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  1. RobertGary1

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    I rekeyed my baggage and pax doors to the same key as the ignition and now just have a single key again for the plane. So i keep one on the key rings for most of my cars. Grab a car and I always have a key. The idea of a hidden key makes sense too I like the magnetic hidden key holders under the car; not sure where you’d hide a key on the plane though -Robert
  2. RobertGary1

    Air conditioning options

    I fly all throughout the desert southwest in the summer with the family. We just try to minize taxi time and get to altitude. I didn't always have A/C in my cars when I was younger either and we didn't die. I don't have the extra space for another contraption. -Robert
  3. RobertGary1

    Sentry or Stratus ADS-B In

    Merlin is just someone else assembling a stratux unit for you; which if you’re not handy is a great deal. -Robert
  4. RobertGary1

    Sentry or Stratus ADS-B In

    You can also built your own. I use the stratux (with an X). Just a raspberry pi with a software defined radio receiver and some shareware code -Robert
  5. RobertGary1

    Checklist overload

    You ever try an ocd approach such as tugging on it on short final? I’ve started touching the gear down light. -Robert
  6. RobertGary1

    Checklist overload

    Well I forgot flaps on landing once. Makes you think. I installed a voice annunicator almost 20 years ago to remind me if I ever forget. Knock on wood I haven't but some day I'm sure I will. -robert
  7. RobertGary1

    Checklist overload

    Also notice there us no checklist for simple things like starting and shutting down the engine. Makes sense if you’re starting the same engines 3 times a day. Airline pilots rarely fly multiple types. Maybe some of the checklist bloat comes from flight schools where pilots and instructors are flying different planes with different priming / starting etc procedures. Pilots carry that forward from their fbo experience. Or perhaps more than the need to remember how to start the engine it’s the fbo’s policy on how they’d like it done by their number different pilots. Personally I fly a lot of different planes regularly and I could figure how to start any of them with out an engine start checklist Although another aspec if this is that older ga planes don’t have good annunicators Some of the shortening of checklists may rely on the fact that you don’t need to check things that are going to put red lights in your face anyway -Robert
  8. RobertGary1

    Checklist overload

    I have the EI AV-17 system that has a "ack" switch. Something about pushing a button and the gal stops talking is oddly satisfying. -Robert
  9. RobertGary1

    Checklist overload

    An interesting article about checklist overload... Over the years flying in various operations I've noticed that GA checklists are getting longer and longer. Its interesting that they are generally now longer than part 121 checklists. One difference I've seen is that GA checklists often include checking things manually that are already alerted (i.e. WAAS reception, dual GPS signals) while larger aircraft checklists just check for annunciators active. Have you considered shortening your checklist to critical items? Do you worry that by including too many unnecessary things important things like gear may be more likely to be skipped? -Robert
  10. RobertGary1

    Engine overhaul questions

    Been flying slicks for thousands of hours and found them to be extremely reliable in my experience. -Robert
  11. RobertGary1

    M20K Rocket Wing Damage

    Its being sold by the insurance company I assume? -robert
  12. RobertGary1

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    There is also a final coating Mooney requires afterwards, don’t have then p/n off hand but it’s in your manual. -Robert
  13. RobertGary1

    mooney torque tool landing gear(ebay)

    The single tool for electric or the set for manual gear? -Robert
  14. RobertGary1

    starting engine de-cowl'd

    Yea, I've never had problems with vibration or temperatures. -Robert
  15. RobertGary1

    Engine overhaul questions

    Usually Mooney owner's pine to go the other way. The thinking is that the 20 was done for lawyer sacrificing power. -Robert