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  1. Dan is definitely a “ Legend in his own little bitty fledgeling mind”. I think he is probably very knowledgeable but he sure has a unique approach at getting his message across. It really surprises me as to who some of his supporters are.
  2. Building hangars on public airports that receive AIP money is quite entailed. I have built many hangars on airports in years past but my last hangars were in the late 90’s until now. Last year I leased just under 4 acres in the middle of the airport at KOMN. WOW has things changed with the FAA requirements etc. I was right at $250K in administrative stuff before I even had the proper FAA approvals to make application to the city for the building permits. (That 250K doesn’t count my building permits) You have to have an FAA approved CSPP. EPA (FAA Required) DEP, Storm water run off plan etc ! None the less, even with the prices skyrocketing on materials I ordered everything several weeks ago and we break ground on Monday May 3rd and hopefully have a CO by 10/15/2021. I will have 39,000 sq ft under roof with 10 65 X 60 hangars available with 60 X 18 ft clear span doors.
  3. I will have a few corporate style hangars available for lease / sale on November 1, 2021 at 85 Hangar Way in Ormond Beach, FL 32174. All hangars will be 65 ft wide X 60 ft deep. These hangars (10 total) are located on just under 4 acres which straddles Taxi Way Charlie. The aircraft hangar doors will be “Higher Power” hydraulic doors and will be 60 ft wide and will have 18 ft clear span height. Each hangar will be fully insulated (all walls, the roof and aircraft hangar doors) and will have mechanical ventilation with fire rated drywall and insulation between each individual hangar. Each hangar will have an air conditioned flight planning room as well as an air conditioned ADA compliant bath room which will feature a full shower as well as the other amenities that you would expect to find in an upscale corporate hangar. All hangars will have their own dedicated 50 ft X 65 ft solid concrete ramp which will tie in directly into Taxiway Charlie. We will have very adequate paved parking spaces available. Each hangar will have a pass through door both front and rear. High speed data cabling will be installed in each flight planning room. In general we are only interested in long term leases and will typically not be entertaining month to month rentals / leases. We do offer custom interior buildout to meet the customers needs. We encourage low impact business uses as well. In order to protect our investment as well as the integrity of our development with reference to those who have already pre-leased or bought a hangar, we will be very selective when choosing tenants and other owners. Pricing will be based on the length of your lease as well as other contributing factors. FBO status is approved for the tenants and owners in our hangar complex. We will not be quoting any flat rate pricing without an application on file. We do have very competitive financing in place and available for anyone who qualifies. Please note that we are a privately held real estate development company and we have absolutely no association or affiliation with any other existing FBO or hangar condo association located on the field at KOMN.
  4. I don’t believe that he keeps it a secret or tries to hide that he rebuilds salvage airplanes and sells them. As a matter of fact, I think that he promotes it, it’s his livelihood. I have personally bough a lot of parts and a few airplanes from Jerry and his sons and so far no issues with the transactions. The first airplane that I ever owned was a flood airplane (Cessna) that I bought from his son in 1987. I had zero issues with it and neither did the subsequent owners and I know right where the plane is today. Now, if you have never been involved or around the salvage aircraft business you probably don’t understand some of the statements made in that report above. But I still strongly disagree that this account justifies what was said. Again, I hope that you never personally have to experience the loss of a child regardless of the circumstances.
  5. Yes, I agree Preston. When a man lost his son in an aviation accident related to his aviation profession, and someone feels the need to post a link like that because you didn’t like his recommendation for a paint shop says a lot about your character and is in very poor taste in my opinion. I still hope that you never have to experience that loss.
  6. Hello,I am looking to purchase either one or two pairs of David Clark DC One - X headsets.I am looking for GA plugs and not LEMO.So, for the guy, or gal, that bought the DC One - X and wished you would have bought the Bose A-20 here is your opportunity to recoup a major portion of your investment and buy your A-20’s. I am only interested in very good or like new condition and would consider purchasing 2 pairs together.Thanks, Frank
  7. Thanks for the info. I will correct my post. You were obviously my first call when I started shopping for the props. Thanks, Frank
  8. I am looking to buy a single used Hartzell phc-c3yf-2uf/fc7663d-2r propeller, or would consider a pair of propellers. I prefer used but will consider a rebuilt prop. Run out of time propeller is OK. This prop is typically found on Cessna 310’s and Beech 55 Barons. Thanks, Frank
  9. I really can’t speak for their mechanic work but I have recently seen a few sizable mechanic jobs go through their shop from people on the field. I haven’t personally been back in their shop since they painted my plane a few months ago. I just occasionally stop and say hello if I see them out on the ramp when I am driving by. As for my dealings with them they have done two paint jobs for me. They gave we written proposals with exactly what was and what wasn’t included in their paint job. Both times I shopped their prices and ended up coming full circle back to them. We both signed the proposal making it a contract. They started on the exact day that they said that they would and finished 3 or 4 days early. They provided exactly what they agreed to in our contract. If I were you I would address the issue you have directly with Steve III and get an explanation from him. He has always been straight with me and I am guessing he will do the same with you. In my business we always put every proposal / estimate in writing and I always ask the same of anyone that is giving me a estimate / proposal. Let us know the outcome.
  10. I think that Theo needs to raise his budget by about $100K if he wants to find the perfect airplane. Or, spend the 40K on a 50 year old Mooney that has good solid bones and plan on some progressive maintenance and on going expense. To me it was always a labor of love. Frank
  11. Eye wittiness reports fire before landing. On site inspection revealed that the engine did come apart, I don’t have anymore specifics other than it did come apart. As for the weather I was passing through the same area, approximately 20 to the east in route from KRBW to KOMN at 5500 at the same time as his accident and my G500 was showing a solid 21 knot direct cross wind out of the east. The sky was broken at 3,500 on the coast where I was at. Even with his experience accidents do happen. An in flight fire following a total engine failure would stress anyone I would think. I learned to fly and was based for the first 12 years of my flying career in central WV. There aren’t many places to go there if you had an engine failure, day or night so I always expected the worse should the emergency like this ever come up. A mutual friend is having a small get together to honor Bill this coming Saturday at his hangar at the airport. He will definitely be there, if only in spirit.
  12. How could you explain the propeller not being bent? I spoke with someone who was onsite and they reported that the engine did come apart.
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