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  1. Everything is relative; but yes, I do think that is expensive compared to the other aircraft with similar performance (Mooney Bravo, SR-22, Bonanza, C/P-210, C-310). All those airframes were cheaper to insure. But I'm only one data point for cost. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  2. I'm going to go high on Friday and will be watching my temps closely. My baffles are orange and in better shape than the ones pictured. I'm looking forward to seeing your GEE-BEE results. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  3. We checked the baffles and ensured no folding in the wrong direction. Temps are a little better, but oil temp and #2/3 cylinders are running hotter than I'd like. This is what I was running today at 4,500' on a local flight today. This was with cowl flaps cracked open just a bit. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  4. I'm closing this thread as it was originally posted incorrectly in the Safety section. As a reminder to all, this section is a sanctuary so we can collectively analyze safety issues that we face as Mooney pilots. Feelings, emotional responses, vauge guesses, etc. do not help determine root causes. NTSB reports, safety bulletins, FAA advisories, etc. are to be used as source documentation during analysis. Thank you for helping be part of the Safety conversation and if you have questions, please send them my way. It takes all of us working diligently to increase awareness of safety issues in GA Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  5. @danb, thanks for the photos. We found the lower seal on the #2 side was folded back instead of forward. Baffling is in good shape. fixed the seal direction and will test fly shortly. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  6. Thanks@carusoam. I'm going out to the plane in a few hours and will pull the cowling and take some pics. Also will have our A&P take a look on Monday. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  7. They were recently removed prior to the sale. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  8. I agree it's running a bit hot. I'll check the baffling and seals tomorrow since it's due for an oil change. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  9. Follow-up. I flew with Bob Cabe and he was great. I've got a few hrs now on the Bravo and the EDM fuel calcs are spot on. The Leaning function is super slick and works as advertised to find peak TIT. Thanks again for all the great advice! Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  10. Fellow Bravo Afficionados, I am still fairly new to my Bravo and I'm trying to figure out how to get my cruise power setting dialed in. Today I flew three legs in South Texas for a total of 3.0 and the screenshot shows that the CHTs were a little warm, especially the #2 cylinder. I was at 8,500, IOAT of 21C, with half cowl flaps. I ended up running richer to get the CHTs under 400. BTW, the book just says to stay under 500. I assume industry standard is 400 for longevity. From what I've read, I should be able to run 50 ROP with cowl flaps closed and stay below 400CHT. Also of concern is my oil px is 56-57 psi with 8 qts. During the pre-buy, I found that the EDM is new and the mechanic set the initial values and just did a little tweaking prior to the sale. What's going on an where do I start? Thanks! Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  11. I have 3,000TT, mostly in complex, high perf. and pressurized aircraft. My partner and I ultimately passed on a Malibu because insurance was double a Mooney. My quote was $5,600/yr. No T-Hangar option, and availability. They are great XC planes with good useful load. Most of the owners I talked to love their Malibu. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  12. @gsxrpilot, I gave my reasons for choosing a Bravo. It was a very tough choice between an Encore and Bravo because both are excellent planes. I needed a non-stop range of 700NM for my mission. The Bravo does it non-stop and it does it quickly. I don't need to go $1000+NM without stopping. If you do, that's great. When I have passengers, their bladder range usually hover around 2-2.5 hrs. No way my wife is gonna pee in a bottle next to me. I think you took my response a little personally. For my personal mission, the Bravo was what I wanted. Again, I think 252/Encores are awesome as well. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  13. I'll weigh in on the Bravo vs 252 as I just went through this and ended up with a Bravo. First, the mission drives the bird. If you need long haul, high alt, built-in O2, FIKI, dual redundancy, etc., Bravo's have all those options and still have 950-1000# of useful. 252s don't have that useful load unless they have the Encore mod and I don't think they have FIKI, just TKS. I went with a Bravo because I commute 650NM and fly year-round. Additionally, the Bravo will go everywhere I want non-stop and it'll do it at 185-200kts (alt depending). I really liked the 252 Encore and Rocket, but finding those models with the avionics, TKS (no FIKI), O2, etc., is hard. They are out there, but I didn't have the time to wait for the Unicorn Encore. If you want a great plane to put-put around home station, small jumps for your hamburger, and for XCs, the 252 is hard to beat. I learned a while ago about the time/money equation. What's your time worth? For me, I absolutely need a plane that gets me from PT A to PT B as fast as I can afford because my time is more valuable. That drove me to a Bravo. Lastly, if I could afford a turbine, I'd be flying that. But I can't, so I'm flying what I can afford. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  14. The E is a hotrod. Just run your DA takeoff & land distances, weights and enjoy. I also recommend you taxi leaned (1 knuckle) at fields above 5,000'. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod
  15. Getting involved in your aircraft's mx is the best way to learn about your systems and how the aircraft works. Additionally, no one cares more about your plane than you do. Quality A&Ps are worth their rates. Even if you have minimal mechanical skills you can still remove panels and help hold flashlights. Additionally, study the active AD and SDs for your model. Finally, don't defer bad news, open mx items don't get better with time. Fly Safe, Safety Forum Mod