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  1. Hello , my IO550 in a '95 O1 lost all 4 screws. Here you can see , how the gears looks like after droping into the enginecase. It seems, that continental has a problem to secure the screws in a proper way. Here the link: Fritz
  2. Here the news from the local newpaper. ...only in german ( maybe google translater will work ) https://www.rundschau-online.de/region/kreis-euskirchen/dahlem/geglueckte-landung-pilot-muss-seine-maschine-auf-der-binz-notlanden---fahrwerk-defekt-33307836 Fritz '95 O1 N831T @ EDNR
  3. Hi folks, my friends '75 F model is at the anual inspection right now. here you can see, what they found! any suggestions how to fix that! maybe any of you had a similar proplem with the wingspar and know the good solution. are the parts for the '75 F still available at mooney in Kerrville? any advice is appreciate. Thanks Fritz '95 O1
  4. Hi folks, Downtime was 10 weeks and € 83.000 ( $ 93.790) but the new engine ( factory rebuild ) is running great and smooth. grettings Fritz
  5. Hi folks, i’m a proud owner of an O1 build in ’95. The hobbs meter shows 1650h total . First engine! At the last anual all cylinders oft he big bore IO550 are over 72 : I guess…. everything is fine. In Dec. `18 we flew to vienna in 12.000 feet and we had in very smooth air about 3 times a light vibration on the dashboard. I thought, maybe we entered a some different airmass. After landing in vienna we made an extensiv ground check before shoutdown the engine. The discrepancies. At the way home i thought the engine is ru
  6. Hello Bryan, I've exact the same issue with my O1. What engine oil do you fly in your K-model ? multigrade or monograde( W100 / W80 )? Please check your starterdrive immediately? A starterdrive spring malfunktion can contaminate your engine with metall chips!! Monograde oil is much better for this special designed starter drive Good luck Fritz
  7. Hello 29-0363, is it possible that you miss a fuse? just a stupid idea ;-) Fritz
  8. Hello Gentlemen, is this a problem for us O drivers? My IO550 is 22 years old and has +/- 1600h greetings Fritz MSB05-8B.pdf
  9. My '95 O is right now for resealing in Netherland. The maintenance shop is the european depandance from Paul Becks " weep-no-more" i'm hope they will do a good job!! Fritz
  10. Hello Toto, how's about this one: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/uma_electachs.php greetings Fritz
  11. Hello , yesterday i flew to my maintenance shop ( all the way gear down !) We put the Mooney on jacks an cycled the gear .... no malfunction.. we did it about 10 times! Everything looks pretty good. Than I tried an other time to retract the gear and i forgott to push the red buttom above the gear swtich and the gear went in! They told me that I need a new air switch, who is located behind the airspeed inicator. Could this the reason for the gear retract malfunction ? What do you thing about that? Greetings Fritz
  12. Hello Sirs, todays flight, short after take off ..we habe a positive rate of climb and I actuated the gear swtich .... and the gear just goes 70% in ! I lowered the gear the gear was down and safe! second attempt.. the same...just about 70% in. I lowered the gear ... "three greens" Third attempt the same ...... i lowered the gear and landed safely. immediately after stopping the engine I removed the belly ....everything looks fine. all gear switches are looked at there position. all Gear doors looking like they should look. on Monday i plan to fly to
  13. Look I-OJJB has 3 ( three ) altimeters .
  14. Hello Oliver, where are you based? There is one Autopilot-guru in Germany. Call Martin Scheifl from Avionik Straubing. http://www.avionik.de/startseite.html +49-9429-9424-0 ( He is the best one with King Autopilots. good luck Fritz
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