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  1. Thanks for the lead on this. $15.00. The ones on eBay were $33.00!
  2. Thanks Lance. We tried one of those off eBay and they weren’t clear enough. I might try to find some thinner, more transparent material and cut my own. I’ve read reports of people paying up to $9K to get these things repaired.
  3. Does anyone know a source for the subject lenses? I'm trying to replace one that is very hard to see thru due to age on the unit.
  4. How are you connecting both battery minders? Specifically, how are you routing the cables? And are the cables permanently installed?
  5. On an Ovation, which battery do these external plugs supply power to?
  6. The correct url is plane
  7. Do you have a breakdown on those costs? The units themselves were what, $9K? Was installation really an equal amount? Oops, I see others beat me to the question, but I'd really like to know as well
  8. He's already got the 696 hooked into the panel with the bare wire cable. Just looking to connect the GDL39 now and keep the crossfill working!
  9. I'm trying to help out a friend who has a Garmin 696 that is hard wired into the aircraft's power supply through the panel mounted 430W. This allows cross filling flight plans from the panel to the 696. He also has a GDL39. Is there a cable that will integrate the GDL39 into this system? In the end, he is looking to have the 696 and 430W powered from the ship and allow cross filling from the 430W and get ADS-B data into the 696. I seem to remember that Garmin had a bare wire cable that would do this, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere.
  10. Well, I just got a somewhat hopeful series of answers from the FAA. It appears that the SBS office uses de-registered numbers for various projects on a temporary basis. A regular registration submission will serve as an official request to have the number released for reassignment. It sounded like there are quite a few of these numbers on hold, but not many in actual use, so getting a release shouldn't be too difficult. We'll see!
  11. I am looking at purchasing a plane that has been de-registered for quite some time. Looking at the FAA registry I get the attached screen that looks like the assigned N number is reserved by a government agency. My understanding is that that the aircraft won't be registered if the current N number is reserved. Looking through about a dozen or so similar numbers, I see many have the same reservation hold on them. Is there a way around this that anyone knows of? I suppose I could apply for a new N number and apply that when I get it painted, but was hoping to hold off on the paint until after I get everything else done.
  12. Did not do a static test. I don’t see any dashes on the 297, but the altitude readout on the TCAD device does jump around at times.
  13. I wanted to provide an update. I sent the KC192 out to Bevan in Wichita. Jake replaced various capacitors, resistors, and transistors. He also cleaned up the electrical traces that were corroded from the burst capacitor electrolyte. A bench test on power for about 6 hours showed that everything worked. Total cost was just a little north of $800. I can't recommend Jake and Bevan highly enough! Prompt and courteous emails and phone calls throughout the repair process and the entire transaction was completed in less than a week. After reinstalling in the plane and testing it, I found some additional problems. The AP will hold a heading, hold altitude, fly a nav source, couple to a localizer/glide slope, couple to a GPS/LPV approach, etc. The problem comes when I try to use the KAS297B altitude preselector. Multiple issues here. It won't capture a preselected altitude, either going up or down. It won't hold a vertical speed, either up or down. And when I press the CWS button to capture the present VS, the number that it is capturing is not accurate. It sometimes shows a climb of 2400fpm. I'm wondering if the issue is with altitude preselector. But there is something else weird going on too. I have a Ryan TCAD device installed. It shows my current altitude after the altimeter setting is input. I've noticed that the altitude will sometimes flash from the correct altitude to some crazy number like FL330, and then back. This makes me wonder if there is something wrong with the altitude encoder or pitot-static system. Any thoughts?