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  1. I figured:) I always drive my family crazy with my projects at the house.
  2. Your shop looks nicer than most people’s homes!
  3. For the S model it gives a UL increase to be equivalent to the R. No increase for the R model.
  4. Sorry, I wasn’t able to upload to YouTube. Great video!
  5. DEE04862-D9DE-4FEB-B20F-369710608EB5.MP4
  6. We do this all the time and love it! I like it so much I don’t put the co-pilot seat back in until I need to.
  7. I am sure you can find someone closer to you but Advanced Aircraft at KMYF(San Diego) has installed several SureFly’s and has fixed a couple of other shops installation that I’m aware of.
  8. Turkey’s in the smoker! Happy thanksgiving:)
  9. Most likely from just running high CHT's but could be a bad batch of cylinders or over an zealous mechanic. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with the bottom end. Bore scope and thorough compression check of existing cylinders should give you the current condition.
  10. I would double check the external timing. That is setup differently than a traditional magneto. With mine you put #1 cylinder top dead center place SF and then double check the internal timing. Also double check the power line. It is best to go straight to the battery terminal. Any interruption in power supply reset the electronics in the SF and causes a rough engine.
  11. I would definitely recommend having someone with experience install the SureFly. If I was to install my system again I would say it would be an honest 7 hours on an Ovation that has the battery in the tail. So maybe add a couple hours for good measure. Running the power through the cabin, running leads for new slick harness, capacitor, RPM resistor, power conditioner, installing and timing SF. For the newbie installer I could see how 17 hours would be possible. I felt like the timing was very simple but I don’t have the gear which I heard people having problems with. Power supply gremlins and
  12. The most basic Reiff heat strips are $209 which gets the heat to the most critical part, the oil. You just JB weld them to the oil pan.
  13. The plane has worked out well for my needs. This is a trip back to San Diego from sun valley Idaho with a friends daughter that hitched a ride. 3 adults and a baby. You can see the bags since I took the 1 seat back out which I do when I belt in the baby seat. I could have easily left it in. There is a large western saddle in that pile along with the baby gear. Non stop 4 hour, 720 nm flight and everyone was comfortable.
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