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  1. Shiny moose

    Power settings in pattern

    Just to get the an answer to the OP question, as I think we come from the same school, that aircraft are flown by power settings. Oh and I also took a 10 year hiatus from flying. 15 inches(14 if its cold) will get me to gear speed in the pattern on my 67F. Plan your descent into the pattern as it can take 60 sec to slow down after leveling off, I use the 1 inch per 1000 foot for MP reduction from altitude 14-15 inches with gear down puts me at the top of white, flaps down, then reduce power, don’t speed on final!!! 70KTS over the fence 65KTS if short works well for me
  2. Shiny moose

    Has anyone re-instated their CFI in their Mooney?

    I renewed my CFI in 2016 in my Mooney after letting CFI expire in 1996 . It was just a check ride, no written. Find someone to sit on the left for the brakes and go have some fun
  3. Shiny moose

    LLC or Personal?

    I am an LLC in Missouri cost a 1 time fee of 105 dollars. LLC as a separation for asset protection, I don’t want to find out if it really protects anything but it makes me feel good! I had a few problems with the FAA during ownership transfer, they requested that I write a letter stating I was a citizen of the US. I sent a copy of my passport but that didn’t work. I ended up calling them and they were extremely nice, got it done after an extension, follow the directions exactly, as foolish as they sound.
  4. In my F, with fuel totalizer(FS450), short range 3 hour flight, filled to the the tabs 52 gal, 1.5 hours(17 gal) on first tank then switch to other side for rest of flight 1.5 hours(15 gal). Leaving me an hour in first tank if I need it but that’s my reserve. Long range flight 4+ hours 64 gal, 2 hours (22 gal) on first tank then switch to other side for 2 hours or more(20gal) and have another 1hour+ in the second tank at cruise, I then know I have another hour of fuel reserve in the first tank if something should happen to the second tank. Don’t switch tanks just prior to take off!!, I don’t run tanks dry, and I don’t see a reason to switch tanks every hour. I try never to get into my reserve fuel( I normally have to pee after 3 hours anyway) I climb WOT 2700, start lean above 5K in climb, burn 12 gal first hour, in cruise run 64-65% ROP 10- 9.8 GPH every hour after.
  5. Shiny moose

    Flying from the right

    Button from the right is a bear, make sure the down lock block is not worn(most are), and gear is preload adjusted to lower levels and the silver handle is adjusted properly, Oh and lube that handle inside(triflow), make sure button is properly engaged and not dragging on handle or block, also the spring on the button could be to strong (I’m not saying you can have the spring changed to less resistance) Sorry these are all Maintenance issues, you did say flight school! If they have their own mechanics they may take the time to help you out. While they are adjusting preload , you can be the one inside putting the gear up and down from the right seat. You could also ask DPE if the first lesson plan you give is gear retraction lesson plan Just my opinion
  6. Go to your favorite hunting store and purchase Red Fox Urine( a fox is a natural predator of mice and mice know this and stay away) Comes in a small pump spray bottle, spray around your hanger, on the tires, on the ground near the tires, I wouldn’t spray on alumium or steel. I use this on Rental houses and my M20F and it works
  7. John, 

    I have a few questions about Rayjay TN on a F model that you may be able to answer. I have a 67 F not pretty or nice radios. Has 201 screen, flap gap seals and laser cowl flies well and fast 155 kts TAS at 65% 7K-11K with 9.8-10.1 GPH 

    I am at the beginning of the thought process of adding a Turbo

    What TAS can I expect on an F with the TN if I run 65% power In the teens ? I cannot seem to find this anywhere 

    How has the turbo failure rate been?

    I would appreciate any information you can provide to help me make some decisions 

    Jeff Howe

  8. Shiny moose

    Insurance renewal

    Last year falcon $950 with 50K hull 1 mil, this year is $660 with AOPA
  9. Shiny moose

    Mooney Rudder pedals

    Set of Mooney M20 rudder pedals, New condition. No pins $150.00 . Before I send them to flea bay
  10. Shiny moose

    Mixture too rich?

    I really think you should ask your mechanic to do engine operational checks before they even start opening up for the inspection, identify any issues (ie mixture cut off) that can be repaired, adjusted, before the aircraft is depaneled, or looked into during the inspection. Then again at the completion of the inspection.
  11. Shiny moose

    Clogged injector?

    First Check your number 5 plugs, Ohm check them, or if you don’t have a meter just swap Both #5 plugs to a different cylinder and see if the high EGT at TO power follows the plugs, if it does not follow the plugs, swap EGT probs(please label them) then look for a #5 intake leak, gaskets, rings, clamps rubber tubes(cont), cracks, I’m betting a failed plug
  12. I have a subscription for the Jep updates for my Apollo gx60 (IFR with approaches) . Included in the subscription is Latin and south America download , I do not use this part of the subscription and would like to offer it to one of our southern friends. Remember only Latin and South America is offered. There is no charge but you need to promise to send me a 4GB PCMIA card and I will send a card with the latest updates. of course I get one new update every 28 days.
  13. Shiny moose

    Auto-Lean Device

    Haha after I wrote that I figured that it would fast track my application
  14. Shiny moose

    Auto-Lean Device

    I would like to have one on my M20, please give a pirep on how install process goes a and the operation after install. I personally think this is a great idea for engine management if it is as advertised. I wish the dude would give a way, or sell extreamly cheap a few of these to people that would install and give feedback to help his advertisement. Oh I would like to be one of those people
  15. Shiny moose

    Between two Fs

    I have a 67 F with the twisted wing. Not slower then the rest(I have some speed mods) 7K-9K, 152-154 KTAS, 10 GPH, and with my steam gauges and old GPS it flys really well, I can go anywhere the efis panel planes go though not as pretty. Manual gear simple and easy, hydro flaps simple and easy. Buy the one that has been maintained the best, if it has newer EFIS all the better. no corrosion, tank seals in good condition(just because more recently sealed doesn't mean better condition), gear maintained( bearings, mods, and donuts), just because MSC is in logs should but doesn't mean better, have a great(knowledgable person) pre buy done( have an annual inspection completed, airworthiness repairs negotiated with seller) It doesn't make sense to save a few thousand dollars and have a quick pre buy inspection done then spend days of AOG aggravation and several thousand dollars replacing and repairing items that could have been found on a real inspection. Radios, exterior, interior, panel are all easily upgraded although expensive, but hard to upgrade a corroded nonflyable airframe, or spending 25-30K of radio budget on an engine that needs overhaul because of misuse or neglect. my 2 pennies