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  1. If anyone can find a source for Al Mooneys book I think a lot of us would appreciate it. All his family would need to do is offer it as a digital download on Amazon. Minimal investment.
  2. EU has proposed mandating it for local flights.
  3. But how do you receive this airborne? The point is that atc won’t have to provide you frequency changes while flying Ifr. -Robert
  4. Some areas of the world are mandating non-voice communications with ATC. All international airlines use this system now. Seems like a matter of time before it comes universal yet I've not heard of it at all in the GA community.
  5. In California the cal fire cams are amazing.
  6. I did look at gyroplane. Most seem to have a 170lb weight limit. Don’t thjnk any amount of eating wheat grass would get me there.
  7. I don’t think there is any private air ship training or examiners. Only via a couple commercial employers. I don’t think there are any power lift civilian aircraft.
  8. No, it was changed as part of a requirement for pilots to have an annual flight review until they reached 100 hours. That was short lived though. -Robert
  9. Has anyone here tried to get every endorsement the FAA calls out here? I'm pretty close. I just need glider ground launch and night vision goggles. Maybe an odd thing to collect but curious if anyone else has. -Robert
  10. The 150 is worse. I never practiced full flap stalls with students jn the 150 because if they couldn’t retract we couldn’t get back home. Cessna later removed the 40 degrees of flaps
  11. But no one is suggesting installing a new vacuum pump system. but the last Cessna t206h I delivered from the factory did have a vacuum back up attitude indicator.
  12. If the components have failed it’s a different story. But if they’re still working there is no way you’ll ever detect that 4 lbs of pump and indicator and you’ll never cry over too many attitude indicators.
  13. Never had to replace one more than every 10 years. The weight is negligible. Just skip lunch.
  14. But why remove the vacuum attitude? Who ever complained they had too many attitude attitude indicators ? Mine sits to the side at the ready if I lose all 3 interconnected AHRS units.
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