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  1. I put a Zef in my Cessna several months ago. I wasn’t sure if the problem was the regulator or the alternator and didn’t want to full field it and run the engine to test. i had one a Zef as a door prize at a Mooney Max event, so I got it and installed it in five minutes, turned on the key and got a green light on the regulator meaning all was good. I have run it with no issues since. The green light and troubleshooting instructions are worth the price of admission.
  2. I’ve gone back through much of the thread and can’t find if t.he F is STC’d for the GFC. I expect it is not, but does anyone know for sure and if there are any predictions about when it might happen?
  3. Okay, thanks Jay. I guess I better dig out the document and put it in my tax folder. I wonder if they will send a 1099 or something.
  4. I like the iPad sideways so I can view maps and synthetic vision side by side when necessary, but that’s simply my personal preference.
  5. I read just the opposite, that it is not taxable income, but I can’t remember where I read it.
  6. We love spending other people’s money! I guess some of us would be right at home in Congress. Seriously though, it sounds like a great project that should serve you well.
  7. Yes, but I have yet to have the need to turn the knob. I will experiment with it a little Saturday. I will get the feel for how sensitive it is.
  8. Well, I got it back from Maxwell last week rigged well and PC operational. The PC didn't feel the way I expected but is working perfectly. I tried flying a heading this morning and love how it works. I took up my heading and kept it on course with a little rudder input. The track log looked like I had drawn it with a straight edge. It’s not a Trutrak, but since they won’t sell me a Trutrak yet, this will help until the miracle happens and the Trutrak is made available for Mooney’s. I’m glad I got it working.
  9. I put a Skytec in my little Cessna and I’m really happy with it. I’m sure that both of these brands are good products.
  10. Yeah Skates, I miss the side panels that were on my C. The J cowl I have is not terribly bad to remove and replace but the C/D is easier to deal with in most cases because you can pull one side panel quickly for quick access as long as you know where it s you need access.
  11. Hasn’t happened to me in a Mooney Skates, but it happened in my Cessna. Oil didn’t spray, but it leaked profusely onto my instructors pants until we could get it back on the ground. I do believe that keeping gas and oil out of the cockpit is a good thing,, but by itself is not enough reason for an engine monitor. That said,, there are still plenty of reasons to adequately justify an engine monitor, but I probably would never have known the value if there would not have been One already in my F when I bought it. There are so many things that you could do without, but find to be really useful once you fly with it. There are even things that are calculated for you rather than raw values. An example is % Power and Gallons per hour. Really good information to have already calculated and at your finger tips.
  12. Yes, here it is installed in a way that gives you an idea how much panel space it can save:
  13. We are all different, but for me the answer would be obvious. Put the extra money against the loan. I hate debt!
  14. If you have access to jacks, it would seem worthwhile to do it on the ground first.