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  1. Oh so the problem is that they feel like they aren’t biting into anything. If you’re catching air check that the screws backing sheet metal isn’t rotated. On mine the kick panels are screwed into sheet metal that is adel clamped to the tubular frame.
  2. bradp

    Rest stop NC to WI

    Wonder if price hike followed by “Oshkosh discount” to return near original price is the norm for some FBOs.
  3. bradp

    Rest stop NC to WI

    I’m not specifically looking for fuel although cheap gas is great - I’m going to be flying with a 5 year old who appreciates a potty break after about 2.5-3 hrs. She also said she’d like to stop for breakfast :-). Depending on the weather and time we might make a couple of stops along the way.
  4. bradp

    Small GFC 500 Update

    I'm also kinda sold on the G5 for the reason that you can fly it all the way down an ILS.
  5. bradp

    Rest stop NC to WI

    Hi all, Anyone have recommendations for a rest stop on the way to Oshkosh? Western OH or Eastern Illinois. Looking for somewhere with an on airport restaurant that might be open on a Friday morning for breakfast. Thanks and take care, Brad
  6. After a few times of renting cars where some idiot tried to assign damage to me that was clearly marked during pickup, I started the habit of taking pictures on my phone at pickup and dropoff. I started doing the same thing with my nose truss at new / unknown FBOs. I also put down in writing that the plane is not to be moved without contacting me first. A couple of FBOs I skip the front door entirely and head directly for wherever I won't be towed. That does the trick.
  7. bradp

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    I'm not sure I like Brian's mod- if you have anything in the baggage area with mass and you say, have a frontal impact, those cotter pins in shear will likely not hold nearly as well as a 1/4 in bolt in tension. There's probably a better solution to get a fold down seat- you'd probably want that pin in shear though.
  8. bradp

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    I'm bringing my 5 year old daughter and she's pumped about airplane camping. We were reading our book last night and a page out of Rosie Revere Engineer had a sketch of Amelia Earhart's "Frienship" Fokker plane. Her comment was "that plane made it all the way across the ocean to France... and it has one engine like your Mooney [yes she knows Mooney and how to identify them by the tails]... that's AMAZING!" I think the bug might have been implanted. I see no issue with her wanting to go when she's a teenager ;-)
  9. bradp

    G5 AI installation

    It doesn't need to get connected to the coax per the STC installation manual--- however it would be a good idea to tie it to an independent GPS antenna if you are using it for IFR. The reason is that if your 430 goes tango uniform, then your G5 AI will go into reversionary mode. It has it's own GPS antenna in the bezel. Make sure that you have a good signal under your glare shield. It will still work without any GPS but the software solutions are degraded (kind of like your phones location accuracy without GPS and an LTE/GSM data signal aiding). You might get by with a good old fashioned portable GPS antenna - it will work, but the STC installation manual has specific callouts for you to have a legal installation.
  10. bradp

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Hey Ron -sent you a PM. -Brad
  11. bradp

    New ride

    That pic was from the morning after my first cross country solo. Spent the night in the Farmville VA airport when the sky got real nasty and I couldn’t get home. Put down for the night and left the next morning to beautiful skies and a hot air ballon on downwind at home. I keep this pic to remind me about good flying judgement - which can be exercised in a humble 150/152 just as much as in a Boeing.
  12. bradp

    Oshkosh Prop Strike

    How was taxiing during slosh kosh?
  13. bradp

    Whelen Parmetheus Lens Failure

    I’ve got three little rectangles of baffle seal material RTVd in front of my Whelen LED to prevent vibration being transferred to the light. Try that with next R&R.
  14. bradp

    Proper Fuel Flow for IO-360

    I'm not sure why but I've glanced down at FF during takeoff roll and I'm seeing 18.4 on the last two observations. I've historically thought of it as appx 18gph for my A3B6.
  15. bradp

    Today's flight for 2018

    I forgot to post these from a couple of weeks ago. That’s Steve’s C model.