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  1. I have a nose gear tool, to change pucks. bought it at an auction . I might loan it out, big depost like ($1000.00) so you return it, you pay shipping both ways . When you send it back unmolested. I will return total deposit
  2. this is a good gauge, its had 3 corners filed down for fitment,, all behind panel please see picture. 150 OBO
  3. Both work good, removed from M20F for edm900. 300 for both OBO
  4. The 610 is what was in there, not sure what you have for voltage in your K Im needing 12V, thanks for the reply
  5. Loooking for a whelen A610 bulb( i would buy 2 also) , before I order from spruce, i figure I might ask here, there might be some from all the LED replacements. Dont ask why I need one. Pm me
  6. Until I velcroed it to my panel I used to clamp in to my seatbelt shoulder harness, it was out of the way, you can hear it clearly when it alarms( taxi with a talwind ) , I forgot to turn it off a lot, its got a great battery.
  7. use skew t charts to help with tops(youtube is your friend) pireps on foreflight and listen on center for tops, turb, and Icing encounters along your route, using ads-b radar look at general direction of cells before departure and be aware of time delay of adsb radar it can be 15 min or more, plan the back side of TS dont try to outrun a TS, give the midwwestern storms a wide berth (20 Miles if able), know the direction of TS travel!! Land for fuel before you need to land for fuel, Just my .02
  8. I am also looking for a GFC500 install in the midwest, since Jan i was on a waiting list, then for the last 3 weeks my plane sat at a what was at one time a respectable avionics shop, they never ordered anything, just gave me a lot of lip service. Lots of lies and confusing statements, from the bosses daughter. Picked up the plane yesterday.
  9. I would trade for a Helio courrier HT295 Trigear, with long range tanks 120 gal. Flew them quit a bit along with H-295s , 395s in the early 90s. Trigear keeps the insurance rates just a little lower. Really fun, a real 4 seater 6 seats possible, 1500 lb useful load, 130kts, TO and land under 500 ft. prop 40K and wait to be built, engine oh 40K. But damn they are fun
  10. Clean and lube first!!!
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