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  1. Kx-170B

    Did you have the King instructions to do that? -Robert
  2. Skin surface corrosion?

    Would you expect that I'd be able to get all the blotching out with the scotch-brite? How aggressive would you get with it? -Robert
  3. Skin surface corrosion?

    Its a trim piece between the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical. -Robert
  4. Skin surface corrosion?

    Does this need to be sanded or just etched? -Robert
  5. Kx-170B

    They're getting harder to find. Many of them had the self-destruct feature that would break the nav tune gears when you retracted the retainer to remove it. The gears haven't been made in decades. -Robert
  6. Mooney spar design

    At the factory they would all stand on the wing Yes, its strong. -Robert
  7. Let's Talk Lubrication

    I just looked up all the MIL specs with aeroshell years ago and came up with the Aeroshell numbers. I've always heard that they don't want you to use any penetrating oil (tri-flow) on hinges because it could void the seals on the hinges. I know in the Manthy seminars he recommends motor oil on hinges. -Robert
  8. Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    This is why your broker should always price the entire market each renewal. Companies shift focus all the time. Global Aerospace used to be very high but would insure difficult pilots (i.e. student pilots, etc). But recently they decided they wanted in the higher time pilot market. So they move in and then someone else decides the ocean is too bloody and they move somewhere more blue. Its a constantly shifting market. -Robert
  9. Prop strike to a dog....

    Did the insurance company actually consider you "not-at-fault"? -Robert
  10. Prop strike to a dog....

    Because they determined I was not at fault it didn't affect my rate at all. I have heard that if you have too many 'not-at-fault' incidence it eventually does start affecting rates. -Robert
  11. Prop strike to a dog....

    Practically, just like with car insurance it really doesn't make much difference though. Your insurance company will repair the plane and at some point they may get reimbursed by the at-fault party, or not. When I had my accident in Mexico I had a $500 deductible at the time on my plane. About 6 months later I got a check from the insurance company returning my deductible because they apparently got reimbursed by the responsible party. -Robert
  12. LLC or Personal?

    Practically, yes. Legally, varies. Many states charge sale tax on vehicles as part of an asset sale. I’ve spoke with the BoE in califirnia and confirmed in the case of selling a corp or llc that owns an aircraft sales tax would apply, although the odds of them knowing it happened are low. -Robert
  13. Prop strike to a dog....

    No mater how much you tell yourself that your dog is well behaved it’s still a dog and dogs are prone to being distracted. They’re very impulsive by nature. Just like kids we can’t expect them to always make wise decisions -Robert
  14. Removing aileron linkage

    Thanks Clarence. To confirm are you saying you disconnect the main linkage rod end in the belly? -Robert
  15. Fuel smell in cockpit

    It’s good to fix but so many Mooney’s have very small leaks that have a strong smell and don’t blow up. I wouldn’t worry about safety unless it’s a running leak. A little makes a lot of smell. -Robert