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  1. I step in and as I start sitting down on the copilots seat I shift my legs to the pilot foot well then just shift my but over. Brian
  2. on a serious note, I have been going back and forth between the GMA-345 and the PMA 450 for my plane. if they were the same price I would take the 450 with out a second thought. right now I am evaluating features and deciding what ones I would use vs nice to have. I currently have a KMA-20 with a softcomm 4 place intercom so either one is a major improvement. Brian
  3. good, please ask Mark if I can send me one install and test one of the PMA-450B's in my Mooney I'll bring your cup back to you!! Brian
  4. orionflt

    Honda Fit Rockwall

    Can’t believe @Don Mwould buy it out from under you
  5. orionflt

    FS: Garmin GNS 430W

    And a price would be good
  6. orionflt

    The Greatest Generation

    My wife works at the FBO 1 day a week, she called me just befor christmas to tell me a gentleman was there looking to set up a ride for his 93 yard old father who was a pilot in WWII. She felt he would enjoy going up with a veteran so she called me instead of sending him to the flight school to book a flight. We were suppose to go up just after christmas but he got sick the night before and wasn’t able to go. We have not had the weather when I have been available to reschedule, hope we can do it soon. I understand he was very excited to have the opportunity, and disappointed that he had gotten sick. Brian
  7. orionflt

    Transitioning to Mooney

    Phil is a good friend from the Navy, last I heard he was over at the FBO, but I haven't talked to him a over a year. Brian
  8. orionflt

    Transitioning to Mooney

    Phil Mclannahan is a friend of mine, he was doing a lot of flying for liberty. he may be be available to provide some transition training better get your map out, both Richmond and lynchburg are south of there and about 80 miles apart. Brian
  9. orionflt

    Transitioning to Mooney

    Lynchburg is a short flight from Richmond especially in a Mooney! but I know you never take short flights
  10. orionflt

    Transitioning to Mooney

    my nephew @ShuRugal is at KFCI (richmond) Brian
  11. orionflt

    Original W&B missing items??

    use a master compass https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/sirslandingcompass.php Brian
  12. to bad they don't trade in the KMA-20 Brian
  13. orionflt

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    any discounts on doing the MVP-50 upgrade? Brian
  14. orionflt

    Is this bad?

    I'v never been able to keep the nose off the ground all the way to the ramp! Brian