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  1. I did not read all of the thread so this may have been covered? What is the mission? If you will rarely or never fly with four full grown people, I would vote for 100% of the C.
  2. MBDiagMan

    Summmer Leaning on Approach

    Both of my airplanes have carb temp gauges. Part of my approach routine is a glance at the gauge. If in the yellow or colder it gets carb heat. If warmer than that I leave it alone and avoid feeding unfiltered air when not necessary.
  3. MBDiagMan

    ISO:KLN 94

    I am going to the avionics shop for ADS-B upgrade on Monday. If the transponder they take out is that one, I will let you know and see if you want it for shipping cost. 8 know it is a King.
  4. Is that a dart or a cadet?
  5. I don’t remember exactly what Dugosh was quoted about not putting his signature in a logbook. It may very well have been that he was talking about the wood tail. I remember him writing that he refused to do the pull test on the wood tail because it could begin a failure that could finish in flight. It was not indicated in the article, but it might have been that he knew about a fatality related to the issue which caused him to be so adamant.
  6. I read a long time ago the Charlie would no longer put his name in a wood wing logbook. It would be interesting to hear what David, Charlie’s predecessor has to say about them. My C also lived in a hangar in Kerrville since she was built, and always maintained by Dugosh. I expect that the dry climate of Kerrville serves the preservation of wood as it does the preservation of steel and aluminum. My C is amazingly corrosion free after a hangared life in Kerrville. She’s beautiful by the way!
  7. MBDiagMan

    Engine Monitor Help

    When it comes to airplanes, budgeting is near impossible, especially when you want more toys like I do. I am scheduled to add a GTX345 to the panel on May 21st. Not an inexpensive project, but it should complement my 430 W and IPad Foreflight well. I just read that the OAT probe can be connected to this system for OAT display. If this is correct, this could free up a 2 1/4” hole by removing my Electronics International OAT UNIT. Are there any recommendations for a worthwhile Engine Monitor that would fit this small space? Thanks in advance for your information, advice and comments. You guys always offer good feedback.
  8. MBDiagMan

    Ever See a Caliper Crack?

    Yep, a lucky brake! Hope to be airborne again Saturday.
  9. MBDiagMan

    Ever See a Caliper Crack?

    Got a salvage replacement from a fellow Mooneyspace member. A great community here. Thanks to all of you.
  10. MBDiagMan

    ADS-B Plan

    I have an IPad with Foreflight. I have been a Foreflight user since 2011. I hesitate about the Flightstream, but I might give in on it. From what you can do your monthly update through the Bluetooth, but doesn’t work for the 430/530. The only thing it adds is uploaded flight plans, not to trivialize its value, but I will have to see how much this will add to an already hefty avionics bill.
  11. MBDiagMan

    ADS-B Plan

    I have a 430 W and as backup, King Nav Com GS and DME along with Marker Beacon. After talking with the shop, my current plan is GTX345 to give me out and in with weather and traffic on the 430. Any experience with this combination? Any better suggestions? I am understanding that adding flight stream would only add IFR flight plan download ability.
  12. MBDiagMan

    Do you brief who is PIC?

    Did my BFR in the Mooney last November. Right after I yelled clear and started the 3ngine, the instructor asked, “who is the PIC”? I said “I am.”
  13. MBDiagMan

    New to M20C

    I bought my first Mooney an M20C a little over a year ago. I got LOTS of valuable information right here on this forum. It has already been said. Check for corrosion, leaking tanks and general condition. Do take time to describe your mission so we can help you ensure that the M20C fits your mission. Also it would be helpful to you and everyone to put your general location in your profile. Welcome to the forum. The world of Mooney’s and the planes themselves ar fascinating. I love my manual gear M20C.
  14. MBDiagMan

    Commercial and CFI practical test

    Makes perfect sense. As I understand it, you take most of the commercial ride in a non complex aircraft, and then simply do a takeoff and landing and maybe show that you can handle a controllable pitch propeller in the complex plane and the requirements are met. If you have ten hours training in the complex, then in my above scenario, that part of the ride would be pretty much a formality.
  15. MBDiagMan

    Ever See a Caliper Crack?

    Well, the mechanic also said it would be best to find the casting and transfer parts to it. I find it as being caliper Assyrian 30-5. Anyone know the casting only number? Anyone know a good source. He left it in my hands to find the part.