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  1. Darn, didn’t hear anything recently so my plane went into the shop and I’m out of town for the weekend. You all have fun!
  2. Print this quote and tape in on the wind shield with your favorite packing tape. Maybe like 20 strips of it!
  3. The airport I fly into has crop dusters. They are in a entire different universe, no pattern, no radios. I have had plenty of conversations with them. It goes about as well as talking to a New York Taxi cab driver about cutting you off.
  4. In 1987 they changed to enclosed landing gear I believe that would increase the drag with the extended gear. I'm would bet there have also been prop changes that would optimize top speed rather than takeoff roll since that's what buyers were after.
  5. Are you sure you are reading the POH gross weight correctly? The 1996 J will have a gross weight of 2900.
  6. @Barry LeBlanc you should receive a PO from My shop today. N569K M20S Karson
  7. When Dick Cheney was VP he always parked his in my spot at Jackson Hole. I always complained but they wouldn’t move it! I showed them, I now use Driggs the majority of they time:)
  8. I was surprised that it was the back seat passenger that lost his life even though he didn’t have his shoulder belt on. Just shows you how important they are!
  9. I had my shop call you guys today. I am pretty sure I have decided to do the upgrade. You should be getting my PO in the next few days.
  10. Unless he switched tanks after the climb?
  11. I agree with what Paul has to say. 2 cylinders are off so take a good look at what you got first. If you decide to overhaul I would recommend Tim’s aircraft engines in Long Beach CA. The shop is clean and organized, he invites you in anytime to inspect the process and runs the engine at least an hour on the test stand before he sends it back to you. Price was very fair for my engine. Since your close I would take a look.
  12. Always good to hear about a great customer experience. Did they feel like they gave you an appropriate estimate or would future Mooney’s be adjusted with their install experience on your plane? I like Minden:)
  13. The high panel only blocks you from seeing the back portion of the top cowl while taxing. The high panels give you a lot of real estate for avionic options. On the ground the attitude of the long body is significantly more nose high than the mid and short bodies if I recall it’s 4.5 degrees. I’m not sure the years but I believe it’s the models before the GX with the high panels.
  14. Any pictures of that? I would like to see how you pack it in.
  15. It really seams ridiculous that you can’t replace a G1000 panel. I also don’t understand why you can’t just add a GNX375 to a G1000 panel to provide WAAS and ADS-B instead of paying 30K for an upgrade. Nothing like painting yourself into a corner.