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  1. I guess God has been flying as copilot. I have never used an instrument for AOA and am still alive and kicking. I wouldn’t make a comment as strong as Chucks, but I understand what he’s saying. I don’t know that I would be saying one shouldn’t fly if they need one, but if someone has to have one for basic flying, I’m a bit suspicious of their stick and rudder skills. That’s not to say that the instrument has no purpose.
  2. Skates describes my procedure pretty closely when I had my C. The F has speed brakes, which adds another option. I can fly it similarly or if too high can lose altitude very fast but safely with the speed brakes, then scrub off the speed before trading the speed brakes for the gear. Then with full flaps trim for 80 and it then lands like a 172.
  3. Yep, I guess it follows my old motto that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Back to the old wing leveler I guess. Thanks for the responses guys.
  4. From what I’ve read, you don’t need to have G5’s for the GFC500 to work.
  5. Am I missing something here? The GFC500 shows a price of $6995. The GAD29 shows $499. My shop who has a stellar reputation and has done great work for me says iris a $2500 installation. These prices don’t jibe with those in the early part of this thread. When I bought the F last year Trutrak was supposed to be ready “next month” and I set aside $7000 for it. I read this thread along the way and got the idea that the GFC500 would be twice as much as the Trutrak. If my prices above are right I can cough up the extra $3K for something that is available, and appears to be more product. Again, am I missing something?
  6. Yeah, the AV20 is what came to mind. It’s inexpensive, easy installation and feature rich. I’ve never been one to desire AOA beyond an attitude indicator, but I have a need for a number of its other features in my little tail dragged. It’s a good value.
  7. Customer Service is definitely a long suit for them. I bought my F from them last year with first annual included. I’m taking the F to him next week for that annual. The few issues I’ve had, Paul has jumped on them immediately.. They have been in close contact with me covering the issues I’ve had and have supported everything well. Great outfit.
  8. I saw politics DESTROY the best auto enthusiast forum I ever saw. Keep it out! Please!
  9. I think my Cessna 140 and I should live in a community called “ I Slip”. It would be very appropriate.
  10. A SPIN balancer from harbor freight?
  11. Just got my renewal quote and it is indeed up about 20%. Would you guys PLEASE stop landing gear up?!
  12. I would start by checking tire pressure.
  13. For a radius that short 2 1/2 ounces isn’t a ridiculously large amount.
  14. Yep, paper charts, a plotter and an E6B are still in my flightbag, but some days I wonder why.,