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  1. What a small world! It always great to hear another Mooniac on the unicom
  2. My fiancé and I have completed two Pilots N Paws flight rescuing 4 dogs so far. Unfortunately, the second one didn’t go as planned...but that’s what you get in general aviation sometimes. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the videos!
  3. One other idea that may be far fetched popped into my head. I recently had the plane in because the cowl flaps would not stay closed and had someone at my local FBO take a look at it. Just thinking about it, the Cowl Flap assembly is the exact location that the mixture cable runs out in the engine. Not sure if they bumped the cable or anything but it's odd that this happened shortly after maintenance in a similar location.
  4. This was exactly the same thing that happened to mine. It has the quadrant. Somehow I was able to get it to idle cutoff but it took quite a bit of muscle.
  5. So after landing and leaning the mixture for taxi I came to a stop and went through the shutdown checklist and I find that I can't move the mixture control at all. It is completely stuck. Somehow I was able to muscle it enough to idle cutoff but currently I'm grounded for the night in KBGE with a mixture control that won't budge an inch either rich or lean (it ended up being stuck exactly in the middle of it's travel) . Has anybody had this issue before? I have a 1976 M20F. I haven't had any signs of the mixture control being tough at all, it worked like a champ the entire flight and even leaning after landing. One thing we have ruled out is that the servo is not the issue, the lever moves fine, so it must be somewhere within the cable. Is it possible a cable could have seized up? Anyway, I'm stuck here until I can get home. Thanks!