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  1. That seems more realistic than the 14 AMU quotes floating around and is head-to-head with dual G5's and an Aspen E5. On a side note, @AvionicsGeek's firm will install a Aspen E5 and TruTrak into a PA28 for 13.5 AMU's plus $550 to remove the old autopilot. That is something to think about too. I contacted a gentleman in FL via YouTube and he said he paid about 14.5 for the same setup through his dealer. So maybe it might be worth waiting to see what fireworks play out when the GFC500 and TruTrak become certified for most of the Mooney fleet. CB Side comment: I thought I read somewhere that there was a FAA opinion that dismantling an aircraft did not require an A&P. So if an owner was to carefully "remove" their old autopilot, would such actions be appropriate? Maybe they could do it when its undergoing an annual as its already torn apart and an A&P/IA is nearby. Seems like some dealers want A TON of cash to remove legacy autopilot components.
  2. A new Aspen E5 ($4395) with new ACU (sends heading data to Century $695), used EA100 (sends attitude data to Century $2k), Deklin wiring interface box ($300) is around $10.5k installed. I wonder if @TrekLawler can comment on the GI-275 AI/ADI sending attitude data to the legacy Century autopilots. Seems like the market has priced a legacy panel upgrade to EFIS with a/p interface is $10-14k. The CB club members obviously need to know the value of spending 40% more for the same user experience. I have a feeling that G will quietly reduce prices as the hype settles. If G would just allow the G5 and/or GI-275 to send attitude data to old Century's their sales would increase substantially. I'm curious if the G leadership wants to keep the legacy a/p operators drooling for the forthcoming GFC500. I sure hope not because that is a leap that probably more than half the owners would not take as its another 10 AMU's.
  3. I do believe the newer avionics are already on a separate bus. Maybe the supply wire to that bus could be wired through an appropriate circuit breaker switch. Tyco makes them up to 50 amps and in the $30 range at the Spruce. The GTN and Lynx 9000 do not have a power switch but the SL30 and KMA 24 do. So really from CB (cheap bas...) standpoint, I just need the GTN and Lynx protected and their associate breakers are easy to get to.
  4. I’m curious why they didn’t make it work with the Century I or II for attitude. That means that if any of us CB’s want to keep our working AP, we need to keep the old AI too. This is odd. Why is Garmin so apprehensive about sending attitude data to the Century ? Aspen does it.
  5. I don't have an avionics master but I think this sounds like a good idea (and less complicated). Could I just have the breakers for the GTN, Lynx 9000, and SL30 just replaced with Eaton circuit breaker switches? I thought I read something here a long time ago about how regular Circuit Breakers aren't supposed to be used as switches (unless it is a switched breaker).
  6. I had both my Sigmatek 5000e and the DG overhauled by Aircraft Quality Instruments and if I recall correctly it was $1100 for both plus maybe $150 to R&R them. That is about $9000 cheaper than dual G5's or an Aspen (both linked to the legacy autopilot) or $10-13k cheaper than dual 275's. I have a Dynon D2 for when SHTF. I'm struggling to at least remain an associate member of the CB club but its difficult.
  7. After doing some perusing, the Primary Category discussion has been raging for a long time. Apparently at least one person started up a 24-hour training program to coincide with the FAA's advice. https://web.archive.org/web/20041129112111/http://www.topcatschool.com/ (It is apparently defunct). Allegedly, attending the TOPCAT course would allow you to get an STC on yourself. Sounds weird but apparently it would allow the owner to work on certain aircraft they own. The TOPCAT STC's apparently were only for the C150/152 and the C172. The course sounds it had oddities including the attendee to actually fly their aircraft TO the training location in Dallas TX and then they would perform actual work on their own aircraft such as R&R the starter etc. Apparently the STC's had a defined list of allowable activities similar to what is listed in the AC (replacing the vacuum pump, installing quick drains, etc.) This is very akin to the Light Sport Repairman training. I am attending a 16-hour LS Repairman class next weekend in Louisville, KY. It will allow me to perform the annual inspection on any E-LSA I own (anyone can perform maintenance on an Experimental). Also, any S-LSA can be converted to E-LSA with the approval of a DAR.
  8. I just read through AC 21-37 and I found a significant contradiction. "The notice proposed to permit pilot-owners of primary category aircraft to do certain maintenance procedures, including inspections, on their own aircraft after receiving the appropriate training. The notice also proposed to permit the conversion of aircraft that are within the primary category engine and weight limits from standard category to primary category." Then I see: "Pilot-owners that do not also hold airframe and powerplant mechanic ratings and/or inspection authorizations are not authorized to perform the inspections." ????? Granted, the jargon regarding the pilot-owner performing the inspection was in the Background section that discussed the proposed application. Apparently there is a training requirement: "Only a properly qualified pilot-owner may perform the additional preventive maintenance items listed in the preventive maintenance program. To be properly qualified, a pilot-owner must successfully complete an FAA-approved course given by either an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician school, by the holder of the production certificate for the pilot-owner's aircraft, or by another entity approved by the Administrator." So getting your A&P might be a stipulation? One page one, they do note: "While these guidelines are not mandatory, they are derived from extensive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry experience in determining compliance with the pertinent regulations." The AC is only 13 pages. Maybe one of our Doctors of Jurisprudence can do a cursory review and opine?
  9. Clearly there is no Operators union established there. The grading is horrendous. It is as straight and level as a 2x4 from Home Depot. Did you see that first nose gear bounce? That must have been terrifying in the cockpit.
  10. Terrifying news for 115 engine owners. $15k a pop is their estimate to replace? Yuck. A new crank itself costs 9 AMU’s? I wonder what innovation in the alloy process made them change the formula that resulted in the “white powder”.
  11. My motor was field overhauled in ‘96 due to the oil pump AD and they used new Superior Millennium cylinders. I logged 5.3 flight hours today and my motor is at 2241 SMOH. Hard to compare my 24 year old cylinders to what Superior will sell you today but they sure have lasted. The previous owner group always changed the oil at 25 hour intervals. I hit 28.7 with today’s cross country bonanza and decided to use the quick drain. It’s due for its annual at the end of the month and I’m going to try to squeeze out 20 or so in the next two weeks.
  12. I think I see the problem. It defaulted the transition as vectors (I should have changed it to DUCER) when I input the procedure. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I meant the GTN wanted me to steer a 150 degree turn to the right (120 heading and to 275 heading); I should have drew a better little airplane on the magenta my bad.
  14. I was approaching from the NW (the arrow wings on the magneta line I drew). I don’t remember activating vectors to final. The turbulence was so bad so maybe I hit something. I might run this again tomorrow if I can get up in the air again. I’ll practice with the Garmin app before I fly. I totally forgot about the iPad app.
  15. I was doing some practice yesterday and my GTN did not want to "guide" me via the magenta line to perform the Pt at the IAF as implied on the plate. It wanted to me to do this 150 degree turn at the IAF instead. Is this normal or is this a case of garbage-in, garbage-out as I programmed the approach into the GTN?