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  1. My "new" Mooney

    So yesterday I took her out on her first "mission." (Can't believe it took me 8 days to play...) Departed KTOA and, following some advice from y'all, I've got the "rotate" thing dialed in. She's definitely bigger and heavier than my old E - exactly what I wanted, it just took a minute to get used to. She doesn't climb *quite* as aggressively as BE, but still a respectable 700-800 fpm at ~2300 lbs (me, full fuel, sundry in the back), and I'm pretty sure I can wring more out of her once I get the speeds figured out. (Leaving Torrance in a box climb to 4500' to hit the LAX Special Flight Rules is a kind of specific scenario that's not really an enroute climb...) During climbs, got a couple of alerts from the EDM-700 as oil temperature reached a bit over 200 (I want to say peak was 210F, might have been lower). Still in the green arc and way below the 245F redline, but higher than the 180F Lycoming recommends. I'm not used to having such precise instrumentation! (Except in the SR22, but that's a whole different animal.) My first trip through special flight rules, I kept RPMs high (2500) but pulled MP back to be outside the placard range (avoid continuous operation above 24" between 2350-2550 RPM). Gained rapidly on a Cessna in the corridor. Getting down at Santa Monica was the usual PITA, and I slipped it down before stabilizing for short final. Greased it. She's just as responsive as my E was, in landing / the flare. Very easy to make small precision corrections. Showed her off a bit to my flight school friends over at Proteus, picked up my passenger (an old friend who returned to aviation recently and is training in their SR20s), and headed up towards Lompoc. GPSS FTW! Great, easy flight. She purrs. Very comfortable, very stable. Those updated seats are "yuge." Sit a bit higher than in BE (which had the flat 1966 seats and your legs were right in front of you). Better visibility, better back support. Awesome. It's still no Arrow, and with my size 13 clod hoppers I have to be extra careful on ingress and egress, but that's a Mooney for you... Lompoc had interesting winds, varying +/- 30 degrees or so through runway heading, 12 gusting 17. Mooney. Easy small precision corrections. (Can't do that in an SR22; with that spring-loaded side stick/yoke/whatever it is, there's no feel for what the aircraft is doing, and those tiny corrections can't really be made. IME anyway.) Enjoyable lunch in Los Alamos (and brought back some Shokrian Syrah). Our Uber driver on the way back asked what we were flying. When I said "Mooney" he detailed how his father just got back from "San Antonio" where he bought a new Ovation. Small world. Topped off the tanks in Lompoc (cheap(ish) AvGas) and compared with the FS-450; might need a smidge if recalibration. Refining my ForeFlight checklists to reflect the systems in this plane. (The fuel quantity indicators - left more than right - like to take a while before they read quantity. When they eventually wake up, they're accurate. Can't wait to rip out the 49 year old right panel instruments...) Flight back was as expected. Blew through the practice area near Malibu at ~160 knots over the ground (~5 knot tail wind), as ATC pointed out we had a bunch of traffic (3-4 planes) converging from our 7-9 o'clock positions. MooneyZoom! My friend Gary was working local at Santa Monica tower, didn't recognize my call sign or voice. Had us turn base early in a tight pattern, but still got it trimmed and stabilized and another greaser. Gary, on break, care over to check it out. Popular aircraft! Departing, she climbed easily up to 3500' for the southbound trip through special flight rules. This time I configured her for 19.5/1950, which kept her below Vle. Perfect. By the time I got to the Torrance airspace, I could throw the gear down and get down to TPA almost easily. (Still had to extend downwind a bit, but at least I didn't have to overfly the airport and could just do a normal right pattern for 29R.) Another greaser. She's very stable and predictable. Taxiing back to the hangar, was blocked for a few minutes by a Sling 4 two doors down. Got to try out the phone integration on the PMA450. Worked perfectly. Love that audio panel. Tucked her in - my second attempt at putting her in the hangar (a 38.75" wide T) was a lot smoother than the first. Getting the hang of this... So much nicer than BE, in so many respects. Great plane! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Partial panel cover

    I'm aware re Hendricks. In fact, I linked to the page where he's posted his Mooney panels. The reason I'm piecemealing, as I explained, is I *don't* know what direction I'm ultimately going in. It could be Aspen + TruTrak + EDM-900, but if it's STC'd for the Mooney, it more likely will be Dynon Skyview HDX. If Garmin gets their act together, it could even be G500 + GFC500. I know I want an engine monitor more modern than the EDM-700, an autopilot with altitude preselect and approach capture (with heading, VOR/LOC/ILS tracking, and GPSS/vertical guidance; S-TEC 55X or equivalent, TruTrak + Aspen may be moving that direction...), and some sort of EFIS or, better yet, PFD. I can fly steam. I prefer to fly glass, single pilot IFR. So I'm not ready to lay out everything and start working on a grand master plan. I just want to clean up that right panel for the next year or so, while I wait for the avionics world to settle down a bit. This is mostly an overlay - it will frame the strip gauges, the tach, and the MAP/FP gauge, while holding the suction gauge and one set of circuit breakers. (Ultimately, a whole right panel will be done, with all the breakers consolidated, etc., but until I know what - if anything - I'm hanging on that right panel, doing that would be incredibly premature.)
  3. Rotate (F model)

