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  1. Well her nickname is Lulu... so there’s that. :-)
  2. Flying EDC to ILM tomorrow. Looking for either a fuel stop with an on-airport restaurant for a good break or... if the crew is too exhausted a good overnight. If the current state of the 5.5 year old copilot is any indication an overnight might be required Thanks and take care
  3. Longest trip so far with the whole family. ILM to EDC with a stop at NEW for the night. Heading back tomorrow ahead of some weather.
  4. Just one more fine detail - a yaw tendency might not be your rudder. In addition to Bobs retract step add to the list of things to look at your gear doors. If one is hanging in the breeze it will cause the plane to seem out of rig and land a speed penalty as well.
  5. ORA through flacon. 2% increase form last year for $1MM smooth. Edit - just turned 40, 650 MM 100 last 12 months
  6. A few points - 1) what horribly tragic news. Condolences to the family. 2) even more tragic because in 2019 a vacuum gyro loss in IMC should be a non event with the availability of backups / eased regulations for placing those backups in the cockpit in a permanent mount solution. You guys convinced me that the single most important avionics upgrade I could do was ditch the TC and get a backup AI in the panel. Thank you. 3) Re portable devices. You could take a stratus, wedge it on the floor under a seat, under your foot, etc and it will not move in turbulence and still provide ahrs data. 3a) all the billion people in the world that use an iPhone have an ahrs whether or not they have an aviation apps. It’s in the compass app. Mind you it’s 90 degrees offset. Put the phone on the glareshield and you have a rudimentary AI. 4) The importance of rigging. Having flown my plane after paint when it was badly rigged made me appreciate the importance of proper rigging. I wouldn’t fly the thing in IMC until it was properly rigged for hands off straight and level in smooth air. If you develop a left spiral in 20 seconds there’s something to get fixed and I wouldn’t consider that an air worthy condition as a O/O. 5) /rant/ This story a parallel to the recently posted real pilot stories from the air safety institute - “powerless over Paris” where this dude loses electrical power while on approach in IMC. He describes helmet fire pretty well and an overwhelming sense of resignation to the point where he said he almost instantly decided it was all over and took him a good long while and a lot of effort to come back to reality, deal with the emergency and decide to fly the plane. My reaction should have been “what an awful situation, I’m really glad this pilot made it and look what a wonderful job the controllers did to help save his life”. My actual reaction was I just got more and more angry at this scenario and the purported lessons. The take home was to put your cell number in the flight plan so ATC can text you if you become NORDO. The actual lessons were many and much more important. Summary: The pilot was totally unprepared for the contingencies needed for night/ IFR flight. Have a single electrical system - expect to lose it. What are your backups? An iPad or a battery powered GPS would be a great start. A $75 transceiver to be able to turn some lights on would be a helpful tool. Plan B is to land on a highway in the dark in IMC... bollocks. Don’t know where the general direction of the VFR weather is and you don’t have enough gas to ensure you’ll get there ... come on. Plan properly. Resignation to die or try to find an unlit runway with no way of activating the PCL but for the good graces of a nearby airline pilot? Seriously. That transceiver is looking mighty useful right now. Or head straight for the nearest class B/C with the biggest runway and brightest lights (you brought enough gas right?) and maybe mess up someone’s arrival stream and fill out some paperwork... use your command authority as PIC and break all the rules to facilitate a safe outcome. At least you’re alive in the end. The whole thing just stunk to high heaven and reinforced this idea of “powelessness”. The lessons should have been this is how to be a Boy Scout and get prepared. Instead the guys bacon is saved by the controllers and the controllers relate that this is the unusually happy outcome in the described scenario. This game is serious and about survival. Fly the damned plane. Be prepared for things to go wrong. Most importantly know exactly how you react to stress and emergency situations. Self awareness of ones reaction to acute stress can help prevent or suppress helmet fire. Self awareness is like mental halon. This doesn’t apply to the current tragedy except perhaps the idea about preparedness for failures and redundancy. Hopefully we can all take the lesson to expect things to go wrong all the time and have ways of mitigating the wrongness. /end rant/ Again condolences to this pilots family and loved ones. Fly safely with contingency plans. Brad
  7. Standard electronic connectors are acceptable for electronic work. It doesn’t mean that you should use autozone quality stuff but it doesn’t need a PMA to be legal.
  8. 12.5 years on the airport land lease. If I multiply my monthly hangar rent x 12.5 years it’s the cost of a hangar. So that’s one loss proposition if the airport tells the hangar owners to take a hike. Second risk proposition is if Say I want to sell it with 5 years left on the land lease ... I’d have to take a loss. I’d probably be better off keeping it through the end of the renegotiations on the land lease or just carry the loss for tax purposes. The airport land lease is high but there is no competition so it is what it is. I had already gotten hail damage once waiting on a waitlist for a hangar tied down outside ... it sucks. Not knowing . There is a fly in community about 10 min from me that has an empty lot. Buying a lot and building a house (rental?) and hangar might be a slightly less risky proposition. However, the HOA down there is very strict about their covenants. A non primary residence doesn’t fit well with their community goals. Another issue is that particular lot flooded with the last hurricane. This housing issue is much more stressful than any maintenance issues I’ve encountered so far. Another Bo owner in a situation similar to me is thinking about selling his bo rather than worrying about it so much.
  9. Hi all Since moving to the Carolina coast (which seems to be a popular retirement spot), I’m faced with a new aviation challenge. There is a dearth of hangar space available - rental situations are hard to find as the supply of hangars is rather absurdly low. I was in a winter sublet and my summer arrangement will likely fall through as that hangar is up for sale. Wait list for the next closest airport to me is about 130 and hasn’t moved in a few years. The next next closest airport is about an hour north with shelters rather than hangars (ie telephone pole construction with sheet metal roofs and no doors). That airport apparently has a history of flooding outside hurricane season and it seems like a storm summer storm could very well topple the shelters. No instrument approaches, minimal lighting, no ARFF on site are all real concerns for me. There are a couple of hangars for sale but I’m hesitant to purchase for a few reasons: big cash outlay - hangar is about as much as my J is worth an LLC owns title to the structures as a partnership. You buy a partnership in the LLC and get a certificate of ownership rather than a title You pay the land lease, property tax, insurance and general upkeep through the LLC. Airport authority holds the land lease - big question for me is what happens when that lease term expires. There are no big plans for a runway or anything, but this airport does not exactly promote light GA. Anyone done / considered something similar? Thanks for the advice and take care.
  10. Hi there. How fast are you looking to unload your Power tow?  I’m going to be up at Smoketown in the next month for paint touch up.  Will the power tow collapse and fit in the back of a Mooney? How much does it weigh?  

    Thanks much



  11. Mine has a tight 90 set radius that goes under the horizontal steel tube - that would be a hell of an awful bend on .090.
  12. I'm still confused - better to do the frequency or voltage mode for new installs with CiES sender?
  13. what's the stock panel from mooney .040?
  14. Just as important as the fancy glass things is the layout. Ditch the shotgun and put the panel into an organized six pack