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  1. I’ve also noticed that @PT20J... my consumption varies with season. I used to run XC +CG in the winter and W100 in the summer and would find my consumption would always go up slightly with the aeroshell.
  2. Also my mantra yetti - if I’m flying with an instructor and we’re doing stalls we brief that at the first indication of a stall we’re going to initiate a recovery maneuver (whether the wing is stalled or not). When I’m flying myself I’ll occasionally take the mooney to a full stall. When I’m flying with an instructor, I won’t. This is consistent with the new FAA training material. First indication do something to correct it.
  3. What ever happened to basics like unloading a wing, pitch plus power equals performance, and going to “green” data? Isn’t the best approach when technology confuses to revert to the most simple, reliable instrument / information source (ie if two ADHARs are in disagreement should not the electric gyro driven AI be the most reliable source of information. I see an analogous problem with monitoring in the medical field a lot. Say the patient isn’t breathing well, the pulse ox is low and the someone doesn't want to believe it - so people start focusing on the equipment rather than “flying the plane”, trying to fix equipment, replace equipment, try equipment on in another place on the body - meanwhile patient not adequately ventilated etc while people are technology fixated. In this situation just be looking at the patient - reverting to simple data - chest rise, coloration (blue or not), pulses / perfusion. It’s a fixation problem that can be addressed with training .
  4. They designed that out of my Honda - no more gas cap just a seal on the gas door.
  5. @Aerodon might be able to cut you a panel. I think he has the CAD files for a Mid body
  6. I have seen some appear to have been polished. Just have the set screws adjusted to that Goldilocks happy place or no water let in but still able to be opened
  7. Yup agree. It seems somewhat dependent on model. My J does not climb full flaps. Found that during a go around on a hot day (not heavy). Totally anemic 200-300 fpm climb when I should have been hitting 1000 fpm. Could a sensor based IO suite be developed under NORSEE?
  8. The one system that Mooney has no warning for that seems to kill mooney pilots again and again is stab trim. Have <40% and >60% of takeoff trim with trim warning when weight on wheels. That would save a few pilots over the years.
  9. Buy the fluorosilicone gaskets from @OSUAV8TER They will last for years.
  10. Jack up inspect and all will be well. Your cowl flap hinges will fail in a couple of years regardless :-)
  11. Clean the contacts too. Then make sure the problem doesn’t reproduce itself.
  12. My plane was GU’d by a previous owner at the Mooney homecoming some 14 years ago. He said it was a distracting environment IIRC.
  13. I abused my first Concorde for 8 years and just replaced it on time. Starts are noticeably better, however. put the battery on a trickle charge and capacity check it. It may be just fine. You won’t know until you test it. I kept my old battery and put it to use. Avionics shops are sometimes known for running down batteries. So the old one went in prior to the trip to the shop. New one waiting on trickle charger.
  14. One more thought. What’s your nav / com 2? If it’s something with some legs on it I’d recommend the following.... Repair your 430. When you decide you actually need WAAS for approaches, replace com2 with a GNC355 COM/GPS. Then you’ll have redundancy, some screen real estate for small panel. You’d be looking at 6k or so plus labor down the road.
  15. Troubleshoot the hoses. Hopefully you instruments aren’t ingesting something like unfiltered air or old hose particles. Single G5 you install with your AP is $2200 plus labor. Sell your AI if it’s still good. You’ll cut the cost to $1500 or so for a G5 if you’re capable of doing it.