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Found 20 results

  1. In January I went to fill my Bravo with TKS and as I started to pour it into the fill port, I noticed that it sounded different...louder and with splashes. After a half gallon or so I could hear something draining under the belly drain....TKS. Crap. So I stopped filling and looked into the fill port and something looked different. I opened the left side panel and could see that the hose and hose clamp that secures it to the fill port had come off. I reattached and secured it and problem fixed. I learned to looked into the fill port from then on and as long as I could see the ribs of the
  2. Does anyone have a source to overhaul a 12 volt windshield TKS pump? Planning on contacting CAV ice protection, but hoping someone might know of a more affordable solution.
  3. Today, Central Air Southwest celebrates 23 years of FAA certification for the installation of TKS Ice Protection for "flight into known icing conditions" on their fleet of Aero Commander 500's. TKS systems are an aftermarket option for the Mooney and other aircraft.Here is the video from the certification, which includes rare Beechcraft King Air 200 tanker footage.https://youtu.be/1OpNcv8QdIo
  4. If your TKS-equipped Mooney has over 2,000 hours, then it's time to send in your pump for preventative maintenance checks and services. Call the TKS Repair Station at 913-738-5397 for more information.
  5. We have a new (to us) plane on the way and as much as we love this bird, we only have room and money for one! Check it out, if you have any questions at all please feel free to call me or text me anytime. Still flying it regularly and am happy to take you up to check it out if interested. Two recent inspections at Don Maxwell, no expenses spared on this Mooney since we bought it. Been a solid performer and very reliable. Hangared at KHYI. Zach @ 713-410-7527 or zwright@c-rock.com 1979 Mooney M20K 231 N231DH Serial # 25-0164 Asking $114,000 Inspection Status Don
  6. As a PPL student earlier this year, I spent many, many hours trolling these forums as well as other sites, trying to glean the benefits of others' experience. My goal was to acquire a plane that I could fly to/from client sites all over the east and midwest. I want to share some of my recent thoughts/decisions in case someone else comes along who is looking for similar info. I bought Parker's Encore-converted 252 in July, about the same week as I got my PPL. I thought really hard about whether I needed TKS at the time, but it was a big jump price-wise to find something already equipped.
  7. New airplane coming, no room in the hangar, price reduced well below my cost to $165,000, much less than my cost, still looking for a good home! This "Bravo" is a head turner on the ramp! Beautiful colors, 3 blade prop, always hangared, in great condition. Flies fast, flies high, and sips fuel. Speed brakes, 115 cu. ft. oxygen (recent bottle). Stormscope (slaved) with checklists. Wing fuel gauges. All new avionics, 2 new batteries, 2 new alternators, 2 new mags. Always maintained with 100 hr. inspections. The only thing lacking is an Aspen PFD, which is quick install if you like glass. Pe
  8. Everyone that has the TKS system installed should check the amount of slack in the line to the tail divider fitting. (available via the tail cone access panel) When my Bravo installation was run to full up trim the lack of slack pulled the line out of the coupling. A check of an Ovation in the shop had barely any slack at full up trim, obviously my system had never before been run full up, and must have been stretching that line at medium trim settings. Timeline: Feb: Ran TKS to check for full wetting. No problem found April: After annual: Stec AP tests, ran
  9. Winter is just around the corner! Make sure you're ready for the upcoming weather with AccuChem TKS Fluid. We offer industry leading prices and discount $50 off your first 55gal drum purchase when mentioning this post. Our TKS Fluid is 406b certified and we are proud supplier to Cirrus Aircraft Co. We ship non-hazmat out of St. Louis, MO and can have your TKS Fluid to you usually within 2-3 days. Call or email for a quote today! 55-Gallon Drum - $619 30-Gallon Drum - $397 5-Gallon Pail - $110* (Price drops to $75+shipping with 4+) 2x2.5-Gallon Pail Kits - $115* (Price drops to $80+shipping wi
  10. Latest update on avionics upgrade. Thinking about moving up to Lancair Evolution PT-6, soooooo... thinking about selling my 94 Bravo. Current config is Garmin 530/430 WAAS NOW GTN 750 but as with my airplanes, they are never good enough and I'm always upgrading something, so going back into avionics shop for GNC-255 Nav Com, GTX-330 transponder, GMA-340 Audio marker, GDL-88 data link, Flightstream 210 for iPAd integration, etc. Will be out of avionics shop early September 2015. About 1800 TT AF&E, July annual, new mags and 2 alternators, turbo rebuild. Beautiful paint and colors, 3 blade p
  11. Help, Anyone had to fix a TKS stall strip that was detaching? I'm waiting to hear back from Mooney, but I'm sure someone here has had to deal with this? (its hard to search for TKS here, because you can't search for three character search terms) Here is a photo. Is this a big deal or an easy fix? thanks, Greg
  12. I keep seeing people refer to TKS porous panels as 'Stall Strips'. They are NOT stall strips. They are deicing fluid delivery devices. A stall strip is that short piece of angled aluminum bonded to the leading edge of each wing, on most airplanes, that helps balance the stall characteristics of the wings. Sorry, it just bugs me that people who should know better seem not to... Chuck M.
  13. Hi all! This one is well equipped, well maintained and spent most of its life in Massachusetts. It's been hangared, has complete logs, speed brakes, a new 406-ELT, Garmin 480 with WAAS, glide slope, Bendix/King: KX-165 nav/com, KCS-55A HSI, KAP-150 2-Axis autopilot, KN-64 DME. Also a Garmin GTX-33 remote mounted mode S transponder with traffic info, Garmin MX-20 MFD with Chartview/Terrain, BFG WX-1000 storm scope, WSI data link weather, Insight 610 GEM, Shadin MiniFlo L fuel management, standby vacuum, 2nd horizon, dual 24-volt aircraft batteries (installed new in 2013), oil cooler, portable o
  14. Sad to be selling her, but someone will be getting a beautiful Bravo when she goes! Please check out the link below for all the details. http://www.controller.com/listingsdetail/aircraft-for-sale/MOONEY-M20M-BRAVO/1994-MOONEY-M20M-BRAVO/1301817.htm
  15. IndyTim


