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  1. I just Finally installed mine, wife is happy to have the step back. I thought about hooking it into the door switch to go down when the door is opened, but decide it’s better to be manually controlled or hooked into the strobe. Brian
  2. I have not had that issue unless I screw up and do a Cessna landing. IE: Stall it as the mains touch with the nose high. if I land on speed the nose is up but sets down smoothly as my speed bleeds off. Brian.
  3. He is better off taking it to get the tanks sealed, the equipment and time required makes it a daunting project in a personal hangar. brian
  4. I have 2 on the shelf I can add! Brian
  5. the FARs actually define major and minor if you search through them, the problem then becomes the interpretation of the definition. I do not have the actual definition in front of me but the jist of it is any modification that can affect flight characteristics or structural integrity is a major. I have actually been in the same situation before during a prebuy, a shop fixed the firewall and some other panels and structure on a brand C, they did a full sign off in the logs but did not do a 337 for the major repair. when I confronted the shop they said the FSDO ok'd the repair as minor because they used a factory firewall. they were partially correct in their thinking, using factory parts for the repair can eliminate the 337 requirement in some cases. in this one, they also manufactured other panels during the repair. those manufactured panels required that a 337 be filed. the FSDO did not support the shops position when the full repair was evaluated. in the case you talk about above, the repair station has the authority to repair and modify the item IAW an FAA approved repair and operations manual. becuase this has been aproved by the FAA the IA has no authority to override the repair station unless he can show the repair is not airworthy and causes an actual danger if operated in that condition. I hate to say this, but because there is so much interpenetration of rules, regulations and repair manuals standards vary. what one person won't accept another would, the big question is did either look at the actual limitations or is it just their opinion? Brian
  6. I have a controller that has not been supported since I bought my plane, brittian said I could upgrade if I could find the parts but since I do not use it a lot it wasn't worth the expense. I will eventually install a newer autopilot when one gets certified for the older C models.
  7. I have an older C model that had the PC system install as an accessory, it has an on off button instead of the push button on the yoke. I love not having the PC system for most of my flights, infact the only time I turn it on is for longer flights when I want a bit of a break. I say a bit of a break because it still tends to wonder when engaged but the alt portion does a pretty good job once trimmed. Brian
  8. did you notice any difference with the powerflo exhaust? Brian
  9. @Oldguy Did you find what you were looking for? if not PM me, I have one Brian
  10. sorry to hear that Tom, Prayers for you and his family
  11. The big question is what is the status of soaring america corp and the Meijing group, since they have been funding Mooney internationals short falls. also what is the status of Mooney China?
  12. I prefer to use other methods before I pull a jug! that includes compression tests and bore-scoping the cylinder. in most cases if there is no damage using things like MMO can free things up and avoid the expense and possible other issue associated with jug removal. Even the engine manufactures agree that removing the jug should be the last thing you do.