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  1. RobertGary1

    High Performance Endorsement

    I’ve got a ton of hours teaching in 182’s and 206’s. They’re wonderful for instruction because they are super dosile in stalls and have no challenging landing characteristics. Unlike a Mooney, if the student gets it too slow over the fense it doesn’t drop jn. Just mushes down to the runway. -Robert
  2. RobertGary1

    M20 F cockpit fuel drain.

    If it’s really the collator you may not have pushed it all the way in. However it’s good to replace the seal at annual since you have it appart anyway. -Robert
  3. RobertGary1

    Deposit on Plane

    Doesn't AOPA still do their escrow service? I know I've used it before. I would avoid loans at all costs. -Robert
  4. RobertGary1

    High Performance Endorsement

    Plus open pilots can’t have regular access. My broker said if you have your own keys you’ll likely be denied in an open pilot claim because you’re no longer a casual user. -Robert
  5. RobertGary1

    new bearings every annual

    I’ve never heard of anything other than the felt. Who makes it? -Robert
  6. RobertGary1

    High Performance Endorsement

    But you could fill the C-182 with concrete and it will still climb. Sometimes you need a diesel F-350 and sometimes you need a Porsche. -Robert
  7. RobertGary1

    High Performance Endorsement

    It makes sense the faa doesn’t want someone popping out of a c-150 and into an Ovation without instruction. But if you’re flying a 200hp J don’t expect a big difference in a 230hp c-182. -Robert
  8. RobertGary1

    new bearings every annual

    If you keep fresh grease on them annually they shouldn’t have contact with corrosives -Rober
  9. RobertGary1

    High Performance Endorsement

    Only the turbo Mooney’s require the endorsement. The E-J do not exceed 200 hp. -Robert, cfii
  10. RobertGary1

    new bearings every annual

    The first few years of ownership this is normal. Those bearing could be decades old. But I wouldn’t expect to change the same one twice. -Robert
  11. And that plastic must be faa approved. -Robert
  12. RobertGary1

    Fuel injection problem

    What model engine? Pull power climb at low density altitude is 16-18gal/hr in IO-360. -Robert
  13. RobertGary1

    Fuel injection problem

    When I had my fuel servo flood and kill my engine on climb out I sent it for overhaul. Came back and it did the same. Sometimes they don’t get it the first time. -Robert
  14. Oh, like they need a G1 to hand type it into the airmen registry? It’s hard to imagine anything being that low tech today. -Robert
  15. I still don’t know why the competed, approved iacra application doesn’t just instantly update the airmen registry immediately. The airmen already holds the new privilege on his temporary so it’s not adding any new privileges to update the airmen registry -Robert