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  1. Grateful for your thoughts on the speed of an Ovation II that I had the pleasure of flying today. She was retrofitted with a FIKI TKS system and has VGs installed. 310hp upgrade with the Hartzell prop. Flying at 9,500' at 55% power, our TAS was 156kts whereas the POH says it should have been 170kts. I'm wondering whether the TKS system plus the VGs would explain such a disparity between the book figure and our actual true airspeed or whether there might be some other issue to consider, such as rigging, etc. Just in case I have messed up the calculations: - 9,500' pressure altitude (FL95) - OAT: -2 celcius - Fuel flow: 10.2 GPH (LOP) - TAS calculated by averaging ground speeds heading N, S, E and W. - As we were LOP, I calculated power as 55% by multiplying FF (10.2gph) by 14.9 to get actual HP and using 280hp as the denominator for the percentage power (the TAS/pwr tables assume a 280hp engine rather than 310hp). Manifold pressure was set at 20" and RPM at 2,400 but, LOP, I don't believe this makes a difference. - Goes without saying: flaps and gear up, speed brakes retracted! 2 guys up front and only about 25 gallons in the tanks. Smooth and clear air.
  2. Thanks for the additional feedback. Things seem to be moving in the right direction and I hope to have Cole Aviation inspect the plane during the second week of July. All being well, I'll ferry back to the UK during late July. Wouldn't want to leave it much longer as I'd like to catch the best of the weather over the North Atlantic.
  3. Thanks for the further suggestions. I have been in touch with Joe Cole and will likely take the plane to him if it gets to that stage. I'm UK based so logistics are a slight issue but can no doubt be figured out.
  4. Thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll get in touch with Cole or AGL if things progress.
  5. Greetings all. Does anyone have any recommendations for an experienced Mooney mechanic who could potentially assist with an independent pre-buy inspection in the North Western part of South Carolina? Still early stages of discussions but I'm trying to line things up ahead of time as I'm not local to the area. The nearest Mooney Service Centers seem to be AGL Aviation (Morgantown, NC) and Precision Air (Manning, SC). Any recommendations/warnings would be much appreciated.