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  1. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve filled the tanks of my F to the top in 20 years. I have a calibrated stick but it’s for sealed tanks not bladders. Not sure if it’s the same. I have 32gal/tank. -Robert
  2. As a CFI I often hear students say that FBO's screw them by charging Hobbs vs tach, etc. I like to point out I've never met someone who's gotten rich renting airplanes. -Robert
  3. That surprises me. I wouldn't expect a car mechanic to charge me the same price for a part as I could get on Amazon. At least in the US its pretty standard for shops to take a markup on parts plus labor. -Robert
  4. If I were stealing radios I’d definitely go for hangers. Hanger locks are trivial to break and then you get to work in private without being seen. -Robert
  5. It’s pretty common to have an MSRP even when the manufacture doesn’t sell retail. -Robert
  6. You can always weigh it and then decide if you want to log it or not. Except in this case they have to make some w&b update to the manual as part of their work. But most would just do it based on the equipment update, not reweigh it. -robert
  7. There is a shop online that does this. I want to say its around $500/ea. -Robert
  8. Uh, I would have stopped them from doing that. Nothing good comes from a re-weigh. -Robert
  9. To me the test is how will they feel on a hot summer day when you're ready for landing and covered in sweat. I'd go with something with some texture to not slip around on. Leather wrapping is a time tested approach. -Robert
  10. Did you remove the belly panels as part of the inspection? Could just be cumulative slop in the end bearings. As the planes get older those need to be replaced, all flight controls, gear doors, etc. Although typically you can just do a couple at a time. -Robert
  11. Lots of money in parts. There have been brief times of parts slow downs but even when Mooney hasn’t been making planes someone has still wanted to run the money making parts business. -Robert
  12. Newer garmins do. You have to get database by serial number. The older 430s I’ve heard will just accept any update. -Robert
  13. It’s the old responsibility and accountability going hand in hand. something that seems to be on its way out today. -Robert
  14. It logs the first flight as required for the airworthiness certificate I believe. -Robert
  15. I wouldn’t fly my plane to a sellers mechanic unless it was a very respected place like a service center. Otherwise the mechanic can come here. -Robert
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