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  1. I’m based in Lincoln. Let me know if I can help.
  2. Unfortunately I threw it away. When I drained the tank I found four pieces just like it. I can take pics of it tomorrow. Pretty sure I replaced the cap o-rings a few years ago. I should probably screen the fuel before pouring it back in.
  3. Looks like I found the culprit. A small piece of rubber got stuck in there. I’m assuming bladder material?
  4. If you look at the pic, the part on the left should not have been removed. It needs to be pushed back on the bladder. From passed experience the bladder just pushes up which makes it hard to get on. We misunderstood how the drain went on.
  5. Okay I did something stupid and can use some advice. Two years ago when my mechanic and I replaced the sump drains, we removed the plate with the nipple on it from the bladder instead of just unscrewing the drain. Of course getting it back into the bladder was a real bitch, so we opened up the tank so I could push down while he pushed it in. Of course NOW I under the mistake and repeated it. Any advice?
  6. Anyone have a good way to remove a sump drain for cleaning? Went to sump and it’s stuck open. Tried the sumping a bunch of times and it keeps leaking. Replaced this two years ago. Not a normal easy and unscew like on a wet wing.
  7. Hmm.... I’m pretty certain I didn’t put the washer there! Thanks
  8. Can a probe be tested without running the engine?
  9. My 830 was flashing bad probe when I landed. With the engine still running I recycled the avionics master and it restarted the 830. Warning went away, so I did a run up. All okay till I brought it back to idle, bad probe popped back up.
  10. Just had my #2 cylinder exhaust probe fail for the third time in about 400 hours. It’s the only one that ever goes bad. Thoughts?
  11. What finally fixed it was putting a filter on the ELT. Someone here suggested it and never had the problem again.
  12. It has three ports, but I’m only using one. I do however have my Garmin 39 GDL 3D and a Garmin Aera 660 plugged into the cigarette port as well.
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