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  1. You’re going to want to have some sort of filtered air coming in. A bellows with holes may let in dust and debris. Are you asking if one could just mount the filter directly onto the engine?
  2. We have a somewhat active thread already in-progress here that discusses a non-standard “repair” method using RTV and cloth. Otherwise it appears these things wear like socks. I really wish there was a better solution. $408 from LASAR but it’s never in stock.
  3. There is lots of forum chatter on this Tamco character. They come off as being quite aggressive. Please conduct due diligence before sending your precious talk boxes to a questionable shop. Maybe he is genuine. Who really knows.
  4. Oil screener crush washers. A small Stainless screw and bolt assortment along with appropriate Tinnerman nuts. Safety wire & twister tool. You don’t need to buy a $$$$ magnum-sized assortment of screws, could just buy 10-20 or so of each size you actually need. Magnet pickup tool is nice to have too.
  5. “Sure, every jet flying today gulps prodigious amounts of fuel when going low and slow. But that's because they were all designed to run high and fast. The secret, Merrill says, is to simply optimize the configuration of an engine's turbines, compressors, and fan for, say, 250 mph at 15,000 feet instead of 500 mph at 40,000 feet. "It's not rocket science," he says. "My engine technology and materials are basically 1960s.” I don’t buy this. If it was truly possible then all of the propjet powered package and passenger schleppers would have been “fine tuned” for the low altitudes. I’d say that most spend their entire careers below 280. Think about the freight expediters in B1900’s and Merlins and all of the Dash series.
  6. I wonder if [mention]Yooper Rocketman [/mention] could chime in here regarding a tuned turbine. Is his Walter flamethrower specifically tuned for ops under FL280?
  7. I spoke with Jewell last fall and it’s 14.4 to R&R the engine and overhaul it. Add 1.2 plus shipping for Cody to re-seal the prop. Hopefully no cracked case or crank issues. Add x to have the engine mount overhauled. So it could be easily refreshed for around 18 AMU’s without you doing any of the work.
  8. I’m a Keurig and Run type of guy. I have a 70 min commute to work so I don’t have time fumbling with these fancy machines and artisan java libations (as much as I want to...) What I really miss is having Shafi, my “personal” club lounge steward when I worked in the UAE. The moment Shafi saw me walking into the club lounge every morning he’d get my cappuccino ready in a specific type of latte glass that I preferred; along with an assortment of my favorite cookies. The brew was always phenomenal. Side note: the coffee snob chatter I’ve read is that 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of your brewing center is what you should pay for a quality grinder. I believe Breville has a fancy 0.2 AMU “smart” grinder.
  9. I roll with RoP for the speed benefits and I still get under 10GPH. O-360 NA. As little as I’m able to fly the fuel savings for LoP isn’t notable plus it’s hard for a carb’d bird to get to LoP. BTW I typically run with 2500 and about 1” under WOT; I’m surprised your fuel burn is greater than mine? I have to do pencil and paper calculations as I don’t have a calibrated fuel flow monitor.
  10. Wow I didn’t think he was that old! Maybe he can do some rogue instruction wearing a Tyvek suit with a PAPR. I can’t wait for a reliable antibody test to come out so at least some of us can congregate.
  11. What’s with the 430W over a 650? Price wise they aren’t that far off from each other.
  12. Hey, we all can collectively afford the insurance increase from this incident. Pocket change...
  13. Port A Port going for a flight? https://reddit.app.link/O8y101JLE5
  14. If fire marshals are raiding hangars then do the same fire marshals also inspect every single storage unit in town? That all seems like massive busy-work idea to boost up someone’s resume.
  15. Do I get any street cred for these gems I grabbed today? Maybe I can start a Fine Libation thread for CB’s. Actually these are for my disinfectant experiment where I’m going to use a molecular sieve desiccant to remove a significant amount of H2O to strengthen the ethyl alcohol content to 70%. Isopropyl is NO WHERE to be found. Everclear 151 is in stock but it’s $40/bottle. The potato juice here is 50 and 40 percent and cost $10 and $11 respectively for 2.75 litres. Maybe our chemists can comment?