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  1. Yeah, that's where mine was sitting... argh. It's been 3 months. I want my fscking plane back!
  2. chrixxer

    Annual Ouch

    If it makes you feel any better, mine's in the $5K range so far, and started in July...
  3. chrixxer

    Panel Plastic

    No, his point was if something is installed and labeled in the owner's manual, that's where it stays absent an STC or field approval. The electronics in the panel aren't labeled in the owner's manual (see attached). So I guess, through his logic, what gets installed in that stack isn't part of the aircraft's certification ... Again, I don't think it's an accurate interpretation, but it's what his position is.
  4. I still have the stereo I installed in my Jeep when I was 18. Well, in a Ship of Theseus sense. The head unit's been replaced multiple times, I've gone through a couple of amps, had a sub and enclosure stolen, the 6x9s I bought off a kid in high school finally disintegrated (but the little boxes I got that fit between the roll bar and the wheel wells are still with me), the 4x6s in the dash are Pioneers I got while I worked at Best Buy, and before I got 3RM home, I took advantage of having an empty hangar to rip out all the cruft and wiring from previous installs to do the current set right ... It jams. The Bimmer is about to get a whole system make-over (rocking a "Harman Kardon" "Business CD" system currently). JL sub in a custom enclosure, to keep the trunk usable for a full-sized suitcase. Focal separates in the doors. The Dynavin head unit with backup camera and CarPlay interface. Alpine 5-channel Class D amplifier.
  5. chrixxer

    Panel Plastic

    Yeah, IDK about their IA, it was the avionics guy who wouldn't do a new panel install. <shrug>
  6. Also, I have a bitchin' stereo installed. Old school MOSFET Phoenix Gold amps, Focus 6.5" separates, dual voicecoil JL Audio subs, Blueray player feeding four HD screens, Dolby ATMOS... 1 farad capacitor for on demand power spike delivery (really noticeable when the drums kick in in AC/DC's Thunderstruck)... Also works great for de-icing. Put on some D.J. Magic Mike or some well-mixed dubstep and watch the ice break up and shake off the wing. Crank that baby up and it's easily a 70A draw by itself.
  7. chrixxer

    Panel Plastic

    Actually, the position taken by the folks in Tucson was, if there was a picture of the panel in the owner's manual with a legend (i.e., "this is the altimeter"), it couldn't be altered without a 337 or an STC. I think that's an absurd interpretation of ... Whatever they're interpreting. But they know their way around the S-Tec like nobody's business and they're exceedingly conscientious, careful, thorough, and pay attention to detail (at least in my experience, with avionics; I know someone else here will jump in with their subpar experience having an annual done by the same shop), so, I'm still using them for the pre-SkyView stuff that needs doing while I live with 20+ year old tech, for now :).
  8. Slap a dummy load on it for testing?
  9. chrixxer

    Panel Plastic

    FWIW the repair station I've been doing avionics work at, at AVQ, took the same position. The shop in Oregon that's going to do my glass conversion, didn't bat an eye. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. A&P hasn't been able to get the LW15473 (Tempest rebuilt: behaving; fuel pressure still pegged at 35 psi, way past the red line (it has been checked with a calibrated gauge). I've read the threads here and don't see a clear solution. Mechanic mentioned "get[tong] the fuel pump that puts out 15-20 psi." I don't know what that means (the LW15473 is supposed to produce 25-30 psi), but assuming he knows what he's doing... That's within the green arc (14-30 psi), but lower than I was seeing (25 psi with just the mechanical pump, all day every day). If it's in spec, run with it? Otherwise, what's the fix? Fuel tank apparently does not have a leak; they checked the drain, selector, all fuel lines, etc, nada; I had them put fuel in it and they've been sticking it daily, no change (12 gallons read every day). I'm going to watch it like a hawk though, and just always keep a reserve in the tank I have confidence in, for now. I'm a little paranoid these days. The NORDO situation with the tripping breaker appears to have been a weak (from sitting and several starts with no time spent recharging; battery is less than a year old) battery. (When the repairs were done on the ramp at the NAS, no power was available.) Now that the battery's been on a tender, we're seeing 70A at 2200 and the breaker's not tripping. The A&P is insisting on marking the engine to reflect it's been converted to an A1A (started out life as a C1C); I don't know why it's an issue now, the conversion and installation was done in 1985, but whatever. Baffles reinstalled correctly. Mags were IRAN'd and one magneto coil was cracked. New p-leads and plug wires. Plugs all good. 78s on all cylinders. Brittle vacuum hose from pump to firewall replaced, couple of new scat tubes in the engine compartment. Swung the compass and compiled new correction card (sticking with the VCC for now, that may change). VOR antenna was apparently bent and stress cracked about halfway down each side - replaced. Elevator bungees cleaned and lubricated. New brake pads. Lots of little deferred maintenance items found and attended to. Inching closer to having a plane again ... Every week or so I get a promise it'll be ready in a day or two. (Had to do my BFR in a rental Cherokee, the horror! ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. chrixxer

    Ram air

    Is the gasket supposed to hang down below the door?
  12. Latest from A&P (who was a referral from one of y'all, local to NTD (CMA), and able to jump on it when I needed an A&P "yesterday"): >> Precision has been super responsive and has me trying another linkage adjustment so that it responds exactly as it should. <<
  13. Did the second part already; confirmed the -11 is a direct replacement for the -1 and -10 and all the other -xxs that came before it. When they revise the part they discontinue the older revisions.
  14. The "crap in the servo" was a solid 4"x1" piece of rubber gasket, I don't think it got anywhere else, but I'll pass the thought along, thanks!
  15. So, what do you think it is? It’s the right pump and appears to be the right servo (I’m assuming the -11 is okay)...?