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  1. shops miss the SB items just because they do not look at them, that includes Mooney service centers. the other thing is if you start adding all the SB checks to the annuals the cost is going to jump significantly. Brian
  2. I love having the feeder, there are a lot in the area so I built my own. brian
  3. I meet the owner of one of the door companies while at OSH, he was looking at the EVO, he has an interest in buying one. I wonder if it's the same company.
  4. Josh, Glad you got the special! you should have texted me. who did you go thru for the doors? Brian
  5. @Alan Fox is taking apart a ā€œCā€ right now
  6. I may stop over to look at the panel, getting ready to cut a new one for my plane and have been thinking about converting to what that one has.
  7. @Alan Foxis the plane at your airport?
  8. Dev, If you want to swing by one weekend we can look at it and try a few non invasive options. Brian
  9. No need to Alan, the only wingtips you had rubbing were in the trailer you were towing.
  10. East coast Propellers I use them all the time. Lititz, PA (717) 627-7407 Open ā‹… Closes 4:30PM
  11. Sorry I missed everyone this year, being out here with Evolution aircraft this year changed my social obligations. Iā€™m spending most of my time at the Evolution booth if anyone wants to stop and say hello. Brian
  12. we have needed this area for a while, thanks for taking on this as the moderator. Brian