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  1. Great to know thanks to both. I will look into the LED option in the future. For now I disconnected it so I don't risk into depleting the battery if someone clicks on it during the day without knowing. I don't fly at night often enough for now to justify this option.
  2. Hi there! Anyone had this issue before? Ovation 3 baggage door light turns on and then stays on. I had to unscrew the cover and remove the bulb. I found nothing in the POH on this. Thanks! Healthpilot
  3. I used Premier in Ft. Lauderdale. Probably a bit more expensive but very detail oriented.
  4. Just wanted to say THANK YOU Craig!!
  5. Thanks Steve and -a- I appreciate your guidance. I have found a general Ovation 2 POH. I will review Don Kaye’s training resources. I used to fly and tow gliders in Europe but that’s ages ago. My most recent experience is SR22T G3 Avydine v7. My offer was accepted an hour ago so I guess I semi-own a Mooney now!
  6. Hi there! I am new so be patient with me. I loved Mooneys since I was a kid and I am looking at purchasing one. I Googled like a maniac. No joy. Is there any good transition training resource online? Thanks for your help!
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