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  1. ... and the A380 is - from a passenger perspective - the most comfortable plane I have been flying in..
  2. No, it is on the bracket. It will not affect the pitch servo despite the fact that if the plane is out of trim the pitch servo has to work harder and if forces exceed certain limits the AP will disconnect.
  3. It looks exactly like the issue I had with mine. Long story short - the cause was the bearing on the trim torque tube below the trim servo. It seldom sees some lube during annuals, gets stuck and produces what you are experiencing.
  4. ADSB out is not required for our Mooneys in Europe, but you need Mode-S. I am not sure if you have to disable the 978 ADSB out.
  5. I have chosen dark grey powder coating and I am very happy with it. The idea was to avoid potential blending of lighter colors and to have a more modern look than before.
  6. Mmh ... I thought the primary purpose is to destroy airflow ...
  7. Joe, you should have a schematic of your bus architecture in your POH. In my 231 the busses are made up by a simple connection bar connecting the CBs. That is the location of the busses. Primary engine instruments should be connected to the main and not the avionics bus for obvious reasons.
  8. That is exactly the problem, so therefore I would not do longer flights until the issue is resolved. I have to add that the replacement unit worked flawlessly from day 1. So I suspect that this was really an infant mortality issue. The unit itself is really nice.
  9. I had a new JPI 900 which showed a similar behavior and after a few hours it failed to come up at all. JPI replaced the unit under warranty.
  10. We will look at this ... The senders have been installed just after the new reseal.
  11. That ist part of the Soundex multilayer insulation/sound proofing
  12. Looks like we found at least one source for the fuel smell. The senders were installed mid 2017
  13. Fine - it is not worth the discussion. I don‘t feel the need to convince anybody and wish you good luck ..
  14. Interesting ... you said differently in the thread about your refurbishing... So what - I can only offer experience and try to help others not to make mistakes I did - judge yourself ..
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