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  1. But sadly the FAA doens't allow you to include those costs. Its just direct, fuel, oil, FBO fees, etc. That's why its a good idea to rent because for rentals you can legally charge a pro rated share of what it actually costs. -Robert
  2. In most states if a car mechanic does work not authorized its free. I always wondered why we don't have the same rule for aircraft. -Robert
  3. Yea, he probably shouldn't state that in public. Unless you're 135... "The regulation says that a private pilot may not pay less than the pro rata share of the operating expenses of a flight with passengers, provided the expenses involve only fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees."
  4. I bought a plane with a low time factory new engine maintained by a Mooney service center. My first two annuals were right around $10,000 each just all the little stuff to get it up to speed. you need to call a broker for insurance since numbers people post here won’t mean anything. It varies tremendously based on many factors. -Robert
  5. Report I read is that they are hospitalized and expected to release a statement.
  6. Yea that’s far more than I’d seen before! -Robert
  7. I just safety wire it by hand because it’s hard to get a tool in there. Otherwise it’s not bad. -Robert
  8. That’s why I always request the option so students don’t know. However it is often denied which tells me a go around isn’t simple for them. If you were given a single engine approach in a light twin and the examiner asked you to go around he’d probably fail you if you did. Go around in light twins with an engine failure are considered less preferable to just crashing on the field. And less survivable. -Robert
  9. I'm enjoying my factor rebuilt. -Robert
  10. What does your distributor say? I don't think you can buy direct from Lycoming. -Robert
  11. But would you do it from a near stop on the runway? I did have the tower call one time because a student did a go around at 200 feet because he didn't feel he was lined up. Controller was upset and was asking if we were sure he should solo if he has to mess up his pattern with go arounds. -Robert
  12. I had a pilot argue that you really never need a clearance for the option or touch n go because the landing clerance allows you to go around and nothing says you can't go around from a near stop. Practical arguments aside, is there any FAR or even AIM guidance that disagrees with his assertion? He's saying you couldn't be busted by the FSDO for doing touch-n-go's when only cleared to land. Im surprised I'm not even seeing an FAA handbook that clearly disagrees with that. -Robert
  13. Just being able to do routine maintenance on your plane without spending 2 years studying jet engines, pressurization systems and deicing would be great. I’ve long advocated for a private a&p program not for hire with restricted authorization ( ie change a mag but not overhaul an engine) Also saves a couple grand on every Garmin panel toy. I guess that means it won’t happen. -Robert
  14. Does jpi have a fuel pressure sensor? If it does I’d be interested in it but I haven’t seen it listed back when I was looking. -Robert