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  1. Interested if there is anything that can repair them, I may open it up myself. I have a bad diode plane power alt in my hanger, I would love to turn it into working bench stock.
  2. Yup got WAY up there haha. I kept CHTs below 380 too. I was thinking maybe it over heated, but really not sure.
  3. Well today was interesting. I went up to FL180, Density ALT ~20k' -3degree C and my EDM froze and rebooted itself. That got my attention.
  4. I think I may still be on 2sec spread, I tried to stay there a while, but (maybe I'm misinformed) I didn't like seeing 1600+ EGTs and the roughness. for Ram air I recall noticing a difference in spread and LOP ops, from what I assume to be uneven airflow into the cyclinder?
  5. I was at 55-60 % power I believe per the EDM. I'm not 100% on how it calculates it, but it seems to take into account FF/LOP/ROP ops. I was doing sweeps to get the data, I normally cruise at 10-20 LOPs 65% power ~8GPH I went to ~50 LOP to do the mag check. My next flight I'll try a sweep with ram air open. I'm limited to a 50NM radius for flying, so I have nothing to do but fiddle with stuff right now. thanks for the input.
  6. Looking at the CHT graph, CHTs got cooler with just the MAG side, probably cause all the energy and flame was going out the exhaust. Gold flat line is my #2 EGT being wonky always seems to "Warmup" and work fine though. I was at 10,500MSL, density alt I didn't check guess:~12k roughly as it was 2200' on the ground at 300' MSL. Ahh what I forgot to try and do was another sweep with ram air "powerboost" on.
  7. For my flight today I did a few ROP-LOP-ROP passes and then a LOP inflight mag check. I believe my gami spread is ~.4 not bad? My biggest concern and maybe its because the surefly runs so smooth, but the mag side was rough and EGTs climbed to 1600+ quick. I also got a large backfire switching back to both, which I've heard is normal with the Surefly's though. Thanks for any insight, I may op into the Savvy analysis annual subscription. https://apps.savvyaviation.com/my-flights/23406/f95d3be4-5558-475f-bce8-5dea0528271d
  8. I'm in lower Alabama and have been using this for 3 months, my silica is still white/clear, makes be wonder if its working? I feel air coming out of the hose for what it's worth.
  9. Replaced the alternator, no issues now. Replaced/upgraded starter while they were in there. @PhateX1337 another sign, for me, was it happened very suddenly. I was on final to KNEW no noise then WHAT IS THAT!? It continued on subsequent start up changing with power/RPM, my thinking was something had to have failed since it was a sudden change.
  10. Anywhere that will repair your "Chrysler Alt"? I'd like to have mine as benchstock, pretty sure it's a failed diode.
  11. I spent last weekend degreasing/cleaning the plane. I plan to clay bar and wax using Nu Finish this weekend. Anyone used it before? The paint is in GREAT shape, but I want to keep it that way.
  12. Additional landing lights for older models? Saw a Euro Mooney with ones on the gear. Electric turbo? Is the m20E rayjay a thing anymore? Standby alt for the short bodies?
  13. You missed a good one FLYQ efb! I got a lifetime subscription for 1-2years worth of the competition's annual price.