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  1. Iceman: Back injury from volleyball leads to chronic pain and a downward spiral leading to Opiod addiction. A story of redemption.
  2. I had a drone off my right wing (probably about 25 feet) at 2300 MSL outside of chapel hill NC (college town). I did not see it until it was passing my wing and it was going fast the opposite direction. Approach asked me if it was too close for comfort and told him absolutely. Its just a matter of time....
  3. I went to REI and bought nylon webbing that is rated to something like 3000#. Three of them have sufficient give and sufficient strength to keep the plane tied down.
  4. I guess by deduction you also figure out what your personal fuel minimums are... whatever the lowest number on the stick reads. I'm a fuel ninny. With rare exception the airport I fly to have long and wide runways, and are on the east coast. So performance considerations are secondary to the type of flying I do, which is entirely long cross country flights. I'd rather have fuel options at the end of the trip, so I tend to top off. I like to store the plane with at least half to three quarter tanks to preserve the seals, so I tend to tanker more fuel on the way back home than I really need to. I follow IFR reserves plus an hour even in VFR conditions. In IFR conditions I do IFR reserves plus an hour plus fuel to nearest VFR conditions. I have 64 gal capacity, and fly LOP at 9.4 gph, so that gives me full tank endurance of ~6.5 hrs and a range of ~940 nm. If I ever run out of gas please learn from my mistake, because my ninniness should be able to avoid it. I have an alarm set on the JPI for low fuel at 20 gal total (time to get gas) and the GPS dings at 10 gal to remind me to land now.
  5. Good job nobody over running at Lincoln park! I tried to depart there one night but couldn't because someone put a plane in the trees. There also seems to be a Lancair Evo for sale there - I'd like to see one up close. Looks like fun. Happy birthday to Alan.
  6. There is a very high risk of having a spalled (corroded) camshaft that will require a tear down and overhaul. If there aren't a lot of engine hours TSMOH, you could plan (i.e. Budget for) removal of the engine and have a shop like Aero Engines of Winchester do an IRAN for a modest cost compared to full OH, but you still may be buying parts at several AMU each. The other gotchas risks are based around level of maintenance prior to the last three years and geography. My loose assosication is as follows. I let my brother and wife learn how to drive a manual transmission on my car. It's got over 100k miles on the original clutch. I was expecting to have to replace it at 50k miles. Life is good but I might have needed to replace the clutch at 15k miles.
  7. I love guido when he chides his students in a very subtle but effective way. Seeing him and his co-captain flying the Citation is like checklist zen. This weekend I've asked my wife to read through the foreflight checklists (converted the POH and the checklist that I've been using). I also like the foreflight checklist is it's very easily editable. I kept forgetting to reset the fuel totalizer - about 15 seconds later it's now a checklist item.
  8. Gamis without an analyzer is like chips without salsa (or queso for you Texans). I use the CSOB / APS chart as it gives you the red box based on altitude. I don't have an HP display so this makes it a bit better.
  9. Flew for about 6 hrs today with non ANR DCs. My ears are ringing for sure. That and I have a headache from the clamping. I was going to add ANR to them but now I'm thinking otherwise for the comfort aspect. They most comfortable headsets I've used were Beyerdynamic. I used to wear these with foam ear plugs and could get 4.5-5 hr legs without feeling clamped. My wife took those away from me so now I'm using the DC and I can get about an hour and a half and then the headache starts kicking in. This is mostly because I'm a glasses wearer I think. I had two issues with those (same thing - cable wore out and shorter) and each time it has come back working properly. The last time is cost $75, was sent to Germany and took 2 months but I got my like new favorite headset back and am happy For the poster who wondered about QT Halos - I wonder about using a set of in ear headsets like halo or clarity aloft with QC-25s over them. Theoretically that combination should be the best noise attenuation. @Hyett6420 Andrew who's that British in ear headset manufacturer? Any pireps?. I guess now I'm debating between Halos or Zulu-3 headsets and will relegate the DC to the passenger position. Help me decide :-)
  10. I'd love a link as well and would like to be added to the map.
  11. Plus one for something not grounded.
  12. Chris are you going to go with a backup alternator on the vacuum pad? Standby battery?
  13. Unless you are married to a particular brand / config let someone else pay for the avionics work and sink the savings into other budgetary items and upgrades. Unless, of course, this will be your ultimate (I.e last) airplane. Then have at it.
  14. Did you bring this to your avionics shop or did your A&P do the install?
  15. This is another example of either fuel pump inop is an AOG situation.