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  1. Sorry for two posts, but I couldn’t figure out how to edit the picture post to add text. Fortunately, pulling the bottom radio gains good access. If you look closely you can see that the switch is adjusted to the end of the slot. I am hoping that pulling the top cowl will give me access to the other end of the throttle cable and I can adjust it there, then readjust the switch.
  2. I got a better look at it and you are correct. It is steel, not circuit board.
  3. MBDiagMan

    Check Gear!

    It was Al Mooney! It was talked about in the biography. He was active in getting the idea accepted in the mainstream.
  4. MBDiagMan

    Check Gear!

    As a related trivia question. Does anyone know who was instrumental in the acceptance of the colored arcs found on today’s air speed indicators?
  5. What appears as yellow sheet metal I believe is circuit board material.
  6. So, are you saying that you only move the switch rather than loosen the two clamps and move the entire mechanism up or down the throttle cable housing?
  7. MBDiagMan

    Check Gear!

    Thanks Brad! It was helpful on several levels. Great job!
  8. MBDiagMan

    Check Gear!

    Thanks midlife! I know I have some new habits and routines to develop. There also will be a time when I need to learn when the speed brakes can be useful, but the gear is probably three orders of magnitude more important.
  9. Famous last words, but adjusting my gear horn switch will be the last little detail that will have everything tip-top. That is, of course, until the next little thing comes up. My switch is like the one at the bottom of the bottom picture in Bob Belvilles post. The challenge is getting to the four nuts on the back side to hold them while loosening and tightening the screws. There are air vents and all sorts of things not only in the way, but serve as an abyss for a wrench or nut to fall into. The nut should only have to be loosened, but there is very minimal room for a wrench. I haven’t even been able to determine the nuts wrench size. I think it will be 11/32. This one might call for the invention of some new curse words, because I don’t think the old ones will be strong enough. Right now, the throttle is right at 3/4” from being pulled out all the way. If I can get it loose to adjust it I am thinking I will set it to 3/8” and try it. Can anyone tell me how far from full rearward their gear horn switch actuated?
  10. MBDiagMan

    Are Your Gear Lights Flaky?

    Okay, I was at the hangar this morning and took them apart. On both of them the bulb contact was black with corrosion. I lightly filed them and cleaned everything with contact cleaner. They seem better but I won’t know until my cold is gone and I fly again.
  11. MBDiagMan

    New to forum, re-starting my PPL

    Do it Mr. Stephenson! I had a longer hiatus than that and managed to get it done. Chronicle the whole thing right here on this forum like Skates did. You will get lots of help from savvy folks..
  12. MBDiagMan

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    I hope this is rescheduled. We have committed to keeping Grandkids that weekend in Richardson.
  13. I am working through my new to me plane and have gotten things pretty much ship shape, with two nagging problems. One is the gear horn coming on at too high of a power setting. Not too worried because I figure how to adjust it and feel confident I will dial it in. The other is the green and red gear lights. I almost constantly have to turn them to get them to come on. I asked the avionics shop guy about replacing them and he said that new ones will often do the same thing. Is this true? Is there a particular brand available that is reliable? I was a missile system repairman in the Army back in the dark ages and we had these Indicator lights all over the place with no problems. I am beginning my instrument training and these nagging distractions are not good. What say you?
  14. MBDiagMan

    Check Gear!

    Paul, please forgive me for using this post as a segway for a possible thread hijack, but I think it is productive in encouraging us to land with gear down. Since buying a Mooney I probably have a few hundred landings VFR and have been very good at being careful and mindful in putting down the gear. There were never any close calls UNTIL I finally got everything going with my instrument training. Instructor choices are extremely limited where I fly. I was trying an instructor at a nearby field but I had to ferry back and forth for lessons and he knew nothing about the 430W. I finally am flying with an effective instructor albeit with a coarse and irritating bedside manner. I am forcing myself to deal with the manner, but him making me nervous is counterproductive sometimes. Without announcing that he would be silent, he shut up on an approach and left me on my own. I didn’t do very bad, but guess what, Somewhere along the way, he pointed out that I had not put down the gear. It was quite rattling. I couldn’t believe I had done such a thing. We have been struggling with gear horn on too much so I am committed to fixing that before I fly with him again. I figured out how to adjust it myself, so I expect to work it out. I am very new at this. Maybe six or eight approaches under my belt. I am anxious to get a step by step from you guys now that I have experienced the approach sequence. I am thinking that I should descend to altitude before the Intermediate Fix and stabilize to gear speed immediately after, then putdown the gear. The instructor has spent so much time telling me what to do and when to do it as we fly, I haven’t formulated it in my own mind. My failure to put the gear down was rattling. I am sure he did it to make a good point and it worked. I hope he willl start being that effective in teaching me what and when. I caught a cold and have some down time so I am hoping to do some visualization to get a good method in my head. This has much to do with gear down landing so I hope it is not considered a rude intrusion to the thread.