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  1. It would be exciting to see the use of an electric turbo charger to turbo normalize our engines. High altitude takeoffs and en route climb performance at the flip of a switch with no pressure on the exhaust system:)
  2. There is no extra expense on the annual inspection for air conditioning unless you report something broken.
  3. I had Tim’s do my engine. Very clean, tightly and professional shop. I have been happy with it. They encourage you to visit the facility when it’s your engines turn. They show you all your parts and the condition. LyCon is awesome if you want to wait that long. I had them do an engine on a 182 I owned and it was smooth. You can have you cylinders ported, polished and flow balance by them and that’s a quick turn around. I did on my last J and I like it.
  4. Ouch! That really could have been bad for the guy under the plane. Poor plane! Looks like a little fuel spilled also. Defiantly could have been worse. Different but similar, every time I’m cleaning the belly of my plane this thought goes through my head (hopefully not literally).
  5. Yes, I used full RPM to climb and help reduce ice build up on the prop. I usually cruise at 2400 RPM when I’m below 10,000’ but after I climbed to 11,000’ I ran 2550 RPM to regain some of the speed I lost. I was happy with the performance under the circumstances. It took over an hour for the ice to sublimate off the wings with an OAT of 22F. I thought that would of happened faster.
  6. If you don’t want me to take it the wrong way then make it less about me and more about icing related to airplanes. I was comfortable with my decisions. Go ahead and highlight and dissect all my sentences you want but you don’t know the time between my thoughts, communication and when the actions all occurred. Nothing would have changed the outcome in my particular situation. I recommend people take immediate action when in ice and these pictures demonstrate that. Look at the first photo. The forecast didn’t have icing at that altitude, the patch of clouds was relatively small, the temperatures dropped rapidly in the clouds and I picked up a significant amount of ice quickly. I was lucky, I had clear air a short distance all around me and I had a nice warm dessert floor with a runway in front and below me. It turned out very well and a hell of a learning experience for me! I don’t even want to comment on how my plane performed because I wouldn’t want to promote flying with ice on the wings without TKS. I posted this to share for others to learn how fast ice can form even in conditions that you would not expect it. I hope my experience helps other in the future.
  7. Your seeing the end result of the ice buildup in the pictures. I wasn’t just lumbering along watching ice collect, I did take action. I wasn’t alarmed to the degree of declaring an emergency in the bottom picture but did not want to stay at that altitude when I knew there was clear air all around me, above, left, right and below. I post this to share with others so people to realize to take action. The majority of the buildup on the way out after I was already cleared for higher. When I asked ATC for my climb sooner than latter the ice was like the bottom picture but could see and hear it started collecting at a much faster rate. If they didn’t clear me when they did I would have declared an emergency. I did give a PIREP after.
  8. A sobering experience and a lesson to take action immediately because it can get ugly quick! I told the controller I was collecting ice and I needed higher sooner than latter. They held me at that altitude for only a short period but it seemed like forever. I thought I was going to have to declare an emergency to climb but they cleared me in time. I knew the tops were only 500’ above me and I know I had outs left and right of me but when the ice collects that fast it gets you pretty nervous.
  9. I flew from San Diego to Las Vegas yesterday (1/9) for a meeting I had at CES. I have always heard stories of people getting incredibly rapid buildup of ice over San Diego but in my 20 years of flying have never seen it. As you can see I experienced some ice. I was in and out of the clouds climbing over over Ramona(KRNM) airport to Julian(JLI) VOR. The bottom 2 photos were taken only 4 minutes apart and that much ice collected. Wow!