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  1. Notchy trim diagnosis

    Can you tell us the price for the assembly?
  2. Trim Jackscrew Binding

    Can you tell how many hours it take for removal, cleaning and reinstallation?
  3. I read everything about them what I could find, but the questions from above remain open. As the 60h for installation are the biggest part of the equation I would like to understand better how they are composed and what probably can be done under supervision....
  4. I am deeply impressed about how good this magic word works ! The question is how much and especially what kind of work is required ? I understand that the estimated total time is about 60 hours, but how does this split up? Installation of fuel cap and reseal? Any additional metal work when the plane has speed brakes?
  5. I have a K231 with speed brakes.
  6. I am wondering what kind of work is needed for th LR tank installation. Is it „only“ installing a new fuel cap, a hole to the main tank and reseal of the bays or is more involved? What is necessary if the plane has speed brakes?
  7. 252 Aircleaner in 231

    No, not really. Just from comparing the available area of both inlets I thought it might be beneficial as nearly half of the right side is covered. A look in the parts catalog made me think about it as it doesnˋt look very complicated - and it is just a evolution of the samy type certificate ...
  8. Does anybody know if there is a way to install a 252 aircleaner in a 231. That would of course require the installation of the air intake in the cowling and a modified baffling, but it might improve the cooling of the right hand side cylinders.
  9. M20K Fuel Flow

    Are the 34“ with intercooler?
  10. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    I have been waiting for this for a couple of years. I even tried to get a bunch of people together. What I learned is that there was always a moving target of 5,6,7 ... of orders to get production started. It never materialized... I finally decided for Turboplus and the kit is on the way right now.
  11. Flew a Tiger for a couple of years and loved it. Stepped up to a K not a J. Major differences were: - heavier controls not as nice and easy as in the Tiger - a lot more stable in turbulence and during approaches - Tiger is more a low altitude airplane - Visibility and cabin access in the Tiger is much better - much better grass field capability (Tiger) - Performance improvements were significant - higher maintenance costs although the Mooney is not so bad Hope that helps