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  1. Don’t worry Guys I would not put myself in the no experience flight home situation regardless of what insurance I choose to buy and I assure you that Safety is ALWAYS my first priority ! Blue Skies, Stuart
  2. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and great advice. Mark I will definitely touch bases Much appreciated. I have learned a ton here lurking for several years and this forum is great resource ! I will definitely get the ifr in my bird and possibly comm prior to buying a Mooney Unless some “bargain” appears that I “might” just do liability on until the big money dump to upgrade(only considering this because I can do the work)as I know the money pit any aircraft can be. Stuart
  3. Ross, I will pm you about checking out your Mooney, Thanks ! Takair,I have a Cherokee but do plan to keep it and do my ifr before buying the Mooney mostly because I don’t want to get hosed on the Insurance
  4. Hi All, I am a Cherokee pilot longing to buy a Mooney(preffer an e or f)but will consider a C and planning to get the ifr done and start looking hard unless the right project appears that I cannot resist in the meantime. I work at Kofp near Richmond Va and hope to connect with a local Mooneyowner who would like to share their passion for mooneys. Thanks ! Stuart
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