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  1. And i sent Garmin a note on this in case they wish or need to clarify. thanks again for the assistance.
  2. Thanks JB, appreciate your feedback. maybe its just a nice way of declining the job I was hoping they had just looked at the wrong stc or had some outdated lit from garmin, they did say they were still waiting on exact pricing info, i'll let you know if i hear more from them.
  3. Hi All and Happy Almost New Year, Hit a snag on scheduling my GFC500 install in a 74, M20C today. Shop called and said they are not sure my serial number is covered in the STC. They are trying to clarify but SS numbers they gave me were 2742, 2807 and later. Mine is 20-0016. Has anyone else encounter or heard of this issue with C models > 65? Thanks!
  4. These are mine in a 74 C model, 0-360-A1D, at 6-8K, with JPI830 leaned for peak EGT. The 1st combo is my go to setting 21/23, key #44, ~55%HP, ~135kt TAS, 8.5gph.... Carson speed for the C model (~1.3 x Vg) 22/23, key #45, ~65%HP, ~140kt TAS, 9.0gph 23/23, key #46, ~75%HP, ~145kt TAS, 10.0gph
  5. Freedom Aviation, Avionics, KLYH, they are a Mooney service center in VA. In my past experiences, Jason has always done a good job at hitting his quotes and I have been very happy with their work. https://www.flyfreedom.com/avionics.html. Mention kurt z gave them a thumbs up.
  6. Here are the cost figures i received yesterday from my regional shop, assuming you already have 1 G5 AI installed. ADD GFC500 2 Axis with no trim GFC500 Parts: $8250 (Garmin’s base price for Mooney's is higher than advertised $6999) Labor: $4000 ADD Trim Trim Kit $2400 Labor: $1000 ADD Interface to IFR GPS/Nav box GAD29B and the GMU11 $1000 Labor: $1500 ADD 2nd G5, HSI G5 $3175 Labor: $1500
  7. I'm sorry he did not, just the statement 65 and later; the footnote on Garmin site says the earlier models 62-64 are schedule to begin in next 12 month which implies all of the 65 models are covered. On that page there is a chat function and in perhaps the rep will be able to give you a more definitive answer. I'm still trying to understand what functionality i would get with my existing single G5 AI. My shop implied i would have to add the mu11 if i wanted to add the gad29b to allow nav function related to my IFD440. He said you cannot add the gad29b without a mu11. i thought the mu11
  8. Good news! My avionics guy just sent me an email, The GFC500 is now approved for the short body Mooney. This applies to aircraft made 1965 and later. the website of supported models has been updated. Celebration time. kz
  9. Hi Steve, Agree the arrangement should work fine. However, you may encounter an STC obstacle. I have an AccuFlite & AccuTrac + Altitude hold which all work wonderfully. I have been trying to to install a G5 HSI for 2 yrs now. Many of the shops I have spoken with will not interface the G5 HSI output with the Brittain system since its not on the approved AP list for the G5. I even inquired about a field approval with my local FSDO and they were not supportive. If anyone out there knows of a shop or way to make this happen I would really appreciate your help. Thanks kurt
  10. Agree on both points, this is a large unmet market, the TT AP comes closet but is still just a long overdue promise, there is money on the table for a revived Brittain like option for those needing just as you describe, a NORSEE lite AP for cruise on certificated aircraft . Maybe time to explore a startup.
  11. Hi Alex,

    thanks for your post on the GFC500 install, i was wondering if you would be willing to share the name of the shop doing the work. I hope to do similar in my C model once Garmin gets STC approval. thanks


    1. alextstone


      Hi Kurt,

      Sorry for the delayed reply.  I am happy to do so.  Dean Aircraft Services in Meridian MS.  I dropped the plane off October 19th and they are on track to finish by November 11th.  On time, on budget, including a number of other smaller items (removal of old gear, fabrication of cover plates for old antennas etc.  

      So far, I am very pleased with their professionalism.  Please ask for Chris and tell him I recommended you.



    2. FlySafe


      Alex, thank you, I will. Hopefully the C models will be on the STC soon. stay well


  12. I 2nd that! the IFD takes about 1 min or less to lay in a XC multi-waypoint plan with a SID, destination, approach, alternate airport and its approach. so easy on the IFD I have stop bothering to transfer over with foreflight prior to launch. However, I have used that feature a few times inflight with major reroutes, first sorted out new route on foreflight, once happy, upload to the IFD, activate.
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