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  1. Save your money and downtime, buy a portable O2 system, a few tanks if you need that much, fill off airport. I have a sky ox, small enough, hangs on seat back. I have filled it 2 times in 3 years. You can borrow my system for a few flights if you come get it and bring it back. See if your wife wants things stuck up her nose for the whole flight, or will you be upgrading to a pressurized airplane Which will still put the cabin above 6K if you fly it where it needs to be To get the performance you paying for My .02
  2. If your going to fly above 10K (NA mooneys like it 10 -12K ) or within 30 mile rings you need a new transponder anyway, stratus transponder with the stratus power and replace the cig lighter. JPI replaces your old transponder. I see this getting expensive very quickly good luck. If you need some replacement post lights for your plastic panel I might have some
  3. The backbone of the US economy are the small businesses . Lets burden them more, make it harder, fine them more, make the laws so hard to understand that you must hire people just to stay legal. Companies like Amazon, Walmart and other ultra large companies would love that you close your doors
  4. Remember when you see it on your wings its everywhere else also, smaller edges and antennas tail will a accumulate faster
  6. Im not commenting on this or any other crash but There really is no need to jam the power levers full foward during a miss, VFR or IFR. You dont do that on a normal take off do you? Fly a turbo and jam it forward a few times your pocket book will teach you a good lesson. Slowy or even partial power is good enough, arrest your decent, get the climb if needed, check your trim, clean up if needed, take your time, its not a race. My .02 more than PP
  7. I wonder about who approved the autopilot STC on these models ? Someone did not do all the research
  8. This happens all the time, everyone in aviation has to change a plan sometimes at the last moment, no bent metal, nobody hurt, you get to do a real unplanned go around, good for you, some people have never experienced that. If you would have asked for or advised a go around it would have been done without question and the tower would not have had you make a phone call to them . Enjoy your experience, laugh about it.
  9. Just fly it Fly it. Hanger rash can be common on 40-50 year old aircraft, at least they didnt bondo and repaint!!! Then you wouldnt have known but it would have looked really good. you might be surprised at the amount of filler and repaint used to disguise dents and dings on these older aircraft to make them look really good, I prefer to know what is there, that it flies straight and true. Im no beauty queen and neither is my Mooney
  10. I would like to hear about surefly experiences , I am considering replacing my LT mag with surefly.
  11. My old F is plenty warm in the front, the back can get chilly in the winter, no vents in the back seat. I take a 2 inch scat tube with me, when Im at cruise I place the scat tube between the seats and the front of the tube near the center vent opening, that redirects some heat To the back and my wife stays warm.
  12. Just remove it and as Clarence stated, check for the correct pin locating hole , pin it and reinstall. Sometimes you just gotta start over
  13. HF HD or lowes sell 3 ft inspection cameras, theY are great for flame tube visual inspections and other looking arounds, not great for looking at valve coloration but will work
  14. back to the door seal!!!! Who is having good luck and what are you using. I bought knot2u door seal and Im not impressed with the sealing capabilities, my door is noisy.
  15. I installed Takair's kit on my 67F last month, very straight forward, very well made kit, arrived quickly, and you will be amazed at the small size. You will need 2 people for a few minutes, you will be twisted around in the hole. I wired mine to the beacon. I think I have 4 hours on the install, still a final adjustment and safety wire turnbuckle left, still working on radio install so no power. BIG HINTcover the top edge of your access hole or you will scrape your head(I use 1/2 inch pipe foam insulation)