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  1. That is want EI told me also, 4K. I’m going to call them Monday and let them know my findings. SureFly was on the right track when they told me 18K. You want 1/2 watt resistors which you can order resistors variety packs on amazon. I had some resistors available to me and had to put 2 in a series 9.4K and 6.6K as measured with an ohm meter for a total of 16K. Not sure what the label resistance was since they where given to me. Once the 2 resistor where solder together they measured 19.6K. When testing I just twisted them in series and on to the p-lead wire once I was confident they were solde
  2. If you haven’t figured out your RPM issue you will need between a 16K-18K resistor to replace the EI inline isolator for the P-lead pickup. I just installed a SureFly ignition and have an EI MVP-50. Through a lot of trail and error I believe mine was a 14.6k resistor. I will check today and report back but I had to put 2 resistors in series to get the correct ohm.
  3. With my previous 182 I did an inexpensive and functional method of recovering it myself. Peel off or repair the cracked vinyl and cover with black felt. Use the high temp 3M 90 spray on cement. It’s really easy, looks good and you get no glare. It does not look nearly as finished as AreoComfort product as shown above.
  4. .3 GAMI spread is pretty good! It would be fun to hear a follow up. I would have preferred to see the end of the sample segment on the down slope of the curve instead of at the peak of #1. The fuel jars look pretty even so I would look for an induction leak next. The o-rings where the induction tubes go into the plenum crack over time and go unnoticed. Air, spark and gas:)
  5. I actually got it installed Friday a week ago but didn’t wrap it up until today. The most frustrating part of the job was finding the correct resistor for the RPM pickup for the EI MVP-50 off the P-lead. New territory for both EI and Surefly. It took a lot of trial and error to get to the correct size resistor plus waiting to get the different sizes delivered took a while. I now need to get it inspected and get the log book entry to go fly it. That would have happened this Monday but I’m leaving for a week to Colorado so that won’t happen until next week now. So far nothing earth shattering to
  6. In California when I bought my plane you had to do the transaction through a broker to roll the proceeds over.
  7. https://acphospitalist.org/archives/2009/12/tech.htm here is a article on it. The fact that you maintained 98% the entire flight I bet Rich is right!
  8. I thought it might have been a San Diego thing, all of us trying to log on at once
  9. I bought brand new cylinders for my plane and Dropped shipped them straight to Ly-Con. They will receive them tomorrow to Port, polish flow balance, and reface the valves. They are going to also alodine them which they say makes them run cooler. Aside from the claimed performance gain I was more concerned of the notorious continental valve Problems. They say thAt they will inspect and correct them with the refacing. Good insurance at $300 a cylinder in my opinion. since you are turbocharged I would Imagine you would get more benefit from the port and polish than me.
  10. Send the cylinders to Ly-Con while your at it!
  11. Sorry for the continued thread drift:) this why I try to read all topics on MS even if they don’t interest me because sometime some great discussion are with in them. I will make this short. We agree 99% with each other with exception that a 231(Turbo) would have had a better outcome. I will agree to disagree on this. When I read an accident report with the high mountain terrain, wings starting to ice(IMC), thin air that also affects the wings, severe mountain wave, all seats filled in the seats and probably baggage for all the passengers plus mom that went home commercial. I personally don’t
  12. On my last trip I found this to be very accurate to help me flight plan a clear route. It was also accurate when I went through a not so clear route. https://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Products/land/hms.html
  13. Sorry but overconfidence in a turbo will get you in just as much trouble. A 231 would not have had a better outcome for this pilot, even if it had ice protection. I have flown that area many times over the years and he could have not made a worse decision to take off that day and certainly pick the worse place to cross over IFR in any single engine piston plane in that weather. For that matter IFR in any mountain area out west is crazy. Like I mentioned earlier even if I had FIKI most the time I would need it I would opt not to fly! They crashed only a few miles from where I Elk hunt often.
  14. We saw this one on a leg stretch stop in Ukiah a couple weeks ago. Looks like it had a fun and interesting history. Hit 430+ mph! https://www.mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/survivors/serial/44-73129
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