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  1. I bought an E-LSA in February and I’m going try to stay active. The way the market is right now I might sell the E-LSA for a profit and build a new one instead!
  2. Pending Sale in progress... I received an email from a friend of the prospective buyer less than FIVE MINUTES after posting it on barnstormer LOL!
  3. At my remote towered airfield I call when 10 out. Only so they can give me traffic advisories as many folks don’t have ADS-B up here. I also listen far out to get a feel for who’s around (tower and approach).
  4. 1964 Mooney M20D Serial #224. 6314TT, 2243SMOH, 1hr on Prop IRAN, "Johnson Bar" manual gear, touchscreen Garmin GTN-650, touchscreen L3 Lynx ADS-B w/WiFi, Garmin SL30 NAV/COMM, Insight G1 Graphic Engine Monitor, King KMA24 Audio panel, Flightcom recorder, Flightcom 4-place intercom, interior 7, paint 7, standby vacuum, LED landing light, O&N Bladders, All Aircraft & Prop logs, Engine logs 2 & 3 (two overhauls since first log) in paper and .pdf format. Last owner from 1965-2016 was active flying club in Flint, MI. Powertow EZ35 included. (<---from my barnstormer ad). Also has a c
  5. What is “unairworthy” to one IA may be “airworthy” to 126,936 other IA’s including FAA inspectors. There is a lot of grey area in this trade. For example, he determined that a tiny dent in a flap is “unairworthy” yet five IA’s have signed off on the aircraft as being “airworthy”. Thing has flown for decades yet one man claims it is not “airworthy” solely on that dent alone. I had a MSC IA explain how my CAR 3 Mooney has no factory specific damage limits for any dents on this (non leading edge stuff). He said to not worry about it but also explained that an FAA inspector could arbitrarily gro
  6. Yeah I realize that the statement is minimally adequate. He has extensive notes of the compressions, etc; I saw them in the past. It has great compressions actually. This is a cautionary tale to all to learn from my experience. The annual-in-my-hangar is a requirement if one has no relationship with an A&P.
  7. That’s what I thought; I was in a rush to get it back into my possession ASAP. I live five hours away from the airport now and I didn’t have time to play any more games.
  8. Just a note that “I certify that this aircraft has been inspected in accordance with an annual inspection and found to be in unairworthy condition at this time. A list of discrepancies and unairworthy items dated 10-09-2020 has been provided to the aircraft owner. (Signature)”
  9. @Hank consider Archer Watches in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada for servicing your Omega's. He does excellent work and even makes a DVD-ROM documenting the servicing of your timepiece with a ton of hi-res photos. His prices were at least 50% cheaper than what Omega wanted. I'll be sending my back again in two-years for servicing. http://www.archerwatches.ca/service.html
  10. First I was thinking that people might get their house broken into by posting photos of their $100k watch collection. Then 88V showed us his German defence system...
  11. Nine bucks shipped from eBay! It’s not a Chinese copy either. The ETA movement in one of my analogue beaters couldn’t take the shock from the extremely rare but occasional fist blows and baton strikes.
  12. My CB brethren will love this. Just picked this baby up to wear at work: Couple grand cheaper than my Omega beater.
  13. The “warning” I received from another owner in-field wasn’t that convincing to me either. The person made some weak complaints about the IA that actually made me side with the IA. The other complaints about the IA’s arrogance is what really worried me. I figured I could handle that. Again, when the IA insisted that I should have paid for the prop R&R labor for his screwing-up of my prop, it really sealed the deal that this guy is highly avoidable. Then add in the seven months to complete an annual while I was first in line. The quality of his work appears to be up to par but the arroganc
  14. Yeah I should have used the regular IA I’ve used in the past (or even the prior Mooney service center) and not the new guy. I was warned too. At first glance I took his eye-opening “findings” as serious issues and as it progressed he was declaring even the most ridiculous things as unairworthy. When he blew in a crap ton of grease into the aluminum prop hub without following the factory specifications I knew this was going to end badly. He immediately pushed back and went on the defense (reporting my aircraft and prior IA’s to the FAA, etc). He insisted that the globe of grease in the prop hu
  15. Well, I finally received my vintage model back from the on-field A&P/IA. This entire ordeal was the coup de grace to sell my beloved aircraft. As you can see it’s E-LSA brethren is tucked in with it. 1. Basic Annual Inspection: $2300+300 2. Prop IRAN in lieu of A&P’s overservicing error: $1650 w/freight 3. Additional charge: $78 to install intake duct 4. $1050 total insurance premiums paid during extensive downtime. A&P/IA claimed he has reported my aircraft to the FAA and all of the previous IA’s that have worked on it. I have a 50-yr experienced IA that is familiar with th
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