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  1. It really seams ridiculous that you can’t replace a G1000 panel. I also don’t understand why you can’t just add a GNX375 to a G1000 panel to provide WAAS and ADS-B instead of paying 30K for an upgrade. Nothing like painting yourself into a corner.
  2. To me it is how well stabilized the plane is during the flight in IMC. Trimmed and flying hands free, easy IFR. Bouncing all over requiring a lot of input and concentration, hard IFR.
  3. Spendy but amazing! I have had one for 3 years and has held up very well.
  4. Good luck! An initial log review would have saved you a lot of time and potential disappointment. Even if this plane meets your expectations do not buy it until a qualified person does a PPI. The expensive items are hard to see for the unknowledgeable person.
  6. A fellow Mooneyspacer, Stinkbug is friends with him. We flew up to the high Sierra flyin about 4 years ago in our Mooney’s and we got to chat. Very nice guy!
  7. Those are also great planes and were on my short list!
  8. Supposedly 800-1000 hours. The quick build wing takes off 200 hours. I’m leaning toward the Edge Power sport Rotax turbo 912STi, 150 hp.
  9. Im not sure I’m following you but I did quite a bit of research on the plane before purchasing it wasn’t based on the YouTube videos. The videos just happen to come out when I was considering the purchase. The frame is just welded tubing, nothing is assembled yet. I did buy the factory quick build option for the wing. The place all th ribs but there is still plenty of work to be done. Supposedly save me 200 hours. The fuel tanks where place in the wing just for transport. Even with purchasing as many quickbuild options as I could it will be plenty of a project for me.
  10. Not a Mooney but thought some people might enjoy seeing my new project. I flew commercial up to Boise Idaho, rented a box van, loaded the Kitfox and made the 14 hour drive home this past weekend. This is what the bones of a Kitfox STi looks like. I was looking at the Cub variants but decided I really wanted side by side seating. This plane also attracted me because it has retracting wings and can be easily trailered. It will have 29” tires, Garmin G3X panel and a turbo charged Rotax engine. I’m sure many have seen the Trent Palmer YouTube videos which has exponentially increased the demand for these. I was lucky to have ordered before the waiting list got long. It takes well over a year to get a kit now. So far I’m really impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the kit. After finishing my inventory of the thousands of parts not one missing item. Very well labeled and organized. The components are incredibly light. I’m hoping to document the build and will keep those interested posted on the progress.
  11. looks like your source is even a better price with shipping included to San Diego. Thanks!
  12. You guys get better prices than I do for sure. For me this is a nice convenience and I save a couple dollars.
  13. Just bought some Phillips XC 20W50 on Amazon for $86 + freee shipping. I see they have the other popular brands as well. I also bought CamGuard. As a bonus I didn’t have to pay CA sales tax.
  14. I’m getting the feeling a few people iron their boxers shorts around here. I have a confession to make! One time I was flying IMC I was below the icing level and I wanted to experience a little ice. I requested higher and picked up ice then I requested lower and it disappeared. BTW, no PIREP until I gave one. Call me foolish and call out the linch mob! I now know ice belongs in my drinks and not on my wings, cheers!!