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  1. I spoke with a guy yesterday who has a 231 that upgraded to a 252. He said it was a simple swap that required new motor mounts and a new cowling. The motor was about the same price and he said its a better designed motor also.
  2. I spoke to a guy who did it. He said it wasn't hard and it was a great upgrade for a few extra bucks. Need a new cowl and motor mounts.
  3. I found a 231 that needs an engine and prop. I'm considering doing the 252 conversion.
  4. The owners sent me videos of it taxing around a few minutes ago. I didn't doubt that the motor would run. Kay problems I saw. 1. I specifically asked if there was prop damage and I was told no. There was prop damage. 2. Two different spots on the motor had hobs of silicon at a connection. To me it looked like an internal o-ring had failed and they tried to seal it externally. To me this is a poor repair. 3. Interior pieces had been taken out many years ago and he said he left them out because of weight savings. These were plastics. To me I felt this was a sign of laziness
  5. I've read alot about gear up landings and it seems most are simple "I forgot" so this seems like a good add on. Also since I will have a questionable engine I plan to look into an engine monitor.
  6. Regarding Avemco I called and asked how much assuming I had 45 hours and my PPL with a hull value of 50k and they told me about $2000. It was a few weeks ago. Maybe it was more, but less than $2500. They were dramatically cheaper than other companies. Parker has my liability insurance now.
  7. We will be checking with a boroscope tomorrow. Once we get it back to home base we will pull a jug and check the cam.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I plan to finish my PPL in the rental Cessna 172. I fly 3 days a week right now. I have called Avemco and they told me about $2000 once I have my PPL. A way around that is to set my CFI as the operator, but I haven't researched that for more details. From 2005 to 2011 if was only flown in pattern to keep it lubricated. I just got off the phone with a Lycoming engine builder. He said not to be concerned with it sitting since it has been hangared. He told me he recently bought an R22 helicopter with the same motor that had sat almost 20 years and flew it home.
  9. How much trouble is it to get to the oil pump?
  10. My biggest concern is everyone says it will need an engine. If that's a sure thing then I should not buy it. If that's a maybe then I would maybe buy it. My thoughts are the engine is good so the rest is maintenance and cosmetics.
  11. I am actively looking to buy a Mooney. I'm okay with a project as long as the engine is good. To me that means I can fly it and work on it also. The one I found has sat since 2011. Search n9554m on here for more details. Everyone on here is telling me the engine will have to be replaced so I would say the same for you. How's your finances? If you can afford it put and engine in it and get it in annual. I think you will get more out of it that way, but to say I'm an amateur is an understatement, lol.
  12. Yes it has full logs and receipts.
  13. 1. I get mixed stories this. The general consensus is that it's required, but real life stories say maybe not. 2. Good to know 3. ok 4 yes 5 I realize this. I'm just hoping that don't leak so bad it's unflyable. The A&P is going to check for spar and cage corrosion, but since it's been hangared for the last 24 years I expect that to be okay.
  14. On 4-7-21 I requested maintenance records from the FAA for $10 by CD. I wonder how long that will take to get here. https://aircraft.faa.gov/e.gov/ND/
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