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  1. That is the switch that is marked slave/free in Cessna installations. You will see the slaving meter react when it is actuated. Give a call if you would like, I have been working with these systems for a long time and can offer some insight. Bob Weber 616 822 1999
  2. I can help you with this. 616 822 1999
  3. The KC 290 and the KC 192 are two completely different animals. There is around a quarter mile of wiring and many switches and connections that must function properly to keep either of these systems engaged. When the lever fails in the KC 290, it generally will not latch due to the failure of the tangs holding the iron plate on the cheesy lever. Rarely, if ever, would it be intermittent. Bob Weber 616 822 1999
  4. Earlier versions of the KFC 200 had no audible disengage alert, The -01 KC 290 brought the option later on. Bob Weber
  5. Mark I'm very familiar with that system, I've installed many of them. I can probably get you up to speed with a phone call. 616 822 1999
  6. I have not seen many failures of the engage latch assembly. I would be more interested in the wiring and switches in the yoke. I can help guide your mechanic thru troubleshooting this. 616 822 1999
  7. Bevan is the best place, how do you know it's bad?
  8. For programmer/computers with mod code AC/AC or higher, automatic GS arming will occur after the following conditions have existed for 1 second: APR Mode Engaged ALT Mode Engaged Navigation Flag Out of View Glideslope Flag Out of View Localizer Frequency Channeled Aircraft within 50% of Localizer Centerline Aircraft more than 10% Below Glideslope Centerline It has always been a challenge to satisfy the needs of an autopilot during the approach phase when you are rushed. I was commissioned to do a recertification flight in Mananas, VA. years ago. It was in a Lear 60, I had to stand between the pilots to verify accuracy after a service bulletin. The approach had what seamed to be a 30° turn to the right pretty close to the airport, the pilots got a kick out my reaction to that last turn that close to the water.
  9. Yes, I stand corrected, SC 628. I would not pursue the KI 256, I would be more interested in the manual electric trim switch and wiring. A voltmeter would do wonders to troubleshoot the sonalert once it fails.
  10. I recommend Jake at Bevan Aviation. You won't find a sharper or more honest person to deal with. Bob Weber 616 822 1999
  11. The sonalert, SC 328 I would guess, could have failed, $35 bucks should clear that up. I would be more concerned with the disconnects, and how they occurred. And how the aircraft reacts when the disconnects happen. Depending on the KC 290 controller, you may not have a sonalert. a -00 has no alert, a -01 does. I can help here if you need. Bob Weber 616 822 1999
  12. The autopilot is connected to the ships static system, the KC 295 does not use pitot. Bob Weber 616 822 1999
  13. Your Mooney and Seneca both have only one system, they are designed this way to minimize any yaw miss trim. It equalizes the ambient pressure measured from both sides of the aircraft. There are aircraft out there with multiple systems, some with dedicated ports for the autopilot, the PA-46 would be a good example. We have to go back to our early training and remember the ambient pressure inside a non pressurized aircraft in flight is around 50' below actual. In the early days, there were no static ports in small aircraft. One of my tests is to see how the autopilot flies with the static disconnected. Bob Weber 616 822 1999
  14. Greg I looked at the pictures, all the pins look like they are seated properly, the other thing I'm looking for is any of the contacts that don't spring back. I can't see any in the pictures, take a good look as well. Stabilant 22 is great for any connector, I use it on everything I touch. Bob Weber
  15. If it is a 530W, does the vertical guidance respond correctly on the HSI? I would recommend an IFR 4000 test set be used and set it up for ILS and attenuate the signal to compare the sensitivity of the two glideslope receivers. May I assume it has the KI 525A? How does the test page of the 530 display on the HSI? 525A's don't have a spectacular record for glideslope performance. Bob Weber