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  1. I have seen 75 degrees listed in the Ovation POH as a specific temperature, but have not found anything similar for the 4 cylinder airplanes. I'd be waiting a long time to get to 150 on the ground in colder weather. Anyway, this is the guidance I have always used for the Lycoming 4 cylinder engines, taken directly from the Operator's Manual. Scan Oct 17, 2020.pdf
  2. “The operating manual for my plane calls for an oil temperature of 150 degrees before take-off.” Which Mooney or Mooneys have this requirement?
  3. Yes, and it's a sweet ride. If anyone wants specifics about this plane, feel free to PM me. I ferried it from PA to TX a few weeks ago. Jimmy mentioned in the ad that it is a head turner. I lost track of the number of people who approached me to ask about the plane while I was ferrying it and getting some maintenance done.
  4. Interesting that it isn't labeled. I'm guessing that it would be another avionics master switch. I've seen them in quite a few planes. Imagine what would happen if your one and only avionics master failed in flight.
  5. I have wondered the same thing. I don't think you'd need the KAS-297 with this setup though. Isn't the altimeter and altitude pre-select built into the GI-275?
  6. Thanks Steve. Where did you find the part number for the bulbs?
  7. Sam, I was just curious what your plan was, because that is the exact strategy that I have used before and it worked out well.
  8. Matt, so even if you doubled the amount of flying you do, you'd be looking at an overhaul years down the road if you decided to do it based on hours. Some will tell you that the best way to buy is plane is to get one with the paint, interior and avionics you want, and a runout engine. Then get the engine overhauled at the shop of your choosing, or get a new engine, and break it in and maintain it the way you want from day one.
  9. I'm assuming the annunciator panel in early Ovations has individual bulbs for each warning. Does anyone know the part numbers for those bulbs or where I can find them? My gear down indication doesn't light up when I use the test button.
  10. How many hours per year are you flying? Even if it's 100 hours per year, a 1200-1500 hour engine will give you 5-8 years before reaching Continental's recommended TBO. Many folks fly well beyond recommended TBO anyway. Which would you trust more, a properly maintained engine that has 2000 hours on it or a newly overhauled engine with 50 hours on it?
  11. Nice looking plane. It was the 3rd Ovation built. If I remember correctly, it had a very high time engine. If that's true, what is your plan where that is concerned?
  12. Yes, this was Lloyd’s plane. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but do admire his taste in airplanes and paint schemes. His hangar was also well kept and you could see that the plane was his passion and well cared for. He had all the tools he needed to keep it looking great!
  13. I thought I'd post a little advance notice of a sweet Ovation about to come on the market. I ferried this one to Texas today from Pennsylvania. Jimmy Garrison at GMax Aircraft will be listing it soon. And for those who haven't already, contact him and get on his mailing list to receive notice of new planes coming on the market. Many of the nicer planes he sells never make it to his website and are sold from these mail lists. Anyway, this one is super nice! The previous owner spared no expense and took great care of this plane. It was painted in one of the new "Ultra" paint schemes w
  14. It was my pleasure. As you could tell, I love Mooneys! And the Bravo you asked about is a solid plane, offered at a very appealing price!
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