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  1. MooneyBob

    Looking for a good J model

    Please check the Aircraft for sale in Classified. I have posted while ago 1982 M20J that my friend has for sale. He just bought a RV so I am pretty sure he is anxious to sell this one ( negotiate ). It is in NJ. There is a direct contact email for him.
  2. MooneyBob

    Instrument Rating during the Summer

    Your instructor will not be happy with he idea to flight in worst weather possible and get as much IMC as possible.
  3. MooneyBob

    Retirement location

    We live at the Wing South airpark, Naples Florida. It would check all you boxes. 20 mins to the Fort Myers with direct flights to Germany. PM me if you need more details.
  4. MooneyBob

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    Got it. Thank you very much. So much to learn every day.
  5. I used to see all my Filed IFR flights on FlightAware. Since I moved to FL I don’t file that many flights anymore. But I thought I should see most of my flights anyway since I have in and out. I didn’t see any of those. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. But today I did my Flight Review and we did get the squawk code from ATC and shot the ILS to class C airport. Still nothing on FlightAware. Any short explanation to that? Thanks.
  6. MooneyBob

    1982 Mooney M20J for sale

    Couple more pictures. Not the best quality though. According to the latest W&B revision the useful load is 885.05 lbs. Also, the bill says he spent $15,000 to reseal all tanks ( long range tanks) at Wet-Wingologist. And of course the $95,000 is asking price so I am assuming there is some room. And the autopilot is Century 31.( 32 was a typo. )
  7. MooneyBob

    1982 Mooney M20J for sale

    I will.
  8. MooneyBob

    1982 Mooney M20J for sale

    I will try to get more pictures and details on the plane. You can contact me also if you have any questions.
  9. My neighbor at the air park is selling his Mooney as he moved to another plane. His name is Kevin Dey and his email is You can contact him directly Here is what he says about the plane: 1982 Mooney J N1124E Asking $95,000 TTAF 2735 TTE 850 NDH Speed brakes Long Range Tanks ( all tank resealed month ago) Stand By Vac, Tanis Heater, Strike Finder New prop New windshield New biscuits, brakes, tires Century 32 GNS430 KX155 EI engine monitor PM1000 intercom Paint and interior 8 Oil samples last 10 years
  10. MooneyBob

    In the need for private pilot training dvd's

    YouTube is the answer.
  11. MooneyBob

    A Stumper

    It could be simple,it could be hard. I tried to resolve similar issue with my EI engine monitor. It was pretty bad when transmitting on certain frequency range from both COMs literally wiped the screen off. It happened after my GTN 750 was installed. I went to the extend of taking everything apart, running new shielded wires, ground everything everywhere, install new engine ground strip, repositted transducers and pressure sensors. It helped but it didn’t go away completely. I still can see sometimes quick flicker on the monitor screen when transimmitng on 13x.xx frequencies from my GTN 750. I just live with it now.
  12. MooneyBob

    Long Mooney trip to South America

    Wow. Respect.
  13. Which breakers / fuses you have color coded? Why ? Do you keep the list or color legend somewhere in the plane? Thanks
  14. MooneyBob

    Just a Saturday morning at Spruce Creek

    All good after hurricane. Most people stayed. We got direct hit 135 mph. The Shadow wood are apartments ( north ) and condos ( south) but those are not part of the airpark. There is a gate right north of the apartments on the Skyway drive. The golf courses around here are public and private. Yes, Skyway dr is a taxiway and the road as well. Every house ( except few) has a hangar.
  15. MooneyBob

    Just a Saturday morning at Spruce Creek

    We are at the Wing South Airpark, Naples. During the last year the average age went down as we have some younger ( airline) pilots ( in their 40s - 50s) to buy houses and moved in. Lots for sale still available. Currently 44 houses. Not too big not too small. 4400' paved lighted runway in excellent condition. The pics are from the last year fly in.