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  1. Those PA46’s … other wise know as the “M Class” Malibu, Mirage or Meridian have always had an certain appeal to me from both ascetics and performance, but there is just something that I can’t seem to make jive in my mind about them. I always get that same feeling in them that I also get in a V tail Bonanza. I have never had or should I say experienced that same deep in my gut something’s wrong or when is something going to go wrong just anytime now feeling in any of the M20 series Mooney’s nor have I in the A36 Bonanza family. You notice I said A36, not 36.
  2. Has anyone heard about a TFR violation that “supposedly” happened on Sunday 4/23/23 during the Blue Angels Airshow performance in Beaufort, SC? Someone told me that he read about the violation but I have looked and looked and I can’t find any info at all on it. It was supposedly a Mooney that descended from 6K to 4K passing through the TFR and later landing at 7FL6. I am just curious of the details and wondering if maybe the pilot was on an IFR flight plan and ATC messed up? Curious minds want to know. Even thousands, IFR Flight Plan? Thanks, Frank _________________ KOMN Hangar Investors, LLC
  3. I don’t guess that I have but maybe an hour total time LOP in my flying time unless I was LOP back in the Cessna 150 days of training when we leaned until it started cutting out and turned it back in just a little.
  4. Finding hangar space in the KDAB area is virtually impossible . One of the owners that bought in our complex is going to have a hangar for lease very soon but he is looking for a minimum of a one year lease and his lease rate is north of 11.00 per sq ft. He is mainly looking for a twin turbine tenant I think.
  5. I don’t know how you do it, give up all of that speed or should I say trade all of the MPH for MPG. I get the added range thing, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I guess if I covered my airspeed indicator(s) which we seem to have on just about every digital box in the airplane now … I might be able to do it. I just love the speed. If the air is smooth I am always searching for that altitude with a tailwind and running 72 to 75% power. I hear the pros and cons of engine health but I am not sure what to believe. My second Mooney back in the late 80’s was a K model with a new factory engine, no engine monitor, I believe it was a 1981 or 82 vintage airplane, and with virtually no training on how to properly operate or treat that GB series engine I still flew it somewhere north of 1,500 hours without one single valve issue or cylinder change. Back then, very often, my method of decent was the “slam dunk” approach because I could only maintain flight following to my home airport if I was at 4500 MSL or higher. Maybe the factory TCM cylinders were better back then, but I don’t think that the GB engines were ever noted for long cylinder life.
  6. Hey -A-, glad that you asked. We are probably 95% complete. The first row of hangars, the 4 bay building has been wrapped up for several weeks and everyone has taken possession of their hangars. building #2, the 6 bay building if probably at 95%+. They are painting the demising walls and we are waiting on the plumber and electrician to wrap things up in the flight rooms and the bath rooms so we can wrap up the drywall and the tile in those area. Then we have to wrap up the rest of the HVAC installation. We feel fortunate that we had a very quick total sale out and all hangars are sold as of a few weeks ago. One owner wants to lease his hangar out so we do have one hangar available for lease that we can coordinate. In the very near future I will be making a post over in the real-estate section. I have about 3/4 of an acre left and I would like to do a “build to suit” project on. Preferably an aviation business. I can build up to about 20,000 sq ft there but I am limited to about 30 ft in height due to its proximity to the VOR and the runway. I would also consider doing a sublease on that property where someone can build what they want as long as it conforms to FAA and municipal standards, and of course the design would have to be approved by our condo association. We have tried to keep the project first class and want to make sure that what ever gets built on that parcel matches what we have already built as far as quality and ascetics go. I have been keeping it 66° in my hangar every since I moved in …. just because I can …. and never could before …… and it has made a remarkable difference in my Florida summer, hangar flying and cocktail hour! Thanks, Frank
  7. Hello, I have for sale an Avidyne IFD550 that’s currently installed in my A36. It works perfect and has ZERO issues. What am I replacing it with? Another IFD550. Why am I changing it? As you can see I have two IFD550’s installed. One is a 2017 SN M171910086, and the other one is a 2021 year model. At some point, I am not sure when, Avidyne changed their screen mfg and also changed the screen color from the light green with an earth tone background to blue with a silver background. I personally like the green and earth tone screen colors better but they are no longer available. While I am personally a little OCD, and the difference in the screen colors irked me just a little, since the two units are right beside each other, this week I answered for the umpteenth time . “Why are your screens two different colors”, so I decided it’s time to make them match in color. I have found a new 2022 IFD550 that has the blue screen to match my other unit. I am selling this unit with the new tray and new connector kit that comes with the new IFD550. Anyone reading this probably already knows that this unit has SVS as well as built in AHRS and it will be shipped with the most current version of all maps including terrain as well as the most current charts available at the time of the sale. Additionally most know that this unit is marketed as a direct slide in replacement for your old GNS530W and that is ALMOST true. Depending on your configuration