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  1. The portable gps should do that fine without power but remember these are all G1000 systems . This is on a T206 I delivered from the factory last summer. They mentioned something about certification but I didn't follow up "CABIN PWR 12V Switch - OFF" -Robert
  2. I certainly enjoy the fact that but simply pulling the connector out of the lighter socket all my portables disconnect all at once. Wouldn't want something that wasn't easy to isolate from the electrical system from the pilot seat in my opinion. Something more than a hidden inline fuse for me. The newer cessnas now have a switch to power off the lighter and the checklist says to turn it off prior to landing -Robert
  3. That is amazing. Just a pitot static test is $350 and while they don't need to redo the cert they'll at least need to hook up the equipment and verify the airspeed and altitude. So that is an amazing price for install. -Robert
  4. No. That one is the electric fuel pump. It should not leak. -Robert
  5. My old cover went quick. From a couple small tears after a storm my cover shredded. I assume the issue was the cover rotted internally. It was 10 years old. New cover came today and looks exactly like the old did before it died. First is old second is new -Robert
  6. "Here, successor liability is established by a statutory or regulatory scheme. There is an express or implied agreement by the purchaser to assume the seller's liabilities. The product line successor exception was created in 1977 by the California Supreme Court, in Ray v. Alad Corp. (1977) 19 Cal.3d 22.Aug 19, 2015"
  7. If you purchase the entire assets of the company you can still be liable for their debts under successor liability doctrine. -Robert
  8. Why would the faa care if you sign over an stc? A PMA makes sense because you're showing you can manufacture something but an stc makes little sense. Why would they revisit an stc just because the owner changed? -Robert
  9. I believe the manufacture of the plugs would need to have a PMA and be FAA supervised and there needs to be a custody of parts (aircraft spruce etc are FAA certified to distribute). Someone could be certified to take automotive plugs and somehow test etc them and turn them into aircraft parts -Robert
  10. Yes, from Lycoming... " TEXTRON LYCOMING DOES NOT RECOMMEND OPERATING ON THE LEAN SIDE OF PEAK EGT." Mixture Leaning Procedures.pdf -robert
  11. The counter balance engine probably isn't significant enough to warrant a different forum but yes, I do. Lycoming hasn't produced the A1A engine in forever so unless you are flying behind a 40+ year old engine you'd have to have the A3B6. Maybe a more meaningful distinction would be the change from Lycoming to Continental in the K. The induction change in the J was the improved cowling arrangement Lo Presti did for the improved speed by streamlining the flow and reducing bends in the intake. Yes, I have the original factory flush handles in my F and the same Dukes selector used in the early J's. Agreed on the speed mods as I said originally including v Speeds. -Robert
  12. My F has most of those things as well. You're just pointing out that the F and J both changed during their production. But F vs J change was not significant. -Robert
  13. As you mentioned those are not F vs J differences. Those are differences throughout the F line. Can same the same for the J itself. Early J's were not the same as the late J's. -Robert
  14. There is also precedent to break up by flying and maintenance as that is what the previous email based forum did. I found that much more natural than by model since Mooneys changed little from the C to the Ovation in the grand scheme. -Robert
  15. What does the J have my F doesn't aside from speed mods? -Robert