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  1. Thanks for the help today, learned how to change a tire thanks to @WilliamR. It did appear the tube had shifted causing the stem to develop a leak. All good now with a new Michelin tube!
  2. Are straight valves the right answer on M20E's main wheels? My tube is losing air, looks like the rubber stem has a small leak from the angle it has to be at. Anyone know of a weekend mechanic shop near aircraft spruce that could help me out this Saturday?
  3. Hoping this for me! I'm at 180 hours in type so far with an instrument add on too (220 total FW). Also 650 rotary time... which they don't care about...
  4. Hmm well the placard to the right matches the p1000 which is the limits for my 3 blade. Dropping off at cole aviation hopefully they can take a look, sadly I don't have the time to make it to @AGL Aviation. 10 mins into the flight I conducted a lean in flight mag check, it passed and the fluctuations stopped until I landed. Odd!
  5. Oops should have included that, yellow flashing indicates rpm mis match between left and right mag, red light indicates which mag is having a interrupted signal. Manual mentions "floating points" or mag failure as other possible causes, but with the engine having no signs of an issue that leads me to believe, and HOPE, it's just a bad connection somewhere. I looked at the mag side of things, looked fine, I guess today I'll take a look at the back of the p1000 gauge.
  6. So tach is showing an issue with the rpm reading... left mag? This is all while engine noise stays the same and run-up check passes with no issues (rpm and EGTs). Mags are sub 150hrs old, but it's hard to tell, to me, the condition of wires, but they are all firmly attached. I think connection issue to the p1000 tach, p-lead or orgnition switch short issue thoughts? Please ignore the +35 PSI fuel pressure, it's being addressed... it's accurate with some quick -35 math 20190221_160736.mp4 20190221_172016.mp4
  7. Next time I won't park my "Sand/burgundy" '65E right next to the shiny Bravo!
  8. Nice meeting you and really cool grass strip! I wasn't too sure how low of a flyover I should do haha.
  9. So just don't hit parachutes, is that the basics for coming in?
  10. Shot you an email, but to double tap: Jon Davis N5612Q j0nathan225@hotmail.com Might sell one day.
  11. Reaching out on here as well as emailw, I'm interested in the fuel/manifold pressure gauge. Thank you.
  12. First year of ownership 65' E: Insurance $2300 (hull value 65k had no FW instrument at the time and all my RW stuff meant nothing apparently) Hanger $2000 (spent a month or 2 outside then sunshade now a $200 per/mo hanger) First annual at start of ownership ~$5000 (new main shock disks, j bar lock, front gear work biggest items) Spent $1600 on upgrading engine monitor to G2 from a 602 and $5400 on 430w to 440 Misc repairs in first 8 months: Generator/starter/muffler $3500 Whelen power supply $200 (thank you MONARCH aviation in Defuniak!) IFD east coast database $350 Fuel: I've flown >160 hours since June. Plan roughly 9 gals per hour @ ~$4.25 oil, filters, misc ~$1500 Some of this is extrapolated out to a full year of what it will cost.