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  1. Frank B.

    First Flight in an Ovation

    SK ... I have owned 3 C Models and your plane is the fastest C model that I have ever flown. Although I sold 5601Q back in the mid to late 90’s I still miss her to this day.
  2. Frank B.

    Best paint shop in the South?
  3. Frank B.

    Speed Brakes

    I have the Precise Flight on my M20K. Never any problems. They were already installed when I bought the plane.
  4. Frank B.

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    Levil Aviation out of Oviedo, FL has a couple of ADS-B solutions on the horizon that they say they are currently getting certified.
  5. Frank B.

    Mooney Mod Squad

    I spoke with Coy last fall. His # is 941-351-2171. I don’t know if that’s still a good number or not but it was as of 09/2017.
  7. It looks like you can download a digital, or buy a print version, here: