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  1. Emmet

    that's it!

    The Mooney parts catalog lists a standby generator installation under 950236-501 ... They are using the 10 amp EM8012 generator.
  2. Emmet

    GFC500 Update

    I am wondering if they build a special parameter set for each type... Does anybody know anything about it ?
  3. Emmet

    GFC500 Update

    I thought this topic deals with GFC 500 update and not 650 bashing .... just saying ...
  4. I did a sea survival course 3 years ago which was held by a rescue helicopter pilot. He said exactly the opposite: There are so many PLBs around with false alarms that you can‘t expect a quick rescue. Also don’t expect the ships to have a 406 receiver on board. He recommended a EPIRB ( I bought one which fits nicely into my life vest) and a marine VHF as well. That is what the ships have.
  5. Emmet

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    I would also check if the engine mount has been bent ... I had a horrible and expensive maintenance experience last year - so I have an idea how you feel. All the best and good luck that it will be sorted out in a reasonable time !
  6. Emmet

    GFC500 Update

    It would be great if you could report on the difference between yaw damper on and off on the midbody once you get ist back.
  7. Emmet

    How to install LED Strobes?

    How do you get the 7% dicount?
  8. Emmet

    How to install LED Strobes?

    You will not connect the LED to a strobe power supply anyway. What is the technical reason why it should not be possible to remove the power supply on one side an replace this with a LED? Only that the other side is on the same supply wire ? The whole aircraft is on one supply wire ... If thats the case than the high voltage supply would be a massive EMV disturber which disqualifies it as an aircraft part.
  9. Emmet

    Small GFC 500 Update

    They have updated their Website again. Looks like they have a strong Cessna preference ...
  10. Emmet

    Small GFC 500 Update

    If the smaller ones do the job the bigger ones will only add weight ...
  11. I think this version of the KMA24 does not have an internal intercom.
  12. Emmet

    Sabre Cowl Gen2

    Would you mind to explain whatt the Sabre Cowl is and for what models it will fit?
  13. Nop - I was interested if he found a way on a stock 231. But thanks for your answer anyway :-)
  14. Do you have that installed in a 231?
  15. Emmet

    First Mooney: 231 vs. 201

    The 231 can be flown LOP very nicely and it in fact makes engine handling a lot easier. For what it is worth for you - having 6 jugs instead of 4 makes a smoother running engine