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  1. I tied to keep it as modular as possible to facilitate removal for inspection. I got rid of the old metal fasteners. I was going to put GM style plastic interior fasteners in there, but wanted to try something else in the mean time. For now I have them in with 3M dual lock. It seems to adhere well and really "snaps" in. For the back ones I need to shape the plastic backing with a heat gun to get them to form to the complex shape of the interior panel. I'll post again and let you all know how it goes / is holding up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Here are the pieces installed. Now I'm working on the arm rests - but my sewing machine is at the shop right now getting tuned up and will be for "at least a couple of weeks." I'm not sure if it's coming back. It looked like Davey Jones' locker in there. Now I'm trying to decide whether I want to: A) get seats from aero comfort or airtex get hides and new confor foam and have the local auto upholstery guy do it C) Get a walking foot machine and do it myself. I probably have gathered the skills to be able to do C) but now comes the time vs enjoyment calculus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I actually had no idea about Morgan Freeman in KTEB. My reference was to this:
  4. Alex take a small (like 3/4 in by 1/2 in) piece of your left over bafeling material and jam it behind the back fins of #3 and the doghouse aluminum. It creates additional airflow along the back wall and brings down number 3 by and additional 10-20F. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Weight Rating for your favored tie down line is important. Those traveling to sun n tornado this year make sure you have effective anchors and something effective to dig them into. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. If was Morgan Freeman he would have wished the runway moved to the taxiway location and it would have happened. And the FAA administrator would have cried tears of unicorn pee filtered by rainbows and leprechaun dialysis machines and would have regretted agreeing to close KSMO Because Morgan Freeman would have told him it shouldnt be so, telepathically Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman.
  7. I once got to ride out a thunderstorm as part of a squall line in the back of a Dash 8. They essentially told the pax big storm coming - don't get out- don't deplane to go back to the terminal - it's safer in here. The peak winds hit 90kt. The pilots "flew" the control surfaces though the gusts as the storm passed. We taxied out past a row of GA planes not tied down and saw every untied high wing was on its back. Sad day. It also makes me leery when Joe Schmo FBO has no intention of either tying you down or letting you go to the place where tiedowns exist.
  8. Shoot for a CEF- you'll get 90% of what the J does (maybe more useful load than a Later J in an F), and get a nicer model in your price range. For low end of the model, plan to spend 20% of the asking price on squawks over 1 year. For a higher end of the same model, you might spend 20% of the asking price over two years but this is more likely to be split between addressing squawks and performing upgrades. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Looks like nothing is tied down there Andrew. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Very dicey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Depends on how challenging the environment is. Winds, runway length and obstructions. Example is my home field - it sits on top of almost what I would describe as a razed hilltop where the approach end to the prevailing wind runway is a drop off of about 75-100 feet. The issue is that every time it gets gusty the hillside has a rotor effect and there is both shear and a downdraft. Coming in this weekend I knew to expect that local environment so kept my sped up to 90 mph, half flaps. You absolutely need the extra energy coming into the gully and will still need additional power. Once out of the gully you know that you're going to float a good bit down the runway. That's Ok since it's 4000 ft and you can come in fast and still make the turnoff. It's mostly about knowing the local runway environment, weather conditions and matching up what you expect to what you observe. If they're wildly different something is off and needs to be re evaluated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What percentage of Mooney owners do you think are on our forum? Anecdotally, I'd say less than we'd think despite all the great posts / info / discussion. Age may have something to do with it. Most older Mooney owners (with notable exception Bennett), aren't on the internet forums that much, and I'd wager that most Mooney owners are of the older cohort. I found my bird on 3 line classified ad on the back of a MAPA log. Eventually it showed up on TAP.
  13. Got back to this project after a long hiatus. The past 6 months we've been flying around without the leather decorative items. Finally made some today. I reused the metal backings, and fashioned new backings from ABS sheet that i purchased at the auto upholstery supply shop. I used a layer of 1/4 inch foam and a second layer of headliner foam, then came the glue. The method used is that by the famous YouTube auto interior guy Checaflo (Cesar). Sometimes I watch his videos just to relax. But I'm weird like that
  14. If anyone has the opportunity and they have a fuel injected engine - I'd highly recommend doing a baby bottle test at next annual or whenever the injectors are next off (or, do them with the injectors on). It's very eye opening what the differences in throttle position and mixture position mean in terms of flow to the cylinders. It's helpful for me to visualize when I'm doing starts in various temperature conditions just how much fuel I think I'm putting in the cylinders. One caveat is to PTKs is that throttle position for 1000 rpm is slightly different with a hot engine compared to a completely cold engine. Not a whole lot, but noticeable. 201er makes a good point that waiting for fuel to vaporize can be a real bonus for easy starts.
  15. Ok with all the variation in technique next time we have a gathering with more than say 5 IO-360s, we need to have everyone try their own tested method or some other prescribed method to work out which is actually the most reliable. Almost like a "Hot-start-off". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk