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  1. I've got quite a bit of J-3 time but I'll be the heretic and say it flys miserably. Compared to an Aeronca which was leaps beyond in aerodynamics. The J-3 isn't really stable in any axis and while landing fromthe back seat is fun it's clearly not an indication of successful engineering. By comparison the Aeronca just flys more like a modern plane -Robert
  2. Ive taught students in the Mooney so you can do it. The biggest thing to consider is that as a new private pilot your launch rate may be somewhat low. You'll want to ease into trips. Most pilots start out spending more time flying locally. If you're prepared for the likelyhood that you'll buy the plane but still need to drive half the time you may be ok. Make sure you get an experienced Mooney instructor Legaly any cfi can do it and many will but it's not advisable -Robert
  3. Another article mentions that he had a drive through hanger for his Lear. -Robert
  4. I didn't realize he was active in SoCal. He had dealerships in NorCal and lived in NorCal. -Robert
  5. I'm pretty much out of ratings I can do in the Mooney. I guess I could do ATP though. Already did my sea ratings, etc. I used to do a new rating as BFR every two years. But now in CAP you get a free BFR every year through the Wings program if you log your Form-5 eval. -Robert
  6. The new cards are an eye test. Although it looks like wings on the Wright flyer are straight lines as are the neck lines of Wilburn Orville but on closer look its actually micoprint. Can you read it without a microscope? -Robert
  7. I pulled my faa certs out of my wallet and notice that a couple probably are not even passable any longer. The type is wearing off and they're becoming blank certificates. I suppose at some point I can write in that space shuttle rating. Just curious how often most replace their certs (other than cfi of course ). -Robert
  8. Is that a company requirement or a restriction on their 135 ? It would be a fun gig At one point having an ATP and A&P was helpful to get noticed to fly in alaska Now my friends up there say if you can breathe you can probably get hired Such is th market If I go up and stay 3 months they get $2K -Robert
  9. The single engine atp is just for self satisfaction. I can't think of anything it would allow you to do vs commercial. It probably looks good on a job app I suppose. -Robert
  10. My recommendation is not to put money into such goodies for the first couple of years. The first two years most owners are surprised by something very expensive even with the best prepurchase. There are a ton of things I'd put money into before getting to a prop, not sure what the 231 already has but after unexpected repairs I'd rank things such as Modern LPV capable GPS, AHRS (non-vacuum) primary attitude, ADS-B, engine monitor before a prop. -Robert
  11. No they aren't not. I swap them to isolate issues sometimes. Even right from Lycoming -Robert
  12. He did an excellent job of getting the nose down quickly. Failing an engine right after take off a large number of students will allow the plane to stall without intervention. It takes a serious push to get the nose down when you're set up to climb. -Robert
  13. 2 years once. I had an engine failure and took my time searching for a new engine. Not a simple task when you don't have a usable core to rebuild. However, I was flying my V tail Bo and the T206 at the time as well. I also had well over 1000 hours in the Mooney before the layover. I don't recall having any issues getting back into it after the engine change. I changed the engine on the ramp and then had to fly it out on a permit to do the annual. -Robert
  14. I've considered getting my ATP. It would be the last rating I could get in the Mooney. -Robert
  15. Never got shock cooling in the Decathlon pulling power to idle coming around a loop pointing directly at the ground.