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  1. HF HD or lowes sell 3 ft inspection cameras, theY are great for flame tube visual inspections and other looking arounds, not great for looking at valve coloration but will work
  2. back to the door seal!!!! Who is having good luck and what are you using. I bought knot2u door seal and Im not impressed with the sealing capabilities, my door is noisy.
  3. I installed Takair's kit on my 67F last month, very straight forward, very well made kit, arrived quickly, and you will be amazed at the small size. You will need 2 people for a few minutes, you will be twisted around in the hole. I wired mine to the beacon. I think I have 4 hours on the install, still a final adjustment and safety wire turnbuckle left, still working on radio install so no power. BIG HINTcover the top edge of your access hole or you will scrape your head(I use 1/2 inch pipe foam insulation)
  4. When I bought my F the air door was screwed closed ! Yes 2 screw holes on forward edges of door, I have left the holes incase my cable breaks and I need to secure the door, the cable was broken, PO stated he never used the door and it was like that when he purchased the plane 20 years earlier. A few hours work and I had fished a cable core through, I was very lucky no corrosion no kinks and new core went in without to much problem, shin up with scotchbrite and lube when feeding it then keep it lubed. I use Houdini spray ( made for locks and does not accumulate dirt or dust) I operate the door often to keep it moving and lube maybe more than I need to
  5. Go to your local farm store, look at the horse section, I used a strap like this , i keep this one as a spare incase the one I put on fails( its been in my bag for 3 years ) no noticeable wear on the installed one.
  6. we could all individually help him with the design, the fab process, and quality control of the part, and or supervise from afar to be able to call it a owner produced part. Im thinking a written (fill out) form that shows needed information to meet the requirements . He just would not be able to have them sitting on the shelf and would have to produce them as needed which might get expensive for us from AC 20-62E Owner/Operator Produced Part. Parts that were produced by an owner/operator for installation on their own aircraft (i.e., by a certificated air carrier). An owner/operator is considered a producer of a part, if the owner participated in controlling the design, manufacture, or quality of the part. Participating in the design of the part can include supervising the manufacture of the part or providing the manufacturer with the following: the design data, the materials with which to make the part, the fabrication processes, assembly methods, or the quality control (QC) procedures.
  7. Who has the molds? Are they sitting somewhere on a shelf! Let get that mold to GeeBee and see what he can come up with maybe everyone will be happy
  8. Anyone need these, make me an offer including shipping that I cannot refuse, fuel gauges bounced a bit but were fairly accurate
  9. Dont do it!!!! I dont DDD you. Keep them hidden. Oh and why unopened ? you did not do your 28 day updates
  10. I started in 1986 in Germany, we had battery powered, came back to US in 1988 for flight school, it was all self supplied battery operated, if you were wealthy you had a 4 place and not a splitter wire on the 2 place. I think I had a sigtronics! Oh and a nice pair of David Clamps, painful but reliable. And a old school flight case!! And nos charts in a cardboard box, rich folks had Jepps. I couldnt wait to get to do Jepp updates until I had to do them! Oh those were the good old days.
  11. So many people making changes over the years, without using proper research and documenting what they have done. If your concerned about oil quantity, during next oil change, after letting each quart settle, make YOUR mark on the dipstick, 4,5,6,7 Quarts
  12. In 2005 I took a new corporate job, they were flying a Old falcon 10(very loud aircraft with lots of wind noise) without headsets, yelling back and forth and radio over the speaker , After first flight I told them this is not going to work for me and maybe we should use headsets and the intercom that was installed in the aircraft, they were surprised that the aircraft had an intercom they had been flying this aircraft for 10+ years and never knew. I am sure the passengers were relived not to hear all of the yelling from the cockpit anymore haha.
  13. I would like to see the mooney that When in trim , in level flight, that slows down in airspeed, when power is reduced and trim is not touched please show a video of this. I want to see it
  14. Yellow arc is smooth air operation, green arc for bumps, severe turbulence you should be at VA
  15. I think you need to rethink that a little, not an insult.