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  1. Have you already received the parts? I am also currently in the installation process, but Garmin didn‘t deliver the parts as announced ... :-(
  2. The fan is on the back of the tray? Power is supplied via a connector. So nothing complicated. The difficulty comed from accessing the back of tray ...
  3. Working when removed Asking $800
  4. The 120 value describes the wave impedance and not resistance. This is important for reflections on the cable.
  5. The article shows nicely that CAN is the better choice for our application. Using IP you need additional protocol layers for a lot of tasks. This means more complexity, more testing, more computing power and memory. Add this to the higher hardware cost (remember we are talking about embedded software here and not gaming PCs) makes it a clear choice. What the article is not addressing is EMI immunity. My understanding is that CAN is superior in that area as well. Speed is only relevant if your system requires this speed otherwise it is wasted money. Robustness and data integrity is something that at least myself would call a must. Concerning connecting other devices : having a compatible physical and protocol layer doesn‘t mean that you can use it in any practical way within the network out of the box. Don‘t get me wrong - I wouldn‘t use CAN for my home network, but for low cost networked avionics it is a ideal choice. Simply the right tool for the right application...
  6. What practical benefit would IP bring over CAN? In the automotive industrie IP is only used for high bandwidth applications and they analyzed it pretty extensively.
  7. The annoying thing is that they are referring to just one manufacturer. There are at least two more making Aerospace/Milspec CAN bus wires where one is used on Airbuses (means fulfilling Air Transport requirements). There even is a European Standard for Aerospace CAN Bus wires which could have been referenced.
  8. Can you probably post a picture from below the bracket where we can see how the servos connect to the tubes?
  9. I can share mine. The last one I did was for a dual G5 and JPI
  10. The software I used from their partner is free. Once you are done with the design you can order that panel directly from within the software. I sent them the right aircraft aluminum bare material to use and received a very nice panel power coated and engraved for a very reasonable price. For printing the software allows for printing on multiple sheets that you can glue together.
  11. Pretty close - some call it a magnetometer
  12. 6 Cylinder - I am not sure if it is also possible to reprogram for 4
  13. Unit with selected sensors: - Manifold Pressure - Oil Pressure - Oil Temperature - OAT - Fuel Level Adapter Box Perfect opportunity to upgrade from your 700 or 830 to primary ! Price : $1700