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  1. Joe Larussa

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Correction, might be Granite Bay Ca
  2. Joe Larussa

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Looks like the pilot was Chris de bar from Rocklin Ca. After looking at his Facebook page he looked like he was full of life.
  3. Joe Larussa

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Anybody have any info on this? M20 going from KHWD to KLHM. My prayers to the family.
  4. Joe Larussa

    Looking for EZ Tug

    You have my attention.
  5. Joe Larussa

    Power flow exhaust?

    So I’ve had my new exhaust in my 201 for two weeks. Only had the chance to fly it twice. Aside from running all the numbers, which I haven’t had a chance to do yet, anyone notice a seat of your pants difference? Did it snap your neck off when you excellerated down the runway? Lose consciousness with a vertical take off ? Just thinking out loud.
  6. Joe Larussa

    M20J Muffler

    They had one they could ship on Wednesday.
  7. Joe Larussa

    M20J Muffler

    Pulled the trigger yesterday on the PF. It was about 2200.00 more than the stock exhaust. A hard pill to swallow either way, but at least when it’s done I’ll be excited to pick it up, as apposed to, crap that was expensive and it’s still the same.
  8. Joe Larussa

    M20J Muffler

    Just got a quote for a new muffler and one riser. 1308.00 in parts and 208.00 in labor. Holy crap!
  9. Joe Larussa

    M20J Muffler

    Don't those cones need to be there?
  10. Joe Larussa

    M20J Muffler

    Anybody out in Mooneyland replace or repair a muffler lately? Looks like my cones are toast. Rebuild or new?
  11. Expect to overhaul engine. Depends on how it was preserved before putting to bed.
  12. Joe Larussa

    Fuel pressure gauge options?

    My fuel pressure hose failed at the firewall inside the cabin. Fortunately for me it happened on the ground when I was priming.
  13. Joe Larussa

    Fuel pressure gauge options?

    Pretty sure I’m going to copy yours. My tach sucks, fuel pressure gauge is wonky and my Jpi fuel scan buttons hardly work anymore.
  14. Joe Larussa

    Fuel pressure gauge options?

    Ignorance is bliss right? Lol
  15. Joe Larussa

    Fuel pressure gauge options?

    Anyone been successful at finding a way to replace the fuel pressure gauge and getting that fuel line out of the cockpit?