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  1. @Alan Fox let me know if you get a 8000BT in, or anything that is a 6 place slide in replacement for the 8000BT. Looking to replace my 8000 that isn’t BT and does not have the audio input plug. Thanks, Frank
  2. I would love to hear the numbers and see a photo of a Mooney with a P&W PT6A-42A. Now that dude would have to be a real screamer. Please share more info.
  3. Hello, I currently have a PMA8000. Mine does not have the audio in plug. Is the PMA8000BT an exact slide in replacement? Thanks, Frank
  4. TCraft, not to hi-jack Mack’s thread here, but you should check with @Cody Stallings for that Hartzell Propeller that you need. He just got me a 3 blade Hartzell replacement for my A36 at a really good price.
  5. Thanks for all of the info. What would you guesstimate the cost difference to be between option 1 and option 2? Thanks, Frank
  6. That’s great to know. I was not aware that the iPad could have multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time. Would you see and disadvantages of me running a GDL 52-R over the Stratus 3? I would prefer to have the GDL - R vs something laying on my dash. I was just leaning towards the Stratus 3 so I could be connected to two devices at the same time, one via BT and one wi-fi. If the 52-R has the same or better features in ForeFlight then that’s the way that I will go. Thanks again, Frank
  7. So you would have to manually switch the iPad from one Bluetooth connection to the other (iPad to GDL)? Please forgive me for being slow ..... but I sometimes struggle with technology. I am learning slowly but surely. I long for the days of the Narco MK12 and the KX170’B’s with a knee board and a sectional strapped to my leg!
  8. How will you connect to both the FlightStream 210 and the GDL - 52 at the same time since they are both Bluetooth or can the 52 connect directly to the 210?
  9. It actually looks like I will have to use the Garmin GDL 51 or 52 instead of the Stratus 3 due to the fact that the stratus 3 is wi fi and the GDL 51 & 52 are Bluetooth. I am making the assumption that the Stratus 3 would conflict with the Flight Stream 210 since its Bluetooth? I am correct or would there not be any advantages or disadvantages to using the Stratus 3 over the GDL 51 or 52? Thanks, Frank
  10. Then It looks like I need to upgrade my GTX 330 to ES, add a Flight Stream 210 and use a Stratus 3 for XM, weather, and ADSB in.
  11. Hello, I have a question. I currently have a Garmin 530W and a Garmin GTX 330.It was my plan to have the 330 updated to an ES to meet the ADSB out requirement and also to add a Flight Stream 210 so my iPad running ForeFlight could communicate with my 530W and also receive and display the limited ADSB in, I think it’s the 978 UAT that it will receive and display? Then I started looking at the Garmin GTX 345. I see that it will receive both the 978 and the 1090 ADSB in signals and It also has free weather. I see that it has a built in Flight Stream. QUESTION, will the Flight Stream that is built into the 345 allow my iPad running ForeFlight to communicate with my 530W for wireless flight planning transfer between the two or will I need to add an additional Flight Stream 210 for the iPad to communicate with the 530W? @jclemens @Alan FoxThanks, Frank
  12. I actually did call OK on this one and the N number, is reserved for this plane for 5 years, meaning that you have up to 5 years to reregister the plane before someone else can get your N number. I also found an AOPA article that says that if a plane changes ownership, even if the registration is expired, that the 8050-1 is a valid registration. However, should you allow your registration to lapse, and the plane doesn’t change ownership, then the 8050-1 is not a valid temporary registration. Thanks, Frank
  13. I am looking for clarification concerning the requirements to obtain a special flight permit. I bought a plane that is less than 100 miles away that is: 1. Out of annual “by less than 30 days” 2. The previous owner allowed the registration to lapse by 5 months. I have made application for new registration and have submitted the required documentation to transfer ownership. Can I make application for a special flight permit to move the plane since the previous owner allowed the registration to lapse using my completed and submitted FAA 8050-1 and 8050-2 forms? Thanks, Frank
  14. I don’t know what brand of phone that you are using but if it happens to be a Samsung / Android or is that just for uploading ?