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  1. @Parker_Woodruff any chance insurers start offering a discount when equipped with an additional voice gear down reminder?
  2. I will second that BK handled the replacement and install of a gi275, for me too, very well. It sucks the ki300 didn’t workout, but they made it right for me. Hopefully their products get sorted, their customer service has been world class though.
  3. Idk about the less fuel part 23/25 LoP 148TAS 8.2GPH m20e.
  4. F or an E with good useful load would be fine. You’ll give up a little leg room for rear passengers in the E, depending everyone’s height it could be an issue. Once the pilot gets in and moves their chair forward for flight there is enough room for backseaters in my E for 2 adult females ~ 5’7”. I’ve had 1 adult male ~6’ ~200# sit in the back, not bad if they sit with legs in the opposite side, probably roomier than coach. 60M pilot here with an M20E. If you have more pointed questions. Jon.
  5. Looks like I'll ride out my current tires until I can get the airstops.
  6. '64 E here no issue, I switched to fine wires. I was destroying missives with the surefly installed.
  7. Seem like I won't be getting Michelin Airstops any time soon (backordered and the date keeps shifting right a month at a time) anyone have good experience with Goodyear's version?
  8. I may purchase an Aerotherm. The sump heater + blanket isn't getting up to the 90-100+ where I'd like to be.
  9. Hmm I like the temperature output. I think with my blanket, sump heater, and space heater setup I only keep the firewall forward at ~70-90 degrees. Great article though!
  10. My after shutdown procedure is opening the oil door and unscrewing the dipstick to let hot air escape while I pull the aircraft into the unheated hanger. I then cover the cowling with a blanket and plug in my EZ sump heater and my Engine Saver. I keep the heater plugged in 24/7 as well as the dehumidifier which cycles as needed. Wondering if this is better or worse than letting the engine cool and only pre-heating a few hours prior? My thought process; I'm HOPEFULLY creating an desert like atmosphere inside the engine and keeping the dew point spread large.
  11. Per my POH, M20E, my Vy is 105 MPH x 1.32 so a Vz of 138.5 MPH or 120 Knots. I'm gonna try this soon, odd that the shorter E has a 5 knot difference of the Vz with the J.
  12. I wouldn't mind a highres version to watch myself.
  13. I had a similar issue after a prop IRAN. I had to adjust the prop pitch (front of hub for scimitar prop) What prop do you have? My issue maybe slightly different: I made 2500-2600 static, I couldn't reach 2700 until after rotation and about 2-300' in flight.
  14. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/alcortcp.php?gclid=Cj0KCQjw5eX7BRDQARIsAMhYLP9vFRuJEcPNKZkFPd64fsIIJPDZsSb1_-4m-4S3YsqMqY30rFyV7YcaAv34EALw_wcB But it does say for non turbo charged a/c
  15. My guess fowled plug. I found doing patterns full rich and always going full rich on final I would fowl some plugs so much as to not be able to burn it off and would end up picking out lead beads. Some ALCOR every few tanks and leaning in the pattern has cured my issues. Did you do a mag check on ground or in air after this issue? Do you have engine monitor to observe EGT/CHTs of all 4?
  16. What about or where do I look for the static rpm for a 64mooney m29e with a 2 blade scimitar? Just had an IRAN on the prop and it seems alittle off I don’t make 2700 until I’m 100’ in the air.
  17. In an E with one alternator, how does this backup get charged? If its charged from the one alternator does that count as being independent from the aircraft's electrical system?
  18. I want to know the answer to your questions too. I have a surefly and would love to have a second EI!
  19. What does he spray on the bottom to cut through the grime? Saw on the m350 video and a little bit in the beginning of this one. Its some yellow colored spray that made wiping the belly off super easy!
  20. w/ the GTX 345 you also get an internal AHRS, if you're running Garmin pilot or fore-flight you will then get synthetic vision/ATT info. If you have flyQ etc you'll at least get GPS data when connect. Is that 7k after selling or trading in the 330? FWIW I have the GTX 345 and love it. Paired to the GTN 650 and it pushes WX traffic to it and the Aspen. So for future proofing, if you are upgrading the panel down the road, the GTX is the way to go.
  21. the '64 has smaller curved rear windows, the step retracts via a manual crank. Those are the 2 big differences I noticed going from a 65 to a "newer" '64 model.
  22. I just have 1x 27 inch curved monitor. 36gb ram, 3700x cpu, 2070S liquid cooled GPU, it runs it all on high, but not ultra. I may upgrade to the 3080, but then I need to up the CPU and get a 4k monitor too. $$$$ never ends.
  23. I forgot the pump once. I amended to doing a ~1k and double check once I level off for cruise like above.
  24. Half the time my key is in the ignition, for the other half I think I'm really sneaky and it's in the side pocket . This thread has me concerned I should rethink my lack of "security" or atleast review my insurance policy closely in terms of theft.
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