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  1. I used an overlap method for the corners of the J style seals with nylon screws and holding the rear to the side baffle seals. There is a nearly perfect flush When you’re in there would recommend the following - Take a small piece (like half inch of baffle seal material and put it behind the number 3 cyl on a 360.l with some RTV. This will provide additional cooling air flow to the hottest running cylinder Seal up any little holes you find with RTV A Flashlight is your best friend for finding air leaks
  2. Got to take a trip to bring the kids to visit their 94 year old great grandmother and her 3 x 90+ year old great aunties (who all live in the same senior apartment complex together). We were gonna go to DC for a couple of days, but my oldest daughter really wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, so we headed north, flew the Hudson corridor, and made a trip to NY instead.
  3. I’d be concerned about the break in on that engine - unless it was pickled you may have above average risk of some surprises early in its life. I’d take me a 1000 hr regularly flown engine over a new one that hasn’t been run.
  4. Did I hear that right ... owner lost medical a couple of years ago. When was the 4 hr overhaul performed?
  5. Interesting that Mt Airy is the place where DAX foam is manufactured (although you have to buy it from Skandia in IL). My favored source for woven carbon fiber is also in W NC. It’s a repurposed textile mill. Good to see some some high tech manufacturers in the old mill towns.
  6. The original methodology in the first versions of the STC installation manual called for the plane to be leveled on the ground using jacks and / or dropping tire pressure in the nose tire and calibrating without offset calculation. Both methods work equally well. Your math is somehow off though. It’s almost like you still have your pitch offset entered from before the panel was leveled in the vertical plane. Is your panel vertical? A laser guide like you’d use for laying tile and a digital protractor/ angle finder are useful in this business. Heck a plumb bob would even be your friend here
  7. I have just the automatic spring loaded gate for alternate air. One thing I do is check the action of the spring loaded door when the lower cowling is off. Make sure it moves freely. For alternate static only in an emergency. It’s checked with my instrument flow/checklist to make sure the valve works. That’s it. Dont forget to occasionally check the alternate static and pilot tube drains. Common cause of failed IFR checks.
  8. AirMods or Henry Weber would be my regional go-to’s. There are a few trusted shops in CT and Long Island. I felt the Mooney specific knowledge was lacking at the one closest to Boston but that was several years ago.
  9. I connected my 430 to a bottom com antenna. I get much better reception in the air (at some altitudes, I used to swear the wing was shielding line of sight to the ground station). Have only had one issue is my reception on the ground stunk when I visited ATL recently. Their tower was so tall that there was no line of sight not blocked by the fuselage
  10. I climb like bunk full flaps compared to half flaps. Scared myself once when my limit switch was out of spec and the flaps jammed down. Murphy’s law indicated go around at that time and I was eeeking our climb performance with some close in obstructions on a hot day. Since then I do a threat assessment - high risk of going around? Have the plane already configured for takeoff. It will land fine that way and thrrr are three less tasks to do on go around (forward pressure, trim spooling, and flaps). If it’s gusty with a crosswind I do the same for the same reason. Although I must admit I have the feel of greater rudder authority carrying a little extra speed on final with half flaps
  11. Why is Tom Hanks flying a DC3?
  12. Thanks Mark for all you do for the piloting community. I have a unicorn of an 8000BTi. It’s amazing. Pretty much flawless. Excellent audio quality. It took me a while to realize I needed to flip my new headset to stereo mode but the intelli-Audio feature really works. I’ve found the recorder feature to be occasionally useful and unobtrusive. Bluetooth works. We can get Moana or the Little Mermaid piped through the kids headsets and I don’t have to isolate myself to not miss a radio call. Really well thought out engineering and high quality easy to use products.
  13. For us Cebtury IIb owners seems like the GFC is the way to go. Trutrack being limited to >700 AGL or whatever is a deal killer for me. No other good option out there save keeping the CIIb and adding an alt hold at half the cost and 2/3 the labor of the GFC. Any other options?
  14. I don’t think that Mooney’s have any more or less elevator (ie control surface elevator) authority than other similarly sized singles. We do have a whole lot more ability to have en effect on the pitch axis with combined elevator and trim in that we have a moveable horizontal stabilizer. Think C or P for comparison. Adjust trim tab in those models and that just adjusts elevator trailing position. We have elevator plus h stab trim (a design more like a 737 than a piper).
  15. @PT20J I was thinking about rudder authority for a short/med body F versus a long body. Given a similar CG location, the longer arm from the yaw axis to the control surface would confer greater authority in the long body, correct? Edit - I see your first post - were on the same page for this one.