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  1. I have 2 that I just removed from my 78J that look great. Mark
  2. Has anyone converted their ceiling panels to the later M20J's with the eyeball vents? My panels have the 4 large louvered circular vents. Both forward and aft panels have cracks and Plane Plastics does not make panels for my aircraft. They do carry the later J's that went on for several serial numbers. I was wondering how big a hassle it would be to change the vent system if I went to the later panels. Thanks
  3. tappets and cam lobes all look. I did notice some very mild spotting in the lower portion of the cylinders(mild surface corrosion)that I can not feel with my fingers. Thinking of deglazing these 2 cylinders and adding new rings. Cylinders are nitride hardened.
  4. engine is a factory reman from 1994 when Chevron had there fuel mixup. Time on engine is just over 600 hours.
  5. Repairing oil leaks from o-rings at bases of cylinder #1 and 2. When I pulled the #2 cylinder and the piston, I noticed a vertical scratch on the piston that my finger nail catches on. Scratch is about 2 to 21/2" long. My AI is out of town so I would like some opinions. Picture included.
  6. I bought an overhauled dual magneto for my 1978 M20J from Kelly Aerospace. I am having trouble installing magneto so timing is correct. Anyone have a tip for installation. Online stuff is not helping.
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