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  1. I've honestly never found that to be the case. I've never noticed visibility issues related to heavy rain on the windscreen. I suspect the prop disperses it. Seems to be much more of an issue during taxi. Some of the heaviest ran can be in cavu -Robert
  2. when I was flying in Mexico a lot I used SPOT as well. It really does work well. We've had a few planes go down in Mexico and the search area was an expected flight path over 100 miles. Never found any of them. People used to criticize me for using it given the worst case scenario of going down just before the next ping but its better than nothing. Although I'm considering 406 now which would probably help. -Robert
  3. He sent me a quote. Didn't mention any delays. The only issue is that he charges separately for each antenna, shipping, and the protective padding. Once you add all that in he was pretty close to the Bruce's price. Bruce's is also offering 10% discount through this month, but only if you know to ask. -Robet
  4. CAP went up the night before and were unable to locate the ELT. The next day CAP was able to discover the wreckage and coordinated a sheriffs helicopter. -Robert
  5. Very difficult to determine flight visibility on the ground. We've all been flying around at times with local reports at mins while we're CAVU at attitude. Not really enough evidence in my book to convict a dead brother. That's why NTSB investigations take 6-12 months. -Robert
  6. Yes. Sometimes. Nothing about rain in the mins. -Robert
  7. It's not really feasible to determine flight weather with much accuracy by driving. Hard rain doesn't stop me from flying. For flying you're looking more at freezing levels, TSs, etc. I've flown through rain that was intense and it's not too big of an issue other than some turb. Even the turb and winds at altitude are going to differ from what is on the ground. Depends on the pilots experience, rating etc. Cant arm chair this fairly from a minivan on the highway.
  8. Fancy camera but the lighting is so bad its hard to see what's happening some of the time. -Robert
  9. I had a couple partners in my Bo for many years. Not sure what's in the water but we had two year ups last year. Decided we were all done after that. I'm happy to keep my Mooney to myself -Robert
  10. I don't think Don is any younger. I do use Don a lot for Mooney specific parts. But 99% of what we normally buy can be had from Spruce. It really is just the Mooney specific stuff. Which reminds me I need to order a pair of those fancy new aileron linkages with the replaceable heim bearings to replace my worn pinned ones.
  11. One way to measure the economy is the times earnings companies sell for. 4+ years is considered a strong, optimistic economy. We've seen 1.5 at times. Not sure what typical is right now but probably 3ish times earnings I'd guess. That's if you're looking at it as an annuity business. If you just want to gut the business you look at asset value. -Robert
  12. Practically? I'm not sure. Legally, I don't see anything that alters the gear extension speed based on this conversion. -Robert
  13. I wonder what he really wants to acccomplosh. Does he want his money out of it or does he just not want to do the hard work and show up at his leaisure and be a retired annuitant? Seems like he could set it up to run itself and just continue to draw a salary if he wanted. Honesty the value is probably more in the stc's and inventory. You can pick those up and move them.
  14. If you plan to do a corp or llc might be good to consult an attorney. For instance in California llc's and corps must pay $800/yr franchise tax regardless of state of registration. The state has been known to use tie down records to go after "out of state" llcs not paying when they have an aircraft in state. -Robert
  15. I've always found the first blade to be slower than subsequent. That may just be normal. I have a SkyTech starter so it could be a "feature" of it. I'm outside and with a sealed battery I don't have issues, even if its been 30 days. With the old wet batteries I had more issues. The sealed don't cost more but the FBO's push the wet cells because their storage shelf (before fluid is added) life for them is much longer. The sealed batteries need to be sold fresh. Despite what the battery manufactures claim, any automotive float chargers works great. Yes, the chemistry of our batteries is different from that of automotive and an automotive charger will shut off slightly too soon to give complete charge in an aircraft battery but after decades of use I challenge anyone to find the minimal difference to have any practical effect. $35 or so on Amazon and you'll charge great. Main thing is to use a float charger, never leave the battery on a regular charger long term because its on/off cycling eats the fixed number of life cycles off the battery. -Robert