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  1. Do you guys update your weight and balance when there is a change of maybe two pounds? I'm pulling my power supplies after installing LED's.
  2. That’s what I thought, just thought there might be something special because I have bladders and there’s a hose clamp.
  3. Is there a trick to getting these out?
  4. Anyone out there replace their wing drains that have bladders? Is that a special part? Looks like it’s installed into the bladder with a hose clamp?
  5. Anyone out in Mooneyland ever replace their wing drains when having bladders? Looks like they are installed into the bladder with a hose clamp? Is that a special part? I’m used to screw on drains.
  6. Anybody have a POH handy that shows upper and lower fuel pressure limits for a 77 M20J?
  7. I want to replace my old wingtip strobes and position lights with LED's. What are you guys using? Whelen Orion 650's? Do you need to rewire from rocker switch or use existing wire?
  8. I used a musicians road case and old airplane tire under the tail tiedown. I pulled the engine and swung the gear. As I remember, this worked perfectly.
  9. Please do! Trying to decide between them and Art Craft.
  10. How’s your Corona experience so far?
  11. Ever notice a twitchy oil pressure reading below 6 quarts?
  12. Where do you like to keep your oil level? I usually like it at 6 quarts if I’m doing flights around and hour or two. Long trips I like to start at seven. Do you notice any indications when it falls below a certain level?
  13. Too funny! I met you once at the fuel pump and you told me about your paint job and who did it. I turned a friend on to them and he had a good experience. I would like to take a closer look if you don't mind.
  14. Anyone out there in Mooney land use Corona Air Paint?