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  1. Update: I went to the optometrist yesterday and was offered multi focal contact lenses. Another pilot fiend of mine has them and swears by them. I guess you sacrifice a tiny bit of distance clarity for short range. Dr put them in and then I had perfect up close and still had 20-20 long. So it seemed perfect....except...I wasn’t able to take them out. I failed the contact lens training. I will try again Monday at another appointment but I’m not sure if I can wear contacts. Felt like dirt in my eyes, my eyes went bloodshot and became itchy fast, and rubbing your eyes is a good way to los
  2. Last week I removed the PC button to get the system out of the way while I train landings and such. Seems to fly just fine straight and level, though it always needs a lot of nose up trim. takeoff trim is extremely close to trim needed for cruise and landing. Of course there is 500lbs in the two front seats. Strangely, when reviewing my videos I think I’m seeing a yaw oscillation. Something I didn’t notice while flying but its in the video clips. I’ve not decided yet if it’s a real thing, just maybe a new clue. I’m not so worried about it because it clearly damped and dies down. But it
  3. Yes, I’ve purchased something from Alan and I’m notified anytime someone posits on the aviation classified on Facebook and i monitor it on MS as well. I’m not sure that I’ve seen a 550 anywhere near the budget I’m trying to set. Seems if it works it’s gotta be at least $16k with no harness or tray just for than one part. It’s a shame because it’s a nice unit. 540 is a little cheaper...still too much though I think.
  4. That’s an awesome unit but it’s $21k new. Do you see many used ones out there.
  5. Very interesting, you may have discovered another selling point for the 355.
  6. My understanding is the 209A works with GPS because it has a switchable internal controller, But the 209 does not.
  7. So it turns out I have a KI-209. This doesn't work with GPS does it? If I understand correctly the Converter is in the way. If it was the 209A it's capable of getting out of the way.
  8. Thanks for the continued feedback. Here's the deal with me... I'm someone that wants to know more about what needs to be done than the person I'm about to ask to do the work so I know if they know what they are talking about. And so I research and research, and read all the manuals and watch all the install videos and ask a bunch of questions... next thing you know, all I need is my toolbox and I might as well do it myself...especially when these shops seem to take months to get something done after you wait months to get on a schedule. I don't think I have the patience for that. The
  9. Just throwing an idea out there...could it be that the 275 needs PWM dimming instead of voltage (rheostat) dimming controls? I have two Led post lights in my dash light circuit. Their response is very non linear and they flame out after a quarter turn Down.
  10. Meaning an HSI that takes a NAV with Glideslope from the 155 and GPS signal? I suppose then i could drop the Narco HSI and the Vacuum DG. Opens up two holes. Any idea what fits this bill? Saves some weight. I like saving weight. I lost 67lbs usable when I weighed the plane a month ago.
  11. Do I need to get the marker beacon working again to make the ILS/LOC/VOR useable? There is an antenna on the belly, a military looking box stuffed under the avionics access panel with on a PN on it that pulls up references to beacons on Google (receiver box maybe?). Don't know if its feasible to re-discover how to wire it properly again. If I get a newer audio panel does it have marker beacon receiver built it(Assuming I'll need it)?
  12. One thing I've noticed now after flying the new panel layout... I can't see the TC (which I installed with the panel upgrad)... the left yoke handle is dead center in my vision over it so I can't see the ball without flexing to see around it. I honestly try to look at it quite a lot while training... There doesn't seem to be an ideal layout....everything has compromises it seems. Except some of these new all-in-one AI instruments. Maybe these others become backup if i get the GI-275
  13. That was my original plan actually. I ended up with what I have for a couple of reasons... I couldn't get the DG to fit one slot to the left...I had a really tough time getting the instruments all to fit and while finally bolting it all up, after a couple of months of hard labor getting it that far....darn thing wouldn't fit. The yoke bushing mount is in the way (There is a way to re-orient it, but was out of motivation and guts to make any more modifications). But I found that if I swapped it with the VSI...it worked. And then the HSI...I didn't want to try and extend all the wires back t
  14. So 34X is flying and my PPL training has resumed. The squawk list is getting shorter and shorter. Later this year I'll replace the main donuts, might rebuild the trim jack screw...all good stuff to keep the bird healthy. However, I plan on going IFR pretty fast after I get my VFR PPL. There is so much to learn about this topic and the avionics options. I'm not someone that just drops my plane off somewhere and just does what a shop recommends. I like to be an educated consumer, especially since this upgrade is going to cost as much as nice used car, and I'll probably be heavily involved w
  15. Wow...there is more to this than I thought. I’m glad I asked. I have my third ever eye appt Thursday. I suspect they are going to give me blank stares when I tell them I need special glasses like described for flying. We shall see. Lol Maybe I’ll try the Benjamin Franklin style half height readers as that seems to be the cheapest and simplest option?
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