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  1. I bought one. Figured What the heck. My exhaust could go anytime and probably won’t get one at a better deal. Looking forward to seeing if it works.
  2. So , it is not speed, takeoff , climb , or even landings that have me stumped, at the moment anyway, its the decent. Wondering, what your technique is concerning decent in a Mooney. I have a M20F, that for some reason, seems to be a bear to descend. Admittedly I am new and I am a little conservative due to the "shock cooling" issue, and I know a rule of thumb is 4 miles for every 1000 ft, I think, but getting down seems to be my most difficult task at the moment. Any advice or your procedures would be much appreciated. Also, I can't seem to find a definitive answer, so, are there speed limitations for the speed brakes? Thanks a bunch. Thomas
  3. Im a Surefire guy. Have about 15 and every car in the family has at least 1 for emergencies. Needs the small 123A batteries , and the older versions don't last very long, but they are compact and bright, and saved my life at least once many years ago!
  4. I don't usually get nervous watching videos, but I must admit, that was scary as H to me. And a lesson!
  5. I gratefully appreciate the information. I am a little worried about the useful load aspect after reading. Haven't called him yet, as the UL may be a deal breaker. Quick simple question, I am low time (140hrs) , and after reading the changes made, rudder etc.. would this be a plane more suited for a more experienced pilot, or would it be OKAY for a newer pilot.I don't really have a "mission" as we decided to rent our beach house annually, and we wouldn't be traveling anywhere specifically. But of course would be traveling and seeing "sights" I suppose. I guess what Im trying to say is I don't fly in in-climate weather if I can, I am VFR only. Again thanks for the wealth of knowledge. Thomas
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on this plane? Price, condition....? I didn't know B models existed, best I can tell , very similar to a C. Price seems OKAY based on Engine Hrs, I know to have thorough PPI if I get, I am more curious to performance, real world, and pricing. Thanks Thomas
  7. That is one sweet machine. I told my wife on Saturday, I would give my left #>+ for that one. Beautiful!!
  8. Thanks so much for the responses. Definitely not knowledgable enough to make my own decision, although I have been lurking for the last 6 months. There is so much involved in buying a plane, and didn't realize some of the expenses. Just want my own plane , and feel like time is pressing with summer, although I know patience is a virtue. I shall continue looking and appreciate again, your feedback! Tom
  9. Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge of this aircraft? Pricing seems OKAY, what do you guys think?