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  1. Hybrids get good mileage jn stop and go Situations but no advantage on the highway. Similar I don’t see a phase of flight where you could save much fuel in an airplane but shutting off the gas engine. Maybe in descent but we’re not burning much fuel there anyway. Then add jn the weight of batteries and electric motors. -Robert
  2. I don't have the Mooney Service Manual in front of me but you just need to measure what the sensor is putting out to know if its the sensor or the gauge. -Robert
  3. Easiest test is to turn the master on after the plane has been sitting all night. If the gauge goes to full hot you know there is a short and not an issue with temperature. -Robert
  4. Youll see more CAN bus in modern planes. -Robert
  5. Which is what a softfield take off is. You're pulling the plane off the runway into ground effect below flying speed. The unique Mooney trim allows for increased nose up authority to do this. -Robert
  6. In Mexico I’d take off and land with full nose up trim. It’s a handful but I could pick my spot to set the mains down then add a bit of power and pick a spot to touch the nose. You don’t want to drop the nose into a hole as it comes down. -Robert
  7. Different from the other 10 times in the past when they also closed down? -Robert
  8. Is that common to take out a loan? When my motor disassembled itself in flight at 1050 SFNEW I called up my Lycoming distributor and ordered a new one. It never occurred to me that someone would want to loan money out on something as volatile in value as an airplane or that someone would want to have payments on similar. -Robert
  9. I've not found a way to full stall land on the mains and not thunk the nose a bit, especially when forward CG. The taildragger pilot in me will not allow me to be sloppy and fly it on. That was a challenge on my first type rating since holding the plane off in the flare is a giant no-no in jets. -Robert
  10. I think the letter of non-renewal is a legal requirement on non renewal. Insurance is heavily regulated. -Robert
  11. I have annuals around that price range but it means the IA doesn't touch a wrench. You do all the wrenching, lubing yourself and he's literally just inspecting (including your work). I always have the timing box set up, etc so I just show him compression and timing. -Robert
  12. I'm sure that was on the list. Working with legacy auto pilots and having the processing power internally for future stuff was probably also a lot of it. The G5 is stretched far beyond what it was originally envisioned for according to the Garmin sales guy. -Robert
  13. Every shop I've talked to say they do interfere with each other and you have to egg out the holes to get two G5's on top of each other. -Robert
  14. The display you're seeing with everything on it is an optional one; probably best for demos. You can have it show just simple attitude, or CDI, etc. -Robert
  15. I don’t think you could ever install a gps navigator without an avionics shop. That’s what this includes. -Robert