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  1. windscreen replacement M20K

    I'll look up the invoice when I get the hangar unpacked. :-). I recall it was near that but only slightly lower (maybe 5-10%).
  2. Landing Longer in Summer

    I hear the stall horn chirp more in the summer than I do in the winter with gusts and local/micro convective forces. The Natural reaction is to carry a bit more speed. I don't think you'd find a single pilot among us that wouldn't carry a little bit more your speed if stall horn was chirping. The natural tendency is probably part of what you're seeing.
  3. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    I use a multi viscosity oil- especially in the winter - my rationalle is that I'd like to get all the oil I can to the cam, lifters and valve guides for our lycoming engines. In the winter straight weight flows like thick honey molasses. I know that's not getting up into those tight little Orifaces....
  4. Fuel Tank Total Rehaul

    Mine were done in troutdale OR by the previous owner in 2005. In 2014 a L side fuel inspection panel leaked (I was charged 4 hr for the repair). This year the R one. My IA and I did it together and he charged me 3 hrs labor for the repair. Not so bad for 12 year in....
  5. windscreen replacement M20K

    I put the thicker glass in from LP aero. I called chief for a quote and it was almost wholesale - so an excellent value compared to list price and a lot cheaper than GLAP. I did smoke grey with UV/IR treatment. The plane is no more quiet than before the new windshield. I had it installed by people who know what they're doing. They indicated that almost zero trimming was required. The LP aero people said they have modified their templates over the years based on what customers have provided to them for templates. I did side windows from LP aero and only had to trim one corner of one window.
  6. Engine Time Considerations When Buying

    They are what you hide from your spouse to give to the hole in the ground that lives in the hangar with your plane. ;-)
  7. So from what I can gather the GFC 500 will be like an Stec -30 or century IIb with altitude hold - it will do altitude hold and the lateral navigation on approaches but no vertical approach path navigation? ... but the more expensive GFC 600 will not require a G5 and will do vertical approach path guidance? Thanks.
  8. Instrument circuit breaker pops

    I thought it was maintenance invoices? I haven encountered an electric trim switch was the culprit in a CB that continued to pop. The circuit breaker was replaced. I though that was the likely culprit as the plastic engagement thing that keeps the spring loaded and the CB in the closed position was weak. I eventually examined the leads to the trim switch and found an area that looked like it had been shorting across.
  9. Called today - apparently this thing could come up for vote this week. I got a direct line to a staffer in DC by googling my congressman's name.
  10. Wondering CHT gauge

    It's probably a SAE but I measured it out with a micrometer on the mm scale just to confirm it's the smallest thing I've ever seen.
  11. Wondering CHT gauge

    Loose connection seems to be it. I just need to find a 4 mm wrench and I'll be all set. This nut is about the smallest I've encountered yet.
  12. Wondering CHT gauge

    Hi all I noticed my factory CHT gauge is wondering a bit. What is the typical troubleshooting methodology? Is this a matter of cleaning some contacts or do I have to start searching for an old type thermocouple? FWIW it's a bayonette type gauge housed within the JPI probe (piggyback). The JPI is reading fine. Thanks ! brad
  13. Hoskins are rare finds. I have a junk one if you want to try to replace capacitors. Probably best to go with Jetdrivens. Whelen comet flash boxes can be used in lieu. However we had to use make a doubler with a different hole pattern that stood up on the old inspection panel mounting location with some washers and bushings to mount it properly.
  14. Grim Reaper Strikes Again

    You gonna keep this one Alan or flip it. Either way thank you for saving one more in the fleet. Btw- how in the world did you come across this thing?
  15. Hickory Formation Clinic

    Oh and welcome to the board Meatloaf -hope you and the Mrs. get to spend some quality time on the forum. It's a great community. Regards from LYHers Brad, Courtney and Olivia.