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  1. What about a 360 on short final? We have absolutely fabulous controllers in our tower here and I can’t imagine working all of the Riddle and PEA student traffic that they have to deal with but I wasn’t going to slow up any more than 90 knots on final. I had a Heavy passenger load and 90° OAT. Better fast than sorry when you have plenty of runway. I was in my A36.
  2. I am not sure that a NASA report would benefit him much in this situation.
  3. One of mine is going to be 260 X 52 or 60 with 4 hangars in it. The other building is going to be 390 ft X 52 or 60. My cost difference between 52 ft deep and 60 ft deep is approximately 17,500 per hangar so approx 175K difference for the complete job to make all 10 hangars an extra 8 ft deep.
  4. I am wanting to be able to easily fit a King Air 350. My main hangar now has a 60 ft door but it’s only 14 ft tall.
  5. It was my original intentions to build the hangars 65 Wide and 52 Deep with a 60 X 18 door. The consultant recommends that I go 60 ft deep rather than 52. Does anyone have any experiences or suggestions concerning the depth being 60 ft vs 52 ft? Thanks, Frank
  6. We finally went under contract with a consultant and he is going to be getting my paperwork submitted ASAP. THANKS to those who replied and PM’ed me with information. Frank
  7. Brad, I thought that I had found someone, but maybe not. if you could pass along that information via PM it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Frank
  8. If you are seeing a 22% ROI you certainly are doing something right.
  9. I am in the process of building two large buildings which will be divided into a total of 10 hangars here in central Florida on a public use airport that participates in the AIP program. I have signed my lease and am currently waiting for my lease to be ratified by the full city commission but I am trying to get a jump on the administrative process.A lot has changed with the FAA requirements since I built my last hangar in the mid 90’s. I don’t need help with site engineering or submitting anything to the city nor do I need help with site prep, construction or permitting. What I do need help with and would like to hire someone knowledgeable to perform is to prepare me a list of everything that I need to submit to the FAA for approval as well as a review of my existing site utilization plan to confirm that my set backs and the height of my hangars are in compliance. I also need someone that is familiar with filling out and submitting FAA Form 7460-1. I also understand that there is a new requirement which began in January 2020 for an environmental assessment or possibly a categoric exclusion from the environmental assessment. I want to get this FAA process right the first time and not do a learn as I go application process. I have reached out to two different aviation consulting firms with little success. They want the entire package including the engineering and applying for the city permits etc. or they don’t want to be involved at all. Being a licensed FL GC and mechanical contractor we have a great in house engineer as well as two in house permit technicians, so we don’t need any help on that end. If anyone is familiar with this process and can tell me exactly what forms are needed and what all is involved in getting the FAA approval And would be willing to consult with my company for a reasonable fee I would like to hear back from you. I am also very open to paying someone to fill out the required FAA documents and I guess walk me through this process from the beginning to the end. I have heard from the two different consultants that this takes anywhere from 30 to 45 days with the FAA. I would like for this to coincide with my plans review with the city if at all possible. I am NOT looking for anyone to do this for free. I am not a CSOB and am willing to pay a fair price for this service. If you have the knowledge and experience needed to provide what I need and are willing to help, please shoot me a PM. If you know of someone else that has this knowledge and would be willing to help me out then please PM me with their information. I have always found this forum to be very helpful and suspect that there may very well be members of this forum who have the info that I am looking for or can at least steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Frank
  10. Having owned several Mooney’s ... so many that I lost count a long time ago ... I have to say that I probably liked my first Mooney, a 1965 M20C N5601Q as well as any plane that I ever owned or flew ... that was until I got my first Bonanza exactly a year ago this week. A 1978 A36 N700SS .... then last November I got my second Bonanza, a 1980 F33A, N500ZZ. So now I have a fast station wagon and a responsive Corvette. I can’t say that I will never own another Mooney, I may very well, but I can say that I will never NOT own an A36 ... until the day that I head west.
  11. So now I know what’s making my hair look grey ... could the light also be to blame for my belly looking so big? LOL
  12. To the best of my recollection the split / bucket / removable seats started in the fall of 1983, about the same time as the one piece belly skin came about.
  13. I flight plan for 160, which is a little under what I typically average. As for fuel flow, that’s a good question. I haven’t traveled much in it and I don’t ever go LOP because fuel consumption is typically not a concern for me. At 24/24 I usually lean it back to 14 to 15 GPH which gives me EGT’s in the mid to upper 1300’s and CHT’s between 375 and 400.
  14. I have a nice 1980 F33A that’s going to be for sale in about 60 days. 3,000 TTAF, 1,300 SMOH, New leather interior, heading to the paint shop 6/1/2020, GTN 750, GTN 650, G500. KFC200 with rate of climb and altitude pre select. Awesome little “Speed Bird”. I will be offering it for about $30K under appraised value. As of this time you could pick your own exterior paint scheme. I personally prefer my A36, but if that’s not your style then maybe the F33A is.