    From the album: N252BH

    Moderate rime ice on Dec 2 2013 at Fl190 to Fl210
  16. I am excited to assist my local Mooneyspace friend Mark Thompson with the sale of his gorgeous 1982 Mooney Missile as he is in the middle of a relocation across the country. Bottom line - phenomenal engine/prop/airframe times, no-excuse preventive maintenance, and probably the only TKS cross-country airplane with NDH and fresh IO-550 overhaul that can be had for the low-$140s. I know the seller, Mark, very well - he is an honest and detail oriented guy that does not put up with squawks. I have flown this aircraft and personally vouch for its condition. Especially when compared with an Ovatio
  17. Hey folks, The military is moving me very soon and as much as it pains me to do, I need to sell my Missile soon. It is a uniquely equipped aircraft and I've enjoyed it so much, but life dictates that it has to go and I would FAR prefer it go to a good home with Mooney folks who would appreciate this plane for what it is. So, I'm asking $144,000 now, but only advertising that here. I know I am biased, but I think this is a good value. Call me (630-849-3608) or email (mwthomps2010@yahoo.com) with any questions. I have logs and more pictures that I can send if interested. Here's
  18. I posted this for-sale for this Missile about 3 weeks ago. I'm reducing the price to $149,900 which in my opinion (admittedly I am obviously biased) is an absolute steal for the amount of airplane you are getting. Contact me with any other questions. -Mark 630-849-3608 mwthomps2010@yahoo.com -- ORIGINAL POST (with newly modified price and some other minor changes) BELOW -- 1982 Mooney Missile for sale. Rocket Engineering STC to convert a standard M20J by adding a Continental IO-550A and a 3-blade, fully feathering Hartzell Scimitar prop. VERY low engine and prop times (1
  19. I thought it was very simple. Rocket is the fastest plane out there under $200K, therefore I wanted a Rocket. However, after reading some Bravo posts and talking to some self-proclaimed Mooney experts, I'm also considering the Bravo. The typical mission is 1-2 persons, little baggage, 400-1200nm flights, get there as fast as possible burning 20 gph or less, and not be afraid of ice in the winter. Here's how this judge's scoresheet looks so far: 1. Rocket seems to be 5-15 knots faster at typical cruise altitudes, and can be honestly said to cruise faster than 200 knots at 12,000 and abov
  20. Hi all, I'm in the market for a Rocket, and would like some opinions on whether buying one with a TKS system installed will reduce airspeed from the book values, and if so, how much?
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