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  1. If its a real emergency I don't think you'd cause structural damage by putting the gear down. Might tear off gear doors or overwork your motor but might be better than whatever else is happening. If I'm on fire and want to get down I don't think I'm wasting time slowing down. Dump the nose and drop the gear and worry about the POH later. -Robert
  2. I"m not sure the last year of manual but I know some F's actually have manual. I think there was a couple of decades of overlap of both electric and manual. -Robert
  3. The non-GPS approach into SMO had you with gear and flaps out in a full slip on the last step of the approach in the clouds. Something like 1,200 feet to lose in under a mile. No planning makes that easy. Speed brakes do though. -Robert
  4. A M20C with bladders could have incredibly small tanks depending on the bladder install. Might be like flying a Russian trainer with tanks small enough to keep from defecting. -Robert
  5. Today it almost seems crazy to fly with a single attitude indicator. I think of the number of times I"ve lost my attitude indicator in the clouds over the decades and had to fly on the TC and just lucky things worked out. -Robert
  6. This is frustrating because 2 years ago I sent my mags back to Slick for basically this same SB. Now there is yet another SB that says the new mags also have an issue. -Robert
  7. When did Mooney introduce an alternate air door you can control yourself? All the Mooney's I"ve flown have had spring loaded air doors. -Robert
  8. Speed is too slow. By the time you slow down enough to get the gear down you're not so concerned about slowing down. -Robert
  9. Lycoming says the only concern with high pressure is creating new leaks but it takes more than red line to do it. -Robert
  10. I disagree. Comms are not that expensive. Add a $2k comm box and pocket the thousands saved over 650+345 or 430waas+345 etc. -Robert
  11. I have an F in Sacramento. Its identical to the J other than a couple factory speed mods. -Robert
  12. Don's Bravo is going to be a bit bigger than an M20J. If you like the size of the Bravo you may be disappointed in the size / performance of the J. -Robert
  13. I just went over to Lake Aero before I bought my Mooney and sat in one of the ones in the service center there. Top Gun and Lake Aero are the two norcal Mooney service centers. I'm in Sacramento too.
  14. I agree that it’s not a plug. I’ve had plugs die in flight and the only way you can tell is on the EDM. The drop in power isn’t enough to cause a 50rpm difference. Even if you lost an entire mag you’d only get a 50-100 rpm drop momentarily. More likely you sucked up a bit of ice that melted or perhaps a fuel interruption wouldnt hurt to do a wobble test either -Robert
  15. Or an F model. It works the same way. -Robert