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  1. bradp

    Florence evacuation

    This weekend was supposed to move the airplane down to Wilmington - that's not happening. Fortunately I've still got the lease on the hangar at TTA Sanford until the end of the month. The latest forecast is still showing Category 1 winds at Fayetteville and 75 MPH winds at Ashboro. The hangars are rated to 110 mph... so it's there is still a risk of wind damage. I'm going to head to the airport tomorrow to make sure no debris around the hangar / things are cleaned up / plane is chocked / secured / fueled. Stuff is stuff - - - it's all insured. House prep is a lot more work. We got important docs out of there, baby milk in the freezer transported upstate, all the outdoor stuff put away, stuff up off the floor in flood risk parts of the house, repaired a fence. Still have more work to do - will likely turn power off to areas that might see water, might try to board a window or two that is directly exposed. Neighbors have tall pines that are looking more ominous every day. Work is supposed to go on lock-down starting Wed. I was scheduled to be at work Friday, but it may be Saturday/Sun before the shelter in place is lifted and travel is possible from where the rest of my family will be (Chapel Hill) to where I'm supposed to go (Wilmington). I was told I'd be part of relief crew rather than hunkering down during the storm.
  2. bradp

    IFR & Mooney Mag Compasses

    Yes it knows your geographic location based on GPS and factors in the EW var
  3. bradp

    Insurance woes

    Another question is - are the repairs completed and the claim closed? Open claim or unrepaired damage will severely limit the already limited market in which your agent can shop. Might want to PM Parker, he can't give you specific advice because he's in the underwriting business, but can give solid general advise. B
  4. One thing I'm learning as I go through another year of aircraft ownership is that if you have a good relationship with your AP/IA and something didn't go as planned, there is a place for constructive feedback. Mechanics like everyone else, aren't perfect and aren't infallible. We all (should) get that. However, the good ones will want to know about when things didn't go as planned so they can improve next time and avoid the same pitfall. As an owner/operator / customer I feel that it's my responsibility to be part of that QI/QA process. If I have a good relationship with the mechanic it doesn't mean I'll be heading for the hills....
  5. bradp

    IFR & Mooney Mag Compasses

    However if a GPS has air data a magnetic course can be inferred from track and wind correction angle to back-calculate magnetic heading. Similarly a handheld GPS without air data will back calculate magnetic track regardless of wind correction angle; that is why your handheld can show deg-M on the data label. It makes more sense to have airplanes fly a track than a course when flying to geographically defined waypoints or receiving radar vectors, but the FAA hasn't evolved to the age of magenta. Currently the controller has to have some sort of idea of winds aloft and tells you to fly a magnetic course of "XYZ". He/she then has to either know that you have a wind out of whatever direction and compensate for that up front with the instruction, or you get one or two more "turn additional 5-10 deg to the left" to adjust the vector for whatever track they are observing vs what they expected. Not very efficient. Flying in the NE corridor I eventually tired of the massaged vectors and started flying my magnetic track off the GPS when it was legally "close enough" to the controller's instruction... and I stopped getting the additional instructions. What works in real life doesn't necessarily work on a checkride. If you and your instructor know about the compass probably have to do something about it. If I was none the wiser and my DPE/instructor were similarly ill informed, I'd probably just let it go. YMMV.
  6. bradp

    Is this corrosion or a gasket?

    Is that thing for sale? Is the owner representing that area as a gasket? Owner shouldn't sell for anything less than scrap value in good conscious. A donor wing is needed. You may be wise to post the N number on the site. I would not want anyone to buy and fly that thing.
  7. bradp

    Strobe delay

    Andy's right - it's the capacitors starting to go. Your options are to research the capacitor and get out your soldering.iron, replace with another power supply (I have a working whelen from ~2012 mfr that I can sell you if you need one - there are a couple of people on the forum that have working replacements - I'd caution looking for a used one on Ebay as most of them are probably junk), or bite the bullet and replace with an LED strobe. Hope this helps, Brad
  8. @gsengle how much does approach lighting practically play into low IFR? Boston can get pretty low but the lights are about as bright as you can ask for. Often I would use Bos as my “legal seafood” alternate when filing to OWD or BED even though there might be better weather at Beverly or Lawrence because the precision approach availability, big runways and great lighting.
  9. bradp

    starting engine de-cowl'd

    Mine was pretty simple - oil collecting on the starter and starter adapter. Tracked it up to the crank seal. Prop needs to come off but it’s a one hour job and a $30 seal once the area is exposed.
  10. bradp

    starting engine de-cowl'd

    After I replaced my Crank gasket my engine is only getting a leak after i spill oil during a change ... at least for now.
  11. bradp

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    I remember diverting to AVL on one of my first flights in the mooney due to weather. Just be aware of the terrain surrounding and you'll be fine. If flying at night fly an instrument approach. I could see how that airport could be a setup for a black hole / descent into terrain if approaching from the N/NW.
  12. bradp

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    Because sometimes you need all the fuel (practically). And because if your plane holds 3 less gallons than the TCDS states it's not airworthy from my owner/operator standpoint. It's fine to ferry it to get it patched, but not a fine medium to long term plan.
  13. bradp

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    Is this Jeff Simon that writes the AOPA maintenance articles?
  14. bradp

    Wish me luck...

    Yup W75. Wrong on both.