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  1. There are a lot of FBO's that will waive fees for small GA if you ask, I have even gone to airports run by Signature and they have volunteered to waive the fees with out me saying anything more then I was just stopping for fuel/lunch/pick up some one, ect... Chester county on the other hand has always been bad IMO. the first couple times I flew in there (before Signature) they were charging fees. small single engine were easily waived but they would hit you for twins and above, now it just seems to be worse and I'm not sure if it's really Signature or the airport. I usually try to avoid the airports with the larger FBO's because I know their rates are higher and they charge fees, but most of them do provide excellent service when I do use them. BTW, I avoid Chester county just like most in the area. the Hangar Cafe probably had to close their doors due to so many of the local pilots boycotting the airport due to the FBO/airport and the crazy fees.
  2. Actually arnav star 5000. GPS
  3. I have 2-3 on the shelf, all were working
  4. I believe it is rented, I just started with NASA so I do not know the total inventory of aircraft, just the ones out of Wallops island VA. Brian
  5. Our C-130 picked up the mars rover the other week to take that to Kennedy for launch to Mars, we have been transporting the director of NASA ans some others to and from Kennedy in the B-200 for the launch on the 27th https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8677/air-deliveries-bring-nasas-perseverance-mars-rover-closer-to-launch/ Brian
  6. I’m ready for mine!!! Can’t wait to see the performance. Brian
  7. @steingar we should get clarification. Does the handle spring back with out moving the flaps, or do the flaps move but come right back up? if the handle springs, then @N201MKTurbo suggestion is where to look. Brian
  8. sounds like the return valve isn't completely closed, the cable to the valve could have come loose and not closing , or there could be leakage bypassing the valve. my bet is the cable! Brian
  9. glad you got to the bottom of the issue. Brian
  10. Any time, if you need a replacement or 2 I have them on a shelf Brian
  11. there has been plenty of people in the area that have been asking me the same thing, and I have been talking about getting insurance and starting to do annuals for everyone in the area. In fact I was working on having a full time shop up and running by the end of the year. BUT...... NASA offered me a job and I had to take it. I am not working directly for NASA, but a contractor that maintains and fly the NASA aircraft out of Wallops Island VA. I am working on and flying as an engineer on the P-3 aircraft that NASA owns. they also have a C-130, King air 200 and several other planes. I will start a thread later giving a little more detail. Brian
  12. here it is ARNAV_Star5000_GPS.pdf
  13. let me see if i can find the manual for it
  14. oh no, I was hoping they were independently sourced, Brian