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  1. Are you referring to parts or service? -Robert
  2. Ah but is it geo-synchronized? -Robert
  3. I've read a lot of people question the need to strip. Was yours already pealing off? I'm considering skipping the strip. -Robert
  4. Stockton Propeller in front of Top Gun. -Robert
  5. I go through this every 100 hours too. Used to be required at annual but the faa backed off on that. -Robert
  6. Its a semi-annual ritual for me. Scotch pad to take down flaking stuff, etch and prime. Don't want bare metal, especially since rocks kick up, etc. Like others said, if can be disastrous if you paint or prime over corrosion. You need that fully out before you cover. -Robert
  7. When my friend landed by bo gear up for the repairs came out to 90% of The insured value. The agent said anything over 80% is the owners choice. So I chose to take the check and the plane was sent to salvage. Had I chosen to repair the plane I was on The hook to pay the betterment charges of about $10K -Robert
  8. The best guy on our field for radio repairs died last year. His son is great as well but he's also up there in years. No younger people coming up that have any knowledge of electronics. No wonder we're moving to factory repairs only. -Robert.
  9. Just unscrew and unplug? I can't imagine removing the mfd requires a skill. -Robert
  10. I did this 2 years ago. No need to wait though. They'll send the new engine before you pull your old. Makes it easier anyway to have both engines there swapping parts i went through Air Power in Texas and saved thousands in California taxes -Robert
  11. I also considered the increased maintenance cost. With a single pilot I can change a tire etc under preventative maintenance. But if something went wrong when someone else flew the plane it's too much liability. So when I had a partner everything needed to be done by an insured mechanic, even oil changes. -Robert
  12. Id be curious how he structures the insurance. When I looked at it the additional insurance for renting out the plane to an individual pretty much ate away anything I'd make. Even though it's just one personal they consider it a bit of a commercial act. He cant be covered under the open pilot warrant because it requires the pilot not have regular access to the plane (it's only for occasional use and not for hire) -Robert
  13. The hard part is knowing if you'll get 400 past TBO or 40. I've seen a few guys who have piecemeal'd themselves a full overhaul over the years but now can't claim 0 SMOH. -Robert
  14. He's between E 12th and Chitt. He can pick up wifi signal from the union but I still have to pay for his internet. -Robert
  15. The apartment I rent for my oldest across the street from the student union at OSU is $1100/month for 2 bedrooms. My youngest is at sdsu in San Diego and I pay more than that to share a 4 bedroom apartment that requires a shuttle to campus. But my oldest had to learn how to tell if a girl is a hottie while she's wearing a massive jacket (look at the ankles) while my youngest at San Diego the girls were wearing next to nothing when I went on parents day when their dads were there -Robert