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  1. I’m certainly not going off-roading with my plane, so it never gets to dirty. Mostly dust and bugs. Thanks!
  2. Just watched the video. Interesting stuff. So you’re not just smearing the dirt around? Doesn’t scratch the paint? Seems to good to be true.
  3. I’ve washed several times the old fashion way. Looking for something new or better.
  4. Anyone have experience or recommendations on dry washing and waxing their Mooney? I have a 6 month old paint job and want to take good care of it. Thanks!
  5. Got creative today and made a safety wire tool out of one of my drumsticks. Works like a charm for that pesky sump drain plug!
  6. What do you think it means when the gauges go back to normal after resetting the breaker?
  7. The paint shop. I guess I can live with it, as long as it doesn’t get worse.
  8. This is what it looked like before the repair
  9. Anyone know what causes these areas to crack on a fresh paint job? It’s on the cowling. is it avoidable?
  10. Do you mind me asking who painted your planes?
  11. He’s not show car picky and figured there would be some dust.
  12. Not sure how to quantify it I guess. Particles per square foot? He’s pretty picky.
  13. For those of you that have had your planes repainted, how much dust or particulate did you find in your paint? Asking for a friend.