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    Uhh I think we know the answer to this one...
  1. Hopping on a large jet sometime next month where they give you candy then leave you in the desert. Kinda messed up, but anyways... anyone around Savannah planning to fly this weekend and want an extra 190lbs to fly around?
  2. I live in Savannah and work at SVN, Hunter Army AF. I would say if I'm at work SAV is quicker to get to, but from my house LHW/SAV are roughly same distance. Just submit to land at the Hunter Army Airfield and pick me up haha. I did see a yellow mooney land there a week ago when I was taking off in a hawk.
  3. I'll have work during the week, but with a heads up I should be able to work something out.
  4. Any chance of a ride next weekend IVO Savannah? 18-20AUG?
  5. Mooney M20C MOONEY M20C • $61,500 • FLY RIGHT NOW • 1963 M20C TTSN: 4787 - TSMOH:718 - TSPOH:443 - Useful Load: 930lbs - Amazing IFR platform and in excellent condition. Aspen PFD, Garmin 430/WAAS, S-TEC 30 w/Alt. hold and GPSS, Garmin SL-40, GMA-340, Shadin Fuel Flow, JPI-EDM 700 Engine Monitor, O&N Fuel Bladders, LASAR cowl enclosure, LED Landing Light and GTX-327. IFR Cert due May 2019. Annual due November 2017. All logbooks dating back to 1963. This is an excellent aircraft and will be hard to let it go, but I bought a larger plane. I've owned for 5 years Hangared, well maintained, and flown regularly. Email or text gets quickest response. • Contact Eric Davis, Owner - located Selma, NC USA • Telephone: 919-606-7422 • Posted June 12, 2017 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures I'm still a ~year out from ownership, but I think this M20C checks the block on just about everything I would want. I hope it finds a good short term home for the next year
  6. 67 m20f exec. For sale

    Whats the time on the Engine and Prop? 430 WAAS? Good luck with the sale!
  7. Correct, it's located "on Fort Stewart" I'm about a 35 min drive from the airport.
  8. Sounds great! I appreciate it. Just let me know when either of you are down this way.
  9. As the title says, I'm newish to the forum mostly been reading and learning as much as I can. Looking to purchase a C-F/J(I wish), in the next 2-3 years. Already looking and wishing, though currently without capital. I'd like to sit in/possibly go up in a short and/or mid-body Mooney to reassure myself that this is the aircraft I want to be saving for. Thanks in advanced! -Jon. Davis
  10. 1978 Mooney Ranger M20C

  11. 1978 Mooney Ranger M20C

    I think this is the aircraft my CFI mentioned to me today. Feel free to get it all together and this time next year I can take it off your hands
  12. Introduction

    Hello all, I wanted to briefly introduce myself: Jon. Davis, I'm a commercial w/ instruments Blackhawk pilot who recently added ASEL private pilot privileges and am currently renting a A22 Valor S-LSA. My short term plan, within the next 2 years, is to own a Mooney C or E. I'm still learning a lot about this air-frame and what to look for before buying through this forum, which I greatly appreciate. What I currently THINK I want is a sub $45k plane, with the hopes of eventually installing a G5 attitude indicator and HSI, a WAAS GPS, ADSB in/out transponder, Engine monitor and Autopilot w/ alt hold. Ideally the aircraft would have 2+ of these features prior to purchase, I know WAAS and Auto pilot are probably the most $$,$$$. Well back to reading all the posts I can, hopefully this becomes more than a dream. -Jon.