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  1. J0nathan225

    1967 M20E parting out

    Does it have the trim and flaps plastic cover? Looking to replace mine on a '65 E.
  2. That's all I have left for the 430w.
  3. Battery load tested ok and was replaced in February. Relay is original it seems, I think I'm heading to ACspruce's GA location tomorrow to grab a new skytec relay.
  4. I just traded in the 430w for the ifd 440 I may have the card and reader. I'll try to take a picture of it today.
  5. It comes in 3's I've always been told. The spark plug issue has been resolved and I have spares now too, but when I went to fly today I got no power after flipping the master switch to on for start. On preflight the switch worked as I checked the stall horn and lights, but on subsequent flips I could hear the solenoid drop/engage, but the connection wasn't being made (I confirmed with a voltmeter). I cleaned the area and then tried rapid fire with 3-4 up down toggles and got a good connection after that. I switched it on 3-4 more times before heading home and it worked each time there after. I seem to have the original Cutler-Hammer 6041H34B, though it looks pretty "gunked" up.
  6. Well cleaned and swapped 2/4s plugs. All is well after a media blasting and removal of what looked like a large lead ball. I was flying 1.5hrs in the pattern last night mostly rich, I imagine that's what did it. Live and learn!
  7. Well I was planning to see a long time friend in Nashville today, got to the plane at 6am prepped, refueled, and topped off oil (7.2quarts). During the runup though when I went to left mag the RPM dropped 220-300 and EGT on #2 dropped 500+degrees. I thought fouled plugs ar first, especially because I didn't look at the egt for some time. I tried clearing the plugs 2-3 times, right side got real clean, by the third check rpm only dropped 25. Left side differnt story rpm drop lessened to the ~220, but still #2EGT dropped rapidly running on the left mag. Just double checking my thought process: my #2 cyl's bottom spark plug is not firing correct? Video posted. 20180704_073418.mp4
  8. J0nathan225

    SCS Interior break down

    Was that a kit from SCS by chance?
  9. J0nathan225

    SCS Interior break down

    Ahhh, well at some point mine was carpeted. I wonder what is underneath it, I will have to investigate.
  10. J0nathan225

    SCS Interior break down

    yea my wheel well is carpeted, but the photo doesn't seem to have that piece of carpeting. Probably a question for SCS.
  11. J0nathan225

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    LHW isn't too bad on fuel prices if you need a stop, lunch is on me.
  12. J0nathan225

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Bob let me know if you need a ride or any help from Savannah! WX looks ok until about 2PM. Congrats on getting your Mooney back.
  13. I'm having a hard time visualizing the where all the pieces go. Can anyone break it down for me? are one of those pieces what covers the "hump" that's carpeted under the instrument panel?