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  1. Thanks for all the help! We found a shop that has an opening in Jacksonville, TX in a couple weeks. I will report on the before/after when I get it back for sure.
  2. Yep, if you type "Mooney" about 6 listings will show up. These are people who have Mooney experience or are a Mooney specific CFI. You can then message them or click on their profile for more information. My goal is to get more people who have responded on this thread to join the site and create a profile... Haven't had more than the current 6 sign up, but i'm sending messages/emails soliciting CFIs/CFIIs to sign up. @MooneyPoor has the list...i've got the site. We've just got to combine the two now
  3. Yep! airCFI.com is growing pretty well. Over 70 listings and many of them from Mooney pilots. I'll go check your spreadsheet and try and invite those on it to the site. It works better if the CFIs/CFIIs post the listing themselves and can interact with students that way
  4. Hey @rbp check out airCFI.com There are a few ferry pilots on there, but i'm working on adding some more. Some of the ones on there now will travel to you.
  5. Just a general comment, great question and i'm having fun reading this thread. Seems like the mean is around 145ktas. I'm getting 140-145ktas depending on the day, but my paint is currently atrocious. I'm hoping new paint and proper rigging will help out with that regard. You really make your money on GS though, and foreflight has more than paid for itself with wind speeds at altitude. I fly ~125-150hrs a year and saving 5-10min per flight by choosing the right altitude adds up in money saved. I've considered speed mods, but would rather spend money on the plane in the air (gas) than
  6. More or less a variant of this. Actually had the colors from the paint shop ready to be ordered and everything. Red was more expensive but not enough to make a difference of more than $500-1000
  7. Haha, well it was all set up... But too good to be true apparently. I don't necessarily need it to be a quick job, just something that doesn't break the bank and that I can get in pretty soon. I'm in the military and might move this fall, so I'm looking to get it done before then
  8. I was all set to get my 1976 F painted in June but I found out this week that the shop lost a few mechanics and cancelled my paint job. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good paint shop? I'm looking mainly in the Southeast (plane is based at KCEW, Crestview, FL). Most places I've called are on a long waiting list, so I'm looking for a place that is less than $15k and can get me in within 6 months. The plane needs paint pretty badly as it is shedding it's layer down to the aluminum in multiple spots. Thanks in advance!
  9. Awesome! I saw that you signed up. Looks like we've been getting quite a few CFIs all over the US. I'm thinking of making something like a pen to advertise the website at FBOs around the US
  10. Thanks for the talk-on. I've communicated on that forum as well. Hopefully we can put something together that is useful!
  11. Hey! Just stumbled upon this project. Looks like we are thinking along similar lines. I've started a website idea for this, feel free to check it out or PM me about getting this info out to the Mooneyverse Here's a look at the website idea I started: https://aircfi.sharetribe.com/
  12. So, what I don't get from those is the interactivity. My goal is to be able to message instructors on the site, understand their rates/services provided, and find their availability. Also, the user interface is lacking in my opinion. I would test out both sites (mine vs Gleim or EAA) and let me know the positives and negatives of each.
  13. Thanks! I think the biggest challenge is having a critical mass of postings so that eventually it will be prominently used, but I see it as good for us Mooniacs in the meantime
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