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  1. You don’t think having an automatic reminder to check it would be useful?
  2. It depends on your ops. Sometimes I need to give 130 knots down to 1,000 feet on the ils if I don’t want to get stuck in holding hell.
  3. But even when you are landing? Mine seems to know I’m at an airport.
  4. You saying you don’t check it after that?
  5. I do have terrain monitoring but it never goes off when I'm landing. I assumed it knew about the airport? But I do hear traffic and terrain called out. -Robert
  6. In the alarm configuration in the Garmin setup how do you set the 500 ft trigger? Maybe I'd have to see it to understand. -Robert
  7. I’m waiting for Garmin to do this. They have everything it needs if you have their full stack. They just need to put it in the software.
  8. I’d be happy for any quote was under 200 hours. We all know these jobs never go as expected especially for these older planes. Whatever they quote they’ll probably spend 20% over that.
  9. If I understand you correctly I do this in my 275 today. I can switch between the 650 and 255.
  10. Eci inspections are easy for you since you can do them on the field. I have to fly up from mather
  11. Did he have to lube anything? The trick to a cheap annual is to have the mag timer already set up. Have the top plugs out to do the compression and have all the lubrication already done. Make sure he doesn’t need to lift a wrench. lay the wheel bearings out on a rag already cleaned for inspection? Put the cleaned and gapped plugs out in a care bottom up for inspection etc.
  12. Hey i resemble that remark. For some reason all the parts they show for my 76F are actually for a C model including the small clam shell rear window trim of the C. Cant seem to find actual M20F parts
  13. Not putting any of that Dorman junk on my car. Quality OEM is around $150. I bet that safety wire will outlive most of us.
  14. Car window decided it would go down but not up. Took it apart and found the nut on the cable had broken free of the broken plastic sled it rides on. Nothing a bit of safety wire can’t fix?? Now notice the nut if we’ll secured in the sled
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