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  1. Quick follow up: The engine is finished and I am back in the air in the Mooney for the first time since January. I pondered this a lot including processing the great feedback I got on this thread. I made a number of landings in my head. In the course of the engine break in flying I did this week I have made five landings, all full flap and for the first time I feel almost as comfortable landing the F as I ever did the C. I think the break through was starting the round out lower than I used to. I can bring it down close, hod it off, bleed the speed and settle it down. I’ve even
  2. I have 5.3 tach time on it now. The only thing not really right is that it is very difficult to hot start. Thinking we might should have done the fuel system even though it was done just before I got the plane. It flies strong and has only used one quart of oil.
  3. Maybe you’re right but it doesn’t look like fuel to me.
  4. The common problem is a leak in a line or a diaphragm. Very easy to troubleshoot and fix.
  5. My Moms name and my wife’s Moms name were both Joyce. The C I had previously was named Joyce. After I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t handle the gear any longer I got this one, so we named her Re-Joyce. In our minds, Rejoice also enters the equation.
  6. Flew one round and came in for a cursory check. Ran perfect with good vitals. No leaks, no smoke and no smell. Then went above the airport for an hour still running perfect, sounding perfect and feeling perfect. They decowled it to adjust prop governor and change relief valve shims. Oil pressure was at the bottom of the green. Just some final tweaking. By all indications at this point, I think it will be a great engine.
  7. The DLC will go a long way toward solving the corrosion problem, but it’s not a panacea. The time in service thus far has proved quite encouraging.
  8. Yeah, I grew up in my Dads car shop and have seen some things myself. In this case, however, this is exactly what my Lycoming cam and lifters looked like after a long storage period, and it was a result of corrosion. The line of corrosion across the lobe was almost certainly a result of it setting still for some extended period of time, and almost certainly it set against the lifter who’s face is seen in the picture. I can not see the adjacent lifter, but I would be willing to wager that it is worn but not spalled. The corrosion causes a pit that starts tearing out one small piece at a tim
  9. Sure looks like you would find iron in the oil filter. The lifter concerns me much more than the cam. That is where I was with mine in January. We split it and found other things wrong to a point of doing an overall. I fully expect that I could have run mine a while longer, but it was a metal flake producing factory and I wasn’t comfortable letting that go through the oil pump before being tapped by the filter. It’s only my opinion, but I’m very pleased that I got my hands on a set of the new Lycoming lifters with the DLC coating. If I were you I would at the very least replace the c
  10. Please reread what I wrote. I’m not talking about departure. I’m talking about a non precision “dive and drive” approach.
  11. David at Aircraftspecialties in Tulsa. He apparently is always ordering them and waiting on them. He is a young guy in the parts section. He knows his business, easy to deal with and very customer focused. It will probably take some time, but call him and talk to him. He will get them as soon as he can.
  12. I don’t fly over the runway a foot above waiting for it to settle. That’s what I TRY to do in the Mooney. I have a couple of thousand landings in the 140. I just drop it down and pull back when it feels right and it stalls onto the runway. That is much of my problem landing the Mooney. You can’t land a Mooney like that and old habits die hard.
  13. Ha! You’re right! They could jut multiply the TBO numbers by 1.3!
  14. Seeing a large number of results can be as, if not more, informative than chemical analysis. Results is what interests me most.
  15. For a non precision dive and drive approach it’s plenty good enough. Actually you add a little to the descent rate for that. On a precision approach your flying the vertical needle anyway, so it’s only a guideline. It works wonderful for me. I’ll make note not to waste time flying with you while you’re focused on getting numbers to the last digit rather than focusing on a safe approach.
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