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    N345US came from the factory with the 3-blade Hartzell. The seller has owned this Ovation since about 2012 and did not install an after market prop. It's original. I believe MIm20c is correct.
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    Refer to this aircraft's Performance & Warranty Page from the Engine Log - attached. All performance information for this aircraft was extracted from this entry. This Ovation engine is equipped with an IO-550G motor rated at 280-HP, not 310-HP. Thank you for your comments.
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    AIR CONDITIONING is listed in the specs..read above.
  4. N2201Q.pdf2100-TT, 129-SMOH//SPOH, IFR, Garmin 155XL, King KX-155 N/C, GS, MB, Nice P&I, Compplete Logs, Hangared, New Donuts, Fresh Annual, Unadvertised, SC-Based, $79000. Photo-Specs Attached. Call or Text 423-612-8228, email: scottishflyer48@gmail.com.
  5. Recently removed from a Mooney 201. Used, good, operable condition. TSO'd. $100 + S/H. Call or Text: 423-612-8228.
  6. STRATUS PRX V2 ADS-B RECEIVER & KING KMA-20 AUDIO PANEL W/3 LMB: Used equipment, but very good condition and fully operational when removed from the airplane recently. KMA-20 is TSO'd and was replaced with a GMA-340. STRATUS sold NEW through SPORTY'S for $899. Includes mount & USB charger Email: Sales@greatscotsaircraft.com or call 321-210-0456. STRATUS PRICE: $525 KMA-20 PRICE: $135 Shipping and handling extra.
  7. Matt....I just listed this nicely-equipped '78 201 with a Garmin 430W, Aspen 1000 PFD, King KX-155 N/C, JPI Fuel & Engine Scanners, ADS-B READY, Speed Mods & More: http://www.aso.com/listings/spec/ViewAd.aspx?id=174352 Call me at 321-210-0456 if interested....www.greatscotsaircraft.com
  8. 1998 MOONEY M20R OVATION • $159,900 • 2698-TT, TCM IO-550-G/280-HP/1671-SNEW, 2000-TBO, 721-SPOH on McCauley 3-Blade, Bendix/King: KFC150 A/P, KX155 N/C w/GS, EFIS 40, Garmin: GNS530, GTX330 Mode S Transponder w/TIS, BFG WX950, Terra Rad Alt, Shadin FF, 4-Place I-com w/Voice Recorder & Music Interface, Electric Standby Vac, Speed Brakes, Wingtip Strobes, Dual Toe Brakes. Glass & Tires in Good Condition. Paint 7/10 w/White Base, Cherry Brown, Silver Stripes.Interior 8/10 w/2015 Maroon Leather Upholstery, Grey Carpet. Annual Due May 2017, IFR Cert Due Now. 1006 lbs. U/L, 190+ Knots, Complete Logs, Based in SC. Call (843) 360-5399, www.greatscotsaircraft.com.
  9. NEW TO MARKET • Only 2811-TT, 643-SMOH by SIGNATURE, 3-blade Prop 643-TTSN, Garmin: 530, 327 Mode C Transponder, SL-40 Com Radio, GI-106A CDI. 4-Place Intercom, Electric Gear & Flaps, Brackett Filter, Powerflow Exhaust for Extra Horsepower, 2013 Paint, 1996 Leather Interior, Annual Due: DEC 2017, 1011 lbs. Useful Load, Hangared, Complete Logs, NDH, Previously Owned by NASA Engineers from Huntsville, AL. From 1974 to the Early 2000s the Aircraft was in Torrance, CA. The Past 17 Years it Has Been Hangared in Northern, AL. Well-Maintained, Immaculate Records! Call Kevin at 843-360-5399. Now Based in AL. $57,000 BUYS IT! N7764M.pdf
  10. Gents, Ladies, Fellow Moonaics: I need to sell a loaded 1969 M20F ASAP. It is being signed off today for a JAN 2017 Annual. No major discreps during the Inspection, a new vac pump installed, and the usual consumables (filters, oil, etc.). It is also being weighed on the scales for an acurate Weight & Balance sheet. All applicable ADs C/W. It has new paint, 2014 tank reseals, WAAS Garmin 530, STEC 60 autopilot, King KT-74 ADS-B, many LASAR/Knots-2-U speed mods, Precise Flight Speed Brakes, 201 glare shield/pax windows and yokes, Shadin FF, new 3-blade Hartzell prop, 180-STOH with new cylinders by TRIAD Engines (2009), 800-SMOH by Firewall Forward, 3785-TT, complete logs, hangared in AL USA. Asking $68,000. Photos and specs are here on this site SCROLL DOWN to 1969 Mooney M20F or visit www.greatscotsaircraft.com. Call me to discuss: Kevin @ 843-360-5399. I sold this plane to the current owner 8 years ago. He needs a larger aircraft now.
  11. The ELECTION IS OVER and it's time to get back to buying and flying! 2698-TT, Engine (Original) TCM IO-550-G (280-HP/2000-TBO): 1671-TTSN, Complete Logs, Annual Due: May 2017, IFR Due: SEPT 2017, Prop 721-SOH on McCauley 3-Blade Constant Speed, New Leather Upholstery Installed 2015, Paint 7/10. Bendix/King KFC-150 FCS, EFIS 40, KX-155 N/C. Garmin 330 Mode S Transponder & GNS-530 WAAS GPS/Nav/Com, Shadin Fuel Flow, BFG WX-950 SS, Speed Brakes, Standby Vac, Asking $159,900. 190+ Knots, 20,000 Foot Ceiling! Call Kevin: 843-360-5399.