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  1. Looks like he is the front runner for a the 2018 Darwin Awards Medal of Foresight.
  2. Engine out glide distance

    I use 11:1 in foreflight as a conservative figureI l like the glide ring feature on takeoff - it gives you a pretty decent idea of when the impossible turn becomes possible.
  3. And at that point you're probably better off doing the GFC 500 or other experimental setup.
  4. Don’t forget about the state and local taxes on fuel - one of the reasons some cities have higher fuel is excise tax.
  5. Alan's Hangar

    That narco has an 8140... ten better than an 8130.
  6. Today's flight for 2017

    Had another special delivery yesterday. Momma and daddas work schedules get a bit crazy around the holidays so our little one is spending some quality time with her favorite aunt. Beautiful VFR Day (visibility was over 100 miles) for a trip from Raleigh Exec (TTA) to FYJ in Virginia with my favorite co-pilot. Blue ridge mtns visible 100 nm off the left wing - got the smoke stack next to the field at 60nm and the field at 40 nm!! The best part was that my little one kept trying to tell me something and I have her plugged in to the rear headphone jack so that radio transmissions from ATC will mute her. The frequency was quite busy - so much so that she was muted for probably 3 or 4 minutes but she kept trying to ask something over and over. What she was asking was - “daddy can I steer the airplane”. Like music to my ears. Not only could she steer, but she maintained altitude and could go left or right. She couldn’t see out the front at all, but kept on looking at the AI and told me it said which wing was tipping over. I’m sensing an instrument rating by 16 and a half. She even got a little cheeky with her commemorative photo. Now you know why I got a little teary-eyed when I watched that UPS video. Till next time -B
  7. Congratulations! Great job.
  8. Electronic Fuel/boost Pump

    I stopped for fuel one day and that’s when my electric boost pump bit it. Nice airport - fancy shop that catered to a turbine fleet of 208s. My only complaint with the repair process is I was charged something like 6 hrs labor for the R&R - when I brought up this point of contention the DOM whined “but it’s a Mooney”. The best part was that there was commercial service and therefore rental cars. The worst part was my speeding ticket on my unhappy drive home. Boost pump care and feeding- - don’t forget to turn it off. We all have. Your $1200 pump will burn out faster than a landing light if run continuously (must be part of the TSO). - don’t use the pump to empty a tank when doing tank work (run needlessly) - don’t use the pump to pump air (ie make sure there’s fuel in the gascolator before turning on).
  9. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Then you are a CB just like almost everyone else on the board. ;-)
  10. Cost of ownership "budget"

    These budgets are in line. Please please please put the thing in a hangar. It pays for itself over time with 1) the appearance of hangar elves, 2) protection from the elements and 3) other perks like the elves’ household items can be stored and save $250/month on storage in a seedy location. If the idea of a hangar will blow the monthly budget then group ownership or club participation may be the way to go initially. The utility of being able to pick up and go is why most went with the sole ownership route rather than clubs or partnerships. I like being able to just get things done without the pain of haggling about expenses. Example - last night I had to explain to the wife what an AMU is. First world problems indeed.
  11. Interior Refurbishment

    I used an SEM equivalent that the local auto upholstery supply had on hand called colorbond or something like that. Used their color guide. It took a *lot* more of the product than anticipated because it works by working its way into the plastic and essentially re-dying it. It wasn’t cheap - probably about $200 for the cans alone for my full interior. I put a clear coat on top of it to protect and make it “wipeable”. The krylon rattle can is a less expensive option that a few people here have gotten good results with.
  12. From retro to basic

    Used FS-210. Might be able to work your avionics installer down on pricing if this is something you're interested in. If you decide to do the GTN 650 - consider the FS-510. Does all the database concierge stuff and flight plan transfer. They were running some sort of sale price for them around Oshkosh - I'm doubtful you'd see that now but may be worth asking.
  13. Or the worst yet... swinging out to the far left of the lane to make a right turn. Also (insert your home city here) left turn. The technology isn’t helping. My wife’s car has lane keep assist steering which either 1) wants to run off the road or 2) tries to stay in the center of the lane when trying to avoid say a cyclist. Like a bad autopilot- but most people think they are safer with this stuff and thus become more complacent.
  14. From retro to basic

    My comments below: General note - while you're opened up for annual have your A&P run a length or two of RG-400 so you have it pre-wired for the avionics shop. Hope this is somewhat helpful. -Brad
  15. What format is your strikefinder bootstrap? Probably AIRINC air data. You can just parallel the wire that goes from your GAD-29b to your GPS/Navigator unit to your strikefinder so long as they are both low speed airinc. Alternatively, if you're adsb compliant you probably have a couple of airinc ports out on your transponder that you could bootstrap your strikefinder to. I am running into the same issue in that my GNS 430 is officially out of ports.