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  1. What is the viability of making a mass production of owner-produced part bases (similar to 80% firearm receivers)? I could have 1000 baggage door hinge sets stamped out very cheaply and leave the end screw holes pilot drilled for the owner to complete. I’m sure our vast MS community has Chi-Com connections that could mass produce the accordions on the cheap and have them “trim to fit” by making the end flanges extra-rubbery. Or is there some sort of technique to overhaul the accordions by dipping or spraying them with a coat of specialized aviation grade rubbery material that won’t crumble? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Its coming to the point that we'll have no choice but to buy SabreMech's new cowl.
  3. I wonder how much tribute they have to pay to the Garmin tribe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I agree. I'm confident that the wing will handle the stress but tail feathers may not. This is what made me re-think "Shock Cooling" creed: When you shutdown or startup your engine it goes through and insane amount of shock cooling or shock heating.
  5. WirthCo 32947 Funnel King B.O.B. Bottom of The Bottle Oil Bottle Draining System $13 on Amazon. I just can't stomach paying $13 for that when I can 3D print one. Google "garage journal oil funnel drain" and you'll see a ton of ideas. Edit: Check this company out. What a genius idea to have the funnel screw onto the oil cap hole. Maybe they can make a Lycoming and Continental version?
  6. I just bumped Alex's thread regarding the LED conversion of the Grimes "Torpedo" lights. I asked a question if the OE bulbs are "GE #89" bulbs. It appears that Aero-Lites sells a LED bulb that is indeed dimmable ($11 ea). @Kev Can you verify the part number of the lightbulb you removed from that overhead "Torpedo" map light?
  7. Engine has 1812 hours since factory reman. on 04-April-2011. I did see though that the compressions are all uniformly in the 60's; kinda seems odd. Regardless, for $57k it isn't a bad deal. Top it ($8400+labor) and fly another 500 hours before re-evaluating. Too bad we don't see many Gov owned Mooneys go up for sale. Jewell's price list for the O-470 is $17,750 plus accessories plus R&R plus prop. You could easily get away with $30k. Not bad to have a 1979 C182 with a 2009 interior and Stec 30 with a fresh motor for under $100k. If I were the OP's friend, I'd really shoot for a rough but sturdy Mooney C or E, a C172, or a Warrior with basic instruments. Upgrade later after they beat the crap out of the plane with the training. Add the fancy avionics later after they pass the test of true interest in aviation (i.e. willing to pay to play). I'm sure the OP briefed them on the immense sunk costs of aircraft ownership.
  8. Wow that is interesting. I've heard of this thing for years but never knew it had that feature: "With a little practice as little as 5% jet fuel contamination can be detected with this method, in any environment, and in any season." $20 on Sporty's or $20 shipped on eBay.
  9. For S&G, checkout MiBids web site. The State of Michigan is auctioning off a very nice 182 right now. Last I saw it was at $52k. No expense spared; its a government aircraft!
  10. Is there a fuel sump cup that could show the specific gravity of the fuel thus make a quick determination if its go/no-go? Hopefully our resident Chemist's could chime in here.
  11. How much is the total repair bill for the glass work? Are we talking thousands or hundreds? I wouldn't expect my A&P to ask for clearance to repair low-dollar airworthiness issues but I would definitely expect him or her to call me for any sort of work that would dive into the thousands. An annual is an inspection only. He/she aren't required to replace anything. See https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/14/appendix-D_to_part_43 I worked at an auto shop when I was in High School and one of the managers would go ahead and replace parts without the customer's consent. Only about 10% would be inquisitive and confrontational and probably 1% would get a free repair. They made a lot of money doing business that way. They would "size up" the customer when it was dropped off to get a feeling if they could afford any repairs. Since it was a nice area, most people just paid the bill without question. But this was brake work, air filters, etc. that weren't that expensive.
  12. Is the official bulb for the Grimes Torpedo light a GE #89? I see that Aero-Lites has a dimmable bulb in that size.
  13. Checkout my recent post here: You may be surprised to find some crap there if the screen hasn't been attended to in a while.
  14. Slight carb heat (enough where it doesn't start to raise the carb temp) levels out my EGT's all the time. Note, you'll probably need a decent engine monitor. I have a Insight G1 (get a G2 if you go with Insight).
  15. Where are you located? I had to do all of my insurance-required training hours in November out of Lapeer airport and after the A&P/IA was off-duty as he was also the CFII there. So all of my Mooney training has been in the dark. It was interesting during my first solo flight to fly two hours home during daylight hours. I'm leery about flying at night where I'm at (In the U.P.) as it is very difficult to identify roadways outside of the heavy tree coverage. I'd rather pursue such night ops over the flat farm lands of the Lower Peninsula or Central/Southern Wisconsin.