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  1. Yes, it’s really not that loud. We often take a break from our headsets on long trips and talk. Kinda the same noise level as a car with the windows down.
  2. And gas expands at altitude:( luckily the cabins is leaky enough it sucks the smell right out:)
  3. The kid pulls them off for a photo and your going say that people treat their dogs better? Most of use take our headsets off while in flight for a period of time. People like you are why I hesitated to share this in the first place and why I wrote what I did. Your an ass!
  4. Your the best Jim! Plus you need to learn how to read.
  5. Thank you! He just turn 1 year and it seemed like the right time to do it.
  6. Our friends daughter hitched a ride with us to see her mom for the weekend. I told her to hold the wheel while to took a photo. She didn’t know I had it on autopilot and was taking her job seriously:)
  7. Jackson went big on his first flight! San Diego to Sun Valley Idaho and he loved it!! Mom was a little worried at first but rapidly relaxed when she saw how much he was enjoying the flight. He refused to keep his headset on and he was very happy once the fasten seat belt light turned off so he could take a look out the window:)
  8. For me to come close I have to be at 17,500, 9.6 gph and 163 kts. I have AC ducts slowing me down but that is not much of a factor that high.
  9. LyCon! Look at those beautiful ports!!
  10. Glad everyone is safe! That thing is totaled!! I don’t see that getting repaired.
  11. Unless they have done the WAAS upgrade on the G1000 I would pass. Even with WAAS it seems like the G1000 models will continue to have difficulties with avionics upgrades and compatibilities that will be expensive and frustrating. I have the high panel and it only covers the visibility of the top cowl while taxing so you really wouldn’t have better viability anyway. The Ovations have a very nose high attitude on the ground.
  12. After reading enough crash reports it seems like if you make it past the first challenge of surviving the crash you have to deal with the second challenge of surviving the fire. The long bodies have a factory mounted extinguisher behind the passengers feet. I keep a second small extinguisher up front that’s much easier to access and maneuver if needed, especially if trapped!
  13. It’s always awesome getting a flight under your belt that helps increase your comfort level in new places. Share the pictures!