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  1. I’d fix them asap. Garmin is telling dealers they have a fixed amount of parts left for the 430’s and will stop support once they’re gone. That and supply chain issues for old tech displays and electronics means the end is in sight
  2. Just because you’re paying new BMW money doesn’t mean you’re getting a new BMW. There are no perfect 50 year old planes.
  3. In decades of ownership I’ve never really figured this out. When the friction is other than full tight there is later movement allowed by all the controls in the quadrant. This means it’s often the case that when you pull the throttle to idle it misses hitting the gear warning switch. Anyone come up with a solution to this? Maybe fab a bar on the switch to ensure the throttle can’t miss it?
  4. Aerox customer for the last 20 years. SkyOx is fine if you’re on a tight budget.
  5. I have about 5 years 200 hours on my hub since the last tear down and reseal. After last annual I’m seeing small amount of grease on each blade. All these annuals pumping a couple pumps of grease I wonder if the prop just overfilled and purged some? I’ve never seen grease come out the opposite open zerk. I’ve heard some prop people say a little grease isn’t an issue??? Could it have just been too much eventually?
  6. I'm a bit of a Wings collector. I have level 14 of basic wings and enough credits to submit for level 15. However, one thing that doesn't seem to provide wings credit is a checkride for a new category. Am I just missing it? I've taken my private and commercial helicopter. I'll be taking my helicopter CFI soon. But it appears you can only get wings credit for your initial ride at that level? -Robert
  7. As long as you purchase that Mooney sticker from Mooney you are good.
  8. A legitimate engraver will require a letter on mooneys letter head approving it. The law doesn’t have an exception for personal use of a trademark
  9. I think people change them too often. 50 hours regardless of calendar time is good.
  10. They expect another 8,000 to arrive end of next month
  11. Just thinking it’s been awhile since I’ve been asked to ident. This is any airspace from E to B and I’ve not been asked. Is this a change to the atc system or just an oddity?
  12. So for only $500 I just swapped my RC Allen attitude with a factory reman from aircraft spruce. Even though this is the third attitude indicator in my panel I didn’t want to have it non functional. I recall paying a shop more than that to overhaul my Sigma-tech and then having them redo it when it didn’t work. -Robert
  13. The part I don’t understand is weight. I rarely can take full fuel in my Mooney. So will you always be limited to full fuel weight???
  14. Im nearly always in mid teens on cross countries in my F. Depends on terrain etc. i don’t often go over 16,000.
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