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  1. Hi folks, i’m a proud owner of an O1 build in ’95. The hobbs meter shows 1650h total . First engine! At the last anual all cylinders oft he big bore IO550 are over 72 : I guess…. everything is fine. In Dec. `18 we flew to vienna in 12.000 feet and we had in very smooth air about 3 times a light vibration on the dashboard. I thought, maybe we entered a some different airmass. After landing in vienna we made an extensiv ground check before shoutdown the engine. The discrepancies. At the way home i thought the engine is running more smooth with less vibration. Anyway …. next day after returning, I flew to my maintenance shop to check the engine. The A&P made a compresion check --- perfect results. Ignition checked --- OK Spark plugs checked … one removed a little less spark. Harness checked…OK. Don’t worry everything is fine …be no hypocondriac ….. go flying. First flight in Jan 2019 all was perfekt smooth, over deep snowing landscape. After landing we had a battery discarge warning. I thought : low rpm ..more throttle -- same problem. Today we flew the 15 min trip without battery charging – no radios, gear down to my A&P. This ist he result!! all the screws are missing from the gear attached on the crankshaft! everywere are metalchips! What did you do ?? Please help Regards Fritz ( sorry for very bad englisch! )
  2. Hello Bryan, I've exact the same issue with my O1. What engine oil do you fly in your K-model ? multigrade or monograde( W100 / W80 )? Please check your starterdrive immediately? A starterdrive spring malfunktion can contaminate your engine with metall chips!! Monograde oil is much better for this special designed starter drive Good luck Fritz
  3. Hello 29-0363, is it possible that you miss a fuse? just a stupid idea ;-) Fritz
  4. Hello Gentlemen, is this a problem for us O drivers? My IO550 is 22 years old and has +/- 1600h greetings Fritz MSB05-8B.pdf
  5. My '95 O is right now for resealing in Netherland. The maintenance shop is the european depandance from Paul Becks " weep-no-more" i'm hope they will do a good job!! Fritz
  6. Hello Toto, how's about this one: greetings Fritz
  7. Hello , yesterday i flew to my maintenance shop ( all the way gear down !) We put the Mooney on jacks an cycled the gear .... no malfunction.. we did it about 10 times! Everything looks pretty good. Than I tried an other time to retract the gear and i forgott to push the red buttom above the gear swtich and the gear went in! They told me that I need a new air switch, who is located behind the airspeed inicator. Could this the reason for the gear retract malfunction ? What do you thing about that? Greetings Fritz
  8. Hello Sirs, todays flight, short after take off ..we habe a positive rate of climb and I actuated the gear swtich .... and the gear just goes 70% in ! I lowered the gear the gear was down and safe! second attempt.. the same...just about 70% in. I lowered the gear ... "three greens" Third attempt the same ...... i lowered the gear and landed safely. immediately after stopping the engine I removed the belly ....everything looks fine. all gear switches are looked at there position. all Gear doors looking like they should look. on Monday i plan to fly to my maintenance facility with the gear down all the way. any mooneydriver had the same problem here. Thanks in advance Fritz
  9. Look I-OJJB has 3 ( three ) altimeters .
  10. Hello Oliver, where are you based? There is one Autopilot-guru in Germany. Call Martin Scheifl from Avionik Straubing. +49-9429-9424-0 ( He is the best one with King Autopilots. good luck Fritz
  11. Thanks for the detailed explanation Fritz
  12. Sorry for the stupid question ... $ 22000 for the overhaul , that is understood, but what means AMU ?
  13. "Ps are you going to friedrichshafen? " Hello Andrew, you are right. I live in Germany.. exactly Bavaria , near Regensburg. Maybe you know this city!? Yea, I will go to Friedrichshafen .. I will stay there, at Friday, 22th. Are you going too? Greetings to Cap d’Agde ..have a nice time there Fritz
  14. Hello Andrew, nice trip for the easter vacations... you are a lucky guy, my wife has to work, and I'm sitting in the office here and do some work too. You are right with the airspace in the UK, but in France there is only one area with class A airspace.- this is upper Paris TMA otherwise is up to FL 115 class G ( open FIR ) and to FL 195 is class D... and for the turbos FL195 to FL660 is class C VFR is allowed in all these airspaces. Did you land in Beziers? Have a nice holiday and safe flight home. Fritz