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  1. Or could have been premature retraction. That's what killed my Bonanza partner did just that. -Robert
  2. Not really much mechanic time required at all. There is IA time required to inspect which that may be what you are referring to. Otherwise inspection panels, lubrication, wheel bearings, etc can all be done by the owner. The bigger shops just use kids at min wage to do these tasks, not licensed mechanics for such trivial tasks. -Robert
  3. I agee. I call BS on the cost of a plane being 60% liability. Sounds like he was making a political statement. -Robert
  4. If you look super carefullly you'll notice an airplane in the background. Bet yiu didn't catch that. -Robert
  5. The space shuttle has never had a gear up either. Gear is automatic. -Robert
  6. I love my NuLites. Had them almost 20 years now. It's how Mooney should have done it. -Robert
  7. We're usually trying to come up with ways to distract you to try to forget. I'll pull the gear breaker and then put my watch on the opposite arm. That really irritates me so hopefully it will ensure I don't forget myself I pulled the gear breaker. Never pull the horn breaker of course. I do the same to remember to close a VFR flight plan. -Robert
  8. The Mooney is also unique in that it's one of the few planes in which you can see the gear indicator light while coming over the numbers looking out the glareshield. Most planes it's down on the panel. So I make a habit of noticing it out of the corner of my eye over the numbers as a final check. But im not stupid enough to say I'll never forget always vigilant -Robert
  9. I remember when I had my engine failure as I saw the airport come into sight I was immediately worried I'd forget the gear. I wasn't going to lower it then (waited until I was about 50 feet and made the runway) but I immediately thought "this is where guys forget the gear". Otherwise I was someone calm. We practice engine losses all the time so it was almost more "finally get to try one for real" -Robert
  10. The brochure for mine specified a "pleasant female voice". On the G1000 we can pick from male or female. She calls out tis traffic etc as well. Although not autopilot disconnect which is a nondescript "bong" that had me confused the other day -Robert
  11. I have it hooked to warn 1) Low gyro vacuum 2) EDM alarms (saved me when it alerted me that my oil pressure was falling before my engine failed) 3) low voltage 4) Stall 5) Gear. For gear and stall I just wired it inline with the buzzer. Its pretty simple to hook up. Might need the logic inverter for some things as it triggers on loss of voltage. It has an "ack" function that is helpful since you can get voltage alerts at idle with the landing light on and sometimes the low gyro when taxiing. -Robert
  12. Just be careful because I've seen this be problematic for some students. What if the GS isn't received and you end up shooting the localizer only? What does "pattern altitude" mean when cleared straight in at a busy airport (do you just have to remember to check in as you pass through the altitude), etc. -Robert
  13. I've never forgotten the gear (knock of wood) but I did land about 15 years ago and realized I'd forgotten flaps. So the notation that "A good pilot would realize the plane is floating more" is doggy doo. I've also been in some Mooneys where the gear and stall horn sound the same. The gear horn can break in strange ways and getting stuck in solid mode causes it to sound the same. These pilots didn't realize they were supposed to be different. Fortunately its a cheap SonAlert. I have a couple on my boat I can borrow from if I need one in a pinch. -Robert
  14. Like most of you I have an inventory of tips for my grease gun going from loose (least likely to break the fitting but more likely to ooze out of a tight fitting) to tight (more likely to break the fitting when removing but can force grease into those fitting that require a lot of pressure). Seeing this makes me wonder if one grease tip can serve both roles... Thoughts? -Robert
  15. Mine sit firming down inside the bowl at the top of the jack. Once the jack mates with the wing there is no way that adapter is going anywhere. -Robert