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  1. I have a 67 F with a crusty moldy panel , flys as fast and as straight as any fancy pants panel. I will admit that I will be upgrading to a 1/2 fancy pants panel this fall.
  2. As stated prior. Make sure your throttle is reaching the idle screw, no binding in cable, not moving in the clamps, have intake reviewed for any leaking, ensure mag timing in correct, then have your idle and mixture set 700-750 when warm to normal temps. landing with 1000 rpm will result in a very flat extremely long landing and probably a non flaring 3 pointer and could result in a nosewheel bounce, it you try and force it down. Just remember each knot above proper landing speeds equals 100 foot of additional runway needed My .02 is this is a non flying airplane until repaired
  3. How about some panel pictures of these dual G5s for us other F owners, Ive got 1 and will be installing another but will cut a new panel.
  4. Yes that’s how I have done it in the past.
  5. They seem to be hard to find, I guess I do mine the old fashion way
  6. Looking to upgrade my 67 M20F left instrument panel, anyone have a CAD or a drawing, or an old panel that I can get the measurements from so I don’t have to remove mine until I’m ready Looking to install 2 G5s and remove the bend.
  7. My 67F with 3 blades, well rigged, flap gap seals, lower cowl closed, 8-11K DA, 65-68% power, 9.9-10.1 GPH 155KTS TAS
  8. Found this same rub on my first annual on my F with OEM cowl, split rubber hose over the aluminum, High temp RTV, and a slight squeeze on the scat. Easypeasy
  9. I have a few of them but I’m out of town for 3 weeks
  10. We have all done things in aviation that if known about, other aviators would think we are dumb, silly, or incompetent. Hell this is in every aspect of life I think. My .02
  11. My F handles grass just fine. Pucks handle the bumps very well, increase your TO and landing distances, pay attention to morning dew!
  12. I would prefer someone produce the old style slider for a fair price, as my old slider has lasted 50+ years so I would only have to buy 1. Some younger folks. Might have to buy 2
  13. +1 on this. The only question would be, when is it a hot start? How long after shutdown do you consider this procedure? At what time does it turn into a normal start. best thing for starting that I did on my F was to install a sky tec starter.
  14. I use one of the non lighted versions on my motorcycle to ensure I travel the better roads and not the ones the GPS wants me to travel . Airplane I use my own laminated or ForeFlight’s checklist.