    Hasn't flown until today; did a 3.1 hour loop of TOA / SMO / LPC / SMO / TOA. Moved the trim a little nose up as you suggested, and made sure I was rotating at 75. With myself, another 200# passenger, and full fuel, she was a lot less of a chore to get off the ground, thanks! That, and knowing about the back pressure needed (and remembering to release it somewhat immediately) gave a very predictable takeoff with no stall horn. Definitely loving her... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Partial panel cover

    Hendricks Manufacturing will build a partial panel replacement for $295. I'm sending the existing two pieces in. Problem solved (with minimal opportunity cost). Will post pics of the results...
  5. Partial panel cover

    @Marauder, you have a gorgeous panel, BTW!
  6. Partial panel cover

    Yeah, I don't plan to piecemeal anything else, but that existing plastic piece is really an eyesore. It doesn't attach on one side at all and just sort of flaps around, it's cracked, it's been hand-altered. It's fugly. It really detracts from what's otherwise a gorgeous interior. If I can throw a couple hundred bucks at it now and then redo the whole panel later, great. But it's definitely worth it to me to throw those Benjamins at it today, before the Grand Master Plan is finalized and under way. Painted / powdercoated black metal (matching or replacing the metal the circuit breakers, ELT, and suction gauge are mounted in) will be fine, for now. Eventually everything will be homogenized.
  7. Partial panel cover

    I don't think so, looking at it. There's a lot of disparate hardware to hide, rough edges, avionics tray edges, etc. It was never meant to be out in the open, and it shows. Eventually, the plan is to rip out the entire right side and redo it all around a digital engine monitor and STC'd digital gauge replacements, just want something to cover up the screws, etc., in the meantime.
  8. Partial panel cover

    Yeah, I think I'm just going to have to have something fabricated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My intention is to not do too much with 3RM immediately; want to see what shakes out of the avionics industry over the next year or so (Dynon SkyView HDX STC for the Mooney? Or Aspen + EDM-900 + some other autopilot? ...), but, one thing that really kinda must get tended to immediately is this unfortunate piece of trim around the strip gauges and tach/fuel-MP gauges (etc): (Here it is, isolated: ... And here's what it mounts over: Can anyone recommend a shop that could fabricate (and black powdercoat? Paint?) just that cover? Etching in the placard(s) would be nice (not sure if the "strobes" placard is required; the compass correction I'd keep as a card, the tach placard is required...), but not essential. This feels like it should be fairly simple, I'd like to keep it under four figures if possible. Would something cosmetic like that need an A&P involved?
  10. Rotate (F model)

    I'm using flaps set to take-off position, per the indicator.
  11. Leaning (redux)

    Copy that, thanks. Yeah, I saw that the live course had no future dates.
  12. Rotate (F model)

    The electric flaps on the '69 F are continuously variable.
  13. Is this article good info? Is this ($400 online) course a good way of learning how to properly lean? Have a '69 M20F, IO-360-A1A, with an EDM-700 engine monitor, FS-450 fuel totalizer, and other goodies (including cowl closure and oil cooler relocation mods). Also has a scimitar prop with "continuous operations between 2350-2550 rpm above 24" MP prohibited" placard. Still getting a feel for how to configure her in cruise, for maximum speed and/or efficiency. But at least now I have the information in the cockpit to do it (vs. single probe E-1 EGT and a fifty-one year old Garwin CHT gauge). Looks like a lot of my flying will be in the 6500-8500 range (just not quite long enough of a trip to climb to 10,000+), and if "2500 RPM and WOT" is decent advice, I will usually be above 65% power if I follow it, so I worry about leaning into the Red Box of Profound Engine Unhappiness... Would love to find some Mooney (especially "Vintage" Mooney) specific engine operation education... Is leaning into 1500°+ EGT normal? (CHTs stayed well south of 400°.) On a 10°C OAT, 7500', 30.14" Hg day, what's a reasonable peak EGT to see? (Can the EDM-700 Lean Find work for CHT, or just EGT? Looks like just EGT, though Busch recommends using CHT...) Questions, questions, so many questions...
  14. Rotate (F model)

    I wasn't expecting it to be identical But I guess maybe I didn't realize 10" and ~100 lbs would make such a huge difference.
  15. Rotate (F model)

    The iPad is connected to a FreeFlight (WAAS) or Stratus 2S (WAAS) GPS source. I'm reading everything I can find on her, and will be limiting my operations to big/wide/easy airports while I get used to her. No intention of ever landing off-airport again, unless it's intentional and in someone else's plane.