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  1. Just following up on this thread. The problem was found and fixed! It was a loose connection forward of the electric fuel pump. It was only able to be found when I turned on the boost pump when priming the engine while my mechanic was outside. All the fuel would evaporate when I previously would do this so I had no idea fuel was leaking when priming the engine. We also replaced the mechanical fuel pump and are seeing upwards of 30psi. Much better than it normally read previously. Thanks for all the help on here for what to check and what not.
  2. Any recommendations for shops?/who did yours?
  3. Wow, 6 weeks/3months...idk if I can go without flying that long! Jk, the Mooney needs a spa day...or month every so often. I’d imagine just regular paint would be fine and gear would probably be touched up, Mooney looks best in the air when you don’t see the gear anyway Good to know about the fuel cell leaks. I’d imagine white is the cheapest? What is the price range on colors? If reds are $1000/gal what would the lower end colors be. If it’s like $900/gal I think it’s worth doing some expensive colors but if it’s like $500/gal I would probably stick with a cheaper base col
  4. Hi all, it's come time to get my Mooney repainted soon. I'm looking for some recommendations for a few things: 1. Paint scheme- I'm thinking Purple and Red (I know unique), anyone have a Mooney with these colors for some inspiration? Also, will certain colors cost more than others? 2. Shop recommendations- I'm willing to travel if NW Florida doesn't have great options. Anybody have some gouge on which places do a great job? I'm obviously not trying to break the bank but i'm not trying to go cheap either. Looking for the fairest price possible. 3. What is a fair price for a full
  5. Also, off-topic but how do some of you get the states where you've been in the Mooney? Is there a website that does it or something?
  6. Interesting, what exactly will this do? Clog up where the air is leaking in because of the heavy viscosity?
  7. Yes, it is agnostic to fuel tank. That is the first thing I tried when it happened, switching fuel tanks. It happens on both sides.
  8. Here is a video of a run-up I just did trying to replicate the issue. No fuel or oil leaking anywhere afterwards. The pressure didn’t get as low as it did during my climb out previously but it still seems irregular the pressure is getting so low when power is increased. You can see it comes up quite a bit once I reduced power. IMG_4336.MOV
  9. So I am out here checking on the fittings and for leaks right now and noticed the l drain in front of the nosewheel tire is actually plugged up. Would this have anything to do with the issue I am having? Thinking about doing a test run-up after I clear the drain. Picture attached
  10. Does this include X51? I'm down here for work for about 9 more days and would like to get my fuel pump looked at/possibly replaced.
  11. Interesting, ever since i've had the plane (~1 year) its read about the same so I haven't noticed anything abnormal until it just started reading a lower pressure. So it could very well be that transducer. Especially since I am not seeing any leaks, fuel stains, or loose connections.
  12. It definitely doesn't get up to 30. When I prime on a cold start it gets up to about 22-24 psi.
  13. Will do! Thanks for all the help. I'll be down here until next Friday, saw quite a few Mooneys at X51 where I'm parked. Wondering if anyone has a mechanic suggestion if indeed the mechanical pump is going bad.
  14. Pressure remains constant when the electric pump is on, but I know the electric pump is not rated for continuous operation so I don't want to leave it on throughout climb. Maybe I will go check for stains tomorrow evening...currently away from home in the Miami area so I'm limited on tools :/
  15. You replaced the mechanical fuel pump? Did it make a mess in flight? Haven't seen or smelled any fuel, maybe that's because my last couple flights have been 2-3 hours
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