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  1. Why did I think this would be a good idea? Factory replacement inner gear doors being molded. Hope mine are ok under all that tooling gelcoat I’m trying to figure out if there would be a mechanism by which I could make a mod to the factory inner gear doors and such that they would follow the contour / profile of the original inner gear door but the outer potion would be faired flush at the back/ aft edge and then eliminate the need for the aft fairing spades. It would also eliminate the need for the brake caliper rotation. Modworks like but no brake rotation required... I’ll tinker a bit and figure it out. As I’m not interested in pursuing STCs thrrr might be a way to do this like David is doing for his cowling with a 337. The way the factory gear doors are shaped is like an airfoil. That explains the forces wanting to work against the Johnson bar during retraction.
  2. bradp

    Insurance up 20%

    My renewal form just came in. I’m 39 so let’s see if age factors in.
  3. bradp

    Check Gear!

    Re the China investment comment. Remember what happened to the M10...? ... If they wanted to increase the production, composites and advanced alloys would be the way to go. That too would be a lot of investment. The last 40 years have been lather rinse reapeat .
  4. I’m thinking about doing the commercial written. Was also considering doing the FOI at the same time. Shepherd the best bet for this? Also I’m trying to decipher the alphabet soup. You can do FOI + FAI written -> CFI You can do FOI + FII written —> CFII Or FOI ... + AGI written or IGI written ...AGI or IGI after FSDO trip. You can waive the FOI if you’re a certified teacher or work at an accredited educational institution for CFI but you still need FOI for AGI regardless of employment status / profession? step 1 to your journey to CFI... figure out 61.183 and 61.185.
  5. There was a recent ad on vans classifieds. No interest ymmv
  6. bradp

    Check Gear!

    Speaking of the Saturn V rocket ... my boss’ father was a NASA engineer. He’s got a bunch of original blueprints he found in a box for one of the old Cold War rockets. He’s going to donate them to the smithsonian. I sent a pic of the rocket garden from our visit at the Kennedy space center and he pointed out five rockets that his dad had engineered (Viking, Titan, Gemini) I also wonder if these difference in control surface design and control force differences have much to do with the lack of GFC 500 STC for the C/D/E models or whether it’s just the shorter airframes?
  7. bradp

    Window replacement

    @NotarPilot here’s what is involved in a J replacement. About 8-10 hrs to pull the interior maybe 4 to remove and 6 to replace. Side windows took me about 5 hours per window including removal, cleaning of old sealant. I had my windshield done at the shop in accordance with the FARs - experienced Mooney shop took 12 hrs and they were able to reuse the retainer flange. Mine were trimmed very close to match. I brought my old ones to the factory and they only needed to shave about a quarter inch off my front windows. One rear I needed to trim a bit more. Trimming and fitting will take a lot of time if it’s required. You will also need to drill for the pilot window and drill a hole for the lower front corner of the pilot window for a rivet This is a job for summer time or a heated hangar. You risk cracking your new windows in the winter you will almost certainly crack one or two old ones on the way out. Definitely get drill bits for acrylic- note the proper angles for countersinking and go slow. Heat is the enemy. Any cutting or drilling should be done on a protected window surface. I’d say sum it’s about 30-35 hours of “elf labor”.
  8. bradp

    Check Gear!

    That vid I posted of me going down on the ILS illustrates marks method pretty well. When I’ve flow brand C or brand P I’ve found a big pitch change when I’ve added flaps (ie the Johnson bar balloon in an arrow/archer). In the Mooney you can drive down the ILS and not change your pitch input much at all - at least half flaps - or just need a touch of up trim - thus not much imperative to have flaps configured prior to intercept. One of the best parts of our long short flap design is that the slight pitch moment with extension is slight nose down.
  9. bradp

    Check Gear!

    Agree the white arcs for full flaps are similar once CAS to IAS and knots to MPH are accounted for. Still they are not the same numbers despite the same airframe. Also note that there is no reference to use of partial flaps outside of the white arc.... it defines full flap operating range but gives no reference to use of partial flaps above the white arc. Only tells you full flaps are ok within the white arc. I’m conservative with my sub spar so interpret this to mean that the white arc represents the flap operating range. They are first lift and then drag devices. Not speed brakes. I use power, gear and slip in that order as my “speed brakes “
  10. bradp

    Check Gear!

    Here are two generic POHs pulled from the web. Note that they are supposed to be for a 77J and a 78J, respectively. Also note that my J POH for a 1977 model is up to E or F for the revisioning and these aren’t. However note the discrepancy between the flap operating ranges. Something changed...
  11. Aircraft Fox see us at sun n fun
  12. bradp

    Check Gear!

    I’ll put myself up for public critique. Me flying an ILS to something like 500. Skip to about 7:30. Gear out prior to FAF... but I was unsure whether I wanted flaps given my GS was something like 70 so I waited a bit longer than usual I usually fly speeds - but I’ve never memorized power setting. Usually 18-15 will let me go down the ILS. @MBDiagMan Remember that your 3-Deg glideslope and your required descent rate are ground speed dependent not airspeed. Get the plane at least reasonably configured before the intercept. You can go down and slow down but not aggressively/ abruptly in our planes. Need more time to catch up with the plane just slow down. -B
  13. bradp

    Check Gear!

    Oh very interesting.
  14. bradp

    Check Gear!

    I’ve seen a few cracked flap plates. There’s no reference in my POH so I treat the white arc as “any flaps” speed/ not full flaps speed. Quite the opposite I use gear to get to flap speed.
  15. When I started using x plane it was version 5 and maybe a PowerBook G3 in about 2001. The thing barely ran... but it did. Xplane turned down flight visibility when processor and graphics processing speeds were insufficient... I think I flew in no more than a mile visibility no matter what. I got to be a pretty IFR proficient sim pilot that way :-)