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  1. @Cody Stallings Cody what’s your opinion of the MT props?
  2. Saw a pic of someone’s engine side firewall with insulation material. Wonder if that would cut some of the noise. My plane is loudest at the footwell 95Db or so. It’s mostly engine noise. 85 Db or so in the rear. The continentals always sound better to me. Prop noise and vibration is just as much of a factor as engine noise - the composite props are notably smoother and a little less noisy.
  3. I’m guessing @Bill Richards Is an avionics professional willing to lend a hand with questions about Garmin kits?
  4. Im not doubting he’s for real - I know he is. I also surmise that he has help with some of the engineering problems he encounters by a staff of professional engineers.
  5. Mike’s talented with composites. I met him at Oshkosh and told him I learned a bunch of tricks (mostly speed mods) for doing composite work. I do think he’s got an engineering staff on hand as well. Some of the videos don’t show that aspect. That doesn’t take away from his awesome builds. Maybe the toiling raptor dude should get together with Patey to finish off that project... Mike probably would have completed it in 9 months instead of 4 years plus.
  6. Also I don’t believe there are any time / distance GPH for descent profiles in my POH (early J). It’s usually interpolated from the cruise data.
  7. Ugh. If I had a DPE who made me do hand calculations in this day and age, I’d honestly reconsider that relationship with the DPE. Understanding the principles of a WB calc, sure, very important. Put a calc on the oral if you really want to be old school and see what the student knows. But if the DPE said do everything ‘60s style outside of what’s contained in the PTS just to f with you doesn’t seem to valuable as a learning / testing experience.
  8. Like engine out glide distance chart (ie LDmax) by weight and altitude? If you can get the CG envelope raw data and stations / arms / weight limits - put it into foreflight or your favorite EFBs weight and balance tab and you’ll derive a WB graph yourself that looks exactly like the later models POH graphs.
  9. It’s the strong fire. Lynn installed a slick start booster and the hot starts are eons better with a stronger spark compensating for feeble slick mags. I’m still not sure why boost pump helps me during hot starts though. Tried it yesterday and my wife was impressed that the plane turned over in two turns heat soaked on a 95-degree day. It might be that I’m developing fuel flow that’s not vaporized in the lines earlier than if I pressurized the lines, cut everything off and allowed the engine driven pump to deliver a fuel bolus during cranking. (I don’t have a leaky engine driven fuel diaphragm). I think it’s just the former technique allows some additional fuel to vaporize during the start procedure. My primary problem with hot start previously was that I’d kinda get it to catch and it would die or I’d flood it and then go back to the embarrassing flooded start three hand needed to avoid starting up like a Cirrus scenario.
  10. In fact I’d address any potential for induction leaks or a less than ideal ignition setup prior to ordering GAMIjectors. Otherwise you’ll be asking for new restrictors if you discover anything else in the air / fuel / spark equation that will have an effect on GAMI spread.
  11. I’ve only notice stripes on the side of the tire that is being braked. Never on the nose wheel. I doubt that it is dragging laterally.
  12. Call AirMods in NJ. There’s also the entire NJ Mooney list that @201er admins. There should be some good recs available.
  13. I always turn right to be able to back up into my hangar and need to use differtial braking to make the turn. That’s probably why my right tire needed to be replaced last annual. Three tires almost equals a tug I guess. I’ll need to run that one by the wife.
  14. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been getting great results with pressurizing the fuel system with boost pump while cranking, mixture ICO, lately. IO-360...