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  1. Didn’t Jimmy develop the valuation tool described?
  2. I’m taking a plane up to Don Maxwell’s tomorrow and wondering if anyone was available for a ride back to KDWH. Gas and lunch are on me!
  3. The valuation tool on The Mooney Flyer shows this at just north of $100K, and that's with a stock engine. This one has the 200HP STC'd engine. I forgot to mention in the original post that this one also has speed brakes.
  4. I've flipped exactly two airplanes. One was a C model and I made $8K in about a month. There's a local guy who details planes and I paid him $250 and the original paint looked almost new when he was finished. The other was a 201 that didn't have logbooks. The sale price was discounted heavily because of that. There were a few squawks that were addressed and some major cleaning. The issue with the missing logbooks turned out to be an ex-wife who claimed she didn't have any idea where they were. A $2000 check convinced her to look harder and they were delivered to me within a week. Huge gamble with the logbooks, but I was able to resell the plane for a nice profit when all was said and done. Both were special circumstances and I'm wondering if this newest discovery might be in the same category.
  5. The plane is extremely clean. I looked inside the tail cone and took some of the wing inspection covers off. No sign of corrosion at all and the tail area had zinc primer. I guess the big gamble is the engine.
  6. I have an Ovation right now, but it's way too much plane for my current mission. My thought was to buy the C and then evaluate flipping it after I clean it up, or keep it and sell the Ovation.
  7. I don't know and I hate dealing with the guy in the middle. I told him to get $75K, everything had to be working. The $50K offer was as is. Maybe the $25K delta is worth it to have everything work. Not many C models will fetch that kind of price, but there aren't many out there like this one. I have zero experience dealing with Aspen or the newer Garmin stuff where repairs are concerned.
  8. Additional info to consider....The airframe has 1700 TT and the engine was put on a couple of years ago and then the owner lost his medical, hence the reason for the sale. The $50K number is what the shop thought the owner wanted for it. It seemed like it was in the ballpark because the broker took the offer to the owner. As soon as I heard who the broker was, I cringed. The guy has quite the reputation. It also has speed brakes (manual activation). And manual landing gear.
  9. I went by my local shop today (not a MSC). They said that they were completing an annual inspection on an M20C that I might be interested in. They said the owner was getting a broker involved in the sale, so I knew I had to act quickly. I offered $50K on the spot and the shop said that's what the seller was looking for. $50K for a 1968 C model? Was I crazy? First the bad: Late 1980's paint scheme in overall good shape but not the best paint job in town and a very dated scheme. The interior, except for the new leather seats was in poor condition. Now for the good stuff. It had an STC'd 200 HP IO360A1 engine on it with 4 hours since overhaul. Complete with 201 cowling, spinner, and windshield. New polished prop. O&N fuel bladders installed. 401 EPIRB. New windshield, side glass, and glare shield. It gets better. An Aspen PFD and MFD. Garmin GTN750 with everything internal (audio panel, etc). ADSB in/out. STEC 55X Autopilot. 201 control yokes with the STEC stuff (CWS, disconnect, etc). Sure enough, before the shop could call the owner, the broker showed up and got in the middle. I made the offer to him and he said he's consult with the owner. He came back a couple hours later and said they wanted $75K for it. We got it cowled up and started the engine. Ran fine, but then some "issues" popped up. The Aspen units both seem to have AHRS failures and also wouldn't lock onto satellites. Couldn't get the in signal from the GTN 750 either. The the GTN750 displayed a message that the audio panel needed servicing. A call to Garmin tech support said "take it to a dealer", which is also what the Aspen guy told us. The last gotcha was that we couldn't get the cabin door to close unless someone pushed on it from the outside. Anyway, I was curious what the fine folks here have to say. Is it worth $75K. Or $50K, or somewhere in between?
  10. Does anyone know the name of and more importantly, the source of the material that covers the sidewall panels in the early Ovations. It looks like it is glued to the fiberglass panels and the material is fairly stretchy.
  11. Definitely the computer. I swapped mine out with another unit and everything worked perfectly. I guess I’ll be sending mine off next week for a repair estimate.
  12. I talked to Bob Weber today. $150 to talk to him, but worth it if his hunch is correct. He seems to thinks it's the connectors on the mounting rack. There is a product called Stabilant that can he brushed onto the connectors that will clean them and enhance the connections. I'm going to give that a shot and see what happens.
  13. Are the KC192 units dual voltage? 14/28V?
  14. The KI256 was just overhauled. Everything else has about 250-300 hours on it. Which connections do you suggest cleaning? I'm guessing everything in that connect to the AP.