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  1. Auto-Lean Device

    Haha after I wrote that I figured that it would fast track my application
  2. Auto-Lean Device

    I would like to have one on my M20, please give a pirep on how install process goes a and the operation after install. I personally think this is a great idea for engine management if it is as advertised. I wish the dude would give a way, or sell extreamly cheap a few of these to people that would install and give feedback to help his advertisement. Oh I would like to be one of those people
  3. Between two Fs

    I have a 67 F with the twisted wing. Not slower then the rest(I have some speed mods) 7K-9K, 152-154 KTAS, 10 GPH, and with my steam gauges and old GPS it flys really well, I can go anywhere the efis panel planes go though not as pretty. Manual gear simple and easy, hydro flaps simple and easy. Buy the one that has been maintained the best, if it has newer EFIS all the better. no corrosion, tank seals in good condition(just because more recently sealed doesn't mean better condition), gear maintained( bearings, mods, and donuts), just because MSC is in logs should but doesn't mean better, have a great(knowledgable person) pre buy done( have an annual inspection completed, airworthiness repairs negotiated with seller) It doesn't make sense to save a few thousand dollars and have a quick pre buy inspection done then spend days of AOG aggravation and several thousand dollars replacing and repairing items that could have been found on a real inspection. Radios, exterior, interior, panel are all easily upgraded although expensive, but hard to upgrade a corroded nonflyable airframe, or spending 25-30K of radio budget on an engine that needs overhaul because of misuse or neglect. my 2 pennies
  4. Ski tube additional info request

    You can find a copy of a ski tube 337 in the download section of this site. I have downloaded it and will problably send in a 337 for my plane to my FSDO and see what they do. I will be shocked if they approve this field approval and will install the tube if the do.
  5. Get the rating.

    Since we are on this law topic , why is it that judges make decisions not based on the written state statutes but what seems to be personal feelings. You cannot question them as then they hold a grudge the next time you appear. You can tell from my writing I am not an attorney but I am a property owner that sometimes needs to remove tenants using the courts.
  6. Mixture too rich?

    The inside of that tailpipe should not be black, but a lighter tan/gray. Check your mixture setting as M20Doc stated.
  7. Get the rating.

    Bryan, I agree with your statement. It was in the late 80s flying a 172RG IFR with Dual VORs, an ADF ( lots of NDB approaches) and a wing leveler for my first corporate job. I am really thankful for the wing leveler it saved my ass many times as a young inexperienced pilot, the icing was the worst of it though( Midwest winter flying in a NA airplane) . When company upgraded to a light twin with a loran and an RNAV I though I was in aviation heaven. Then the GPS came, yikes I could fly direct, and overlay of those pesky NDB approaches. I often thought my piloting skill went away when I took a job flying a Beechjet. FMS took away the need for situational awareness, autopilot on all the time(company rules and the airplane flew like a MAC truck anyway) and another pilot to help out with workload. Took a 12 year hiatus from flying and came back to all this IPad/ glass,fore flight, Vnav GPS,WASS, Yikes again . So much information!!
  8. Engine Heater - Twin Hornet 22

    Don't be fooled by the price, EZ heat makes a really good product , way cheaper than the competition, simple install, it will keep your engine toasty, just make sure sump is very clean when installing. I use an old soft sleeping bag over the cowl, leave it plugged in all the time when its cold( except when flying of course) No advantage of unplugging it.
  9. Jerry Walters owner of Brittain Industries

    Cecilia, I am very sorry to hear about Jerry, this is a great loss to aviation.I wish you and the rest of the family the best Jeff
  10. If your trimmed for let's say 90KTS gear down, and power set at 14-15 inches and your on the glide slope. When you go missed leave the trim alone , just power up ( don't slam it, firmly forward To take off power) the airplane will magically stay at 90KTS( you may get some minor fluctuation until airplane stabilizes) but you will be climbing(I.E. Positive rate) retract the gear, now in this new configuration, trim for desired airspeed in climb let's say 105KTS, when you get to disired missed altitude reduce power to the 105KTS level flight power setting, maybe 18 inches. Navigate your missed, keep your speed slow 105KTS (fuel savings, and keeps you at gear speed) in the missed hold or return for approach, if leaving the area power up!! IFR approaches are all about constant airspeeds and power settings ( mine were just make believe) with very small adjustments (1/2 inch at a time) for wind(ground speed)to control descent and climb rates Know your airplane, do no let anyone rush you until you are comfortable, keep your work load down, keep your work load down, keep your work load down. I could say it more so you remember.
  11. When I used to fly wth paper enroute charts it was always north up, now with the IPad (fore flight) I track up most of the time
  12. I have a sensorcon also. I think a CO sensor would be something that everyone would want in light piston aircraft, if not for you for your family. I personally know a dude that took off with his wife and both woke up after the crash, in a field (both survived) , he remembers taking off but that's it, all because of a corroded and cracked exhaust and shitty maintenance on a newly purchased aircraft with a fresh annual inspection. I would not fly without a real detector, if you don't have a panel mounted one get a portable one ($100) not a sportys circle it just may save your life
  13. Aaron, My 2ct. Know the numbers for YOUR airplane and if ASKED, be able to show where you got them. Get YOUR information from your POH ,maintence manual, log books, or sups that have been added and included, do not use information that you heard online unless you can prove it in your particular airplane information.
  14. 202 MPH in My D Model Yesterday

    I don't know where you people are finding tailwinds, I seem to never find one, for me they are as allusive as Bigfoot.
  15. Apollo GPS data updates

    I think John Breda a member here had one for sale I will look up his info and forward it to you