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    Uhh I think we know the answer to this one...
  1. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    Any update on install cost? Thanks!
  2. Thoughts on this M20C?

    I talked to the CFI last month, who is selling it for the owner: Non wass 430 no GPSS 4 place intercom, no headsets. O/H mid 90s I was/am considering this A/C if available in 6 months. I believe I recall seeing it listed last July too.
  3. Appreciate it, I just spent 30mins messing with the trial its nearly as fluid and very similar (I'm sure they all are really) I bit the bullet on the Merlin and the $399VFR/IFR subscription. No more D-Flips from FF, but I can rock the paper stuff in the blackhawk when required. Thanks for the info on this, I was looking at getting a stratus 2S for the Holidays, but I think this is a MUCH better deal.
  4. When does this end? Army isn't paying for my FF anymore, time to jump off that golden priced ship.
  5. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I won't be back till late June or possibly sometime in July. I PCS in August to Rucker though that's probably about the same distance for you versus SAV, hopefully we can link up before I move though. __________________________ It seems like my budget is fairly accurate, though some ~100 hour C-E owners are listing 25K+ annually, I think that may be the case on years with upgrades and/or abnormally high MX years. The comments to take my income after bills and that's what my plane fund will be may end up being the case some months, but if my initial plan required all of my discretionary income I don't think it would be wise to purchase a plane. Planning for 15K+ in reserve initially, some said 10k+, seems like a safe bet so I don't end up paying for a large paper weight that is unable to fly. I also understand a PPI at a MSC will help prevent this too. As for a hanger, I agree that is the better option and I will attempt to secure one, but with the short stays for the next few years of my career I want to have a "decent" plan when a hanger is not available. I certainly hope to help with annuals to cut MX costs and I should have no issue with most of the FAA approved owner level MX either. I was also looking at a Flight Design CTLS to just fly around in, please don't let me do that to myself. I plan on doing a decent amount of X-country and an IFR capable platform makes more sense, though the low level scud running I'm occasionally doing out here under goggles certainly helps make me a better MVFR pilot, anyone familiar with ICAO SVFR? I sure am. Crunching the numbers acquisition costs are ~2x a M20C, but the MX and fuel costs are cut in half or more which means long term ownership has the CTLS coming in much cheaper. I appreciate the comments and advise, I'm a firm believer that learning from others experiences prevents foolish or headstrong mistakes on my end...sometimes.
  6. I'm still just a digital tire kicker at this point, hard not to be while overseas, but thought I'd post what my "near-beer" math has come up with for annual ownership costs. I understand some years are better than others with regards to maintenance (MX) and expect as I gain hours in type my insurance will come down. I plan to keep $10-15k in a savings account from the start to cover any unforeseen costs. As that account grows, knock on wood, I can pay off the plane sooner because interest is no bueno. That being said I am OK with paying interest, as little as possible though, so I can enjoy life A.K.A the plane sooner. Here is what I'm figuring: 1500 ENG/Upgrades 2000 insurance 4500 MX/Annual 4500 fuel 4200 finance 100 storage 16800 annually 1400 monthly Sharp shoot away and/or share your experiences, I've read a lot of posts about this subject, but getting new 2016-2017 annual expenses from people never hurts. IF I can get a hanger and stay below ~$300 monthly that will be my choice, otherwise I plan to invest in engine, cockpit and wing covers for a few years as I will be PCSing (moving) at least 3 times in the next 5 years. What I'm looking to purchase in 6mos-1year is a M20C-E (maybe F) <1500 SMOH with: Alt hold AP, 430+, tanks resealed in the last 10yrs or bladders(preferred... no debate required), Engine Monitor, and ADSB in/out. -Jon.
  7. Hopping on a large jet sometime next month where they give you candy then leave you in the desert. Kinda messed up, but anyways... anyone around Savannah planning to fly this weekend and want an extra 190lbs to fly around?
  8. I live in Savannah and work at SVN, Hunter Army AF. I would say if I'm at work SAV is quicker to get to, but from my house LHW/SAV are roughly same distance. Just submit to land at the Hunter Army Airfield and pick me up haha. I did see a yellow mooney land there a week ago when I was taking off in a hawk.
  9. I'll have work during the week, but with a heads up I should be able to work something out.
  10. Any chance of a ride next weekend IVO Savannah? 18-20AUG?
  11. Mooney M20C MOONEY M20C • $61,500 • FLY RIGHT NOW • 1963 M20C TTSN: 4787 - TSMOH:718 - TSPOH:443 - Useful Load: 930lbs - Amazing IFR platform and in excellent condition. Aspen PFD, Garmin 430/WAAS, S-TEC 30 w/Alt. hold and GPSS, Garmin SL-40, GMA-340, Shadin Fuel Flow, JPI-EDM 700 Engine Monitor, O&N Fuel Bladders, LASAR cowl enclosure, LED Landing Light and GTX-327. IFR Cert due May 2019. Annual due November 2017. All logbooks dating back to 1963. This is an excellent aircraft and will be hard to let it go, but I bought a larger plane. I've owned for 5 years Hangared, well maintained, and flown regularly. Email or text gets quickest response. • Contact Eric Davis, Owner - located Selma, NC USA • Telephone: 919-606-7422 • Posted June 12, 2017 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures I'm still a ~year out from ownership, but I think this M20C checks the block on just about everything I would want. I hope it finds a good short term home for the next year
  12. 67 m20f exec. For sale

    Whats the time on the Engine and Prop? 430 WAAS? Good luck with the sale!
  13. Correct, it's located "on Fort Stewart" I'm about a 35 min drive from the airport.
  14. Sounds great! I appreciate it. Just let me know when either of you are down this way.