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  1. Garmin G5 problem

    Bill I couldn't agree with you more having done the installation and calibration for my G5. It was not hard but certainly painstaking work to jack and level the plane and double and triple check that the yaw axis was within spec. In addition all the panel mount shocks were replaced just prior to the install, so making sure the panel face was actually perpendicular to the yaw axis was important. There are a number of threads over on beechtalk where there's a picture of a skewed attitude indication (as above). It probably comes down to the thing is not sitting perfectly flush or something has become jostled in the yaw axis. The vertical axis is the easy one to at least get near / within spec unless you are dealing with a sloped panel like Bill mentions above. The wonky attitude indication is identical to what happened when my flightstream 210 became a bit off center from it's mount - almost a skidding rolling indication. For the early adopters there was an issue with firmware, but this has been resolved. For these latter install problems the likelihood is that there is a installation or calibration issue.
  2. Oshkosh and Jeppesen

    I was told over the phone that a year of IFR electronic charts would be included with my NavData subscription. I thought that sounds too good to be true. Turns out it was for a month. No big deal. Such is life.
  3. I'm in the other Wilmington at a nice comfortable 75F. :-)
  4. Texas weather this time of year. Hi all - planning a possible trip to San Antonio for work this weekend. I haven't done much flying in middle / south middle of the country. Seems like this is a prime time for frontal systems with just enough lifting energy for the associated convection to start moving through. Also seems like the time of year where temps aloft are cold enough that hail is a real possibility. What's flying like in the spring in Texas? Should I plan to hangar the plane if I end up flying (hail storms are my primary concern)? Please educate me. Thanks and take care, Brad
  5. Icing event.

    @mooneygirl I might edit your temp margins a bit. At least bring the negative down to -20C or so. A lot depends on the airmass at the time - there's a thread over at beechtalk about an icing encounter up in the flight levels at an OAT (not RAT or TAT) of -43. Kind of balks at those traditional rules of thumb. I personally use +5 to freezing as my "warning zone" expect to be able to get out if ice is encountered, and expect it with need for an out if encountered. But that's just what I use and I find Turbo's and some others' recounts of airframe icing useful information. So to those who have encountered ice in a non-fiki bird, I hope you don't see it again but thank you for sharing your experiences. If I ever encounter it inadvertently, despite good planning, at least I have some information rather than no information. Other things to think about - when's the last time that alternate air door was checked out / lubricated? Mine was squeaky as all $hit until I got a little paranoid about actually checking it during annuals.
  6. Took my 90 year old grandmother up today!

    Awesome trip. My 93 year old grandmother wouldn’t ever step foot in a plane but she appreciates that it’s gotten us to see her many times that we wouldn’t otherwise. Mind snapping some photos of those shoulder harnesses. Who makes them and installed them? They seems like a good solution.
  7. Just moved from Pittsburgh to NC last summer. @Piloto and @201er travel to the area on occasion. Rgards b
  8. Electroair ordered for M20C

    May just be that the adel clamp holding the spark plug lead was removed for the installation. It is missing nonetheless....
  9. @M20Doc can you point out and elaborate on what the groove is / does? @Stephen - how many hours / years on the engine? If low / low seems like IRAN could be fine rather than full overhaul and you can decide in a rational way which accessories need to be IRAN'd or overhauled. That you are close to Jewell is a benefit. They have a decent reputation. Pull the engine with your A&P, stick it on the back of a truck and drive it out to Jewell. Too many unknowns to assume the worst and most expensive. The ownership jitters and expenses will get better with time. The first year or two is historically the worst and the most likely time to find big ticket items. One "strategy" if you're on a budget (like me and most of us) with the new plane purchase is to fly it a few annuals with some different / new eyes on it find out what the big ticket maintenance items are going to be. Once you get into a "groove" in terms of maintenance items - - and you kind of know what's coming - - then you can start putting your airplane budget into upgrades / wants. I'm not saying anything about your choice to upgrade to the EDM / CiES - IMO it's negligent to not have some sort of an engine monitor - it's a brilliant purchase and will hopefully keep your newly repaired engine running for a very long time. Between engine monitoring and preventative inspections like oil filter inspections we should hopefully have many fewer windmilling props as problems are anticipated before they are emergencies. So there's always that bright side :-) Stick with it -- it'll get better.
  10. Sun n Fun 2018

    Eagerly awaiting my work schedule. I’d love to go. Would probably avoid the crowds and head to GIF or something. Sounds like fun.
  11. Raptor

    Isn’t 2000 hrs at 75% max something like 180,000 auto miles?
  12. Mooney down in Washington

    Sad ending. Another consideration is whether he was in radio and radar contact with ATC, whether he would have gotten a low altitude alert. Seems like an unfortunate loss of situational awareness. Things that could have helped: Knowing the MEF for the quadrant and respecting it until known clear of terrain. Treating night in an inhospitable terrain environment as "effective IMC"; flying airways and or overflying the approach could have helped. Staying SW of the hills and intercepting an extended runway centerline to stay west of the coastline could have helped. Even ded reckoning and pilotage to keep the coastal city lights in view ahead of the right wing could have kept away from the hills. Even if he did a magenta line from BVS to BLI and followed it he would have cleared the ridges. Goes without saying that any basic GPS navigator with terrain functionality could have helped. Of course, we'd like to learn something from this.
  13. No Start Issues

    I was going to add that if you call Lycoming tech support they will give you an air gap value across which your mag lead (set to fire #1) will jump an air gap to start the engine. I recall for the IO-360 it works out to be like 3/8” or thereabouts. It’s a great tool for ignition troubleshooting because it tests your impulse, mag and harness in situ and together. Who works on your mags matters.... don’t send to jelly Kelly by reputation alone, and there are a few trusted names around the country.
  14. GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    Can you get your hands on an example of both units? They’re both fantastic for different reasons. If you like buttons primarily and the ability to do touch go with the Avidyne. If you like touch screens and like the option of buttons go garmin. If you want more FMS style interface go Avidyne, if you like the UI from One other consideration that I would not have thought so important until now - maximize your connectivity. You’ll have other dodads that want to talk to your navigator via RS-232 airinc or WiFi/Bluetooth etc. Connectivity will be a limiting issue for these navigators. Get one with a lot of ports.
  15. Mooney Rentals

    Three at wings of Carolina flying club in TTA (Raleigh area NC)