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  1. Shiny moose

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Tail beacon!! Where’s the tail beacon???
  2. Shiny moose

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    I will be there
  3. Shiny moose

    Travel Boards

    Would also be interested in a set, for my F model
  4. Shiny moose

    Travel Boards

    I also would be interested in a copied file or someone making a set of these for us. I am sure that more than a few would want to have them
  5. Shiny moose

    Eye bolts

    Maybe I try leaving them installed.
  6. Shiny moose

    Eye bolts

    Back on the subject, My PO had laser jack points and tie downs and stated he never removed them in his 24 years of ownership( but they were loose when I inspected. I do not leave them in for flight expect for the tail, I dont need them when its in the home hanger, but when I really need them at a location, I know I will have them cause they are in the luggage area. I dont use the Laser tiedowns either as they are limited on spacing for the tie down rope, I use quality eyebolts 5/16 18 NC
  7. Shiny moose

    De-snowing your Mooney...

    As stated above. Get all the ice, snow, and frost off of your wings and tail, ensure your trim moves both ways before departure. sunshine on cleared surfaces will help, dont be in a hurry. preheat that engine
  8. Shiny moose

    which model is the best F,J,K or M

    My .02 figure out your real needs for an airplane(runaways, DA, normal distances you expect to fly, elevations enroute needed for direct, seats needed, useful load needed, range requirements for distances single leg, descent requirements, mods needed, look at future needs changing) find the model that fits those requirements, could be a C, E, F, J, K or other, buy the best maintained airplane you can afford and afford to continue maintaining properly. Items you will need and or want IFR GPS, WAAS, ADSB, ENGINE MONITOR, AUTOPILOT, SPEEDBRAKES, LONG RANGE FUEL, (all but 1 will save you fuel and time) cheaper for you if someone else has installed these already. Get a proper pre buy inspection (annual) by a Mooney mechanic or MSC.
  9. Shiny moose

    PC Valve cutout retainer tool PMA/TSO

    With the PC on , I find my particular airplane to stable for my liking for take off , landing, maneuvering, or playing around.
  10. Shiny moose

    How to cover hole from ADF Antenna?

    For temporary fix just leave it there, you will need a doubler either way, plugging the hole or installing another antenna. As Brown stated its a bigger job to do it correctly
  11. Shiny moose

    PC Valve cutout retainer tool PMA/TSO

    Clippard made a very nice pitot static air valve On or Off, panel mount. if a person were to tee into the yoke air line near the main Brittain valve (very small tee and tubing here ), panel mount the Clippard valve. You would have an on off for your Brittain, leaving your yoke valve to operate normally and no rubber band, no film can, nothing to drop, while creating the same air opening that the yoke valve creates while being pushed or removed. The Tee may be the difficult item to source.
  12. Shiny moose

    A new failure mode

    I flew out of Cincinnati blue ash and lunken for a few years in the mid 90s C421, C90. never wore a coat in the cockpit!!! Of course airplane was in a heated hanger : )
  13. Shiny moose

    A new failure mode

    I agree, I’m not a coat on guy inside the plane, and personally dont fly an airplanes without shoulder harness or at a max to a location to get them installed.
  14. Shiny moose

    A new failure mode

    I would recheck your seatbelts( not trying to offend) most are adjustable(how would you change the clasp if it was bad??) , if yours are interfering with your gear operation then they are not meeting standards