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  1. Had my 430 stolen just a little over a month after I installed it. (almost 15 yrs ago). it was a group of guys that traveled up the coast hitting airports along the way. they listed mine on Ebay and I saw it, took a few months but they were arrested and spent time in jail. the FBI told me the biggest issue they had with charging them with more counts were they couldn't prove most of the avionics were stolen because most owners did not have the serial numbers recorded anywhere. Brian
  2. any chance of getting your CAD drawling in CAD not PDF?
  3. https://6abc.com/small-aircraft-crashes-into-ocean-in-cape-may/5321620/ No other info yet, M20J that departed Robbinsville
  4. This was taken early on, we had 1 more Mooney’s arrive afterwards for a total of 11 Mooney’s. We also had several aircraft (other brands) parked down by the FBO. We had a great time and glad everyone came out. Brain
  5. looking like a great day to go flying! headed to the airport in a few to get setup. if I get everything ready quick enough I may even get a chance to go flying for a bit. unfortunately My Mooney is still down but one of my friends just put the Dynon system in his Cessna and I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Brian
  6. We are up in the northern most hanger, you have to follow the taxiway past the T hangers and the upper tie downs. Then you will get to 2 commercial hangers. Keep following the taxiway to the end. I will try to have someone monitoring the radio for people who need help
  7. the truth is it doesn't matter what type of propeller you have on your airplane if you strike the propeller it is more the type of impact. impacting a hard surface VS a soft where the blades can bite in slowly lowering the blades onto a surface vs a rapid lowering. engine speed and blade angle at time of impact anyway you look at it, a prop strike just is not a good way to end your flight and it does not matter what kind of prop you have.
  8. if you come down bring one of your step systems please (Crank retro)
  9. the big Question is will you bring your plane or fly with Alan?
  10. Not much difference between the two. nothing noticeable in cruise, very minor difference in feel during landing
  11. weather is looking good for Saturday, looking forward to a big turn out! Brian
  12. I'll start the bidding at $1000.00
  13. looks to be around $1400 with shipping
  14. you do not have to know the ins and outs of how to install the equipment, just the knowledge of what works with what and what you want it to do. by talking to several shops and here on Mooneyspace you can set your expectations before dropping off the plane.