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  1. @Jerry Pressley @Alan Fox looks like there might be a repairable airframe waiting for you. @Sienicwi were you a partner in this plane? Sorry to hear it got totaled out. what did the quotes vs insured value come out to be so we may all be educated. Seems like insured value - %30 might have been close to have been able to have insurance buy out their liability and you guys are close to being able to out in the extra $$ to keep her without the hassle of having to find a new plane? If you don’t mind us asking what was the prior experience of the PIC in RG / MM? Did he receive transit
  2. @jclemens @jimluper might get in touch with each other
  3. I’ve had leaks before - crank seal, a valve cover gasket, and a prop governor. But each has been addressed as to render the engine corrected of leaks.
  4. I know Bob was struggling with high oil temps after the Sabre cowl was fitted (don’t know whether it was truly correlated or just uncovered an air:oil cooling issue). Bob would definitely have gone by whatever the mfr recommended break in was, so it’s prob just coincidence, and I can say that Bob wouldn’t have put cam guard in during a break in. I don’t remember if he even overhauled the E or bought it recently overhauled. I was looking at the E (it was located in MD) at the same time as Bob and at least my criteria at the time was 200-500 hr engines.
  5. Hangar elf with permission. 4 hrs tops. Install includes running the wiring (1hr) and cutting the inspection panel (another). Audio panel interface was another hr or so. OCD was one more. The OCD hour can be spent filling out logbooks. .
  6. There’s a video of the 4 ship formation just before the incident. The formation with the ultra at 2:50 ish mark was from the incident day. The YouTube account is from the passenger who took all the video from the chase / photo plane that day.
  7. Is that thing made of... stolen catalytic converter palladium or something?
  8. For reference my avionics pull about 15-18 amps
  9. Mark I use this : https://www.amazon.com/Moleskine-Classic-Cover-Notebook-Ruled/dp/8883707184/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=moleskine%2Bclassic%2Bnotebook%2Bsoft%2Bcover&qid=1622717647&sprefix=moleskine%2Bcl&sr=8-3&th=1&psc=1 6-7 years ago I ordered one and Amazon accidentally sent an entire case :-). They’re compact, but don’t get lost in the cockpit. I either keep in in the seat front pocket or tuck it between the glare shield and the compass. It has an elastic keeper and a little ribbon to keep your page, as well as a little trapper keepe
  10. I use a moleskin notebook to copy clearances. Those things got me through graduate school. I stole my daughters $20 iPad pen- that think makes writing on my iPad useful compared to my fat fingers. The best knee pad is a yoke ram mount these days.
  11. You could build a floating bottom panel of a shelf that drops down and out, within easy reach, so long as you don’t have an under counter light. Even so you could install that on the underside of your drop out panel.
  12. Don’t use that for a GPU. It will cycle. You need a continuous variable input power supply. I use a 50lb transformer ham radio power supply that I use for running avionics.
  13. Oops meant to say besides a Comanche. Those are cool. Wing is similar to the M. Guy in Norwood had one he would fly to ? Norway every summer.
  14. I flew an arrow prior to transitioning to a Mooney. It’s night and day. The arrow was - I don’t want this to come off the wrong way - a bit of a pig. I wouldn’t want to own any PA- with the wing spar inspection. Mooney and Beech are another class of engineering and design. Plus the Mooney’s fly 10x better than the PA2x wing. And there’s value in the Mooney - you can get a C for less than a Cherokee or Warrior. The only ones I consider besides a Comanche are a Cherokee 6/toga as a useful piston single for cross country flying. Don’t look back. edited to reflect Clarence’s C
  15. @A64Pilot the availability of alternative sources for a part (ie factory, used), does not impact whether an owner can choose to go down the OPP route. Cost is definitely a factor that can be used to justify going down the OPP route. The SA outfit does appear to be adhering to the OPP rules if a design drawing is provided and the lead time of 14-20 days implies that these are not “off the shelf” stocked inventory. Implying for sale is not the same as advertising a service with a price - as McFarlane provides, and as this outfit in SA appears to do. So if they c
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