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  1. Grew up in Maine ( moose) and airplanes are shiny, my plane is dull but dull moose didn't sound good. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Just cut a pice of aluminum to fit under the filter and long enough to drain oil outside of cowling. Slightly unscrew filter let drain for a few min, remove filter. No mess dry engine after Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only 67 F owner that sees over 150kts in cruise. Sloped windshield, gap seals, brake mod, cowl mod, I see 152-153 below 70% power settings. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Mooneys mostly do not have to worry about landing distances cause if you can meet take off performance limits from a runway you surely have enough room to land ( as long as your on speeds of course) remember every knot over speed adds 100' to your landing distance That runway is 1900 ft with a 600 ft rough cut extension, rising terrain, no runway condition reports, owner states on website "bush pilots only". That tells me rough surface, cause everything else about runway is printed. It's not something for me, No outs. But I would like to know how it goes Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I would have your favorite A&P start from the beginning, no induction leak, no fuel servo leaks, gap plugs, mag points, timing, idle ( bottomed out) and mixture setting( reset to middle with correct measurement) . Looks like someone's been turning screws to compensate for something Opinion only Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I am normally just a lurker, but I would scope the cylinders, if the non steel ( piston, head) parts have not been distroyed due to improper combustion, heat. Then Look into the lot/ manufacturing date of those plugs, we might have more plug failures coming due to plug material not properly controlled just my opinion , and very interested in what the plug manufacturer response is
  7. I have a pair of locking caps on my F model ( looks like a modification but no documentation ) and I get leaking out of the lock, not much and only when full tanks but very annoying Can you send possibly show a picture of your locking caps and who made them. I have made several attempts to get info on my caps but no luck. YET! 

    1. MHemperly


      This is what the new O&N locking caps look like


  8. I have a deal pending right now, if it falls through I will be contacting you jeff
  9. looking for a GX 60, of a GNC300XL If anyone is upgrading. Needs to be in good condition( good screen) with an 8130, box mount, antenna would be nice but not required .
  10. If the OP doesn't want your 2 fuel caps I would be interested in them. Mine are in nice condition they just have locks installed by PO, Or original owner. I wouldn't trust them not to leak in the rain jeff
  11. alan, is this valve that is equal to the bi805 still available. would you have the accutrack panel laying around

    1. Alan Fox

      Alan Fox

      No panel , just the valve... Regards Alan

    2. Shiny moose

      Shiny moose

      What did this valve come out of, was it operational when removed? I promise not to do 50 questions and 300 pictures


    3. Alan Fox

      Alan Fox

      Don't remember , but it is part of a B5 system..

  12. Do you have a Brittain system for sale ? I might be interested 

  13. What components due you have, I'm looking for the accu track, accu flits or the full blown autopilot system 

  14. Thanks, been watching.
  15. Im looking to by the components for upgrading my Brittian PC system to an Accutrack or a Accuflite, Heck I would even consider the PCAH2 with altitude hold please contact me vai PM, email or call 417-437-84ateseven jeff