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  1. I’m still not a fan of the vacuum gage. 99.99% of the time it will be fine so when it isn’t, you’ll see what you expect and not notice. I think you really need a flag or light. Something to snap you out of the “normal” scan.
  2. I do in the Mooney, however, as I said this was early PPL VFR training in a 172. Not my plane.
  3. I only went with Matte instead of polished because it was the closest to my measured size, however I think it ended up being 0.005“ above the original wire. It worked, but it’s a little harder to move now. Maybe it will break in.
  4. Spring-Back Multipurpose 304 Stainless Steel Wire, 1/4 lb. Coil, Matte, 0.055" Diameter $12.05.
  5. This just happened to me a few months ago. You’ll have to disconnect the wire clamps from behind the panel and pull out the lever to fix this anyway. Might as well do it now to take the measurement. I bought the next largest size from McMaster and it’s quite snug and I didn’t get the polished version since it wasn’t avail in this size. I would have been better off a size under and polished I think. Let me see if I can find the exact wire I used.
  6. So I’m working on my PPL in a 172 while my M20 is in pieces all over the country for various reasons. This Sunday was the first practice under the hood. I have previously flown in IMC with an IIFR certified instructor in the right seat and so this wasn’t the first time under instrument. I did fine that time, however, this Sunday was a different experience. Under the hood I was really struggling to hold the heading. If I put the wings level in the AI the DG would show me turning one way. Then I would fix it. Wings level. Then it would say I was turning the other way. I commented to the instructor that I suck this time and I don’t know why. It started to mess with me. What my body felt, what my senses told me, what logic was telling me, didn’t match what I was seeing. Then the AI started telling me I was rolling to the left and I started to correct it, but it didn’t add up. I told him “something’s wrong, I don’t like this” and panicked a little even though it was VFR with the instructor in the right seat. I lifted the hood briefly and saw I was still wings level. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi...,5 Mississippi and the Instructor says “wow, look at your vacuum gage”. IT was reading zero and the AI was a tumbled sideways and down (basically the opposite of what I would have done to try and save it) There are some valuable lesson here as with many things that happen to go wrong that don’t kill you....I don’t think I would have survived that in real IMC, especially if alone. But now I’ve seen exactly what a vacuum pump failure looks like. It’s subtle at first as the gyros spin down. They will kinda work, the errors will get worse...then they fall apart like a top running out of spin. I tried flying partial panel a little bit after and boy that would be tricky with just a T&B and compass for wings level. Survivable in a straight line until I’m clear of clouds but that’s about it at my current skill level. So this further enforced for me the fact that I’m not going IFR until I have an electric AI as a primary or backup. I want a way to quickly double check that the primary is correct...not just for when the first one fails because once you realize that it failed, it might be too late. This trip was my first time flying with only a Whiskey compass...what a terrible instrument! I now see I need to focus more on learning how to use it better or I need a vertical card. Dreadful thing. I have a lot more respect for our flying ancestors and understand better how Amelia probably vanished. I also learned that I hate vacuum gages. I would much rather have the idiot light like my 66’ E. That light would have warned me to not trust the gage and this AI didn’t have any flags which would have also worked. My take-aways, in summary: 1. Don’t fly IFR if your AI doesn’t have a vacuum loss flag or your panel only has a vacuum gage 2. Vacuum pumps fail...a lot apparently, don’t bet your life on it not. Have a damn good plan B and a clear way of knowing when to take it. 3. If the gages don’t add up, maybe fall back on the secondary while you judge if the primary is safe to follow, don’t let them fly you into the ground if multiple sources aren’t agreeing. I did decide it was wrong this, but panic boiled up. It wouldn’t have ended well. (I’m pretty sure this type of guidance is in IFR training?) This also directly conflicts with the idea of trusting your gages in IMC. Having this doubt in your mind might be really bad actually. BTW, before you beat me up, I only have about 25hrs of VFR training with interruptions as my Mooney failed on me again and again. This was my first time under the hood...I’m still a noob. Comments on what else I should take away are welcome but don’t try to talk me out of hating a mag compass. Lmao.
  7. This is interesting. I remember they ask what equipment you have in the plane and i think it was to determine what their salvage value would be. Doesn't seem fair to me to count anything that wasn't included in that disclosure as their's because it wasn't used to adjust the rates.
  8. The Turn Coordinator replaces the under dash gyro and yoke mounted trim Knob found on mine. There is a rotating bias valve behind it that equalizes the pressure when it reports wings level and not yawing. So you believe this TC somehow accepts electrical signals to bias as well?
  9. Update on my system. I found the missing two elevator servos. The rudder ailerons are shot. So far I’ve replaced the diaphragm on one. The aileron servos look good. Also found a cracked hose. With a little luck this system will just work when I get flying again in about a month! Old boot: What’s inside (note I installed the retaining chord when I put back together, it didn’t have it): Put back together (picked up the 33+ tape today):
  10. I think you are confusing the PC and Autopilot systems. The PC system came stock on all these planes and it is simply a wing leveler. The Turn Coordinator that you speak of is just to level the wings. It uses the gyro in the TC. I’d start first with trying to figure out where your stock gyro is located (Or where it is supposed to be) before going to install another. You should also have a pilot valve in the system that disables it if vacuum on the circuit gets low. It’s effectively a vacuum solenoid actuated with vacuum. I think they often go bad as well. Try and find the system diagram for your vintage system. It’s probably on the forums somewhere.
  11. I’ve read a lot on Brittain and I’ve seen very little on your model. Perhaps and earlier version of the system. It seems to be a combo of the accuflight and accutrac with you able to select a heading bug with a slaved compass in the tail, but then also able to follow a track. You’ll have to control altitude with your trim wheel in cruise which isn’t a big deal I don’t think. First thing is probably to find your 4 servos and get them working. None of the rest works if the boots are bad. Once it’s working try flipping those switches and turning dials to see what happens?
  12. I just dissembled mine and there was no O-Ring. I’m not sure they are needed but I’m wondering as well.
  13. I have picture #1 above (remote gyro) for PC with Accurak and altitude hold added. What's strange is I don't see any elevator servos. Shouldn't they also be in the tail section?
  14. PM me your email and I’ll send you mine tomorrow if you think you can use a 66’ E. This is what I have getting cut now on waterjet. I have like 16hrs of CAD time and test piece fitting invested...home stretch now. Whew!
  15. Good. I made some adjustments to the shape based on some test piece fitting. I felt like the pilot side was a little tall when tiled to vertical and trimmed around the outer edges to gain some wiggle room. Hopefully it all fits well!