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  1. I also have a 67F, 201 windscreen, gap seals, cowl closure. My opinion is 1st a good engine monitor allowing better ROP/LOP now combine that with execllent fuel quanity measurement, Next would be an Autopilot to keep you on track. Limiting fuel stops and turns will save you more time and money than a possible 2Kt increase in speed with a mod
  2. My daughter tested postive( cold symtoms only but a friend was positive ) she lives in a back buliding at my house. We thought we should get tested and then the shit show started. The health department could not understand that she lives at the same address but not in the house. My experience is that this is a bunch of bullshit that nobody really knows whats going on. Oh and everyone with an Iphone go to settings, privacy, health, and turn off your covid -19 tracking
  3. I tested negitive, but had to go to dr to get tested , now i have to report that i had a dr visit, why I had a visit, proof that I tested negitive( how else will they know). I got a letter from health dept that i was not allowed to leave my home or even answer the door for 14 days, cause i was negitive, and could at any moment become positive, with the threat of jail time if i did not comply. I will not do that agian. I will not be responsable and try and do the right thing, i will not accept a letter from the health department(i will just throw it away) I will not answer my phone for unknown numbers, and god help them showing up at my door .
  4. Look at the book numbers, comparing a mooney like my 67F and an 1967 C182. I think you will find the take off data very close, and both are quite capable. 67 Mooney does not provide grass data. DA is the key. 90 degree day at a 2000ft elevation 2500ft grass strip with trees not much room for error. Most interesting is the 182 IAS/ CAS error with flaps down for take off. Low weight take off book climb is 52 IAS (below white arc VSO) CAS 63 plus. Know your aircraft!!
  5. , I remember my first written, sitting at a dining room table, the dudes cat in my lap, while I filled in circles. No E6B needed. I took 3 writtens at his house
  6. Do you remember how to use it??? I still use mine, keep in in the plane, just for entertainemt on long flights
  7. Or just go buy or find your old E6B flight computer (I still keep and use one in the Airplane). Not the battery powered one. Use the altitude window and match it with your actual OAT, find your TAS over your IAS, makes those long flights more funner
  8. If you want just a simple rule of thumb for IAS to TAS just use a multiplyer of 2% per 1000 feet, not perfect but for our altitudes it will get you close enough . Using your exapmle of 135 IAS at 9500 ft would be 135 X (9.5 X 2) or 19% so 135X 1.19 = 160 TAS
  9. Im not saying unimproved, and not before me or someone I trust has looked at runway surface. Most of the older singles were built when grass was the normal and have no ussues on grass, any hole even in asphalt could ruin your day. most of you guys dont know how much 6 inches is nevermind 10
  10. My F been into grass many times, its very comfortable on grass, watch the wet and density and all is good
  11. I would be more concerned about the flap damage, flap hing points, if the gear shows any signs of being hit. The gear door looks like newer or cleaner paint
  12. I would start with your JPI set up, MP, % power, then K factor before all else. A few things seem off
  13. Looks like you found the problem, to many hands is also a cause for failure.
  14. just change the coorect lock washers evry time you loosen them. They are inexpensive .02