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  1. This is the first I’ve seen these new rnp approaches with rf legs. Anyone flown these? the idea is that they can have precision turns that allows for lower altitudes vs the wide turns we have with regular rnav approaches
  2. RobertGary1

    Flaps Not Holding Position In Flight

    I assume you have the hydraulic flags? -Robert
  3. RobertGary1

    Braking After Landing

    If there was also any air in the caliper you’re not likely to get it from a suction bleed at the bottom I suppose if there is no concern for any air then it doesn’t really matter -Robert
  4. RobertGary1

    Braking After Landing

    In practice old brake fluid just tends to just become jelly like in aircraft. When you bleed it out you can squish it in your hand youre right that it’s not the same type of fluid or environment as a motorcycle -Robert
  5. RobertGary1

    Braking After Landing

    They should be pressure bled from the bottom up. -Robert
  6. RobertGary1

    Braking After Landing

    Yea as a Mooney owner who fly’s lots of other brands Mooney brakes are not what you get from most other brands. I’ve never seen old fluid cause that issue. A flush is needed when the brakes release slowly. At annual you’ll see the pads as they have to come out when you remove the wheel. Most likely it’s just par for the course -Robert
  7. RobertGary1

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    In actual fact anytime I’ve been ready to put a deposit down on an overhaul the reseller has always called me to tell me lycoming is offering me a rebuilt at the same price. So I’ve not had to pay the difference. The only bad deal is factory new That SOB lost a rod at 1050hrs I’ll never pay for factory new again Reman is just as good -Robert
  8. RobertGary1

    ECI for the prop hub

    Stockton prop. I’ve always used them and found them to be a top shelf place. -Robert
  9. RobertGary1

    Gpsmap 696

    The Achilles heel is that companies like Garmin have locked these other providers out and they will not share weather, traffic, etc over common protocols. They keep it proprietary so only Garmin products and licensees like Foreflight can play. Kind of dirty pool if you ask me. -Robert
  10. RobertGary1

    Annual Shopping List: IO-360

    And the o ring for the secret screen filter everyone forgets after the electric pump. Also good to have mag gasket, never know when you’ll need to pull a mag. Wheel bearings seals, all kinds of zerks, of course all the different greases and oils (there is a chart in your Mooney maintenance manual, but there are a number of them). Battery box paint I have a couple boxes of consumables I keep stocked for annual Best to buy a couple years worth at a time to reduce shipping - Robert
  11. RobertGary1

    Gpsmap 696

    Or if you’re a cfi wingX is free including all ifr, high altitude, sync’d approach plates etc. it’s the main reason I use it even though I’ve used foreflight and Garmin pilot in the past They all do about the same thing but free is hard to beat -Robert
  12. RobertGary1

    IO360A1A intake Bellows

    Yap. Haven’t had an issue in years since I stopped dropping the cowl. -Robert
  13. RobertGary1

    IO360A1A intake Bellows

    If you don't drop the cowl at annual they last forever. But dropping the cowl beats the crap out of them. -Robert
  14. RobertGary1

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    A field overhaul is always going to be cheaper than factory and certainly cheaper than factory new. However it is built on the assumption that all your major parts are reusable after inspection. A bad crank and add $12K. -Robert
  15. RobertGary1

    ECI for the prop hub

    I was quoted an extra $1500 to do the conversion on top of the tear down I was already doing. - robert