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  1. Pacific Coast Avionics down in Aurora, OR
  2. Here are some photos of my 500 install that is happening as we speak. I also believe my install is all internal.
  3. Airways - Sorry I don't have the very latest firmware update (I have 5.70 and I see it is up to 6.20) so I'm not familiar with the extended HSI. I'd be interested if anyone else has a PIREP! I am finally getting my GFC500 installed next month along with a second G5 so I guess I'll get to see the latest version then.
  4. My main reason for upgrading to the GFC 500 is reliability issues with my KFC 150. A couple of years ago I had some major frustrations (and lots of $ spent) unsuccessfully trying to diagnose some intermittent performance. Ironically its been flawless for the last year or so but I decided I had to part ways with the KFC 150 as soon as there was a good option. Although there are few features I'm looking forward to on the GFC500, as you know the KFC 150 is a great autopilot so if yours is reliable I agree that is harder sell to spend the money. Rags make a good point that you'll still need your current AI with the KFC150. I'm scheduled to get the GFC installed next month so I've been flying with the single G5 HSI and the KFC150 for several months. The single G5 alone is an awesome upgrade for the money.
  5. At least at one time, the RG Cessna's were excluded even though BRS didn't make it clear in the marketing materials. I asked a BRS person about this. They explained that since they could not ensure that the gear was down prior to impact (under the chute), they could not meet the G limits. If you have ever seen one of the videos of an aircraft hitting the ground when descending under a chute, it is eye opening. I've heard people say that it is not something you are going to want to repeat. At least up until recently I think, fixed gear was a required part of the force absorption at impact. The Cirrus Vision Jet has retractable gear and a parachute. I assume (but am just guessing) that the systems can ensure that the gear is extended when the parachute is deployed. I guess Mooney could do the same thing with a new design including the chute?
  6. That's great news! I am on the schedule with Pacific Coast Avionics for an install starting in October. Will be interested to hear any Pireps from folks who get installs done earlier in their J.
  7. Fingers crossed, I get my GFC500 installed in October. As you say this is an impressive upgrade in the meantime!
  8. I wanted to report on my early experience with the G5 HSI working with my legacy KFC-150. The backstory is that I am signed up with Pacific Coast Avionics to do a GFC-500 install with 2 G5s but that's not scheduled until October (too many ADS-B installs I guess)! Anyway earlier this year my old HSI started to die and I appealed to PCA. They offered to squeeze me in for the G5 HSI now ... so I wouldn't need to spend money on a legacy HSI that I would only use for a a few months. I've only had a couple of flights so far but I have been really impressed. The G5 and KFC-150 seem to play very well together. The G5's GPSS (GPS Steering) is a great bonus. It flies hold entries and holds. I've done about 6 practice approaches (ILS and RNAV) now. The first ones involved a couple of "learnings" but the later approaches were very smooth. I'm looking forward to the full setup later in the year but this is not bad.
  9. Skip - I had good experiences with Executive Autopilots at KSAC with a similar problem. I'm also in Seattle. It's not easy to keep these King autopilots alive but I think Executive gave me a little extra time with my KFC150. I am booked in to Pacific Coast Avionics in Oct to get a Garmin GFC500. Trevor
  10. The gascolator on my '92 M20J MSE doesn't work that way. I need to pull the ring on a cabin floor to get it to drain.
  11. I made this adjustable height stand out of scrap PVC pipe. It holds a GATS type sampler under the gascolator so you can pull the ring single handed.
  12. ++ on Autopilots Central. I have had my KFC150 down there a couple of times without the whole plane needing to be there. There don't seem to be many remaining places in the US (or the world!) that can still service this equipment!
  13. Another work around is to have traffic on Garmin Pilot (and perhaps other apps?) on a tablet. The GTX345 can connect to the tablet via Bluetooth and works well. I know its not the installed solution you are after though.