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  1. Yes I have looked into MAPA they have a PPP about 100 miles north of me in April, I plan to attend if I am a mooney owner by then. A Mooney owner-knowledgeble CFI for the transition is one thing that i dont know how to approach. I have asked a few pilots and no one seems to know one or how to find one.
  2. @jaylw314 @gsxrpilot @Oldguy One of my fears in jumping into a Mooney is all the prop strike stories I’ve read about, a mistake like that would hurt my wallet and self-esteem beyond repair. I truly appreciate all the tips and will definitely put extra work on my landings with a focus on hitting all the right speeds before the transition. My second fear and this applies to the purchase of any plane is all the horror stories related to maintenance. Although the one @Yetti pointed out takes the prize and makes me want to run for the hills. However my purpose for the plane is to use the plane for trips and vacations to visit family and friends most of those will be about 150 nm though my sister is up in Oregon close to 900nm away. Renting is not feasible due to hour minimums for overnights and inflated cost in my area 180hr for a piper 28 140. The appeal of buying over flying commercial is that I’ve always dreamed of flying and of the freedom owning your own plane seems to offer. Though based on unexpected maintenance it seems the right financial word might be shackles. But I guess the sentence bellow describes my reasons for wantting to take the plunge: “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Hi I’m a student pilot (37hrs) interested in buying my first plane, I got the chance to fly an M20e and could not believe the speed, climb and value of the aircraft. I know its complex, but am I crazy in thinking that its best to learn in the plane you will be flying than having to constantly transition into new aircraft? I plan to complete my PPL in a Cherokee then use the Mooney to get my IFR certification. My budget for the plane is 30-50k with 5-8k per year for maintenance, is that too low? Any recommendations for a Mooney instructor and Mechanic for a good PPI. I am in the LA area flying out of KVNY.