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  1. 10 minutes with a volt meter and me on the phone
  2. I can help you with this, I don't believe you have servo issues. There are some tests and questions that may help you, 616 822 1999 8am-8pm eastern time Bob Weber Autopilot consulting
  3. Yes it does, there is a service bulletin out about it. Give a call if you would like 616 822 1999
  4. Replacing the fitting on the back of an ATT gyro is most certainly legal for an A/P to accomplish, just not disassembling an instrument. They cannot do that legally without maint man, ratings, and equipment. End of discussion.
  5. Perhaps a great first step would be to peruse the maintenance manual of a common altimeter, say a United Instruments 5934.
  6. Pretty sure there is language in there to follow manufacturers maintenance manual procedures, meaning you need the manufacturers maintenance manual. You may also read in that manual about the clean room that may be required.
  7. I can't recall mooneys, but others have an old school fuse holder close to the battery just for the clock.
  8. It's right here... Know it, love it, bla bla bla. Glad I'm retired!!! Bla Bla Bla.pdf
  9. "Popping" the front off an altimeter involves the Kollsman adjust mechanism, effecting the calibration. I would bet there was a ring of crap around the perimeter as well, that's decomposed gasket. An old crotchety inspector I have the utmost respect for had a saying I have always heard in my head "Folks, these are not lawn chairs we are working on here." There are far less critical areas to assist with, we have to keep in mind you are depending on these systems with your life and those with you.
  10. The feds I dealt with for the last four decades, thru countless restorations, repairs, and upgrades, would not turn a blind eye on opening flight instruments. In fact , I feel they're worse today than when I began by far. I never tore into an airspeed indicator, but I did open many altimeters and various other instruments. I worked in a shop with the appropriate ratings, manuals, and parts. My work was signed off by the instrument inspector as I did not have that rating. I had an airspeed fail on me (a bug), in VFR thank God, not the best of fun. I get a bit skittish when I see things like this.
  11. You might also keep in mind that opening those instruments renders them unairworthy until recertified and an 8130-3 is provided, legally speaking. Your mechanic is opening himself up to liability and a violation if he signs off that inspection knowing the elf was there, unless he has an instrument shop and the appropriate ratings. I speak up because this is an IFR aircraft(I assume), and you are talking about opening up arguably one of the most critical instruments in it.
  12. Matt I would be happy to give a quick rundown on operation, I talk faster than I type. Give a call 616 822 1999 8am-8pm eastern. Bob Weber Autopilot Consultant
  13. Removing the airspeed indicator will be a blast for the elf, the glareshield will need to be removed to gain access to the connector and nut on the back of that post light. I doubt you want to dig deep enough into the panel to get it far enough aft to even see the nut much less get a wrench on it. Hopefully your elf has a pitot static test set to check for leaks in the instruments and the systems once it's reassembled. In an unpressurized aircraft, the static system is far less critical than the pitot system, I would be more concerned with the seals of the instruments myself. Bob Weber
  14. 1 more for Jake, if you see engage voltage wiggle the connector while the system is engaged and watch for the solenoid to engage. Century Flight Systems has had a bulletin out for the little blue connectors for a long time, they told us about them when I was training there in 1989. My favorite weapon is a 45° snap on pick, slightly flatten one half of the socket to create more tension.
  15. Jack I can give you some good insight, give a call if you would like 616 822 1999