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  1. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I certainly won't claim to have any useful evidence. My personal experience is that the most gear up accidents I'm personally aware of have been touch n gos. But I can't claim anything beyond anecdotal evidence in this regard. I have grabbed students hands and stopped them from pulling the gear up after landing when they thought they were going for flaps. That's why I don't have students touch the flaps until they exit the runway and take a relaxing breath. -Robert, CFII
  2. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Oddly its cheaper than what I pay for any single car at a higher hull value. I had a claim a few years ago after my engine outage. They covered the tie down at the remote field I glided to.. -Robert
  3. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Therefore she's a witch! -Robert
  4. Ameri-King ELT AD - Who is Affected?

    Why wouldn't they just fix the issue and get their pma back? They were a market leader for the 406 updates. -Robert
  5. Partitioned and Distributed Annual

    No. The engine and prop must be inspected annually. However the question is what inspection is to be done because there is no list of tasks for annual on the engine prop. So annually you say you used the 100 hour inspection checklist to satisfy the annual requirement. -Robert
  6. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    Just in time to declare it on your 2017 1040. -Robert
  7. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    You don't really need any type of plan to sign up for the rebate. Just put whatever unit in the field. The FAA will still fund it you change your mind. YOu have until the end of the year to install and actually get the rebate. I just filed mine. I put a GTX345 which is what I'll probably buy but I reserve the right to change my mind. -Robert
  8. High FBO fees.

    I agree. The only time that we need to regulate the prices is if the govt restricts the vendors. I can't believe some pilots don't call ahead and then are surprised by ramp fees. Personally I'll often pay for the bigger jet center fees because my wife has no particular love of aviation and having the rental car brought out to the plane and getting on our way is worth the money. -Robert
  9. Partitioned and Distributed Annual

    Maybe not. There would need to be an inspection in the last 12 months for those props. If they've been sitting in a box then I don't think so. -Robert
  10. Partitioned and Distributed Annual

    I wasn't advocating just clarifying the regs. -Robert
  11. Partitioned and Distributed Annual

    Remembers that 3 logs are for practical purposes there is no faa requirement for different logs. Following that theory an IA can sign "this aircraft" which covers all 3 in one entry vs "this airframe" which does not include the prop and engine. -Robert
  12. The evils of the Touch and Go

    But it makes sense from a practical perspective. There is no reason to classify a 747 as complex or high performance because it already requires a type rating. No reason to require a high performance log endorsement. -Robert
  13. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I wouldn't say so. You can take your time configuring before take off and aren't rushed. -Robert
  14. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Its certainly a training preference either way. Don Kaye makes a good argument for using full flaps for all Mooney landings. One benefit is that you only have to learn the characteristics of one configuration and it aids in speed control. In a Mooney there really isn't much crosswind advantage to using less than full flaps. A 182 with barn door flaps would be a different story. -Robert
  15. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I highly recommend Don Kaye's video on landing Mooneys and his discussion on flaps. -Robert