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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It’s what I was concerned about as well. However, I can report that I no longer use full nose up trim on takeoff and it’s still just me and the instructor. Three things I think are going on: 1. It’s no longer winter and I can actually trim further...I think it felt like max nose up but wasn’, 2. The plane is back flying often to the trim screw is freed up more and I wasn’t actually getting full nose up before, 3. The trim indicator seems to be off. Starting from full nose up, it takes 5 pulls of the wheel (not turns) and then the indicator starts to read. And this i
  2. Haha, I meant to say "Pilot and Passenger Hip"
  3. On the E it’s by the front passenger hip on the other side of the lower wall. You might need new gaskets. A fuel boost pump or fuel lime leak smell can get into the cabin as well. My boost failed and leaked from the weep hole under the plane and I could smell that during stalls. You should assume it’s a dangerous leak if it just showed up. Gasoline is dangerous and we forget that sometimes.
  4. I see, I knew I was missing something! Thanks for the clarification.
  5. It was actually. I have been looking for a degauss gun like the one that raptor had on that last post. Looks better suited than the crt coil that I used. Both my old whiskey and the new vertical card compasses have aluminum brackets and I have brass screws. It was coming from the center tube mainly it seems... I’m think I have it licked now. At least I hope.
  6. I think I know how it became magnetized. When I flew the plane home after buying it the exhaust popped and it was immediately down for a month and a half in the winter. While waiting for the exhaust overhaul I installed an EDM-730 and had a space heater in the plane with me for much of it since the hangar wasn’t heated and I’m in Indiana. I found out later about this steel cage in the plane that gets magnetized if a high current wire gets too close. At least I’m hoping this is it. Also, I know of no other way to fix it than to demag.
  7. The cone heater addition thing is confusing me. Adding something in series will reduce the current, not increase it, because it can only increase the resistance (Well...unless you inserted a capacitor but lets not get crazy!). I=V/R (Voltage is fixed). I just took the degauss coil and used it as-is. It could only be ran for 30 minutes because it would overheat if ran longer. This is evidence that the amperage, going through the coil, is already as high as you can go without damaging things. I could smell the plastic getting hot inside after about 15 minutes of use.
  8. Have you read my posts? The whole reason I'm working on this is to get it within the 10 degrees. You are preaching to the choir.
  9. Update... I pulled the the plane out on the apron and faced it East, took note of the compensated compass reading, removed the compass, then used the tool pictured below to degauss per the service bulletin. When I re-installed the compass it was reading 10 degrees different and this is in the East direction which was low deviation (N-W was the maim issue). So it seemed to have a big impact! I need to re swing the compass now and see how much it helped.
  10. All good points and I agree. However, as I said above, I have my PPL check ride coming and having the NW quadrant out by 23deg is a good way to fail the check ride. It’s my understanding just asking: “are you ok with testing me with a compass that is above spec for deviation” would be an automatic fail.
  11. I ordered a CRT TV degaussing coil off eBay today hoping I can demag this thing.
  12. Long story short...my whisky compass deviation was too high and the compensation wasn’t strong enough to correct it. Changed to a new vertical card compass with balance balls and it’s close, but still not legal in the NW quadrant. Yesterday I tried moving it to a different position with no luck. I really could use some help locating a growler or some advice on how to shield it from the center and top tubes. Has anyone had any luck with shielding? Side note : I’m aware of all the prior forum topics on this. What I need is some help addressing the issue. My A&P and avionics guys d
  13. Interesting that in the hangar I can’t really tell the difference between the Incandescent and the LED other than the color temp. The center most point on the LED seems more intense. I believe this is where the action is at and I won’t really be able to tell a big difference until I’m on final. It’s good to see that there is some diffusion of the beam to help with taxi. It’s not a pencil thin beam alone.
  14. He's probably working on the patents and Amazon listings for his new product!
  15. I ordered mine from you yesterday! I'm still working on my PPL in my 66E and my first night landings have felt like I was shining a pocket flashlight over the nose to try and see where I was going. We have come a long way since the OG PAR 46 lights. Hoping you can help me light up the whole airport on approach. lol
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