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  1. But you spent another 20 minutes idling on the ground while atc tried to figure out how to deal with this odd GA guy who wants to sit behind the 737’s waiting for take off -Robert
  2. So 7,000 feet of runway isn't enough when ATC instructs you take off from part way down a 12,000 foot runway? I'm not following the intersection take off thing. -Robert
  3. I feel like something change not too long ago. I've had a few students come to be because I have 25 hours in various Mooneys (mostly pre-K). But I really feel like the underwriters used to consider all pre-K's as the same thing. I know several people who got insured in an F model with no dual required with 0 time in an F but they had time in a J or C. That was some years ago so I feel something change. -Robert
  4. $6k? The factory says that the old style panels would be far too expensive to build today. Its very labor intensive to wire all the individual radios and all the pitot static we have in our older Mooneys. Garmin makes it all drop in and play. Garmin is made for the modern world where labor is far more expensive and materials are far less expensive. -Robert
  5. Doesn't apply to SE. If you want to do ATP ME employers pay for the CTS and the ATP. Its an employees market so long as you have the magic 1500 TT. -Robert
  6. Not too many singles have a zero fuel weight limit. Very common in jets and turbo props and some light twins. -Robert
  7. Pick them up at the factory. -Robert
  8. Was that back when the FAA published the questions? I took all my pilot and instructor ratings under that system. But no more. -Robert
  9. In the T206 I’m happy to see 130 knots. -Robert
  10. Always need something more to do. I already did a type rating. Maybe do my mei first though. I somehow skipped that. -Robert
  11. That's not too bad. $85. King is $300. -Robert
  12. Any suggestions for ATP written test prep? ASA, Gleim, ??? King seems unreasonably expensive for a fairly straight forward test. -Robert
  13. Those look very different than the Mooney ones. I wonder if they'd clear the shrader valve. -Robert