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  1. Thinking about taking my Single Engine ATP just to have it. I guess its just sadism. Of course I also want to do my MES add on too. -Robert
  2. Mooney always said that the cost to produce a J model would be similar to that of an Ovation. -Robert
  3. I’m on the good list so I don’t get charged but make sure if you go you have Lasar record your N number. Otherwise I believe it’s $25 per bounce. -Robert
  4. As expected you got a lot of personal opinions but no one actually citing the specifics of the order in Illinois, which is all that matters. -Robert
  5. I've never sold a plane. I usually have loaned them to friend and they've wrecked them. However, one thing a broker does well is vet potential buyers. You don't want to have some mechanic you've never seen tear your plane down for a prebuy, the buyer walks away (or ghosts you) and the mechanic has a lien on your plane. One broker I spoke with has a contract the machanic must sign releasing any right to put a lean on the plane before they start. He encourages them to get money up front from the bujyer. Unfortunately I think there are people out there that are much more talk than action; and I bet a lot of them are perpetual airplane "buyers". Of course you also get the guy who thinks that a 40 year old plane for $100,000 should be in the same shape as his brand new BMW for the same price. -Robert
  6. Arrange for an examiner as soon as you can. Many are 3 months out. -Robert
  7. My tach stopped working. A couple screws and I slid it out the back. If it took me 30 minutes I’d be surprised, but I’m used to working in small places. Took mine to a gyro overhauler who turned it around in a day and even corrected it. -Robert
  8. Maybe I’ll try putting mine in theater mode and see if that affects it.
  9. We have a scuba shop here and the owner flies so they will fill pilot tanks. Apparently they use pure oxygen for some types of technical dives. I think he said $35 for a fill. Might be something to look into -Robert
  10. The F is the same dimensions as the F and I don't think you coudl get them through the rear door. They'd make it through the cabin door but you'd probably want to remove seats to make room. (with update W&B signed off of course). -Robert
  11. Removing the yellow zone is one of the reasons people change props, engines. I run an A3B6 series engine with my Hartzell prop and now my only limitation is 2700 RPM. The STC for my engine change included a list of props and what limitation existed for each combo. -Robert
  12. Mapa used to sell Al Mooney’s book. Now it looks like the merch part of the website is down. Anyone know if they still sell it? -Robert
  13. I had the opposite in the Globe Swift. Had been flying the Aeronca mostly and the carb heat and cabin heat were reversed. Started feeling pretty hot on downwind. -Robert