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  1. Anyone need a yellow tagged, Universal FS-440 Flight Strobe off my 1974 M20C? $100, 90-day warranty. Here are the specs and new price from aircraft spruce: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/fs4400.php. PM me if any questions or interest. Thanks.
  2. Hi tcal78, similar to KSMooniac's experience, the male end looked fine. And, as carusoam, mentioned, the fist step in my checklist upon entering the cabin is now to check the emergency extension handle position. I'm teachable especially when $$$ associated with the event
  3. I second @KSMooniaccheck the rigging on the manual extension; it has to be exact. I have seen a few instances after annuals when it's been inspected/adjust, while dealing with the 2 reoccuring gear ADs, subsequent failures of the spline gear socket to engage. Have inspected by your A&P asap, as it can be only partially engaged and simply rotating on the gear engagement shaft when the gear cycles causing damage ....personal experience, see pics (1st bad, 2nd good), LASAR has or did have part, good luck. k
  4. And verify units kts vs mph… i know silly but it has happened;)
  5. Danb, almost no back energy required with sidewinder once you learn how to attach / detach to nose gear. Walk up to side of plane behind prop, Sidewinder in unfolded config carried with both hands, kneel down and insert in tow bar hole with drive knuckle resting on tire, back around prop to the drive drill, lean down on assembly slightly, squeeze the trigger, up the incline, over the hangar bump, perfect alignment in the space, smile...leave it attached until you are ready to bring the plane out. just don’t forget to open the hangar door pricy but you will love it. k
  6. oh my, 4 MSC annuals later, either I’m burning bulbs out at an alarming rate or someone's lost the checklist, thank you @kortopates ! and yes i have a flashlight on board to check the window on each flight.... if the FAA is listening.
  7. Hi willerjim273, Hope you can get this all sorted with the FAA with minimal time and pain. AOPA legal PPS is a great resource and well worth the added cost for the peace of mind in my opinion. Also, while too late in this current situation, I have found, if in doubt, for almost any flight anomaly when interacting with ATC, file a NASA report early and often. Usually not need but nice to have as a safety net in cases when questions do arise. Good luck, I’m remined of the Dragnet line when you reply to your friendly FSDO ASI, “All we want are the facts.” By the way, does anyone know if a 74 C is supposed to have a light in the floor gear position indicator window? If mine is supposed to have one, it’s been unairworthy for 4 yrs non k
  8. Interesting article in May IFR Magazine related to instrument currency. In the study cited, only 20% of instrument pilots complete 6 or more approaches in 6 months for currency in the air (I’m assuming they did the hold, tracks and intercepts as well Have a look and see where you fall in comparison and on use of an ATD in your flying. fly safe k
  9. FlyingDude, you might give some of the mag shops you’re considering a direct call as you are deciding your next steps. I recently spoke with the helpful folks at aircraft magneto as my 500hrs. IRAN is approaching. They currently are running about 18-21 days shop time for service on Bendix S20/S200 style mags. Kelly stated they are averaging ~5 days but it varies. Both have a reputation for doing good work. Unrelated, any realtionship to the Big Lebowski? take care k
  10. Hi, as I recall last summer LASAR warned me when mine was sent in for inspection, if needed, the new gears and labor would be ~1800. Maybe check with them on parts/ overhaul options. I had an earlier thread on this with the details. Good luck.
  11. gwav8or, sorry for thread drift but related to my above comment on parts, another name to add to your speed dial, msm, @Alan Fox for misc and hard to source parts after you aquire your mooney.
  12. and it can also varry based on condition of your electric motor, guess how i know i have the lower gear ratio set in mine and noticed cycle time starting to increase from ~2 -> 4 secs, was not long after that it became intermittent. motor needed new windings and brushes. It was speaking to me but i did not understand what it was trying to say. Regardless of electric or manual, bookmark LASAR for hard to find Mooney parts and overhaul needs.
  13. https://www.aero-lites.com/web-store scroll down the page, one of the cheapest part you can buy for a plane
  14. David, good questions, as you know it’s all about the risk cost benefit ratio. In a perfect world, yes you would keep the database updated even if only flying ifr a few time a yr. however, in your case only minimal risk not having a current approach database since only needed rarely but then again the cost or severity if needed could be high, you are in the best position to decide. the safetaxi is very helpful at larger airports even on a 2" 375 screen. The iPad does a good job as well so again it’s a matter of what you feel most comfortable with. Key point is to have something that is current that can display location to help you maintain situation awareness on the ground and in the air. Take care
  15. Hi David, some more info from the faa on this (https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/faq/#q8c). for ifr always best to use currnt charts and databases, be safe and have fun. k "What is the database currency requirement needed for VFR or IFR flight? AIM 1-1-19b3(b) Database Currency (1) In many receivers, an up-datable database is used for navigation fixes, airports and instrument procedures. These databases must be maintained to the current update for IFR operations, but no such requirement exists for VFR use. (2) However,... AIM 1-1-19f1(b) Equipment and Database Requirements - For IFR Operations "All approach procedures to be flown must be retrievable from the current airborne navigation database..." AC 90-100, U.S. TERMINAL AND EN ROUTE AREA NAVIGATION (RNAV) OPERATIONS, paragraph 8a(3): The onboard navigation data must be current and appropriate for the region of intended operation and must include the navigation aids, waypoints, and relevant coded terminal airspace procedures for the departure, arrival, and alternate airfields. Navigation databases are expected to be current for the duration of the flight. If the AIRAC cycle will change during flight, operators and pilots should establish procedures to ensure the accuracy of navigation data, including suitability of navigation facilities used to define the routes and procedures for flight. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by verifying electronic data against paper products. One acceptable means is to compare aeronautical charts (new and old) to verify navigation fixes prior to dispatch. If an amended chart is published for the procedure, the database must not be used to conduct the operation." Published instrument procedures and routes are incorporated by reference into 14 CFR Part 95 and 14 CFR Part 97, are "law." They are "effective" only during the AIRAC cycle dates specified on the enroute chart/TPP covers or on the side of the chart when printed from the digital-TPP. If you are using a published procedure before or after the dates specified on the chart under IFR, you are technically in violation of the law."
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