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  1. You can get a credit for "loyalty" if you reach out to skytec and order through them, returning the old starter.
  2. Update. Bendix King replaced my unit under warranty. They sent me a brand new unit that they tested extensively before sending it out to me. They also paid the avionics shop for their time swapping it. So far, 1.3 hours on it, it has not drifted off yet. Great customer service!
  3. Bob, I'm not opposed to, how old/hours on it? I already bought the wrong Donaldson so I may just run up to Falcon field and swap it out for the challenger. Is the challenger a direct replacement for the bracket style? For ram air, I usually don't cruise with it open for the concern of even at 5-8k there may be STUFF in the air? I could just me making this up in my head, should I run Ram open unless going through cloud/rain?
  4. But it's an oily mess. Have there been no improvements over this? Thanks for the replies. The good news is the bracket is much cheaper, I guess.
  5. Looking for some help getting the right airfilter for my '64 E with ARI cowl mod. The airfilter slot is larger than the Donaldson: pn p107172 which is supposed to fit this year Mooney. Maybe I need the J filter?
  6. @ArtVandelay bought it that way shows all the same stuff doesn't it?
  7. We're doing panel pictures? I like the Aspen over 2x G5s and while I've learned to appreciate my 650 I prefer the avidyne systems. The EDM 900 is great I consider it a must. I had g2 insight and it did it's jobs well, but when gauges start needing O/H'd you're better served going to the EDM.
  8. Well that's atleast 2 people who have called LASAR this month asking for one, maybe that'll get them moving on production.
  9. That was me . So far BK is sending me a new unit that they're going to extensively test prior to sending. I'll swap it out,sending the old one back, which they will test and let me know what the issue was.
  10. It could have been installed improperly right? I'm not going to point too large a finger just yet. Admittedly I don't 100% know how the system works and if any install errors could effect an AHRS in this way. My concern is BK's business model of everything must be done inhouse, hopefully I can get a quote on what it'll cost to repair. I don't wanna send it away and then get billed 2-3+k for a repair, at that point money is better spent going a different way IMO. I will reserve judgement and IMC flying until I see what the plan of action is.
  11. Yea 0 trust in this device presently. Hopefully they have a cheap fix, it'll take some time to earn my trust in the unit.
  12. Yea the standby being unreliable defeats the purpose of a standby to me. That manual helped, but it still becomes off or unaligned from my aspen even during straight and level flight. It gets utterly unsafe when turns and descents are included. I shot an email to BK, we'll see what the turns up, I avoid any real IMC due to it. Can't help but think the G5 that "isn't a certified backup" worked better.
  13. How are the yolks and the down the down lock block looking?
  14. Anyone have a manual for the bk ki 300 attitude indicator, my KI seems to drift for attitude alignment, hoping some troubleshooting clues are in there (realigning fix's it for short durations)? I have a Aspen PRO PFD and the ki300 is the backup, not sure why, but previous owner HAD a G5, but it was taken out and the "new" drifting KI put in it's place. Also the KI only shows attitude which seems odd as it's capable of AS/ALT Etc. Thanks for any help,