 core fee so $1582 plus return shipping of the cores.
  14. Hah mine has similar dents from someone hitting something without reporting it. It could have been like that for 10 years 20, 40, or even 50 years. None of the IA’s really made a big deal out of it. IIRC Mooney doesn’t have an allowable damage specification for these.
  15. “Reduces the turbulent air flow in the main wheel well, and provides a barrier for mud, debris & mice.” Supposedly adds 1 MPH. I wouldn’t mind having these to prevent runway slush and mud from being blown into the wheel well.