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  1. I sure hope not, but if they do, I won’t replace with Garmin. To add to my product development comments, Even though a company is obsoleting their own products, They must support their legacy products to maintain customer confidence.
  2. Igor, Not related to your topic, but I have N9512M and it has almost the same paint job as yours.
  3. I spent most of my career in software technology companies. I learned that the only way you can survive and thrive is to develop at a rate such that you are obsoleting your own products with your new products. If you are not obsoleting them yourself, a competitor will.
  4. Mine actually works,..... most of the time. Sometimes it will be way off. I looked for the remote unit today and couldn’t find it. It wouldn’t be n a wing would it?
  5. It does indeed appear to be a game changer. I was afraid of this. I got my planes ADS-B equipped, one of them a week ago and the other a year ago. I was afraid that something better would come along and it did. Haste makes waste.
  6. Uh oh! Paul is thinking. Seriously though, what can be considered a MAGNETIC direction finder other than a compass, either conventional or remote. I’m anxious to read what you come up with.
  7. Thanks skates. I expect to look around for it tomorrow. If I come up with nothing I’ll ask you to take a picture the next time it is convenient for you. Does yours work!
  8. I had a card compass in my Cessna when I bought it some ten years ago and grew to love it. When I got my C I immediately upgraded to one using the PAI Mount specifically for the Mooney. The compass is great, but the $50+ dollar Mount broke from constant flexing on an aluminum bend, work hardening and breaking. I ordered another Mount and will brace the bottom to prevent the vibration induced failure. Keep this in mind when you mount your compass. The card compass does indeed have lead and lag in just about the same number of degrees as a whisky compass. An instrument pilot should understand the lead and lag and even practice rolling out with it in mind. If the time ever comes that while in the clouds all your fancy dials and glass fail, you will be glad you did.
  9. Thanks Takair! I will look for the remote box and report back.
  10. Are you using it on an AV20 Johnny b?
  11. You might have to buy a cheap socket and grind around the perimeter until it fits. A lathe would be really great for that job, but you might not have one in the garage.
  12. My congratulations for entering your city and state as well as Airport designator! it is all too common for people enter their airport designator and expecting everyone to look it up if they want to know where that is. I am sure they are not intentionally being disrespectful, but it ends up that way. If I enter KOSA and don’t say where that is located, almost no one will know without looking it up. I won’t treat others like that. Great job! Great job on your new PPL too! I hope you end up in the Mooney world with us.
  13. The Aerovonics website does not offer an OAT sensor for unit. I assume it is a standard thermocouple sensor like Dynon. Anyone know if a Dynon sensor is correct? Whoops! Never mind. They specify which sensor to purchase.
  14. As you can see I have an Astro Tech in my Cessna. I love it and it has served me well, $500 or so for a new one? Really? I can’t believe they still sell any at that price.As long as it continues to work I will have it in the Cessna, but buying a new one or even on the used market is a highly questionable use of funds. That said, I put in the yoke of the Mooney because I needed a timer and then it quit. Still trying to find something for the Mooney yoke, but I don’t think that will be it.
  15. Great point and honestly I did not think of it. That said, the non S model is the same price as an Astro Tech timer. If it would fit in the yoke and give me a timer it would be better than an Astro Tech. Yeah Paul, I think it’s too deep too, but I had to ask. I have an ancient two inch instrument in my Cessna 140 that no one, not even old, experienced pilots can identify. In the picture it is directly above the pilot side yoke. It’s wonderful conversationpiece and that’s all it’s good for. I hate to give up the conservation piece, but I am thinking of putting an S model in its place. Edit: When I start looking at it, maybe putting the AV20 in place of the Astro tech would be the solution if it would fit. My apologies for bringing a Cessna into a Mooney conversation.