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  1. Shout Out to Power Flow

    I can't say enough good about the PFS. I have over 100 hours on mine (Mooney 201). Numerous high, hot and heavy takeoffs; it makes a noticeable difference.
  2. From retro to basic

    I worked for a very large Cessna affiliate for 9 years in aircraft sales. Doing upgrades whatever they are, be willing to take a 50% hit when it comes time to sell. Maybe a simple Garmin Aera or the Wing X Pro 7 on a mini iPad would do the trick you.
  3. I recently installed the JPI900 in my 1989 Mooney 201. If anyone is interested I have the 2" RPM, 2" Manifold gauge and the 2" Amp gauge for sale. I spoke to Air Salvage of Dallas as what they sell for used. It was recommended the RPM gauge should sell for $225. I would sell it for $195. Manifold pressure should sell for $175. I would sell it for $150. Amperage gauge should sell for $175. I would sell it for $150. Everything was working perfectly when removed.
  4. Druck Transducers

    Per our friend Don Maxwell, Druck was the only transducer manufacture for Mooney aircraft till Mooney aircraft offered the Garmin 1000. They are required to measure fuel, oil and manifold pressure. When they fail there are no replacement transducers. The owner then has to find used ones which are impossible to find except for the two I have or spend thousands of dollars to install the JPI900 or other engine monitoring equipment that is approved by the FAA as replacement gauges for certified aircraft. These came off my 1989 Mooney 201 when I installed the JPI900. The part#: PDCR 821-0862. I would warranty these for 30 days. Lastly I apologize for taking so long to respond. I have been overseas performing.
  5. Druck Transducers

    I installed the new JPI900. I have 2 Druck transducers that were working at time of removal for $500 each. I am willing to guarantee them for 30 days. There are NO replacement transducers when these fail. This is an ongoing problem if you loose fuel pressure, oil pressure or Manifold pressure reading. You only option is to install the JPI900 or other FAA certified replacement or buy used Druck transducers. As far as I know these are the only two on the market. Let me know if I can help you. I would give you a full refund if they should fail within the 30 day period.
  6. Druck Transducers

    I recently installed the JPI900. I removed two Druck transducers that were working at time of removal. I am willing to guarantee them for 30 days. Price is $500 each.