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  1. This guy has good footage of landing on most of the strips last summer. He is in a 185 but there are several I would a land on in a Mooney. Regardless it’s fun to watch. https://youtube.com/user/klpilot
  2. And I believe you can remove the unit in the winter time to increase your UL
  3. There is a mechanic at Redlands airport. I can remember his name but I would give him a call. He’s the closest to Banning.
  4. I had that happen to me. On approach and on the ground couldn’t get MP below 13” but the plane ran as it should. Turned out to be a crack in the line going to the MP gauge sensor.
  5. I know @John B recently had good things to say about his experience with Coast. I went with Advanced aircraft this annual and was really happy with them. I’m planning to alternate with Coast every other annual in the future. Advanced aircraft works on a lot of Mooney’s even though they aren’t a MSC. Each shop has their strengths, Advanced is an owner operated shop and Coast has a more of a corporate feel. I didn’t go to Coast this time because they still seem very new to me and I haven’t been able to get to know them very well yet. With the few interactions in the past I haven’t talked to the
  6. Awesome area! We flew up to Friday Harbor last August when the California wildfires were happening. We flew up the coast of California over the water until midway into Oregon to stay away from the smoke. On top of the marine layer and smoke we saw nothing until Oregon them it was beautiful scenery and weather after that. Saw a bunch of Orca’s! Definitely a recommended trip. If you don’t mind a short walk you really don’t need a car unless you want to drive around the island.
  7. I would go to the aviation section at Home Depot. There is nothing special about the D-ring’s they have the flange sandwich between 2 washers bolted to the floor. They were probably removed when someone replaced the carpet in the baggage area. If you lift the carpet you will seee the bolt holes.
  8. Why not go straight to the SureFly now? Save yourself a couple of hundred dollars labor and postage on the loaner mag. SureFly will overnight it to you if you want.
  9. I love my Eagle with air conditioning but I have a feeling in the next few years my mission profile will lean more towards a twin turbo with FIKI.
  10. With an engine that has a perfectly healthy history you will be fine not changing the filter with oil that has 15 hours on it. Your changing the oil out concern of acid formation and reducing corrosion potential. After all you will eventually change the filter at the otherwise normal engine time interval to inspect it.
  11. I use a Drywall sponge in the same place. No fabrication, cheap and it seals around the cord. Yours look way more legitimate and secure than my sponge.
  12. I grew up at the beach but always belonged in the mountains. I like hunting, fly fishing, skiing, flying and backpacking. I wanted remoteness/privacy but also wanted to be an arm distance from a city with a reliable commercial airport as well as restaurants, and shopping. I will need to be able to commute to San Diego to see my kids and continue to run my office. Commuting will be by the Mooney weather permitting or the airlines which has a direct flight available. Missoula is somewhat of a college town and we liked the vibe of it not being so touristy as the other mountain towns we looked a
  13. Starting May I will be up in Montana a couple weeks a month. Hopefully we can get a good group together!
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