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  1. They are all cam-locks, no screws. I like the screw idea though. Mine were removable cam-locks at the nose. When the painters put the new cam-locks in I had a hell of a time removing the cowl. Not to mention, I was afraid of jacking up my new paint job!
  2. Problem is if I can't fully remove the six camlocks at the spinner I can't remove the top cowl. They hang up and I'm afraid of jacking up the cowl.
  3. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the camlocks have retainer washers on the inside of the cowl so they don't fall out. If I can't fully remove them it's a total pain to remove the top cowl. Twice I've had work done and the mechanics put the retainer washers on them and I wanted to scratch my eyes out.
  4. Do all your fasteners on the top cowl have retainer washers on them? I find it impossible to remove it unless the three in the pic can be removed. Am I doing it wrong?
  5. That’s what I was hoping for. Not afraid of an IPC check but had something already lined up and CFII’s are getting hard to find that work weekends that aren’t slammed.
  6. Okay, I must be brain dead. My last IPC check was July 18th 2019. Plane was down for 3 months between annual and new paint job, so not much flying period. Not one approach. Do I need an IPC check or can I go out with a safety pilot and get it done?
  7. I had an instructor today in no uncertain terms tell me " The six month grace period no longer exists" If you are no longer current due to going passed your six months, you must have an IPC check, period!
  8. If memory serves me correct, In the past if you didn't meet the recency, you could not file or fly IFR but you could meet recency if in the next six months you got it done. No IPC required.
  9. So am I late to the dance? Apparently they did away with the additional 6 months to complete recency experience for IFR, hence needing an IPC check after 6 months?
  10. When people ask me what kind of plane is a Mooney, I describe it as a Porsche with wings! I love Mooney’s and Porsche’s.
  11. I had my mag come lose once, luckily only lost a quart of oil. Improper hardware was used to reattach the mags.
  12. Holy crap! What an experience. Glad it all worked out.
  13. Yikes! Are they sending you pics of its progress? I asked for pics at various stages so I could be sure we were on the same page. I was always surprised when I got them and was like “ Holy crap, it’s actually getting done!”