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FS: NEW WAT Parmetheus Pro LED Landing Lights

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If you're thinking about upgrading your stock incandescent landing light or an older generation LED landing light consider the Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) Parmetheus Pro LED landing light. It comes in a PAR-36 or PAR-46 with dual voltage so any particular light can support your 14V or 28V electrical system. It is nearly twice as bright as the WAT Parmetheus Plus brand and is one of the best bang-for-the buck lights out there. These lights were originally designed for turbine aircraft such as Kingairs, Citations, Challengers, Hawkers, etc. so the quality in design is much higher. That is exemplified with a heat sink on the front of the LED so it does not frost over in icing conditions (assuming it is exposed and not behind a lens). They carry an STC for all piston aircraft and come with a 5 year warranty.

The PAR-36 light has been one of my best selling lights. I often sell fellow BTers with nose bowl mounted lights and one on the nose gear a PAR-36 Parmetheus Pro landing light and a PAR-36 Parmetheus Plus taxi light (P36P2T for 28V and P36P1T for 14V).

I just installed a pair of the PAR-46 Parmetheus Pro landing lights in my M-35 and there is a noticeable difference between the PAR-46 Parmetheus Plus landing lights and the Pros. I love them.
I am working on a YouTube video that highlights the differences between the Parmetheus Plus and the Parmetheus Pro landing lights.

You can order them off my website at https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/wh ... hting.html
Please email me any questions or concerns you have at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com or give our sales department a call at 1.833.425.5288.

Parmetheus Pro Flyer.jpg

Parmetheus Pro.jpg


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I did a neat video with my Bonanza where I stuck a PAR-46 Parmetheus Pro in one wing of my airplane and a PAR-46 Parmetheus Plus in the other wing. 



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7 minutes ago, Tx_Aggie said:

What’s the difference between the 36 and 46?

about an inch... :)


3 fits in the wing leading edge...

4 fits in the cowl holes...

Best regards,


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PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector and the "36" or "46" is the size of the light. To figure out the size, take 1/8th of an inch and multiply it by the 36 or 46 and you'll get the diameter of the light. So a PAR-36 is 4.5" in diameter and a PAR-46 lamp is 5.75" in diameter.

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