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  1. For sure the ground ops is when you want and use A/C the most. I usually turn off the air conditioner between 6000’ to 8000’. Today when I took off it was 109 out and had the A/C on up at 8500’ and kept it on which is isn’t the norm. The more humid the air the better it A/c works. Sometimes when it is really hot and dry out the air coming out of the ducts doesn’t feel all that cold but like today at 109 I could taxi with the doors shut and not sweat. Really nice for commuting in my works clothes!
  2. My Eagle had a placard for it to be turned off for take off and climb but no mention of ground ops and cruise. When it got the 310hp STC it could be used full time with no limitations.
  3. Can this unit be taken in and out of the plane when needed for seasonal use? Freeing up useful load would be nice in the winter time.
  4. 1055# in my 310hp Eagle, loaded with everything except O2, but with air conditioning, unlike an Encore;)
  5. That good news! I wonder why the EGT runs so much higher on that cylinder?
  6. Very sad! I never had the good fortunate to meet him but always enjoyed his contributions here on Mooneyspace. RIP Bob and condolences to the family!
  7. At minimum on a quick turn around I fill the first tank then shake the wing tip up and down then fill the second tank and shake it again. Go back sump tank 1 then tank 2.
  8. I am jealous of the barn doors and the easy loading of bulky cargo. The front seat removal technique has made it much better for me but obviously less than ideal. I would keep your plane and Join a flying club that has a plane that fits your needs for the few times you are maxed out. After owning several planes the best plane is one you own and is squawk free which fits 80% of your mission profile. Acquisition cost, taxes, upgrading and de-squawking a used plane has never gone in my favor. You never get back what you put into them.
  9. Take a look at this one. Looks like it is exactly what your looking for. It is on my airfield.
  10. I assume you are taking out the back seats but also take the copilot seat out when you load the bikes. You can leave seat belt attached and set it on the wing walk while loading the bikes then put it back in after. It takes a second to do but makes it sooooo much easier. When we fly with the baby I take the copilot seat out and leave it out for mom and baby to fly in the back seats. Loading baby seats in the back is a serious PITA plus it’s much safer in an emergency exit situation. I love having the copilot seat out and usually don’t put it back in until I have to. I’m sure you know how to remove the front seat but you just pull the 2 cotter pins, slide the seat back and lift, slide it all the way forward and lift. Reverse the process to put it back in. If you don’t take the belt off it literally takes a minute. Saves you way more time and frustration than leaving it in.
  11. Could the backfiring or miss timed ignition have caused the push rods to bend? Mag failure could significantly change the timing on an individual cylinder. If ignition happened at the correct point it could put a lot of pressure on the valve bending the push rod? Just thinking out loud.
  12. I have had 3 magneto failures. I failed to switch to the good mag each time even though it states to do so in the POH. I was to preoccupied with the rough running engine. 2 of the 3 times EGT’s and CHT’s went wild with backfiring during these 2 times Luckily I was still in the pattern of the airport. If I continued flying I could of easily lost a cylinder and had more serious issues to deal with. The 1 time that the EGT’s and CHT’s didn’t go wild on the mag failure I was on a 3 hour cross country the engine was smooth and didn’t even know the mag was out. The only thing I noticed was that EGT’s we’re slightly higher than normal but when I was landing I was getting some stumbling I’m sure because of an overly rich mixture. It was diagnosed on the ground the the mag had completely failed. The difference on this failure was it was the 1 mag was completely out, similar to if you turned it off in flight. I recommend people isolate and turn off the bad magneto regardless.
  13. You are correct! I hate when I get things backwards:(
  14. Higher manifold pressures will make induction leaks more pronounced. The EGT’s of 1 & 3 as well as the CHT’ of 1,2 & 4 come in line with each other once in cruise is I’m sure why Paul feels like it’s not a leak. We know EGT readings are relative but the #3 cylinder on 360 Lycoming engines is always a wildcard. My guess is #1 EGT just reads high since it parallels 2 & 4. Something is making the EGT of #3 rise disproportionately on takeoff and the CHT follows for that cylinder.
  15. Maybe @kortopates can take a look at the above screen shot of your data. I know you said they tested for an induction leak but that’s what it looks like It is to me.