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  1. 8 day clock

    The mechanical portion could be done best by an old fashioned watchmaker if you can find one. It very well could have a broken balance staff which would require a watchmaker and a staking set.
  2. M20E transition training

    If you want to fly in a Mooney transition instructor, I know of a great one whose specialty is Mooney transition. He will work with you to keep the cost as low as possible. He is in the Kerrville area. If you are interested PM me for his contact info.
  3. '64 M20C crosswind limitations?

    One time in the early nineties, I came into a WWII bomber field that is now a muni. Three runways, but none east/west. The wind was crazy high from due west, a very unusual wind in my part of the world. The airport was completely deserted. Due to the three runway arrangement, the east/west taxiway is probably 3,000 feet and I was in a 150. I will not state my ultimate solution, but what would you have done?
  4. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Kyoshiskip, if oldguys instructions don’t get it for you let me know and I will try to capture a screen for you.
  5. This is very simple! Jack Hooker is a fellow member of the Cessna 120-140 and I know and respect him. He is a pro at what he does and a great guy to visit with. Simply call him and talk to him. He will provide the STC with the harness. He has personally analyzed all applications for which he provides harnesses. If he says it is good to go, have complete confidence with the installation and sleep better because you know you are properly restrained in the event of an incident. I have a set of Jacks harnesses in my 140 and feel much more secure with the Hooker harness in my 140 than the one side shoulder harness that was already installed in my Mooney when I bought it. If my Mooney didn’t already have the harness it has, I would not consider any harness system other than Jacks system. Install a set and you will never have to look back.
  6. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Thanks old Guy! Thanks very much to everyone who offered help. I had tried to make it all too hard. I erased the whole thing and started over with the tail number and it was easy peasy. I do have current weight numbers, so I added those and that was it. Now I need to get the numbers for my Cessna 140 and put it in. You guys are always patient and helpful!
  7. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Old guy (sounds like I am talking to myself) thanks very much for all your postings. Could you show me the fore aft limits you entered in foreflight to get that shape envelope? thanks a bunch!
  8. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Yep carusoam, that is what was messing me up! I will report back when finished.
  9. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    The chart in my books is MUCH different than the one in the examples above. I have everything loaded correctly in FF EXCEPT I don’t think the fore aft limits from this chart are correct.
  10. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    I have no way to scan the paper, but I might can capture the fact screen. I will probably go to the hangar and work on that today. thanks!
  11. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Thanks for the comments. I am using the current weight and balance numbers. The problem has something to do with how I am entering fore and aft limits into foreflight. I am getting the limits from the graph in my paperwork that came with the plane. It is not in the primitive POH. i understand weight and balance of an aircraft quite well. I DONT Understand the fore/aft limits as presented in the Mooney graph that I have and how they relate to the foreflight entries. I am not sure what to make of the comment about a CFI. Luv’s examples I am sure would help, but I am unable to open them on my IPad, but I will continue to work on that. I have calculated weight and balance for the aircraft. It is just that I can’t get the foreflight calculator to work. Maybe I am better off doing it as always, with a pad, pencil and calculator. Thanks again.
  12. Having trouble making foreflight weight and balance work from the numbers I have for the aircraft. The envelope plot that I have gives fore and aft limitsmtathat are far from what the loaded cg should be, I am not understanding foreflight or the POH numbers. I think the problem is understanding the POH.
  13. ForeFlight Checklist M20C

    Thanks a bunch Mark! I have my tail number changed and ready to check and modify if necessary.
  14. ForeFlight Checklist M20C

    Thanks! I got it into FF but I haven’t figured out how to change the tail number.