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  1. We spent more than 10 hours troubleshooting the abnormal disconnects with Garmin guys on the phone, swapping units, rechecking the installation etc. and all of a sudden the new software came out which fixed the problem ... I am now very happy with the installation and the performance, but it was was very frustrating at the beginning.
  2. I completely agree and it makes a lot of sense, but it might be possible that your setting is incorrect (which you can check yourself) or that Garmin made a mistake and put a wrong value in the STC paperwork (which has to be checked by Garmin) I did find an error in the drawings and they had a problem with the software of the G3X Touch which they fixed with 6.30 - so this is not completely out of scope...
  3. The installation in my Mooney is done exactly like my former KFC 200. So it looks like they simply used a proven installation design. If your are using a pushrod design you are very limited in travel and also get a non linear force/travel distance distribution. So I think the design might not be as bad as you are thinking. Also from all I read about AP the Kings performed better than the Centurys. Not to talk about the GFC which is way ahead of the KFC200 and 150... I think you are missing a lot by cancelling your installation, but of course that is your decision.
  4. Have you checked if this behavior is airspeed dependent? The GFC trim speed can be adjusted according to airspeed.
  5. Baby wipes They degrease pretty well, are cheap and come with their own cloths
  6. I got a message within Pilot saying they are finished testing and that I could update..
  7. Not really - the EIS is done via a separate box. As you are planning for a second display it will display engine information in case of a failure of the main screen. Therefore you would have the same redundancy as with the EDM. That is the reason why I sold my EDM and got the EIS. You would also get EIS via connext to Garmin Pilot once they release the feature (already available in the experimental version). Do you really need the second indicator ?
  8. Technically the G3X could cover all of the annunciations with ease. How is a annunciator defined as primary?
  9. You can download the PC software here https://www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=010-01057-00 It is pretty old and not really user friendly but does the job.
  10. For my 795 it needed to be in the root folder of the SD card. It probably works the same on the G3X ...
  11. That is close to my case. After installation of a G3X and removal of the vacuum system all I have left is gear down, gear unsafe, voltage and alternate air. Gear should be covered by the mechanical indication on the floor, voltage warning is within the G3X. That leaves me with just the alternate air ....
  12. I was just looking at the type certificate and couldnā€˜t find anything about the annunciator panel in a K model. Does anybody know if it is a legally required part or could it be removed or replaced with single annunciators ?
  13. As others have mentioned before: is your GNC connected to a GPS?