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  1. 2pm summer at nearly 8000 field elevation Thats the second one of these this week in the mountains. Another fatal at TVL a Cessna. Hoping the pilot does ok.
  2. Saint & boxwell are additional Florida options - known Internet forum entities.
  3. My J fwiw is avoid continuous ops 1500-1950 with MP below 15” Hg.
  4. That’s the waterfall system like I used to fill D tanks on the ambulance.
  5. I’m going to do the @Skates97 method to darken them up a tad and importantly, protect them from the kids, potential for headsets (and heads) leaning against the window, and dog nails that seem to incite anxiety.
  6. I did 3/16 solar grey with the UV blocker. Definitely go with the UV block. It’s worth it.
  7. Sounds like it might be a good idea to sell it to a shop who would be interested in updating / flipping it.
  8. Sounds fun. mmmm double puck brakes. I’d love those on a J. First turnoff every time. Unless I’d just be tempted to lock them up... ;-p I guess people do this during overhaul if they’re gonna do it?
  9. I want to a version of this with woman yelling at the cat eating vegetables Meme.
  10. Having played ATC sim on Vatsim it’s the radar software used to move virtual airplanes around with a FlightAware feed pumped in (VRC or similar). Clever but not exactly accurate. If the controller says he’s in the bravo I’d go with that over the sim radar video overlay. Listening to the Audio feed sounds like road rage, hypoxia, cocaine or some combination thereof.
  11. Pretend you’re like a 135 for that trip. Limit to 8 hrs of flying/14 on the clock. It will be too exhausting to fly 16 hrs in a day, arriving after dark with some actual terrain let alone any weather challenges / delays. Schedule 3 days plan 2. That’s what I did flying CA to Va when I bought the J. Got weathered in between TN and VA and spent the night in Asheville. Spent another extra day heading up to Boston. It was still a lot of flying and I was younger then.
  12. I set my alert parameters pretty liberally and keep the tablet / portable showing the traffic in my scan. So far I’ve been able to get a sense of what the traffic is doing enough to vector myself around (using 3 mi anticipated sep) as if I’m a really untalented air traffic controller. Primary is head up and out the window however. The adsb has really been helpful avoiding surprises out the window though.
  13. Looks great. What kind of laser engraver are you using?