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  1. OPPS Thread drift. Bob I sure did: Hopefully I can give a decent review of the Surefly on my flight back to Rucker, probably early December.
  2. Bob do you think the spec would be the same for my '64 E's controls? I believe mine are still original... we'll call them vintage.
  3. When the level is calibrated to the ground the panel reads 0 the seam above the battery compartment reads -4.
  4. Ok apparently its 4 degree tilt. Do I need to determine +- 4 degrees not sure which way would be minus.
  5. Delta airlines? I hated geometry These were the different settings on each device. Aspen is dead solid. So I should calibrate my phone on the ground, on a flat surface, then go fly a straight and level path and measure the tilt my phones level picks up during level flight?
  6. So the KI300 issue I've been having may be related to having a tilted panel. I've been reading some threads, but I'm confused on exactly how I can determine the angle. Would calibrating a tilt app on my phone while its laying on the ground, then placing it up against the panel be accurate? or is this stuff determined in flight or on jacks? BK is going to mechanically re-calibrate a new KI300 to account for a 4 degree tilt (that was the setting bias my last one had in it) to eliminate the error, but I wanted to first make sure thats the degree of error I need. Thanks for the help. Jon.
  7. You can get a credit for "loyalty" if you reach out to skytec and order through them, returning the old starter.
  8. Update. Bendix King replaced my unit under warranty. They sent me a brand new unit that they tested extensively before sending it out to me. They also paid the avionics shop for their time swapping it. So far, 1.3 hours on it, it has not drifted off yet. Great customer service!
  9. Bob, I'm not opposed to, how old/hours on it? I already bought the wrong Donaldson so I may just run up to Falcon field and swap it out for the challenger. Is the challenger a direct replacement for the bracket style? For ram air, I usually don't cruise with it open for the concern of even at 5-8k there may be STUFF in the air? I could just me making this up in my head, should I run Ram open unless going through cloud/rain?
  10. But it's an oily mess. Have there been no improvements over this? Thanks for the replies. The good news is the bracket is much cheaper, I guess.
  11. Looking for some help getting the right airfilter for my '64 E with ARI cowl mod. The airfilter slot is larger than the Donaldson: pn p107172 which is supposed to fit this year Mooney. Maybe I need the J filter?
  12. @ArtVandelay bought it that way shows all the same stuff doesn't it?