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  1. orionflt

    SureFly Certified

    This looks good compared to some of the other choices, but I'm still holding out for E-mags 200 system. their 6 cylinder version is going through final design testing then they will put out the 4 cylinder version. they are hoping to get FAA approval next year. their system is for both mags and each mag has it's own power generating system as a back up to the aircraft power system. the new series mags also have a switch that will allow you to switch from variable timing to a fixed timing on one or both mags for troubleshooting. Brian
  2. orionflt

    Curious TFR at 0O4

    The fires are just a cover for the alien ship that landed, the TFR's are just the military shuttling stuff to and from the ship. they will put out the fire after the ship leaves again.
  3. orionflt

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    I bought the AV-20 but haven't installed it yet, They had a small issue in the software that affects how the clock displays, nothing major but that sent out the notification immediately stating that the firmware is nor field up gradable to ver 1.1 but that they can be sent back to be upgraded. I have opted to wait to install it until I get mine upgraded. I have to admit I am excited to get it installed. It also sounds like after firmware 1.1 the units will be able to be upgraded in the field. Brian
  4. orionflt

    Mooney Crash is NJ - Minor injuries

    glad no one was seriously injured, Cape may can get tricky with the winds. Brian
  5. not only shops, but potential buyers. most people do not understand the differences and are surprised at the cost of a good prebuy. they think that a prebuy is just kicking the tires and looking a few costly items to see if they are good. most do not realize that we are looking at the overall all condition and identifying both current and potential problems so they are not surprised buy things that are found during the first annual. we are also doing a though look thru the logbooks and paperwork to ensure that is all correct and airworthy. I have lost count on the number of paperwork issues or missed AD's that I have found during prebuys. I also do a flight check as part of my prebuys to look at the items that you can not thoroughly test on the ground and evaluate the rigging and flight characteristics. the next question they ask is can you sign off the annual at the completion of the prebuy?
  6. orionflt

    PIREP Milwaukee Power Ratchet

    @ Hank, the engine mount is designed to pivot forward to allow more access to work on the back of the engine. but remember you have to use an engine hoist to support the weight of the engine when you tilt it.
  7. orionflt

    Changing Tires based on age

    I'm just finishing up an annual on a 172 that doesn't fly much. It is stored in a heated hanger so the tires are not being subjected to a lot of environmental variables. the mains are being replaced because of wear, but the nose tire has most of it's tread even though it is old. then you look at the side wall of the tire and you can see tiny little cracks all along it. there was also a bigger deeper crack on one side. Most pilots only look at the tread when evaluating the condition of their tires, there is a lot more to look at including how the tire is wearing and if it has been flown under or over inflated for extended periods of time. do you know what the red dot is for on the tire, and how to use it to see if the tire has slipped on the rim? Here is some good info Desser has on their site. https://www.desser.com/content/tire_mounting_info.asp
  8. orionflt

    Fly In at KCGE PIREP.

    what cup??
  9. orionflt

    Fly In at KCGE PIREP.

    sorry i missed you all
  10. orionflt

    WTB L.H. M20C/D/E Fuel Sender

    fred, i have one let me verify the part number but i have a spare set from before i upgraded to the new engine monitor. Brian
  11. orionflt

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    Cascade aircraft management in Caldwell Idaho. http://cam-aero.com/ brian
  12. orionflt

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    I have seen people hauling ass towing planes, while that in it self isn't a major issue the problem is more the force on the nose gear when you turn, or need to slow or stop. a sudden stop could cause the gear to collapse and turns at high speeds will increase side loads on the nose gear. when you are taxing at higher speeds you are breaking with the mains so there is no load pushing back on the nose gear, turning at high speeds can put increased side load on the gear but that load is exaggerated by a tow bar attached to a vehicle.
  13. orionflt

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    that's moving a bit fast, I would recommend 5 kts max Brian
  14. orionflt

    Mooney M20C Purchase Air Mods

    glad Dave got you taken care of. Brian
  15. orionflt

    Looking for Mooney PPI in Chicago

    I can understand the sellers reluctance to send the aircraft out for prebuy, I have done several at sellers locations just because they didn't want it to leave the field until a contract was in place and money in escrow. Brian