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  1. Columbia was a Lancair design not Cessna
  2. I do have the proper degaussing tool if needed, I thought I said that early on but I may have only thought about it and never sent that out. @DXB, don't attempt to electrocute your self next time I'll meet you at UKT. Brian
  3. I have a degaussing tool, I have used it on several mooney's including mine when I first got it. it does seem to make a difference on the wet compass but I'm not sure how often it needs to be done. I installed the SIRS compass in my Mooney and haven't had to degauss mine since, not sure if its because I changed out most of my old avionics or the SIRS is less affected. Brian
  4. Actually the D did not have a Johnson bar, at least not till the owners converted most of them to retractable gear.
  5. Because the logs that are missing are the current logs the price will take a bigger hit. I would be concerned with damage history that is being hidden. Make sure you have a thorough prebuy from a reputable Mooney expert. Can we ask what you are looking at? Brian
  6. I have the same system he currently has, it’s great in the spring and fall. But in summer it doesn’t cool enough and in winter it cools too much!!
  7. Engine probably started off the right mag when you released the switch. At that point the prop was still spinning and the right mag could fire allowing the engine to start. Check your P lead to ground, it should be grounded in the off position but open in both. Brian
  8. Yes, the wheel should spin at least one full revolution, but shouldn’t be loose. I usually see 2-3 revolutions. The key is not to over tighten it. Sounds like the second grove is too tight. Brian
  9. Talk to Pankey, you should have her number. If not, pm me Brian
  10. It impacted mine.... of course that's because I couldn't move 10 feet with out needing a nap while I had it.
  11. Because it affects our flying! Not just our ability to fly but it can also affect where we can go and how long we can stay. besides that we are a community and as a community we should be concerned and supportive of those in our community. But this is just my personal opinion, and we all know the saying about opinions!
  12. Depending on your engine mount, you can hook a hoist to the engine, take off two mount bolts and tilt the engine forward to get more access to the back of the engine. brian
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