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  1. For sure but why pay more if you don’t have to. $11,200 for 2axis and electric trim. Figure 50hrs of work (if you already have G5s of gi275s) at $100hr. $16k seems fair but none of these quotes are near that.
  2. Damn these are high. Approx $15k installed last year in a C model in Higginsville, MO. That was no yaw dampener though. They are doing my dual GI-275s in October and I will be certainly be going back for the GFC500 next year for my E.
  3. I agree with what others are saying here. Mooney or Comanche 250-260. Flying over the mountains, I would definitely go with a little more horsepower. The Comanche was a load hauler, roomier, faster and had longer legs at the cost of a couple more gallons of fuel an hour. Being empty nesters now, our E model is a great two person, lots of bags plane. With a young family, you might want a little more plane to grow into. Bonanzas are great too but maintenance will be more.
  4. I'll be removing my gyro and valves out of my '65 M20E in the next month (it's a working unit). If you don't have any luck, let me know and I can send you some parts...
  5. I have a working 8day clock that I removed from my panel if you're interested
  6. I agree. I had dual G5s in my last plane and loved them. Was pretty shocked to find the dual GI-275 were within a couple grand of the G5s. That’s a no brainer. Add more function and easier to install in the standard holes. The OP has a pretty tight panel and the G5s will require grinding to make them fit due to clearance issues. So I have an appointment in October to add those 275s to my E model. Add one of Garmins USB charger ports to the center piece of the yoke too. It can be linked to the GI-275s to transfer databases and can transfer flight/engine data for analysis.
  7. I'd say that im seeing the same performance discrepancies you are. I was looking specifically for an E model due to the higher climb rates over other models. In reality, they probably all climb out similar. One thing to note is the "full power/2700rpm & powerboost on". I don't know if everyone actually climbs like that, a lot might be using 25 Squared. I have been babying the new engine but I'm thinking about running harder now that there's more hours on it. Still don't use the powerboost in climb until 6k feet too.
  8. In preparation for my dual GI-275s and Ei-CGR 30P & C, I installed my massive DG (that's about a foot long) directly about my yoke tube. No rubbing or modification to the yoke tube mount. My buddy's plane has dual G5s and same 9 hole panel.
  9. I didn't need to touch that piece at all on my 65' E, and neither did my friends 66' C.
  10. Man, sounds like we are gonna have the same setup. I too am going to do CGR30P&C on the pilot side and all CDI needles removed. I'm scheduled for Oct 24th to get my GI-275s installed along with my remote transponder. I won't have a single thing on the copilot side. Probably just put in a glovebox for phones and an iPad mount for the "Boss" in the left seat. I'll have plenty of space in the center stack for the gfc500 when the bank account replenishes.
  11. Wow, that is nearly the perfect airplane. I need to make more money.
  12. I'll take your 310. I don't know why because I don't need a twin, but damn they look so good.
  13. Wow, looks great! I need to do that too!
  14. I have an RC Allen with an inclinometer in place of the Turn Coordinator. It weighs like 8oz and is just a power and ground. Why mess with vacuum systems?
  15. That would be nice. All the POH numbers numbers suggest that this plane should be damn near as fast as my Comanche 250. Nope, I’m at least 10-15kts slower. I think Mooney was optimistic on some of their numbers. The goal is to get to 155 on 10gph, (my 250 was a 161ktas at 13-14gph). Even with the crap 100LL prices, I haven’t felt the squeeze because of fuel burn difference.
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