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  1. RobertGary1

    Drone strike

    Is this going to be a weekly post? -Robert
  2. RobertGary1

    406 woes

    Thanks. I'm growing more skeptical about the story of the wire running too close to the battery cable. Part of what makes me question that is that I can hear the cockpit ELT speaker from outside the plane. I can't imaging I spent 15 minutes putting the plane away and didn't hear it. When I drove back to the airport after getting the AF call, I could hear the ELT speaker as soon as I got out of my car. Last thing I did was take some stuff off the tail. I'm thinking the light bounce of removing stuff from the tail did it. So I'm going to try to get out this week and bounce the plane around. -Robert
  3. RobertGary1

    Line up and wait

    If that was the case they’d have stayed with position and hold. -Robert
  4. RobertGary1

    Line up and wait

    I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with that. I think the discussion is more around what the impression is for a native English speaker. Ideally icoa phraseology should be intuitive for English speakers. -Robert
  5. RobertGary1

    Line up and wait

    Yea I noticed that difference. In Canada they have to say why and in icoa they do not. @M20Doc -Robert
  6. RobertGary1

    Line up and wait

    But line up behind whom? SJC is a busy airport and you’re sandwiched beteen airliners so you really don’t want a runway incursion. -Robert
  7. RobertGary1

    Gear handle spins

    They forgot to retract the emergency extension. You should become familiar in Its operation. -Robert
  8. Yea I’d be surprised if the fsdo didn’t call to make a report. It least that’s my experience. -Robert
  9. RobertGary1

    Line up and wait

    Interesting. I still hear position and hold. Maybe some controllers are still using the old phrase. Its a terrible phrase You can’t line up somewhere that could only be one. Who are you getting in line behind? -Robert
  10. RobertGary1

    Line up and wait

    Got this instruction at an international airport the other day. I know it’s icoa phrase but I believe the faa preferred phrase is still “position and hold”. Maybe atc can use either. I find “line up and wait” to be not descriptive enough for something as serious as sitting on an active runway. You guys get that often ? -Robert
  11. RobertGary1

    406 woes

    Just spoke to an avionics guy on the field here who's been installing avionics for 30 years. He said they have never had one go off bounding over the hanger door rail or working on the plane. Except once, they had one that would go off at random times and it was defective. So he suggested I go out to the airport and bounce the plane around (shake the tail, etc) and see if it sets off. The mount is very secure so I'm not worried its a mounting issue. -Robert
  12. RobertGary1

    406 woes

    Called ACK. They said it was probably because the cable to the ELT head goes through the rear bulkhead near the power cable. An EMF spike on the power cable when I shut off the master could have caused the activation. Not sure how else you route through the rear bulkhead. Mooney only has the small hole near the battery. I'd rather not make more holes in the bulkhead. -Robert
  13. RobertGary1

    406 woes

    Also found out that the red light in the cockpit only flashes every 45 seconds when the ELT is going off. Its not on all the time as it was with my AmeriKing 121 ELT. Seems like a bad design. You'd want the red light to be on all the time and in your face. -Robert
  14. RobertGary1

    Original 1965 tanks haven't leaked yet -Robert
  15. RobertGary1

    406 woes

    After years of ribbing at annual by my IA I upgraded my ELT to the ECK E-04. Instillation was a pain because I routed new coax because the old was hardwired to the antenna base. This ELT includes a cockpit speaker and a panel light to tell if you the ELT is activated or there is a fault. On my second flight with it, coming back from work near SJC I put the plane away in the dark and did not get any indication the ELT was active. On the drive home I got a call from the AF it was going off. When I walked up to the plane I could hear the cockpit speaker from outside the plane. So clearly this happened after I buttoned everything up. The last thing I did was to take some stuff off the tail and put it in my car. That's the only time I can think it could have activated without me hearing the cockpit speaker. If that's the case this thing is insanely sensitive. When I mentioned this to my IA he said he always shuts off the 406's when he changes oil because he's had some go off from simple maintenance. Has anyone else had this issue? This seems crazy. It should be a pretty significant deceleration to trigger it. -Robert