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  1. Currently reconfiguring the CB panel.
  2. 12 volt version of the new Mooney switches. Carling tech. Hope to have pictures soon.
  3. As removed for a panel upgrade: 1 x 20TC2-BG-25 1 x 20TC2-BG-15 2 x 20TC2-BG-10 1 x 20TC2-BG-7 1 x 20TC2-BG-5 1 x 20TC2-BG-3 Also have the master and fuel prime switches as well as a set of various switch covers. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, Ted
  4. I’m currently having a GFC500 plus YD being installed. No issues.
  5. Main Turbo is starting to get parts in and may have what you need.
  6. I spoke with Gary at Main. He said Hartzell has not produced rebuild kits nor new turbos for 520NBs. The back order list is so long that he didn’t even want to guess at a timeline. RAM in Waco said said the same.
  7. I was looking for a rebuild or new turbo for my rocket 6 weeks ago. Called multiple locations and was told there is nothing available for months due to a back log of orders. If you find a source please let me know. Thanks, Ted
  8. You have Klixon switches correct?
  9. Removed for the panel upgrade. Working when removed but it had to warm up before the ENT button would work. Unit and tray, no antenna. I have priced it with a Garmin rebuild taken into account. $6,000. Thanks, Ted
  10. As a side note I’ve also worked with a 3D print guy to make a version of the KFC trim switch housing that fits the new garmin trim switch and BK autopilot disconnect button. I’ll get pictures of that soon too.
  11. They are slightly wider than Klixon but unfortunately will not work with the bus bar. They have an adapter that you could group the new switches into then expand the Klixon holes to make it work in a original panel. But the backend with all the electrical connections would need to be redone. In my case new panel and new CB panel will be the easiest. Even with having to do the bulk order of 30 switches they were just north of $800 so less than 2 Klixon. I’ll have extra locking and priming switches if anyone is interested in doing the same. Once the panel starts to come together I’ll post more pics.
  12. Well everyone they have finally arrived…
  13. Finally some good news. After many months the switches have been manufactured and are currently being laser etched. Should have them in a week or so. Just in time for the new panel.
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