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  1. I would suspect so. That's the reason CFI insurance additionally includes coverage for malpractice. Here is a case where a lawyer said the instructors simulation of an engine failure didn't prepare him for the real world (prop failed to feather). -Robert
  2. If the grass is nice and smooth like asphalt you can land anything on it. Once the gopher holes start getting deep you're going to hit the prop. I'd say of the fields I used to go in with the Aeronca maybe 25% would have been ok for a Mooney. And even then only when they were dry. Not after a rain. -Robert
  3. I've never had a student balk at adding me to their insurance nor have I had a student charged for it. I have had students tell me that their broker asked them what CFI's to add to their policy. I think the only issue is if you have too many on at a time. I believe there may be a limit. -Robert
  4. On my Commercial multi checkride on a go around I raised the gear before the flaps because the gear handle is much closer and my DPE freaked out. Then he talked about how scary it was to do it in that order and asked if the POH prohibited it. I asked my MEI about it afterwards and we both scratched out heads. This DPE was certainly not a normal guy so it could have been him or maybe there is some mystery out there I just haven't discovered yet. Only reason anyone uses this guy is because he's the only one that isn't booked out 6-8 weeks. -Robert
  5. Mentally you don’t want to establish an automatic reaction between leaving the runway and pulling up the gear. The habit of grabbing it without thinking can bite you at some point. So you want to wait long enough to transition your thought process from take off to climb. I’ll often tell students to take a relaxing breath, do a gauge scan (including positive rate) and then pull them up. -Robert
  6. Only such case I heard of was a plane at Lasar that a previous owner had sealed with furniture varnish. But if you stick to using the stuff specified by the Mooney Maintenance Manual you should be fine. -Robert
  7. That was always our stop coming back up from Mexico. Good to have steak. -Robert
  8. Best method? Rubbing compound?? -Robert -Robert
  9. And depending on where you live the gov't gets 10% of the value of the new airplane. That's too much for me to justify. -Robert
  10. My brakes were dragging a bit and I really didn't notice the increased runway usage until I bled them. The old fluid came out thick, much of it was gelatinous. -Robert
  11. I have an F but when I think of the tax implications of moving up its discouraging. More tax efficient to upgrade the F. -Robert
  12. AD 75-23-04 requires 200 hour inspection for Dukes gears and replacement based on measurment. ITT have the same gears, but no AD so most find it wise to follow the AD with ITT too. The gears wear down. I've replaced mine a couple times over the decades. They are sometimes easy to buy from the MSC and sometimes unavailable. Replacing the old "fast" years with slower 40:1 gears reduces the issue but makes the gear move 1/2 speed. It doesn't null the AD though. -Robert
  13. They’re life limited parts. Not sure I’d want a used one and then have to do it again. -Robert
  14. Why is your screen locking in the cockpit? I disabled that on my flying iPad. As long as it’s plugged in it never locks. I wouldn’t want to be on the ILS and my charts go away. -Robert
  15. The difference was that the power company wasn't liable for more than their entire net worth if a fire broke out. A lot of people are calling for the state to take over the power grid and I think this is an means to that end. You can make it impossible for a company to do it. -Robert