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  1. Everything is together and tests good with the miteyvac. Now I have to adjust the vac regulator and do a taxi test. I’m headed to my grandsons basketball game then volunteer work at the flight museum. May not get the test completed today, but I fully expect to do so by the end of the day Monday. If this works it will get me by until(if) the Trutrak gets certified.
  2. Okay here’s the latest. The line in the wing had a section of line replaced and the splices were done by simply slipping 3/8” fuel line over the hard line and it was loose. I did some good splices and now have it tight all the way to the aileron actuator. I expect to connect the actuator tomorrow and see if it’s all tight. I got some bellows from a fellow Mooneyspacer so I am prepared to reboot the actuator if necessary. I might actually get there folks. It’s been an education and I appreciate all the help!
  3. You make a good point David. One of Al Mooney’s skills that he developed VERY early was walking things through.the CAA or whatever it was called then. It was a very valuable talent. It might be that Garmin is large enough that they have a group whose while purpose in being is to work things through the FAA. Or it might just be they have enough clout to get their stuff to the front of the line. Whatever it is, it’s not working in favor of the Trutrak. I personally am almost to the 1 1/2 year mark since being told to my face in person by a Trutrak employee at the Mooney Max event that it would be certified and available in November. Where I made my mistake was assuming that he was implying November of 2018. They still have a one in twelve chance of it being in November. It’s just the year that gets kind of vague.
  4. Mac has always been the optimistic type. Gotta admire him for that.
  5. Not suggesting that at all. The AV30 does appear to compete with this product and they HAVE been held up by the FAA for a very long time. Coincidence? Don’t know.
  6. That clears up why the Avionics AV30’s certification has been held up.
  7. To figure this out, I would recommend tracing the wiring and draw a schematic so that you can analyze it and use it to show us so we can help figure it out.
  8. Thanks Jeev! I have a good shop that has done TruTrak installations on other planes or I would be putting up a deposit with you.
  9. So, let’s just say that a miracle causes the FAA to release, approve or whatever it is that we are waiting for, in such an event, how long will it be from that point before my avionics shop can get what he needs to install in my plane?
  10. Yeah I’m just curious how much slower.
  11. My C was modded very much like the one in the OP and although it was never scientifically tested for speed I firmly believe that it was very similar. If I hadn’t injured my shoulder I would still have it. It was so much easier to fly than my F and solidly reliable. I miss her a lot although she is in a good home.
  12. Appears to be a decent, well cared for, well updated plane. It seems a little pricey. Maybe they consider it a collectors item due to the LACK of C mods. it will be interesting what the prop and gear cost in terms of performance. I expect it won’t be much better than Cherokee 180.
  13. I’ve heard complaints from mechanics about how time consuming lopresti stuff is to service. My 201 srtuff came from a salvage plane.
  14. Don Maxwell did mine and I expect he could write a paper on it. I am sure they could help. Maxwell Aviation, Longview, Tx