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  1. All of those are VFR transition routes. If you're IFR you don't need to worry about a Bravo clearance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. According to Mike Busch last night (EAA WINGS seminar on annual inspections, focusing on a Lycoming O-320 that wasn't making minimum static RPM and had this exact issue), oil analysis won't catch the intake lobe wearing down like that: The pieces come off too quickly, and are too large to get absorbed into the oil. Any indication would be in the filter. Anecdotally, that was my experience (IO-360-A1A). 3RM has been on oil analysis consistently since 2008, including right before I had a valve lift check that caught that intake lobes were worn too far. There was no indication of it in the
  3. Thanks! Do I need the $15 "Manufacturer C of C" ("Traceability Paperwork (if available)")? Edit: Sounds like probably no (but at $15 it's cheaper than the gas I'll burn to pick everything up, so why not...) https://www.skylinkintl.com/blog/traceability101 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Where is that in part 91? (Hint: it’s not.) there’s a requirement under part 23 (though our planes were certified under CAR 3...)
  5. Just making sure - Mooney M20F, 1969, no impulse couplers, correct? My interaction with the SureFly folks: Yes, Remove the SOS - you won’t need it. Depends on which mag you are replacing. If it has an impulse coupler then use SIM4P
  6. Older ones especially; starting with all F models and, in '69, the rest, they raised the top of the green arc.
  7. 8,000' AGL? So, departing Flagstaff, I'd want to be at ~16,000' MSL?
  8. It hasn't, at least not under the AIP, and nothing within the last 20 years.
  9. We're working on it. Interestingly, at TOA this has nothing to do with making the airport self-sustaining (a common argument); TOA generates a net profit of about $10M/year, which goes back to the City's general fund. (Yes, they can do that, at least as it appears right now; there are no grant assurance obligations in place, etc).
  10. I flew a couple of PnP missions in my E. Crates were a mixed bag, sometimes they had them, often times they did not. Only a couple of small crates would fit in the cargo area / rear seat of the E, and IMHO it's not a practical platform for most PnP missions. (Largest dog I ever transported was a Mastiff puppy, from SMO to AVQ; fortunately, he was a mellow lovebug who just slept in the back seat.) The F, especially with removable seatbacks, is much more capable. I fly large dogs all the time, often multiples. I have my own big softside crate that takes up the entire back, and it's easiest
  11. If I own my own twin, it'll be a kit, and it'll be running COTS turbodiesels I can just replace for $5K or so apiece... The Velocity folks are prototyping a Twin with derated (~280 HP / side) automotive diesels; they're also flying one built around DeltaHawk powerplants. At diesel engine fuel consumption rates (two DeltaHawks sip about what a single IO-360-A1A does in a Mooney), the reduced hassles and cost of being able to work on my own airframe, non-certified avionics, and commodity engines, I'm not seeing big downsides to a twin - especially one as relatively docile as the V-Twin. TBD...
  12. Is almost relaxing, when you have another one turning. Passed my PP-AMEL checkride (in a Duchess) yesterday. Plans TBD, but will definitely be getting the Mooney back in the air. (May keep it, but also take a partnership interest in a 340. Developing... (Eventually want to build a Velocity Twin with diesel engines.))
  13. I did an 830 a couple of years ago because it already had a 700 that was fritzing (though it turned out it wasn't the 700 that was the issue; it was a bad factory CHT probe) and it was a cheap, pin-compatible, upgrade to the 730 ... But then of course, "as long as we're in there," the FS-450 was removed, the -730 got sensors added to make it an 830... I should have just gone 900/930 and been done with it. Pennywise...
  14. Hmm, I have a feeling if I try to replace the carb heat cable, my A&P might refuse to work with me again...
  15. Reviving a dead thread... The F has a couple of holes under the electronics shelf in the tale, left over from old antennae. Is there any sort of bracket / plug / receptacle that can be dropped into one of those for external battery tender hookup? While installing the SureFly, might as well...
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