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  1. At a puny 16K you must be flying too much!:)
  2. When I joined I believe you where in the 2000 zone and I thought that was a lot back then.
  3. I went in 2015 and not nearly as big as it is today. It is a great event!
  4. I have never had a problem with heat. No matter how high or cold out it will blow hot air for me. I have the opposite problem that the blowing vent air in the summer time is diluting my A/C making it harder to cool the cabin. I did improve my door seals which helped a lot. I could hold a pierce of paper and it would suck right up to the door before. This would suck out cold or hot air. I want to find out more about the vent hole closures.
  5. That sounds like a great system! How long does it take for a typical Mooney installation? What is the retail cost?
  6. It could also be an exhaust leak blasting the probe.
  7. Yes we need to know the nuances of our individual planes and I probably over simplified my first statement and made it to general. I will change it to if we start and finish with relatively the same oil level with our planes nuances accounted for you will have a better sample. I had a J and would change the oil with 6 quarts because of what you mentioned. I now have an Eagle with and it seems like the consensus seems to be keep it 1 quart over.
  8. I didn’t mean to suggest putting a quart in immediately prior to oil sampling but oil time and concentration play a big part in oil samples.
  9. It was interesting wearing it this morning. I tend to hold my breath a lot when I concentrate. I was surprised how often I momentarily dropped below 92%. I would only wear it once in cruise because it does interfere when your button pushing and knob turning during the busy phases of flight. These can be utilized just as the other pulse oximeter but the idea is that in a hypoxia situation you might nor be alert enough to check every 10 minutes and the alarm would be necessary.
  10. By your reasoning which I’m not saying is incorrect it wouldn’t make a difference either way if they take in account the amount of make up oil. The chemistry would go both ways.
  11. Who are the oil manufacturers engineers and what did they intend? Who is Ed Kollin what are his intentions?
  12. Darn I didn’t see that. I don’t know why it would be limited by altitude. Im going to call customer support to see what they say because my packaging got tossed so no looking back now:) I looked through and virtually all Pulse Oximeters show them for wellness use only and some list applications. I couldn’t pull up spec sheet on most. I’m flying today but will not get up past 10K. There Wellue model list aviation and its $179 on their Viatom web site. This might be the better choice.