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  1. and neither of those planes would probably install more then the minimum requirements.
  2. Maybe with the new ADSB systems, but I know I usually lose TIS-B below 500ft AGL
  3. welcome, being this is your first plane I recommend you look at some of the other threads on prebuys and aircraft values before you get too far into the process. learn what question to ask and what stuff to beware of. there is plenty of knowledge on this site and we are all willing to help. Brian
  4. it is not a theory. it is the procedure in maintenance manual. if you have a heavy wing, you are already turning the yoke to compensate. when properly rigged the yoke will be neutral with the wings level.
  5. Andy, please go back and read the maintenance manual, they specifically address correcting a heavy wing and your procedure does not follow the manual.
  6. if that plane is worth 62K, then mine is worth 90-95K. I think the broker needs @jgarrison price guide
  7. no, adjusting the aileron does not change flap rigging, what people do is adjust the flaps if they have a heavy wing to help compensate instead of actually fixing the problem.
  8. I hear so many people say they fixed a wing drop issue by adjusting one flap, If your mechanic wants to do that tell them NO! it is not the proper way to fix wing drop. what it does is change the rigging of your flaps and can cause a change in flight characteristics when flaps are down. Brian
  9. one other note, the last few inspections were completed by someone who did not know Mooneys, it is evident in their sign off, they also did nor list any AD's being complied with. meaning the landing gear has not been properly checked in years, among other things.
  10. prop strike was the reason for the engine teardown, they did not zero time the engine but you effectively have an overhualed engine with the IRAN. brings the value up a bit, but still needs a thorough prebuy. would need to take a closer look at the logs to see if anything else looks like an issue or if there is any other damage from the prop strike. Brian
  11. Bring it to Qtown we will get it tweaked Brian
  12. when the plane was listed in 2014, it had 400 hrs since it was topped at 1620tt, now it has 120 hours on 4 new cyl, 1850 tt. 500 hours on a top isn't much, engine would concern me.
  13. no real avionics upgrade except ADSB, overhauled the top on an 1800 hour motor. does have a new prop, probably to get rid of the AD..... I would look at this carefully but it looks like it may be worth looking at.
  14. was listed for 32K in 2014 right here on Mooneyspace. looks like the buyer took it to FL. Brian