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  1. J0nathan225

    Ownership costs

    First year of ownership 65' E: Insurance $2300 (hull value 65k had no FW instrument at the time and all my RW stuff meant nothing apparently) Hanger $2000 (spent a month or 2 outside then sunshade now a $200 per/mo hanger) First annual at start of ownership ~$5000 (new main shock disks, j bar lock, front gear work biggest items) Spent $1600 on upgrading engine monitor to G2 from a 602 and $5400 on 430w to 440 Misc repairs in first 8 months: Generator/starter/muffler $3500 Whelen power supply $200 (thank you MONARCH aviation in Defuniak!) IFD east coast database $350 Fuel: I've flown >160 hours since June. Plan roughly 9 gals per hour @ ~$4.25 oil, filters, misc ~$1500 Some of this is extrapolated out to a full year of what it will cost.
  2. J0nathan225

    2019 Aviation Goals

    2018: bought the Mooney, added IFR FW. 2019: fly 200+hrs by end of summer, get ASEL commercial add-on (Feb), get ME add-on +25 hours by end of summer. 2020: obtain ATP, get a job offer at a regional, frame DD214.
  3. J0nathan225

    2018 Hours

    Dec to Jun ~120 Blackhawk hours followed by 110 Mooney hours since my purchase in June.
  4. J0nathan225

    Grimes 30-1265-1

    Seller s looking into it too, but anyone know if this is both 28 and 14volts? its the same part number off of my 14v aircraft. Hopefully its universal if there is such a thing or the seller is just wrong and its actually 14v. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Grimes-Aircraft-Position-and-Strobe-Light-Assembly-PN-30-1265-4-New-in-Box-/264088199738?_ul=BO
  5. J0nathan225

    Today's flight for 2018

    Well this was taken 2 days ago, but it was a great day for IFR/wx training over to Eufala and back to Enterprise. Today I start the process for my 1st class medical, R-ATP by 2020 hopefully!
  6. J0nathan225

    Only one Whelen strobe not working

    I think I will buy 1 more flashtube before considering the LED route, if I have to go LED I'll try and wait till my annual.
  7. J0nathan225

    Only one Whelen strobe not working

    So I've been having intermittent strobe issues for abit and replaced both flash tubes last month which while one seemed to beat to its own drum (slower rate of flash) when installed they all 3 worked atleast. Over the last few flights the left wing has been intermittent again and tonight just wouldn't work. I went out tonight and did (a) Issue stayed on the left wing (no noise or flash). So I put the wires back in the original plugs and swapped flash tubes left to right, problem followed, but now while on the right side the tube didn't flash, but made the noise. The last thing I did/tried was removed the good flash tube (now on left) completely and fired up the system. I got 3-4 flashes out of the "bad" tube on the right and then it went to making noise and maybe 1 more random flash after 15-20 second before I turned things off. Did I just get a bad "new" flashtube or is my power supply maybe doing something funky? This was all on a fully charged battery a whelen strobe system with "new" flash tubes: Pyrex W5502211 Thanks for the help!
  8. J0nathan225

    $100 Burger

    KSSI has GREAT BBQ (southern soul), it's a 3-5 min walk from the FBO doors. Friendly and newly renovated FBO too. Good spot just south of Savannah.
  9. J0nathan225

    Today's flight for 2018

    Great flight to the Jack Daniel's Distillery then lunch in Nashville, made great time flying back to Enterprise. Flight Track Log ✈ N5612Q ✈ 05-Dec-2018 ✈ KJWN - KEDN ✈ FlightAware https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N5612Q/history/20181205/2202Z/KJWN/KEDN/tracklog
  10. J0nathan225

    Seat redo with AirTex

    Mind me asking what the cost for the seat covers and time it took to install were?
  11. J0nathan225

    When to change the donuts

    Those discs were then installed on my mains, replacing donuts that were 23ish years old if I recall. Front is still within specs though. Thanks again @LANCECASPER
  12. J0nathan225

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    Weekends are good for me. I'm out of EDN. Just to throw a 3rd into the hat: Jack Edward's Platinum FBO was very helpful last weekend with a no obligation car for lunch, zero fees or fuel required. LuLu's is a decent size and right down the road from the airport ~3min drive.
  13. J0nathan225

    Whelen flash tube on back-order

    I should add I have no beacon or anti-collision light, besides the strobes. Just my landing light and position lights. The a tomato flames comes to mind, but after some research I saw: "A – anti collision lights (for aircraft certified after March 11th 1996)" so I've labeled the strobe/anti collision INOP and assume I'm good for the day VFR flights with my legacy aircraft.
  14. WHELEN W5502211 PYREX STRB TUB Looks like I scored the last one from aircraft spruce. Both CA and GA locations are saying they'll have some by Christmas... Lucky me. Anyone have or know of another one in stock? Seems the one bulb I replaced is not playing nice with the other old tube that's drawing all the power. Also correct me if I'm wrong, my 1965 plane is legal to fly day VFR still?
  15. J0nathan225

    Muffler crack

    Just ordered the Sensorcon, thanks for this. Glad Frozen flying made it down safely.