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  1. It’s an old mechanics trick when a boat payment is coming up to suggest changing donuts. Like others have said Mooney has a procedure to measure them. If they pass they’re good. Everything else is princess and the pea as far as I’m concerned. -Robert
  2. I made the 180 after an engine failure in a j-3 at about 400’. It certain does depend on the plane. Wouldn’t do it in a Plautus. -Robert
  3. Mooney is the only plane I’ve seen that comes with a custom w&b manual for each plane.
  4. @gsxrpilot that’s a good point. If you know you can get off in 3,000 at gross at sea level you don’t usually recalculate that over and over each flight unless the DA changes. -Robert
  5. It is amazing isn’t it. It’s pretty hard to get my F out of cg. -Robert
  6. I think of of us do it in software. Garmin pilot lets me save common load configs to pick from when I build a trip and produces a w&b envelope graph. -Robert
  7. I agree with that. I've say the piston twin requires more stick and rudder flying skills and the jet work requires more knowledge. Also introducing another set of aerodynamics for high altitude/ near mach makes it interesting. -Robert
  8. I've never been asked about my turbine time when renewing my Mooney, not that I have a lot of it. maybe I'm missing a discount?? I did verify with my broker that ATP would have no affect on my rates. I pretty much am at about the lowest they'll go already. -Robert
  9. Funny the order of things. Flying a piston twin is in many ways a lot harder than jets. My first simulated engine failure in the citation was at 35 feet and nothing happens but the VSI goes down to Mooney climb rates. In a piston twin you'd be a really busy puppy. -Robert
  10. My private examiner complained about not being able to close the door on the Cessna 140. I told him I’d never tried to close it because it was too hot. Just push the door out with your elbow to get some more air. -Robert
  11. Im torn between the mes and the se-atp. Both are just for fun. Both contain bragging rights. -Robert
  12. I’ve occasionally found 1 or 2 screws have worked out on a panel because the backing broke and it got insufficient love on install but that isn’t close to causing the panel to move out. -Robert
  13. Yep. I won’t cast stones but if that panel was secured it would never have gotten away. -Robert
  14. The work he described is within preventative maintenance (applying protective coating) but agreed you still have to follow the same standards. -Robert