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  1. bradp

    Static on Comm 1

    I’ve found one issue with my p leads recently that I’m pretty sure is contributing to some ignition noise I’m getting on my 430. There is a bit of oil from an old spill during oil change that has invariably tracked up the p lead shielding. Trying to figure out how I can use a solvent to clean it up, and reseal it from the environment without having to replace the entire run to the ignition switch.
  2. And why would an overhaul be required versus an inspection ?
  3. bradp

    Garmin GTX33ES STC

    I will somewhat correct myself- Garmin went with serialized permission letters for "over the counter" sold avionics - i.e. the G5. Everything else is generic permission.
  4. bradp

    Garmin GTX33ES STC

    All you need is the permission letter and a copy of the AML-STC installation data for the installation. The permission letter as Alan states, is NOT serial number specific. Then you do a 337 without a lot of fluff. Like three sentences including the required information (disclaimer i'm not a professional AP / IA just have done a bunch of these myself with my IA). Your IA should know what's required language. Email me and I'll show you an example of mine for a 430W / GTX 330 ES installation. Submit to FAA. Done. You're legal. What you won't be able to find without being a garmin dealer, an experimental builder or having some friends, is the latest revision of the STC installation manual. PM me if you need copies of the documentation. Your IA doesn't know the STC applicability and what's needed for a legal Garmin installation by your account above. Hope this helps and take care, Brad
  5. bradp

    Sheepskin opinions

    Anyone have a source for sheepskin pelts? I'm thinking about making myself some customs with leather side trim and just a seat and back pad in sheepskin. My old sheepskin covers got pretty ruined by grease / dirt from the door and wouldn't allow the copilot seat to slide properly back and forth
  6. Anyone have one of the new generation (not mini 2-4) ipads mounted to a Mooney yoke? Pics please. Thinking about a replacement for my mini 2 (which would become the designated IFE), but have always liked the minis as they fit perfectly on the yoke.
  7. bradp

    Mag Drop Question

    Also when timing mag's I've gone to this setup: Laser cross hair mounted to a small octopus leg cross hair. Setup sits on top of the case without interfering / knocking into anything. Shoots a deadly accurate sight line right down the case split. I am using the timing marks rather than flower pot method. Got a 75 rpm drop with zero difference between left and right with this.
  8. bradp

    GFC500 Update

    Anyone have a sense of how the servos (particularly those in the tail) will be mounted and interfaced with the jack-screw style pitch tube and with the push pulls? Definitely a deviation from the Cessna and Beech methodology that I've seen pictures of so far.
  9. bradp

    New Panel Setup

  10. bradp

    Don't be "that" guy

    A cursory google search was not revealing.
  11. bradp

    Don't be "that" guy

    I also initially thought he had a stroke or CO poisoning. Never occurred to me that there are drunk pilots out there. This guy got minutes and hours confused on the bottle to throttle rule.
  12. bradp

    Honestly, how bad is this?

    Did they check static balance?
  13. bradp

    Left mag check kills engine

    I have a dual mag J and made it all of 285 hours before the mag needed another “500 hr” IRAN. Worn cam. Slicks fans are made of plastic instead of metal.
  14. bradp

    Honestly, how bad is this?

    I just looked up my old invoice. Top skin from factory in 2015 was $269. Lower is probably in the same ballpark. Labor was about 11 hrs per elevator for drill, fit, prep, balance. Total should be about $1400 plus minus...
  15. bradp

    Honestly, how bad is this?

    It's pretty apparent, but you will need to order an upper and lower skin. After paint, the balance will, of course need to be statically checked.