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  1. Over the last month or so I've had an intermittent problem with my starter. On the first start of the the day, the first time I turn the key and push, I hear a click but no other noise and the prop doesn't move at all. If I release the key and repeat, the starter starts turning the prop right away. Every subsequent in the same day turns the prop over right away. The click on the first start of the day happens about 50% of the days I go flying. The starter is a Skytec 149 LS which was installed almost exactly a year ago after similar intermittent issues with the same model progressed to the starter not working at all. My mechanic thinks it's unlikely to be the starter after just over a year. We've replaced the starter relay and cleaned the battery ground with no effect. My mechanic wants to replace the master relay next. The issue is difficult to troubleshoot because it's intermittent and only happens on the first start of the day. If it's relevant there are also a couple of other electrical issues. The digital tach and fuel totalizer usually restart when the starter actually starts cranking. The ammeter wags in flight despite have replaced the master switch and cleaned the contacts several times. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. If nothing else comes up, we'll probably end up replacing the master relay and if that doesn't work, I'd imagine we'll send the starter back under warranty.