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  1. Thanks for the info. The reason I asked is because the set I got lasted maybe 5 pushes before they started splitting down the middle, so I put my old busted OEM ones back on. Probably was a temp / annealing issue with that batch. I have had really good luck with prusament ASA and it off gasses a lot less.
  2. I started putting an old pillow below fragile things that are likely to drop and be rendered useless.
  3. @AH-1 Cobra Pilot are your cad / stl files open source by any chance? I’m interested in trying out some different filament I have laying around.
  4. Hey HRM - definitely insulate first. Then you’ll have your choice of by which means you want to control the environment more effectively and efficiently. We’re looking at doing the same for our garage a little up the road here. It’s wonderful and we spend lots of time in the spring/fall doing projects or the kids playing in there (I have a workshop in the garage), but come winter or summer, we don’t spend nearly as much time as we’d like doing stuff because of the Elsa / Lucifer effect. We’ll probably end up better insulating it (doors, floor and ceiling need it), and doing a duc
  5. Simple thing Joe - make sure that the star washer is between the probes. They read funky if not installed this way.
  6. I got it reversed thanks Rich. I guess an easy way to remember is thermocouple is a couple of metals, therm/istor/ sounds like resistor.
  7. Yeah k type thermocouples have a defined resistance can temperature curve. Measure the resistance at know temps and you’ll get a general idea if it’s working or not. The thermocouples are pretty robust. I’m on my same set going on 12 years. Something is off - could the wires be getting singed, vibration excessive, something corroding the tip, etc.
  8. Hey Scott - I’ll bite -How do we use forecast models most effectively as GA pilots -How are upper / mid atmospheric charts useful for us flying down at 6-8,000 - what are the 3 or 4 most practical aspects for skew t chart interpretation as it relates to cross county GA flying. thanks Scott
  9. Just some general info re the JPI - the part numbers required for some of the probes are different for the STCd 900/930 than the non-primary 730/830. I asked the JPI rep and he indicated that the CHT, EGT and RPM probes are common - but MAP, OIL P, Fuel P etc are not common. I’d recommend calling JPI with a list of your probes and part numbers; they said they would be willing to quote a package for upgrade cost.
  10. I think those flaps go to 11. Or quatre vingt dix sept. Lot of good all those years of French did. :-)
  11. Mine is going to go two panels outboard from the fuel vent on the pilots side. One piece of wisdom I got when installing GMU magnetometer was to keep non fuel related wiring two panels (at least one rib from) fuel tank. I’m going on pilot side to go opposite where my magnetometer lives.
  12. Paul what would be the practical difference in just cranking with no fuel vs cranking with plugs out in terms of getting oil to the valve train?
  13. Also- anyone using circuit breaker switches? Looks like 1 amp are harder to come by than a push push.
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