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  1. Yes the button pops right out. Looks like two o-rings are in good shape!
  2. I’d like to thank everyone for their help on this! I’m constantly amazed at the resources and knowledge available here on mooneyspace! I do have another question on the positive control system. I’ve read the service manual on the subject but have been unable to determine whether or not the “push button valve 2960” is actually wired or attached to anything. Mine is actually completely loose and can be pulled out. The diagram seems to show two wires. Again, thank you for your help!
  3. This is a picture of my RH aileron PC cylinder piston servo. Rubber boot is torn. Besides this, I can’t see any other reason why my PC is inoperable. If I’m successful in troubleshooting this and narrowing down to this unit, how easy is it to replace? Thanks!
  4. BigD

    Prop paint issue

    I was just quoted $1100 plus another $400 for dynamic balance.
  5. My props paint has been flaking off and now is actually starting to concern me. Any tips? I’m considering taking it in to be repainted.
  6. Sorry, I may have missed it, but did you mention who did the overhaul? My 65 c has the original engine but the last overhaul was done by a very reputable shop (Victor Aviation) and washed away many of my concerns (as did the borescope and compression checks). My first plane I bought years ago (c-310), had low time engines, which is what attracted me to it. However, they were “field overhauls” and I paid a heavy price later. My point is simply that a low time engine is not always better than a mid time engine. I would prefer a mid time overhauled by a reputable shop over a low time done by an unknown.
  7. My C came with speed brakes (more thread creep), have to say they were cool until one stopped deploying halfway across country on way home. (Btw, one deployed a non event, as long as it retracts, which it does). As for planning descents on an arrival, my little four banger appreciates speed brakes for very different reasons than a turbojet on an arrival out of the flight levels. .... carry on!
  8. Thank you wild horse. Mine has same pin. I was afraid I’d break it if I pulled too hard. A new assembly costs just under $100. So does it slide out sideways? Thanks!
  9. I’m a bit wary of pulling out the old air filter. I’m afraid of bending or breaking the metal bracket. Any suggestions? The metal frame seems fragile, I’d hate to damage it
  10. BigD

    PC system hoses

    Because my PC disconnect switch is disconnected and simply sitting in its place in yoke, I assumed the entire PC system was inop. However, reading this thread, I wonder: could an operating or partially operating PC system be the cause of my plane consistently wanting to roll to right? I’ve been thinking it was something else or just out of rig. Any ideas?
  11. BigD

    Need PC Turn Coordinator

    I’m not sure why maybe my PC is inoperative. My guess is that it’s been disconnected at a bare minimum. The disconnect button in the yoke is not even connected. One of the boots on a servo in wing is frayed. I was actually excited I could hear the gyro spinning behind baggage compartment because maybe THAT works! I want to trouble shoot it. Any suggestions where to start?
  12. BigD

    Need PC Turn Coordinator

    Were they able to get it working? I’d love to have my PC working. I can hear gyro spinning down after shutdown - behind baggage compartment. My pc swtitch isntbeven connected to anything. I’d love to get it up and running.
  13. Honestly, I think it was turbulence. When I say I flew through some rough turbulence, I mean it was the roughest air I’ve ever experienced. I bought the plane in California and flew it from there to Ohio in March. Just past flagstaff and all the way to Amarillo, was simply some of the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. The smell simply dissipated and us no longer there. I’d like to say I did something- but I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t have to. I think there have been some good suggestions on this thread. I’d start with the floor in cockpit - also see if smell is there after running electric fuel pump.
  14. Just had my prop dynamically balanced at Tiffin. Todd did a great job, great attention to detail, methodical and about two hours.