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  1. I am doing one from a 90's J right now and it's running ~25AMU
  2. I’ll definitely try this in at least a couple spots and see how it goes
  3. I haven't seen a new 1977 up close yet. Perhaps mine will turn into that one day.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like I might have a paint job in my future. I can deal with the looks for now (maybe prices of a new paint job will come down in the future), but should I be concerned about corrosion and seek to cover the bare metal? What about the bare rivet heads?
  5. A quick google search didn't yield an obvious match, but there is a company with the name name out of a different location in TX. I am in NC so it'd be quite a hike. I can try calling them tomorrow. Unlikely they will be sympathetic even if they are the same company.
  6. I just bought it, haven't flown her as the engine is out for overhaul. Only had 250 hours on her from last overhaul and they found spalled lifters / cam, 2 bad cylinders, 2 bad pistons. It was hangared before I bought it, paint looks very shiny. Currently lives outdoors as hangar space is unobtanium right now. I am literally on every wait list within 1hr drive from my house. Metal looks in great condition, no corrosion found. pre-buy inspection said the air frame looked new.
  7. That's dew. The paint is coming off near the rivet in the picture.
  8. Hi Everyone, Having a decent amount of peeling of paint on my M20J. It was last painted 2/28/2003 by Nationwide Aerospace in San Marcos, TX. Paint is coming off in the pictured areas + on about 100 rivets. Logs say it was primed, but I don't see any primer under the paint, just metal? Am I looking at a repaint here or is this something I should just repair. If repair, how would you all go about getting it done? Thanks! I
  9. That is really helpful to see, I like that layout a lot. Your glare-shield doesn't have the hump. Did it come that way, or is it a mod?
  10. Luckily the airplane already has 2 radios and 3 GPS antenna installed so I should be good on that front.
  11. I did not know about safe glide. That does seem like an interesting feature
  12. Continuing to read, I may actually prefer the remote audio panel especially if I have two G3X displays. It looks a lot easier to change the configuration and select which audio sources belong to which groups (playing music to passengers only for instance) than memorizing button combinations on the GMA 345.
  13. Nice, looks great! Excited to see it installed.
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