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  1. Older ones especially; starting with all F models and, in '69, the rest, they raised the top of the green arc.
  2. 8,000' AGL? So, departing Flagstaff, I'd want to be at ~16,000' MSL?
  3. It hasn't, at least not under the AIP, and nothing within the last 20 years.
  4. We're working on it. Interestingly, at TOA this has nothing to do with making the airport self-sustaining (a common argument); TOA generates a net profit of about $10M/year, which goes back to the City's general fund. (Yes, they can do that, at least as it appears right now; there are no grant assurance obligations in place, etc).
  5. I flew a couple of PnP missions in my E. Crates were a mixed bag, sometimes they had them, often times they did not. Only a couple of small crates would fit in the cargo area / rear seat of the E, and IMHO it's not a practical platform for most PnP missions. (Largest dog I ever transported was a Mastiff puppy, from SMO to AVQ; fortunately, he was a mellow lovebug who just slept in the back seat.) The F, especially with removable seatbacks, is much more capable. I fly large dogs all the time, often multiples. I have my own big softside crate that takes up the entire back, and it's easiest for me to just use that (I'll bring their crate along, collapsed / disassembled, if they have one). I use the sof-krate n2 crate for the F with no rear seats (dimensions: 42"L x 28"W x 31"H); I've also used a Precision Pet Products 3000 3501-35013 (30L x 20W x 19H). If you're okay without a crate, I had my 65 lbs Labrador and my 45 lbs street stray in the back seat with a long weekend of luggage in the back of an E and it was "okay-ish" (SMO to HCR), but the dogs were mostly just tolerating being in those conditions.
  6. If I own my own twin, it'll be a kit, and it'll be running COTS turbodiesels I can just replace for $5K or so apiece... The Velocity folks are prototyping a Twin with derated (~280 HP / side) automotive diesels; they're also flying one built around DeltaHawk powerplants. At diesel engine fuel consumption rates (two DeltaHawks sip about what a single IO-360-A1A does in a Mooney), the reduced hassles and cost of being able to work on my own airframe, non-certified avionics, and commodity engines, I'm not seeing big downsides to a twin - especially one as relatively docile as the V-Twin. TBD...
  7. Is almost relaxing, when you have another one turning. Passed my PP-AMEL checkride (in a Duchess) yesterday. Plans TBD, but will definitely be getting the Mooney back in the air. (May keep it, but also take a partnership interest in a 340. Developing... (Eventually want to build a Velocity Twin with diesel engines.))
  8. I did an 830 a couple of years ago because it already had a 700 that was fritzing (though it turned out it wasn't the 700 that was the issue; it was a bad factory CHT probe) and it was a cheap, pin-compatible, upgrade to the 730 ... But then of course, "as long as we're in there," the FS-450 was removed, the -730 got sensors added to make it an 830... I should have just gone 900/930 and been done with it. Pennywise...
  9. Hmm, I have a feeling if I try to replace the carb heat cable, my A&P might refuse to work with me again...
  10. Reviving a dead thread... The F has a couple of holes under the electronics shelf in the tale, left over from old antennae. Is there any sort of bracket / plug / receptacle that can be dropped into one of those for external battery tender hookup? While installing the SureFly, might as well...
  11. I mean, I'm all about increasing reliability and modernizing my single engine, but the long term plan is still to add a spare jug... My engine builder won't install non-overhauled accessories, including the magnetos, even though they were gone over recently by Aero Accessories and are in great shape. At this point in the pain process, it's a rounding error... (The $650 price is after a $300 core charge refund when I mail back my existing mag(s).)
  12. Thanks. Approx. cost? ( looks like about 200 per cable for the push/pull, but what about quadrant throttle?)
  13. Assuming I should do the cables while the plane is apart for engine overhaul. 1969 M20F with the throttle quadrant. What do I need and where do I buy 'em?
  14. Finally getting back to the "having a running Mooney" project. The engine builder wants overhauled magnetos (even though mine were IRAN'd ~200 hours and ~1.5 years ago). That looks to be about $650/each, plus ~$350 every 500 hours for an IRAN, each mag (more if parts are needed; Aero Accessories pricing, $240 for the IRAN kit plus $110/mag labor, and my most recent IRAN also needed a $185 coil, total bill $944). So, let's say about $2000-2400 over the lifetime of the engine, per mag. Or ... $1200 for a SureFly electronic ignition (ACS is running a 15% off promotion), 2400 hour lifespan, and all the bonuses electronic ignition is supposed to provide. (Let's say it saves 0.5 gph; over 2000 hours that's a $2,500 fuel savings...) My existing mags are the Bendix 200s (S4LN-200 and -204). What should I be looking for? 1969 M20F, IO-360-A1A, everything original more or less (I'm pretty sure it's still using the shower of sparks, etc). Which mag do I change for maximum modernization (eliminate the SoS, etc)? Looks like I'll need the SIM4N and a Slick wiring harness (about $500?) (Q&A): Q: Mooney utilizes the shower of sparks system and does not have an impulse coupler. Would I buy the Sim4p or the Sim4N? A Shower of Sparks system would be replaced by a SIM4N. As a side note, that is a Bendix magneto and will require the installer to change the spark plug harness with one that mates to a Slick magneto. All SureFly units mate with Slick style harnesses. Anything else I'm missing? (I'm reaching out to SureFly directly too, just wondered what the collective wisdom of the MooneySpacers had accumulated...) Thanks!!
  15. They're not; I just tried the M20E checklist: In Safari, tapping the link to the .fmd file opens Google Drive, which recognizes it as an unsupported file. But tap the menu icon at the top (the three dots) and select Open In, and then expand the list to see all the apps on the device to select ForeFlight. ForeFlight opens it and adds it to the list of checklists (and you can see it opens just fine, in the video). How are you trying to import it into ForeFlight? Maybe I can help...