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  1. J0nathan225

    Muffler crack

    Just ordered the Sensorcon, thanks for this. Glad Frozen flying made it down safely.
  2. J0nathan225

    Muffler crack

    Superior Aero was able to get me a replacement muffler next day, might call them and see who they went through?
  3. J0nathan225

    Hurricane Micheal damages to tied down Mooney

    I escape it! Granted I was already planning this trip, I was able to head to my brothers wedding a day early (otherwise my plane would have stayed in the path while I drove). Fort Rucker "closed" since the storm was about to hit. Ultimately I ended up in the path again after losing my generator I see both arguments, ultimately we carry insurance for a multitude of reasons. I love this plane as my wife will attest to, but her and many life events are often a higher priority. If something were to happen to the aircraft it would suck, but again we have insurance. Those who have the freedom to move or fly whenever that's great! Having another pilot fly it is a novel idea too, different risks and methods for everyone. Insurance could dig into the volunteer pilot's logs and MAYBE show uncurrency or something to not pay out??Priorities are different for everyone the insurance covers all of us even if we don't or "can't" for our own reasons move the plane out of the way. Hopefully those who lost or had damage to their planes get back in the air soon!
  4. J0nathan225

    O/H'd Generator pulley issue

    @AGL Aviation planning to get my plane to you when able, lost any faith in the current place. While I get older planes may have issues, it's every week a new issue is "discovered". New (O/H) generator is apparently not pushing out power, it's being trouble shot. While installing cowl today the exhuast was discovered to be apparently sheered/has exhaust leak. Ive given instruction once it produces electrical power I'm going to come up and get the plane to AGL. Any chance anyone can give me a ride back to my rental car at the other airport time TBD? Very frustrated at this point.
  5. J0nathan225

    O/H'd Generator pulley issue

    Skytec 149-PM currently installed, I don't know how old it is. Not sure what happened, but it's apparently broken from the shop so I elected to go with the 149-NL which weighs 2lbs more, but is HT and should be "better"?
  6. Ok so I'm not making this up? I also have bladders I felt like I could get more in the next day and always planned for less than 52 gals in the tank because of this. I think topping off before bedding down depends if your leaky and how much your home drone fuel is. I've got bladders and cheap fuel in lower Alabama so I usually top off so I can depart quicker the next time. I've had 3 people in my aircraft once so I never realky need to drop fuel for lbs, so keeping topped off in my case makes sense. If your mission varies alot leaving fuel till the day of gives you the flexibility for fuel vs cargo.
  7. J0nathan225


    My -PM starter has broken, looking to order the -NL as it seems its ,"high torque" and could be alittle "better" for same price. Is gaining 2 lbs that far forward a big deal? I have a 3 blade prop. THANKS for the help another week without my plane:/
  8. J0nathan225

    O/H'd Generator pulley issue

    ...And now apparently the starter is broken after generator was installed. Half an AMU is now well over a full AMU and won't be getting it back this weekend!
  9. J0nathan225

    O/H'd Generator pulley issue

    I think I spoke to them, right after they had opened the box and not much thought had happened yet as to what to do. They have figured it out, there biggest concern was the language on the return/void paper work and what if anything they could do. All is well and I should still be able to pick it up Saturday.
  10. J0nathan225

    O/H'd Generator pulley issue

    They are saying they have to open it up to remove and install the pulley. Hopefully the manufacturer can explain how to swap without voiding stuff. Otherwise they are currently thinking they need to reorder and get a differnt unit... Hopefully I'm not paying the learning curve time on this. ALT is a lot more $$$/downtime and another STC is required for oil cooler. I dont see any real benefit other than a few LBS which has never been needed for me.
  11. So after me emergency landing at KEXX, Superior aero has diagnosed it to be a failed/failing generator.They ordered an O/H'd unit (I assume from Aspruce), but the generator didn't come with a pulley and the paper work for the core and for the new unit says opening up the generator voids the warranty/core exchange. Superior is calling the manufacturer to see what they can do, but as of right now they can't swap the pulley without losing my core deposit. Anyone run into this issue or have any advise? I was hoping to pick the plane up Saturday, but not it looks like it'll be 3+ weeks of no flying.
  12. More thoughts, please give opinions: I did some power math, I have a 33Amph battery, lets assume non-ideal conditions, say the battery is at maybe 25amps when generator failed. Well after turning off all of what I did, I was using less than 10 amps an hour. So I had over 2.5 hours (check me on this), so knowing what I know now I would have proceeded on my original course and not requested vectors to an approach so close to the mountains, bad weather, and opposite direction of my current flight path. I have drilled into me "30 minutes of power on battery", but as I digest my panel and look up draw rates of what I still had ticking 30 mins is a very large under estimation from my math.
  13. Ok. So it gets worse before it gets better I suppose? I get some solid vectors from approach to help me while shooting an LPV approach (can't recall the airport) down to DA, but I don't break out. As I call missed my wife says , "I can see the airport below us!" While climbing out I look down and I too got a glimpse, but I was not in a position to land and the plane was still flying so I chose not to make any abrupt or irrational decisions. I continue my climb out trying to call missed to approach, after some helpful retrans from another aircraft I gain enough altitude to make contact. After 10 mins of approach calling out 2-3 different airports with weather no better than OC at 400' and me turning to 2-3 different airports as they give me new vectors I look over and see that the generator is picking up the 5-10 amp load of my avionics now. I tell approach I need to head east to better weather 1000' or better. This resulted in flying at ~3500' for another 30 mins to start the RNAV approach into KEXX all still IMC. That gave me time flying straight and level to test that my autopilot was still working so I engaged it and took a breather sorta speak to set myself up for the next approach. I got passed off twice to new controller, but they were all very helpful and told me to limit my transmissions along my flight to conserve power. Obviously I broke out and landed without issue, so far the Family owned FBO/Service personnel at KEXX have been very accommodating and helpful. I called and let ATC know I was down and safe at KEXX and also submitted a NASA report. On the drive up to Virginia I called AOPA using their legal services to see if there is anything else I need to do. Other than the steps I already took he recommended not moving the aircraft until a mechanic has looked at it and puts something in the log book even if it’s “could not duplicate”. Today they were able to get to troubleshooting and told me they ran it up a few times and indeed the generator is failing, as they increased RPM the Voltage would drop off. They are working quotes and options for me now, so far from reading on the forum; other than some weight savings I don't see any reason to go the more expensive route and convert to an alternator. They should end up ordering an overhauled generator and installing it, after which I will have them trouble shoot the G2 OAT probe as it showed 110F during landing when the outside temp was ~70F (maybe the failing generator somehow caused this?) and also my HSI Gyro or slave function that seems to lag and give me erroneous readings. (This has been somewhat ongoing, do I opted for the G5?) Sorry for the long post and poor grammar. Jon.
  14. Well had an experience today. After departing 9A5 I got up to 11000 feet and soon after (while IMC) my G2 showed low voltage and ammeter was reading 0, no load on generator. Checked circuit breaker it was not popped, I reset it twice anyways. All I got was a momentary spike on the ammeter then low voltage again. Time to turn off that, oh and that, lights? not required, bye bye com 2. I look over to my wife, it's her first time in the clouds, she's reading her book peacefully. "Center Mooney 5612Q is declaring an emergency I need vectors for the rnav into KMRN" (YES my location was perfect or so I thought). Well that got my wife's attention! More to follow:... We're driving to Virginia for my brother's wedding, I will reflect and have a healthy serving of scotch and continue my story, but we are on the ground so I can't complain. Jon.