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  1. IO-360 misfires at idle and low MP

    The lag is specific to the impulse coupling - ie it can't be adjusted. However (as I understand the principle), if you have a mag timed to 20-deg with a 15-deg lag, setting that mag to 25-deg BTDC will result in the impulse coupling firing at 10-degrees BTDC instead of 5-deg (nearly at TDC). The result is a risk of kick-back during starts with an impulse coupling that is set too far advanced.
  2. Also just FYI BDR occasionally floods with a major storm.... probably once every 2-5 years
  3. You might have better luck using the STC as approved data for a follow on STC / major mod. The transfer of the STC permission - if even required- is a murky murky area.
  4. IO-360 misfires at idle and low MP

    Before you mess with mag timing - if you have an impulse coupled mag understand what the lag for the impulse coupling is / means and what implications it has for starting.
  5. Garmin 430W RS-232 Error

    Power off and power on your unit holding the enter key down until the splash screen shows up.. the youbeill be able to see the config. Take a picture of each screen in case you mess something up.
  6. What’s the chance you’d find the rest of the logs? I would be nice to keep the airframe intact but now I have a better appreciation of where you’re coming from. Am I correct in assessing that the value of the plane is in the engine and STC? If it’s possible to reconstruct the logs and show the GUL OAL repairs then it’s getting close. You almost need @Rmag or @jclemens to take the non-corroded and not-leaking hull and convert it into a modern showpiece. Or sell the think to AOPA at a price that maximizes your client’s well being. Or they could donate the hull and write off the loss. AOPA did take an absolute wreck and converted it to a beautiful piece of art for their giveaway plane this year. I think the above mentioned are the only two folks on the board that have the on hand assets / expertise to be able to “flip” a hull like this. Most of the avionics are kaput. Ok fine. Two G5’s or a G500Txi with engine instrumentation, remote transponder, strip down the unnecessary items weighing the poor thing down (are there Charlie weights, a loran and a celestial navigator hiding somewhere?) and get the UL at least in the respectable category. This would be a perfect candidate for a Dynon, btw Another option would be sell the engine and prop, cowl, undo the STC and find a buyer for the airframe for 20-30k who could then retrofit an intercooled LB engine and do the avionics / paint interior as they like. You’d have to have a very willing buyer looking for a project but at least the thing could stay in 2-3 parts and fly again one day . Im being unnecessarily optimistic here . Jimmy you may want to PM Jerry or @Alan Fox re the realities of parting a Mooney.
  7. Have you gone down the degaussing route? Even though the center post may not be ferromagnetic the rest of the cage can account for your error. I have read that folks have had issues after things like running an electric motor within the cage enough to magnetize it I am happily blissfully ignorant of where my whiskey compass stands. Feel for you re the checkride though.
  8. Used / New Glareshild

    @Hyett6420 sent a lot of his interior across the pond to Hector. For those of us that enjoy DIY it's a pretty straightforward project. I ended up doing a leather wrap on mine because it hid the fiberglass repairs better.
  9. Garmin G5 GPS Clarification

    I have the primary G5 plugged into both the WAAS box and a dedicated antenna. There's also another antenna in the bezel. Although it's not tested as a backup the data sources and redundancy from where the attitude information ("solution") comes from is pretty robust.
  10. But scenario a and b could both be done under part 91 with a commercial certificate, correct ?
  11. Ferrules were actually in decent shape. When I removed the old Teflon the jaggy edge of the plastic tubing was to blame. Recut that nice and smooth and now the static system is tight again. Thanks for the advice. Next person who treads this way will have plenty of info.
  12. Loss Of Engine Power Thursday Night

    I should develop an STC for a radial glad it was a positive outcome.
  13. Tach failure

    Chris is the texture just the stuff the comes in the rattle can?
  14. Why grind your blades if you don’t need to unless you live in Canada. IRAN. If there’s a blade issue they’ll point it out.
  15. Mooney spar design

    I thought tail departed one of those due to over stress. Past limits or out of spec and all sorts of untoward things happen.