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  2. Thanks for the link, hadn't put a name with the incident. Not sure about the editorializing. (Well aware I was incredibly lucky. Twice.)
  3. Who is Mark Brandemuehl? Was he in a Mooney crash?
  4. Easier paperwork, across the board. Hangar in the name of the LLC; want to add a gate card? That person is now a 0.01% member of the LLC. Add a partner? Transfer a membership interest in the LLC. Sell the plane? Just sell all your interest in the LLC. Etc. Keeps bookkeeping simpler. Layer of obfuscation vis-a-vis public records. Everyone I know with a plane has it in a corp or LLC. YMMV. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don’t know, and I wasn’t going to find out at 100mph. (There were also stanchions supporting the cables.) Edit: This is a carrier deck but the cables on the runway at NTD looked similar: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. SR20/22 drivers can land gear up too, it just requires more effort. Other Cirrus pilots (VK-30, SF50) definitely have to worry about gear position.
  7. I kinda feel like that would be a worse-than-worthless radio call that would just confuse the pilot...
  8. Anecdote. I was in a similar situation to the Arrow; I had partial power after an engine out and was direct to the nearest runway, which happened to be a naval air station. Sitting right seat was a friend of mine, who happens to have about double my flight time and some type ratings - oh, and who just happens to be a CFI and tower controller. He said two things to me that were not a result of my asking for information (e.g., winds): • “The runway is setup like an aircraft carrier, the first thousand feet has arrestor cables.” • “We’re really high.” We were about 2000’ AGL as we approached the airport environment. Like the Arrow pilot, I wasn’t going to touch a power control until we had the field well and truly made. I knew my plane reasonably well (I’d only had the F a couple of months, but it wasn’t that dissimilar to my old M20E, and I could parallel park that thing on a dark city street... ). When we were good I dirtied it up, pulled power, and slipped it down at like 100 mph. Floated a bit but got it stopped (with some student pilot grade flattening of a bit of rubber - flew on those tires another few months) within the 3500’ I had to work with (more arrestor cables on the other end of the runway). Experienced CFI in the plane next to me, his ass on the line just as much as mine, and he did exactly what was needed: Basically nothing. He knew I knew how to fly the plane, he knew he’d just be a distraction. He worked the radios and gave me necessary information when I needed it, and otherwise STFU. And then we flew back to Torrance in a friend’s Cirrus, and drank. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah, that was one of my considerations buying 3RM - it may not be the avionics stack I ultimately want, but what it had was serviceable (GNS430W, S-Tec 30 w/ GPSS, FDL-978-XVR) and/or easily upgraded for the "right now" stuff (swapping the GMA340 for a PMA450 was an Allen key and a logbook entry; swapping the FS-450/EDM-700 for an EDM-830 was relatively painless). Didn't want to have to see an avionics shop until after 2020, and wanted to be at least US-compliant immediately.
  10. Yeah, I might get a few bucks for the PMA450 and the 496, but those are rounding errors, and I’m not factoring any income from existing hardware into my planning. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. The 430 isn’t going to be supported for much longer. I’m fine leaving it as COM2. The SL40 doesn’t have a NAV radio, the SL30s are all 10+ years old and still selling for $2500+, and the GNC255 is awesome, but for the $4K or so plus install, I’ll just keep the 430 and add the 650. I already have the FreeFlight, I need 1090 for international flight, and a beacon ADS-B doesn’t get me that... I’m good with my panel plans generally, just wondering if the GFC500 makes sense given the existing upgradable S-TEC system...
  12. Non-Garmin audio panels don’t get you voice control of the GTN. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah, I'm already half-Garmin, and like the integration. My hodge-podge (FreeFlight ADS-B half the time doesn't talk to the GNS; S-TEC works great but only takes direction from the nav sources; audio panel is awesome but won't support voice commands once I put in the GTN; JPI is great but I'd love to have the info as a panel in front of me) is "good enough," but could be so much nicer. I'd go Aspen if I wasn't going full glass, but that's still a hodge-podge. I've logged some hours behind a G3X and love the integration... Current plan is to ditch the JPI for the integrated EMI, ditch the KX-155 (with the failing display) entirely, use the GNS430W/GI-106 as NAVCOM2, rip out the GPS496, nuke the 1960s engine instruments, probably swap the GMA350 in for the PMA450, ditch the FreeFlight 978 system and GTX-327 for a GTX345 (maybe the remote version) ... The autopilot is the only real questionmark. I'm not made of money, and if the S-Tec 3100 provides roughly comparable functionality for significantly less investment, it's worth considering. However, I got this from S-Tec: What I found leads me to believe that it will interface in the same manner as the G5 instead of the TXi: Non-Garmin Autopilot Non-Garmin autopilot systems interfacing to the G3X system will only receive Course (CRS) and heading (HDG) output functions from the G3X. The G3X system does not support nav source selection for non-Garmin autopilots. Therefore, when a non-Garmin autopilot is interfaced to the G3X system, only one external navigator (GPS and/or VHF) can be connected to G3X. A second external navigator, if installed, must retain its own dedicated CDI display. The G3X system does not support mode annunciation for Non-Garmin Autopilots. Alternative means to provide annunciation of the autopilot modes is beyond the scope of the G3X STC. If this is correct that it will act in the same manner as the G5 then you will not have flight director capabilities and would need a source of baro-corrected alt signal to us the altitude pre-select functions.
  14. Plan is to go glass panel (G3X). Have an S-Tec System 30, two axis, no manual trim. Servos are in great shape (just overhauled). Being quoted about $12K for the 3100 with electric trim, plus about 50 hours install labor (reusing the existing System 30 servos). Don't know what the GFC500 will run, but I expect "more." Any key functionality I'd be missing out on, if I went with the 3100 upgrade vs. ripping all the old out and putting in the GFC500, assuming it's ever STC'd for the M20F? My "must haves" are: Radio (ILS, VOR/LOC) and GPS-based (LPV, etc) approaches Altitude pre-select, from a bug on the PFD IAS and VSI climb Tracking the heading bug GPSS A flight director would be cool, but not necessarily essential. (Or is it? IDK. The Cirrus didn't have one until recently (upgraded the S-Tec 55X to a DFC90 and the PFD to the Entegra R8.2) and I still have to remember to pay attention to it; no other plane I've flown IFR has had an FD.)