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  1. Could you email a pic to bobweber@webairconsulting.com the bar on top is intriguing, sounds like a Century switch. You can also call me at 616 822 1999
  2. Rebond the NAV antennas. Inspect the coax, probably RG 58. I generally found the "diplexer" for a blade or "towel bar" array in the tail. We would then use a splitter behind the panel to feed the NAV/GS inputs. I can guide you here if you would like 616 822 1999
  3. I can fix this.. 616 822 1999. I will be available late afternoon Thursday if it works for you.
  4. What roll autopilot does the 60PSS compliment. It was installed with options and sounds like you need some guidance to understand what you have. I installed scores of them tied into several different roll systems. Give a call 616 822 1999
  5. I can help with this, catch me tomorrow around noon TN time. 616 822 1999.
  6. Lance Thank You! I saw this earlier. This is a good example of "stepping into" a final dream suite. I look at an avionics package as three separate systems that are critically reliant on each other. Navigation/Communication, Flight instrumentation, and ultimately, Autoflight. The marriage of the final suite should be very much in mind. It can be made more difficult to continue a "peaceful" marriage with multiple manufacturers software. I would look toward two GI 275's, GFC 600, and run that 430W to feed them until upgraded as a final step. This being sai
  7. Yep, give me a quick call, 616 822 1999 "I'm glad if I can help with a question or two, or perhaps some advice. If it gets more involved, you can decide to proceed at that time." An excerpt from my website... You have a simple issue, I guide people thru the easy ones in hopes they remember me when they encounter the hard ones! Bob Weber webairconsulting.com
  8. If both the HDG bug and CDI track off the same direction, you are a good candidate for a simple roll centering adjust. Has something changed recently? Bob Weber Autopilot consultant webairconsulting.com
  9. While the beatings occurred during training, the concept of the running engine and swinging prop guided me to never step even near the arc reach of a prop, it is always spinning.... We all could use an extra step or two of exercise, never ever think of walking thru where that prop can get you. It will save you a ding on the melon as well. This coming from a guy with the diamond shaped injury from a certain old Cessna flap... Bob Weber webairconsulting.com
  10. Never, ever, treat an aircraft as though it is not running. This was beaten into me by multiple people much of my formidable years. An old, very worn out and abused little plaque with about 50 years of history in my family. It sits prominently above my desk today.
  11. Paul I am very familiar with both the autopilot as well as the airframe, give a call if you would like 616 822 1999. 8am-8pm Michigan time. Autopilot Consultant webairconsulting.com
  12. Any anomaly in an aircraft needs to be attended to, quickly and correctly. Many of them are worthy of AOG until they are resolved. It is amazing the effect of seeing just how small of pieces an aircraft shreds into when it hits the ground after you have lived in and around them most of your life.. Especially multiple times, when there was an acquaintance, Friend, or work mate, lost. Fly Safe and Healthy Bob Weber webairconsulting.com
  13. We need to be replacing the loose rod ends and be very sparingly on the dripping lube, it gathers dirt and grit that tends to accelerate wear. My biggest desire here is to get folks thinking about, and addressing, many issues we are now finding in older aircraft. I just spoke earlier today with a long time Colleague that found another elevator cable failing in a single Cessna. frayed and cut.. Waiting on pics, trying to determine the cause. Fly Safe and Healthy Bob Weber webairconsulting.com
  14. I kept my boat in Holland right next to Heinz vinegar plant for a few years, you could smell it. The long time residents talked of pickles floating everywhere. Becoming aware and assertive in the early 1970's, I followed as the waterways were reported and then mitigated.. The Ohio river on fire was a pivotal sight. Today we get to celebrate the amazing reclamation of our waterways, just in our area alone, Muskegon Lake is being transformed from heavy industry to tourism and entertainment. These changes are having an enormously positive effect on all of our lakes as well as communiti
  15. Marie is well known in Freemont, Gerber was huge there.
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