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  1. OK need some new ideas/thoughts on the below info: Last weekend I cleaned the engine bay, sprayed some aerosol deodorant on the back side, and ran the engine up 3-4 times without finding or seeing a leak or any oil at all. After leaving the plane in the hanger for 5 days the same oil stain reappeared, so its leaking some oil from above the oil line/prop governor when the engine cools down. So now I believe somewhere at or above the Magento is leaking a small amount of oil each shut down. Mags should not have oil in them- got it. I have a Mag on Right & a Surefly o
  2. So I'm nearly 100% sure it's coming from the oil line connector/flange. I'm planning to replace the line with a teflon hose. Anyone know the length I need? This bulletin shows 36-42" options: https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Conversion from Constant Speed to Fixed Pitch Propeller and Vice Versa.pdf
  3. Any idea of a PN? I didn’t see an O ring by itself in the parts picture earlier. noted: I won’t let the bad stuff go on the ground thanks!
  4. So it’s hard to tell exactly where the oil is coming from (shocker). This picture makes me think part of the leak is the oil line to the front of the engine. Should I have the shop replace both? I’m likely going to source an OHd Woodward for 1AMU less than the PCU5000.
  5. Going off of what @Flybeech21 said: "You will be required to change the studs on the adapter plate when you change between PCU and factory governors... So, you will have to remove the adaptor plate and replace studs when you change between the two. It is not a small task to change governor types. It is a pain in the arse and don't attempt it if you are not and A&P. It requires making changes that are not detailed in installation instructions and require the installer to be competent." I wasn't sure on a M20E, a place near me quoted 4 hours. I thought that was low, but
  6. NICE! That seems low though. It looks fairly tight and with needing to change the bolts, I would imagine they need to fully decowl and tilt the engine forward? I'm 100% ok with it being easier than I imagined though.
  7. where did you get this done/hours it cost? I'm looking to go this route. Currently in lower Alabama.
  8. Looking at this. It seems you got away with not needing to keep steam A/S & Alt. That’s what I’m trying to do va repairing my steam Alt. Is that a MAX Aspen?
  9. This light directly improved my night landings! Also I say a similar chant.
  10. avoid AEROtitle. They made it difficult to close because a guy signed with SR (Senior) at the end when selling it in the 60s, but not when he bought it. They tried to claim that’s a break in ownership blah blah.
  11. Depending on the panel work the 900 looks very clean too.
  12. I talked with Griggs last month 64 gallon (4 bladders a side) is available for C-J (I'm assuming somewhat, but it was confirmed available for my E). I believe I was quoted ~10500 w/ install for 54 and ~14500 w/ install for 64 gallon. They will ship to your mechanic for install if you wish. FWIW no state tax on transaction. http://griggsaircraft.com/fabrication/mooney_bladders
  13. So it has been flying out of annual...So its an illegally flown project plane, offer 20k? 21k? for his Love of it? I'd imagine nothing has been maintained or worked onto to the level it should. Good luck, at least there is a higher chance the engine isn't shot. I kind of think he shouldn't have a license, but safety be damned? I guess that wouldn't stop him either.
  14. https://shop.desser.com/5.00x5-6-ply-aero-classic-awbs-retread-**monster-9/32nds/ecomm-product-detail/327725/ You can stipulate flight custom 3 cores too.
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