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  1. Was planning to visit my sister in Colorado Springs. If weather is GREAT I wouldn't mins going to Yellowstone and get some better MT views.
  2. OK OK maybe I can come up with a list: Aspen MAX PFD, Surefly EI, Electric step retraction, IPad mount.
  3. Sure hope it will be my forever Mooney now Correct call on the AI300 BK, I believe. Apparently it cannot be backup AS,ALT, VS. Even though the new one can display them, it would be for reference only. I suppose I've gotta keep some "steam" gauges to keep it vintage anyways.
  4. Well I sold my previous M20E 4 months ago, told myself I should save money... Well I did that for 4 months so let me introduce my "New" to me Mooney, it's a 1964 M20E with nothing I can really think of upgrading (so far). I'm excited for my cross country trip at the end of the month to pick it up!
  5. Looking for help, tips, tricks, and recommendations to tackle a Washington state to L.A (Lower Alabama) flight in a M20E. I've only flown MTs in Afghanistan and for HAATS in Eagle CO a few years ago, all rotary though and certainly not in a mooney. Right now my route planning is to fly nearly due East from KBLI (50 NM south of the Canadian border) until KGPI then KLWT - KBYG - 82V - KCOS. This is my day one tentative trip "best case plan" with the possibility to remain over night in KBYG if needed or really anywhere else, if needed. The plane is Stec 30, GTN650, adsb in/out, and O2 equipped. Looking to execute 28Aug-2Sep. Please let me know if anyone has some thoughts on getting over the Rockies. I'm planning to stay VFR as much as possible, going through a small layer to be higher is just about all the IMC I want with this new to me plane. Obligatory photos of my "new" bird coming tomorrow!
  6. Nice! Bob is AGL going to do the install? I'm coming back to the mooney ownership realm after a very long 4 months! The new bird will need an annual and possibly a surefly in December! Photos to follow, post closing of the deal. Jon.
  7. Wondering if there's still a long wait, might go ahead and get on the list. For an IO360 A1A and replacing the left mag w/ SoS, is it the impulse style or non impulse (SIM4P -or- SIM4N) ? Thanks.
  8. Hello, Haven't posted in awhile after the sell of 12Q, but I'm missing mooney flights and looking to purchase another. Can anyone review this and let me know what you think? Seems odd this: "Seller warrants that Seller holds legal title to the Aircraft and that title will be transferred to Buyer free and clear of any liens, claims, charges, or encumbrances" isn't really stated? The undersigned Mr. Jonathan Davis (hereinafter “Buyer”) does hereby purchase from the________insert LLC owning the plane_____ (hereinafter “Seller”), with a registered address of__________________the following airplane and/or equipment, at the following prices and on the following terms, for which Buyer agrees to pay to Sellers. Aircraft Description: 1964 1964 Mooney M20E Super 21 Reg: Nxxxxx S/N:xxx Aircraft Price: $TDB (All taxes and transfer fees are the responsibility of Buyer) Proposed Closing Date: 8-8-2019 Refundable Deposit: $5,000 Terms and Conditions: 1. The aircraft shall be sold to the Buyer for the price stated above, in an airworthy and flyable condition according to the approved plans and design for the aircraft year, make, and model, and with a valid and current annual (or 100 hour) inspection, and valid and current FAA registration. After the sale closes, possession will be transferred from the sellers to the buyer at ___________ Airport (KXXX) in XXXXX, XXXX, USA, on a date to be determined. 2. Sellers represent and warrant that the Aircraft is free of all known damage history (other than any which may be already reflected in the logs) and that the logbooks and maintenance records, which will be delivered along with the Aircraft, are correct, complete and original, except where otherwise represented. All stated engine and airframe times are estimates and are subject to verification by the Buyer. 3. Sellers warrant that the Aircraft will be free and clear of all outstanding financial obligations, liens, and encumbrances at the time of Closing. The Buyer may elect, at its own expense, to conduct an aircraft title search (either independently or as part of the escrow process) and will report the findings to the Sellers. If the title search indicates an unfavorable result, the Buyer may cancel the sale after notice given to the Sellers. 4. The Aircraft is and shall remain as presently equipped as is stated in the Aircraft as Equipped Addendum, listed below. No other future modifications or additions will be made to the aircraft equipment. 5. The Buyer or its agent shall have the right to conduct a physical inspection of the Aircraft, at Buyer's expense, by an FAA certified mechanic or shop, at a reasonable location at or where the aircraft is normally based, within seven days after the signing of this agreement. The Buyer shall also be given an opportunity for a test flight in the Aircraft conducted by the Buyer or its Agent who is a qualified pilot, and which will be done entirely at the Sellers' expense. An inspection can also be made of the original logs and papers of the Aircraft. Any objections or exceptions to the condition of the Aircraft will be submitted by Buyer to the Sellers within no more than one business day after the Buyer has received the inspection report. Thereafter the Buyer may either accept the Aircraft in its "as-is/where-is" condition, reject the Aircraft by giving written notice to the Sellers, or request that the Sellers complete certain repairs impacting on airworthiness of the Aircraft. Upon such request, the Sellers shall have the option to either complete the airworthiness repairs, offer a credit in the purchase price to the Buyer or choose not to complete the repairs solely at the Sellers' option. In the event the Sellers do not choose to complete the repairs, or the Parties cannot come to an agreement of a credit towards the purchase price, then, in that event, the Buyer hall have the option of terminating the Contract and receiving back its deposit. 