you may have to add one or two wires in order to get traffic and weather on the screen. It’s something to do with the way Avidyne transmits the data on parallel wires where GARMIN does it on one wire maybe? I also happen to have a digital copy of the “self change out manual” that Avidyne no longer makes available to the public as well as the instructions as to where to add that wire. My price is you pick it up at KOMN or I will include UPS shipping to the CONUS for FREE but YOU must pay for any shipping insurance that you may want over and above UPS standard and included insurance. Anyone serious can email me for high resolution images so you can see that the screen is perfect or I am willing to FaceTime with anyone to show them that the IFD works perfect. Also, this unit does still qualify for the Avidyne Aeroplan Warranty. The SN is listed above you you can verify that the unit is NOT on Avidyne’s black list. This unit will be shipped with the newest AVI OS Rev 2 loaded if you want it loaded. If requested, it can also come with the completed log book entry sticker, but if this unit is being utilized in a certified aircraft it will require that you have your A&P sign off the log book entry. I can also supply the wiring diagram that shows where the two wires are to get installed into the existing plug if you are doing a direct replacement of a GARMIN GNS530W. (The wires are for weather and traffic I believe and MAYBE only required if connecting it to a GTX345, please verify). I can also supply you with the settings, depending on your particular configuration and help you get the unit registered with Avidyne so it displays your N number. It’s a very simple and very quick installation and setup. Thanks, Frank
  8. It was the Wheaties … it had to be. I fly an A36 and don’t have any open or closet thoughts about anything like what’s happened to Bruce.
  9. Dustin, Welcome to the exclusive club know as “Mooney Aircraft Ownership”. As I am sure you already know you have joined a very elite group when you became a Mooney owner yesterday. Having know the aircraft that you purchased yesterday for many years I think that you have purchased one of the best examples in existence of a low time, virgin, un-molested J model 201. I am anxious to watch you transform this already prime example of an aircraft into a modern 21st century time travel machine. You will never climb behind the wheel that you won’t have a big smile on your face. YEAH … even after you just wrote that check for the annual airworthy inspection. I hope that you will get some really good cross over training from a qualified Mooney instructor and some day …. way down the road … you will pass that little time travel machine down to your sons. Congratulations …. Frank
  10. My friend, who is an older gent and doesn’t participate in any of the online forums, called me last night in a panic. He had the battery out of his 1981 M20J just to do a little PM on his battery box and when he went to put the battery back in his aircraft one of his much younger hangar neighbors stopped by and offered to lend him a hand with setting the battery back in the aircraft. From what I understand it all went down hill from there. Somehow ….. someway the hangar neighbor connected the battery backwards. How he got the lid on etc is all a mystery to me but none the less they did power the aircraft and they did throw the avionics master ON. I have minimal details after this except when nothing worked Jim looked at the battery installation and immediately identified the problem but after reversing the battery leads he has at minimum ZERO avionics function. He said that there is no blown / tripped breakers in the circuit panel. I don’t know if anything else illuminates, works, or not. It was late, he was highly discouraged so I advised him to disconnect the hot lead on the battery and told him that I would come by this evening and check it out for him. Based on the limited info that I have provided, any ideas? If there isn’t power on the hot lead I guess it couldn’t trip any breakers or blow any fuses. How did the solenoid energize, will it energize with reverse polarity on the solenoid coil? Is there anything simple that I should go straight to before starting a potentially lengthy diagnostics process? Knowing Jim as I know him he didn’t sleep at all last night and will more than likely be back out at the airport first thing this morning visually checking things and impatiently waiting my arrival which more than likely isn’t going to be until late evening. If he put power on the ground side how did it find a ground through the hot side? I haven’t worked on a Mooney electrician system in a few years and I don’t have a service manual for the plane here at my office. Any knowledgeable speculation is appreciated ! Thanks, Frank
  11. I like the fact that with the C washers the tabs on the Shaw caps stay laying down flat like they are supposed to. While I thought that was an exuberant price for them I don’t regret buying them. It makes the tabs move like they have graphite on them …. And the tabs lay perfectly flat.
  12. I am waiting for the GeeBee Aero creeper to be introduced … will probably have improvements over the other aero … and cost less. Any idea when we can expect to see those available ?
  13. Hello, We used Varco Pruden this time. We have used other suppliers in the past. We just usually look for the best price and delivery time. The only building that we would not use is a D&@n. There won’t be anymore of them. Frank
  14. We have finally reached that milestone that we have been seeking. Eight hangars are sold and we have retained two to lease out. We are only considering one year plus leases. Your Cessna Citation 550B fits right in there … with plenty of room to spare. The door is big, the floors are shiny and the air conditioning is cold. Select businesses are encouraged and FBO status is available for certain types of businesses. PM me if you have any interest in a lease. Thanks, Frank
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