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  1. Thank you all for your advice on a stormscope strikefiinder in a C model. I like the ideal of the wx500 displaying on the ifd. my 440 screen may not be large enough to provide an adequate view of overplayed strikes on the moving map but it does bypass the issue of CRT and plasma displays going bad. I also found out that the G5 HSI will not drive the slaved display on the wx950 or strikefinder. thanks for the assist.
  2. Does anyone know if a Stormscope or Strike Finder will fit in the panel of 1974 M20C and advice on used type/model to seek out? My avionics shop is reluctant to quote over phone being concerned not enough depth behind panel to accommodate in a C model. They have not physically inspected to verify space available. I was considering combining a lightning device install with a GFC 500 & HSI install already scheduled late summer while panel opened up. Would use the hole from the CDI being removed for the HSI, pilot side, mid-panel, just right of gear handle. I do not have another suitabl
  3. Apologies, I see Dr Google took me to the CAN site, US price still $5,100
  4. Hi All, not sure if this reflects a recent price change but at Aircraft Spruce the Aerocruze 100 has a list price of $7,038; I was thinking it was ~5000 awhile back but I have not been following.
  5. Mooney CFI-II, M20C (D,E,F,G,J) located in Blacksburg, VA. thanks for working on a list.
  6. Hi Robert, take a look at FlyQ (web and app version), it does provide some optimized auto routing options using airways. As an instructor, I have experience with several of the EFB but I'm not endorsing this one over any of the others. Take a look and see if it meets your needs. Good luck. kurt
  7. I asked my installer that very question about the G 275 and hit the same road block, Brittain not listed on the STC ;( Good question about the 430w - Brittain connection. and one I can not answer for sure, as that is what i previously had before moving to a new navigator; however, i suspect it was allowed because the CDI/HSI was listed as being approved for the Brittian as appose to the case with the G5.
  8. As a CFI-II i work with the FSDO and know serval on 1st name basis. I contacted them and they then passed me to a gentlemen in their group who deals with these sorts of issues. He asked for the FMS/STC/Operating manuals on the Brittain AP (accuflite, accutrak and altitude hold in my case) and the G5HSI and any wiring drawing i might have showing possible connections for the interface (there are some unofficial drawings on other threads for at at least the heading bug input from a G5). He reviewed the documents and about 3 weeks later gave me call saying essentially they take a hyperconservat
  9. Hi FastTex, not sure which FSDO region you are in but i have the same setup and tried for a field approval with the Richmond VA branch and was turned away; reason i got on the GFC500 install wait list with a G5 hsi. good luck
  10. Hi Lancer, if helpful, the 2nd g5HSI is not required but nice for redundancy and visualization. all you really need is the GAD29b (interfaced with your GTN navigator) and Mu11 installed with the single G5AI for all of the gfc500 AP modes; this an approved STC configruation. You will have to keep your primary CDI for horizontal and vertical guidance, the G5AI will display similar but its only advisory. My install/parts quote for adding the gad29b/mu11 to an existing G5AI was ~$2500. Good luck.
  11. And i sent Garmin a note on this in case they wish or need to clarify. thanks again for the assistance.
  12. Thanks JB, appreciate your feedback. maybe its just a nice way of declining the job I was hoping they had just looked at the wrong stc or had some outdated lit from garmin, they did say they were still waiting on exact pricing info, i'll let you know if i hear more from them.
  13. Hi All and Happy Almost New Year, Hit a snag on scheduling my GFC500 install in a 74, M20C today. Shop called and said they are not sure my serial number is covered in the STC. They are trying to clarify but SS numbers they gave me were 2742, 2807 and later. Mine is 20-0016. Has anyone else encounter or heard of this issue with C models > 65? Thanks!
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