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  1. when I installed my MVP-50 I ordered new magnetic pick up senders from EI. they work great and are very accurate. $350.00 each Brian
  2. orionflt

    Mooney Summit VI

    I booked right next door. Flamingo motel, looks like a family snow bird location Brian
  3. orionflt

    EI Engine monitors?

    What is the cost to upgrade? I have one of the older MVP-50s Brian
  4. orionflt

    EI Engine monitors?

    more accurate or more efficient heat transfer to the thermocouple? " What are the main differences between a grounded and ungrounded thermocouple? Grounded thermocouple: This type of temperature measurement device has the advantage of more efficient heat transfer. With the junction welded to the metal sheath, a grounded thermocouple will respond faster to temperature changes because the metal-to-metal contact creates a shorter thermal pathway compared to an ungrounded thermocouple. However, this grounding can create an undesirable side effect. By welding the junction to the sheath, an electrical connection is also made between the wires and the sheath. This can lead to a “ground loop” if the sensor is connected to earth ground at the point of measurement and if the wires are connected to a controller, which is grounded in another location. The two grounds may not be at the same voltage potential, thus creating an undesired circuit that may damage equipment. Ungrounded thermocouple: An ungrounded thermocouple is not welded to the metal sheath and typically has nonconductive powder, like magnesium oxide, surrounding the junction at the sensor’s tip. This material slows the thermal transfer from the media being measured to the junction of the thermocouple. Because the thermocouple wire is electrically isolated from the metal sheath and case, using an ungrounded thermocouple reduces the risk of ground loops.
  5. orionflt

    Corrosion or not ?

    it is hard to tell `corrosion in pictures, the best way to determine the if it is and the extent is to have an expert look at it. Pic 1 looks like residual from a long term fuel seep Pic 2 I'm not sure what you are trying to show, I do see plenty of grease that was not wiped off after servicing. Pic 3 loos like an exhaust leak that bubble the paint and was painted over after the leak was repaired, but as stated earlier you can't make an accurate assessment from pics, only guesses. Brian
  6. it's all relative to what you are flying!!
  7. orionflt

    Awesome power to weight ratio!!

    that was the M20i, It was the proptotype for a fixed gear J
  8. orionflt

    Eastern Seaboard trip in September

    enterprise is around the corner and delivers cars if needed Brian
  9. orionflt


    please post the pics, but if the wings were cut this plane may need new wing making it worthless. Brian
  10. orionflt

    Eastern Seaboard trip in September

    That's because I took a few extra days off after my daughters wedding and was planning to get instrument current, the big issue is I need VFR days to prep for my IPC. Brian
  11. orionflt

    Eastern Seaboard trip in September

    Ned, you should have come into Quakertown. Brian
  12. orionflt

    After Fire

    check your ignition switch, when you start you are starting on the retard breaker points, when you release the key you swap back to the normal points. if there is a moment during the swap where the mag grounds it is the same thing as turning off and on the ignition really quick. that is why when doing a mag check if you accidentally go to off you do not turn the key back on. at lower RPMs your not dumping as much fuel so the bang is smaller then at a higher RPM, both can cause damage. Brian
  13. orionflt

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    N701JM https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N701JM/history/20180904/1637Z SPENCER W JOHN
  14. orionflt

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    not much detail yet, wonder what happened. Prayers for the survivors and families Brian
  15. orionflt

    Dynon Certified thread

    yes, Typed G vs E