6. The Buyer agrees to pay a fully refundable deposit toward the aircraft purchase price to the Escrowing Agency, named below, via bank wire transfer within 2 days of the date the escrow is opened. If the aircraft closes, the Buyer will pay the final agreed upon selling price and the Buyers' share of closing costs, minus the deposit amount, by wire transfer, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. All payments made by the Buyers shall be made in a timely manner. 7. The Buyer’s Agent shall open an escrow account with AEROtitle, 1200 Metropolitan Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108, Phone: (405) 763-5980, as soon as practicable after the signing of this agreement by both parties. The Escrowing Agent shall, among other things, conduct a title search and will report the results of the search to the Buyer and Sellers. The Escrowing Agent shall hold all sale proceeds paid by the Buyer in Trust until the time of closing, when the proceeds shall be transferred to the Sellers, according to the parties’ written closing authority and disbursement instructions. The Escrowing Agent shall also act as the Legal Agent for both Parties for all ownership transfer and registration documents with the FAA. It is agreed that the Buyer and the Sellers shall equally pay all costs associated with this sale ($350.00) 50/50. In the event the sale fails to close, the Buyer shall be responsible for paying the cancellation costs to the Escrow Company. 8. At the time of closing, the Sellers will transfer ownership of the Aircraft to the Buyer under the terms hereof. At a reasonable time before the Closing Date, the Sellers will sign and send to the Escrowing Agent, all appropriate documents to transfer ownership, including an original, signed in ink, or electronically signed FAA Bill of Sale (Form AC Form 8050-2), the signed Registration Certificate (“post card”) (Form AC Form 8050-3) from the Aircraft, and the Escrowing Agent’s Closing Instructions and Authorization Form. The Buyer will send the following documents to the Escrowing Agent, at a reasonable time prior to the Closing Date, an original, signed in ink (or electronically signed), FAA Registration Application (Form AC 8050-1) and a copy of the signed Purchase and Sale Agreement. When closing occurs, the Escrowing Agent will file all finalized ownership transfer paperwork with the FAA and will cause the purchase proceeds to be transferred to the Sellers via bank wire transfer. 9. The Closing Date may come before the Date of Delivery, and if that occurs, Sellers shall bear all risk of loss of or damage to the Aircraft between the date hereof and the actual Closing Date. Buyer expressly assumes all risks of loss or damage to the Aircraft after the Date of Closing. 10. The Buyer agrees that he will pay any and any applicable all local, county, state, and/or Federal sales tax, registration tax, excise tax, etc., for the purchase of this Aircraft. Buyer will agree to pay the said taxes within a reasonable time to the applicable and appropriate taxing authority after execution of this agreement. 11. This Agreement and its terms are the complete and total agreement of the parties. It shall be governed by the laws of the State of XXXXX as effective and in force on the date of this Agreement. 12. Parties furthermore agree, that in all terms and aspects of this contract, that time is of the essence. The Parties will therefore make best efforts to close this sale on or about 8/8/2019.
  9. Thanks for the help today, learned how to change a tire thanks to @WilliamR. It did appear the tube had shifted causing the stem to develop a leak. All good now with a new Michelin tube!
  10. Are straight valves the right answer on M20E's main wheels? My tube is losing air, looks like the rubber stem has a small leak from the angle it has to be at. Anyone know of a weekend mechanic shop near aircraft spruce that could help me out this Saturday?
  11. Hoping this for me! I'm at 180 hours in type so far with an instrument add on too (220 total FW). Also 650 rotary time... which they don't care about...
  12. Hmm well the placard to the right matches the p1000 which is the limits for my 3 blade. Dropping off at cole aviation hopefully they can take a look, sadly I don't have the time to make it to @AGL Aviation. 10 mins into the flight I conducted a lean in flight mag check, it passed and the fluctuations stopped until I landed. Odd!
  13. Oops should have included that, yellow flashing indicates rpm mis match between left and right mag, red light indicates which mag is having a interrupted signal. Manual mentions "floating points" or mag failure as other possible causes, but with the engine having no signs of an issue that leads me to believe, and HOPE, it's just a bad connection somewhere. I looked at the mag side of things, looked fine, I guess today I'll take a look at the back of the p1000 gauge.
  14. So tach is showing an issue with the rpm reading... left mag? This is all while engine noise stays the same and run-up check passes with no issues (rpm and EGTs). Mags are sub 150hrs old, but it's hard to tell, to me, the condition of wires, but they are all firmly attached. I think connection issue to the p1000 tach, p-lead or orgnition switch short issue thoughts? Please ignore the +35 PSI fuel pressure, it's being addressed... it's accurate with some quick -35 math 20190221_160736.mp4 20190221_172016.mp4