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  1. @Oldguy Did you find what you were looking for? if not PM me, I have one Brian
  2. sorry to hear that Tom, Prayers for you and his family
  3. The big question is what is the status of soaring america corp and the Meijing group, since they have been funding Mooney internationals short falls. also what is the status of Mooney China?
  4. I prefer to use other methods before I pull a jug! that includes compression tests and bore-scoping the cylinder. in most cases if there is no damage using things like MMO can free things up and avoid the expense and possible other issue associated with jug removal. Even the engine manufactures agree that removing the jug should be the last thing you do.
  5. anybody out there have a copy of the mod works 261 trophy conversion STC? I am working on a prebuy on one that has lost the paperwork along with the logbook and I would like to take a look at the STC paperwork to see what will have to be done to show the aircraft is in compliance. Thanks in advance. Brian
  6. looks like mine will be sitting on the shelf even longer now glad it's fixed. Brian
  7. this has potential to polish up nicely, but in it's condition it will take someone who is willing to put in the time with no return value. I hate to say it but even if you gave this plane away you will have more in it to bring it up to speed then you could get back out of it. Parting it out will get more value but even that will be a crap shoot because of the missing logs. It had a gear up in 1983 and with out them there is no record of any repairs to the engine and propeller. hopefully there would be a 337 on file with the FAA for the airframe repairs. if you can find the logs then your price for the engine\prop is good, with out them they should be overhauled before being installed on a certified aircraft. the prop will have the hub AD. I am sure you will get some offers for it, Hope it ends up back in the air.
  8. is the insurance company covering this??? if they are bite the bullet and tear down the engine.
  9. Tim, are all the log books missing or just the airframe? Hanger kept for 25 years but not flown??? paint is awfully faded... no prop strike and 250 hours since OH but no log books....... things are not adding up, you might want to give us better info
  10. You still have to get it fitted for the older Mooney’s. !!!