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  1. Frank B.

    Florence evacuation

    I have an empty hangar at KFIN if someone needs it to weather the storm. The storm is not supposed to hit here but the hangar has weathered the past direct hits with no damage. DM me if someone can use it.
  3. Frank B.

    First Flight in an Ovation

    SK ... I have owned 3 C Models and your plane is the fastest C model that I have ever flown. Although I sold 5601Q back in the mid to late 90’s I still miss her to this day.
  4. Frank B.

    Best paint shop in the South?
  5. Frank B.

    Speed Brakes

    I have the Precise Flight on my M20K. Never any problems. They were already installed when I bought the plane.
  6. Frank B.

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    Levil Aviation out of Oviedo, FL has a couple of ADS-B solutions on the horizon that they say they are currently getting certified.
  7. Frank B.

    Mooney Mod Squad

    I spoke with Coy last fall. His # is 941-351-2171. I don’t know if that’s still a good number or not but it was as of 09/2017.
  9. It looks like you can download a digital, or buy a print version, here: