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  1. Thanks for the email. I had sent him a PM many months ago without a reply so I hope he still has some.
  2. Where did you find the yoke logo? I had to settle for a sticker version from eBay...
  3. Prior to doing the annual on my 1967 M20C I had noticed some slight fluctuations on the fuel pressure gauge during climb out and didn’t think much about it until I started getting the same fluctuations in cruise (nothing wild but enough to warrant investigation). The fuel pressure gauge had been removed for inspection a year earlier (previous owner) which was reinstalled after the completion of a good bench operational check without any defects noted. All the fuel lines were replaced with new around the same time. I just completed its current annual and replaced the engine driven fue
  4. Thank you all for your input. I truly appreciate the advice. In the end, I couldn’t pass up the $50 (total) quote I got to powder coat both yokes. I am extremely happy with this decision and can get them recoated 15 more times instead of going the leather route. Now if I could get one of TheTurtle’s metal vintage Mooney decals... -Lance
  5. The leather wraps from Aero Comfort certainly look nice. I simply have a hard time spending $800 for just the yoke wrap but I'm sure they are the best choice if I was willing to spend that much. There was some other "leather" wrap on the controls that I removed because it was disintegrating so I wanted to avoid going back to that brand. That leaves paint vs powder coating and for some reason I saw that through the forum the consensus was that powder coating didn't hold up (I'm probably wrong). With the comments so far, I'll be reaching out for a powder coating quote locally. Also, wha
  6. For those who have painted their yokes, what is the best method to prep the metal? In searching the forum, it looks like I will be using a polyurethane paint and would like to avoid having to redo this in the future. -Lance
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