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  1. I cannot open your file, I hope this helps your investigation on the correct entries into your W&B
  2. I can understand your point and trying to help this guy figure out a maybe problem, or maybe not a problem, but my point was that he needs a min FF to get the full power On an O360 180 HP 200HP or any other piston powered engine, more than that will be for cooling, to much and you’ve caused another issue, to less fuel flow than needed to produce the rated power and you will not get to that HP no matter what you do to the engine. The manufacturer gives you what they need for FF for the additional cooling. In our world I dont think you can pull more HP out of a .5 pound of fuel than it has in it. If someone said they have an IO360 200HP that they have modified to burn only 10 gph on take off and 5gph per hour at 70% power I would call it a scam. An IO360 200HP pushing 60% or 120 HP will burn 10gph or a O360 180HP pushing 67 % or 120HP will burn the same 10gph, or how about a 540 400HP, if it is ran at 30% or 120HP ( dont know why we would do this ) you would burn 10gph. It’s about the HP not the engine size. I agree BTU is what is what energy it takes to raise one pound of water by 1 degree, and fuel has BTUs , but BFSC is directly realated to this question as it is fuel flow per hour (pounds per hour) divided by HP .
  3. 100LL has BFSC of .5 gallon per hour per HP, weight 6.02 lbs at SL @59 degrees, to get your 180 hp 15GPH 200HP 16.6 just my .02
  4. Not difficult but follow the rules.
  5. As others have stated. Ensure you have the correct switch installed, I believe 10-357210-1 is correct (please verify). Full right and you should clearly hear your SOS buzzing, also grounding both 20-25 BTDC points, while ungrounding your retard breaker 0 BTDC on the left mag. Pushing the key in will turn the starter, two separate functions, both needed. You clearly stated that starting issues started after a new switch was installed, start there!
  6. ReCheck your wiring on the new switch, does your SOS box make noise when key is full right, look at SOS box and make sure the wires are connected.
  7. Mine is also short, i did cut a slot in it and use my mooney key size screwdriver to turn it on and off, and master must be on to use it. If it was any longer I would have a hole in my head exactly the same size.
  8. Where was the annual completed? Can you show the sign off in the logbook?
  9. I run a 2.5 scat from front vent, between the seats into back seat. Works well to get the heat back there, need to remove before gear goes down
  10. Those are my defroster ducts !!!! When you route that to the back seat on your 67F let me know show many feet, how you route it! No heat in my back seat also
  11. Jerry is not answering his PMs, I have offered him a few options, 1 of which he can buy it back for what I paid, I can post the options here if he doesn’t respond.
  12. Anyone seen Jerry, cannot seem to get a response