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  1. M20K Fuel Flow

    Are the 34“ with intercooler?
  2. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    I have been waiting for this for a couple of years. I even tried to get a bunch of people together. What I learned is that there was always a moving target of 5,6,7 ... of orders to get production started. It never materialized... I finally decided for Turboplus and the kit is on the way right now.
  3. Flew a Tiger for a couple of years and loved it. Stepped up to a K not a J. Major differences were: - heavier controls not as nice and easy as in the Tiger - a lot more stable in turbulence and during approaches - Tiger is more a low altitude airplane - Visibility and cabin access in the Tiger is much better - much better grass field capability (Tiger) - Performance improvements were significant - higher maintenance costs although the Mooney is not so bad Hope that helps
  4. Take of fuel flow on M20K

    That is way to low. You should be 24-25. The exact amount can be found in I think sid97-3g from Continental.
  5. MT 3 blade composite prop

    I thought he mentioned that cruise went up again after putting the old prop back on
  6. MT 3 blade composite prop

    Lloyd lost quite some airspeed with his and therefore didn't use it for his RTW trip. Could you probably do some tests before and after the installation of yours to see if this prooves for other installations also ?
  7. As long as you are LOP increasing the fuel flow increases power and that increases TAS. No surprise I doubt that you have still been LOP at 12.2 - don't trust the E3 especially when you only increased FF and haven't redone the leaning procedure.
  8. Show Your Tug

    PM sent
  9. Show Your Tug

    Looks really nice ! How many teeth do you have on each gear?
  10. Do they really think anybody buys a new product of them after their latest repair announcements?
  11. I don't do it myself therefore I don't know the sealant. I was asking because I have planned a longer trip in May and am trying to find out if the job can be done in time.
  12. Assuming that the tank has already been stripped and cleaned how long does it take from sealing to be ready to fill up ?
  13. Gps antenna wiring

    It usually is RG400
  14. Garmin Pilot 8.7 Release

    To me it looks like the DB concierge works only for the Jepp charts not the nav database.
  15. Altitude Preselect Retrofit

    On the KFC200 it will give you only altitude preselect no VS select. VS select is only available on the KFC 150 and other AP models. The box that adds altitude hold for the Aspen technically only automates the push on the alt button of the AP.