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  1. Now if someone wants to dig up the approved data - ie the engineering documents that Mooney or Rocket Eng used for the gross weight increases, that could be used as a basis for a 337 or an STC to GW increase earlier J models. It might end up with a 2900 MGTO and 2740 MAx landing weight, but the data exits. If a bunch of early J owners want to get together and try to find the data to develop a STC application to submit to the FAA, I’d consider that a fun project. Anyone on Mooneyspace a DER?
  2. The aluminum mistress got a spa treatment before her trip to Oshkosh. A petrochemical mask and an isopropyl cleanse. (And I did find the loose and missing screws).
  3. What was your routing? They’ll only keep you out if you’re going to conflict with a departure or arrival stream.
  4. This. I had / have a Bruce’s. There was construction about a quarter mile away on the ramp. Sand blew everywhere from it. My windshield got beat to $hit with scratches and crazing. Since replacing the windows and windshield, I know I don’t have leaks because I test whether I have leaks when I have the interior out. A garden hose and pair of eyes is a powerful inspection tool. Since then I’ve gone Au natural. Also microfiber towels and microfiber synthetic material no matter how soft to the touch will scratch a plastic windshield. Flannel cotton, specific application wipes, or a bare hand are the only things that should touch a windshield.
  5. This is not necessarily owner PM but you can measure resistance across your ignition leads by removing the distributor cap. Inspect the shield braid to ensure continuity along the length of the lead. Ensure that the seal for the leads is intact and you don’t have oil working up the braid. Test resistance of the plugs if you have massive. I’ve had radio noise from a bad plug but this usually sounds like machine gun fire rather than alternator whine.
  6. How does it do in vertical nav modes? Still have oscillations during a VNAV path (I think your setup can do that mode) or IAS mode? What happens if you set VS to say, 20?.
  7. Bruce Jaeger is at BDH about 150 NM.
  8. My setup is - everything that has a hose attachment has its own internal fan. I have the outside air vent that blows onto the back of the avionics (ORM setup) and if it’s really hot I’ll direct the eyeball vent to the back of the radios. I’ve thought about putting in another blower for years but never got around to it...
  9. O ring on your gascolator / fuel selector is another place to check. Air gets entrained. Simple fix. It’s very easy to disconnect the fuel pressure line at both ends and blow out the line. Start there before going further
  10. Plane cover will only help somewhat. Water can still run in. Window seals are critically important. 40+ year old sealant can be cracked and embrittled. Probably hangaring, lack of fiberglass style insulation and ensuring no little rodents have taken up residence are the best insurance policies. If you really want to see if you have a leak, pull the interior panels and run a garden hose. When I purchased my plane, Top Gun ran a magnet along the lower longitudinal tubes (I think that’s part of the SB) to look for corrosion.
  11. Well that’s a hell of a story.
  12. I’ve thought that if you require pressurization, costs for a PA-46 and an Aerostar are going to start to merge somewhat. What’s one more turbo lycoming in the big picture? You are asking a lot from that one motor up front running a bunch of accessories without the best engine cooling plan in the world. You are not going to be able to fit a Pa-46 in a standard T hangar, another consideration. You would get a lot more bang from an Aerostar in terms of safety, performance, construction and similarity to Mooney design philosophy. Plus most of the A* fit in a larger T hangar. @johnggreen If he is still on the board, has been from a Bravo to an Aerostar. Other things to consider for pressurization are P-210. That will fit in a T hangar. Not exactly a sexy cabin class plane but seems to get the job done. if oxygen masks don’t bother you, then a Cirrus G3 or later or a A-36TC are good options, the later I’d think would be more comfortable.
  13. That would require money laundering though.
  14. Ross my previous post in this thread was a time that I got cut off by a C340 *below me* in the pattern. Maybe the anecdotes are aligning.