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  1. Have C prices gone up this much in the last two years? I bought my C in February ‘17 for $45K. The mechanics at Maxwell called it the best C they had seen in their shop. The interior was long in the tooth,but it’s was recently painted with not quite as much panel as the one described by the OP. When I started reading the OP, I thought he was lamenting because he paid too much at $50K and I was thinking that was just about right, but $75K??? I think that is way too much. My $0.02,
  2. I really loved my C, and like Paul’s it was special. Had I not injured my shoulder preventing use of the Johnson bar I would still have her. The mechanics at Maxwells told me it was the best C they had seen come through the shop. They were speaking of the lack of corrosion and the pristine underpinnings. She had been hangared at the Kerrville airport since born. I miss her so much. She is now owned and lovingly cared for by a United Airlines pilot. She went to a great home. I could fly the heck out of that C unlike my current plane which I still have yet to become as comfortable with as the C had become in a shorter number of hours. I think that the short bodies have the balance of the Al Mooney masterpiece and when they started changing them, they lost their magic.
  3. Don is one of the greatest guys I’ve met in the Mooney community and an extremely gracious host. This is the third Texas Springtime Fly In he has put together and the third one with marginal weather. I hate seeing it work out this way, but knowing Don, I fully expect a fourth chance at it next year. Thanks Don!
  4. If I didn’t have a house full of family, Sandy and I would be getting ready to fly there on four wheels with I30 as the runway. Wish I could be there Don.
  5. Don’t worry about weather Don. I say that because the kids are coming in this weekend for my birthday on Sunday. That means I won’t be able to make it. THAT in turn means that since I want to be there and can’t, the weather will straighten out and be fine. Isn't that some positive attitude logic?
  6. I didn’t have to show proof of purchase, but I believe I know why. I made the reservation and got the code. The avionics shop then did the installation and registered it with the the FAA. I believe that served as my proof of purchase.
  7. Glad you made it in under the wire Skates! I had to stay after them, but finally pulled the check out of the mailbox yesterday.
  8. This is a very touching video made in the plane that I flew. The pilot came for a World War II glider pilot reunion and this video was created. After the event, he was flown home and he died the next day. It was definitely a bucket list flight.
  9. Not a great angle, but this is the one I flew today. It actually is a C47 that was converted to DC3 configuration after the war. The current owner bought it and then discovered that it was involved in every parachute drop in the European theatre during the war.
  10. I got a little right seat DC3 Time today. It was only about fifteen minutes on the controls. But I will never forget it. I wasn’t expecting the seat time. I was allowed to sit in the jump seat for take off. Once he climbed out and turned West over a lake that is about 35 miles long, the copilot got up and pointed at his seat since I didn’t have a headset. He climbed out and I climbed in, buckled up and put on the headset. The pilot gave me the controls and I finished the climb out while following the winding lake. At the end of it, I did a slow turn 180 and followed the lake back to the airport and descended to pattern altitude where the pilot took it back and landed.It was not nearly as heavy on the controls as I thought it would be, but I didn’t make any hard maneuvers. It felt like I was just hanging at the windscreen since there was no nose to see.A great day!
  11. Best of luck Stephen. I sincerely hope you guys can meet your Oshkosh target. There have been so many missed targets, I finally gave up and starting taking steps to fix the Britain.
  12. Any word about TT stepping on the gas for Mooney certification?
  13. Until the 175 and 375 were released I was a Lynx proponent. Even without the Lynx bugs, the 375 is so much more for a little bit more money. You can’t use a Lynx as a Navigtor, only a graphic transponder.