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  1. I saw Josh from Dream Worx Aviation moving your plane this weekend. Josh is a great guy to work with.
  2. If you remember back in the early to mid 90’s when McCauley was selling the 3 blade prop ... what was it called ... Black Max or something like that ... they were putting them on Mooneys and making them Experimental - Research & Development. Look at N212WD, which began life as a M20F N3478N before The Mod Squad and McCauley got ahold of it. “It was a Trophy conversion” It has been registered as Experimental since the mid 90’s. If you pull the limitations on the plane it is restricted to 200 NM from Dayton, OH and is also limited To daytime VFR flight and single pilot operation. It was recently advertised on Controller and supposedly sold for close to 80K. I bet the new owner will be surprised if he / she runs a title search. But it does show up on the FAA data base as Experimental - R&D.
  3. I realize that this is an old thread but it is pertinent to a plane that I am currently looking at and was previously owned by a MS member. It is a late 60’s model that has been highly modified. It is currently owned by an aviation attorney. Although it was built in the late 60’s and shows that as the date of MFG but it shows an airworthy certification date of the middle 90’s. It shows an AW Classification as Experimental and Approved Operation as Research and Development. I am just wondering what restrictions that puts on the use of the plane? I found this but it appears that there are no restrictions for part 91 operations when operating with an experimental R&D AW Cert.
  4. And now ebay.
  5. The new owner must not have liked it after he bought it and has listed it on Barnstormers.
  8. There can always ... obviously, be an exception, but this is so far out of the norm. If it was typical there would be an AD concerning tear down and inspection vs a SB. Again, I would love to see a poll of members who are flying behind prop strike engines and have no concerns.
  9. Based on my experience Lycoming crankshafts will bend because of a prop strike and you can detect that bend using a dial indicator. Continental crankshafts will crack or break off at the flange. Dye penetrant / NDI will find cracks if they exist SB’s are just that, service bulletins and NOT AD,s. It is my understanding that SB’s are not mandatory compliance for part 91 operations. Poll the members of this forum and see how many of their planes have had a prop strike and also see how many of those who have had prop strikes are flying around behind an engine that only had a dial indicator check or a flange dye penetrant test. While there may have been failures after prop strikes even though they were run out with a dial indicator or had a flange dye penetrant test I am personally now aware of any. Having owned multiple Mooney’s since 1987 that had prop strike history in their past I have never felt uncomfortable flying them even thought they never had the complete SB’s complied with. Disclaimer: I am only a private pilot and NOT an AP Mech or IA.
  10. I have seen these guys move a few Money’s and they done it exactly like Paul said.
  11. Thank you but that is not the spreadsheet that I was referring to. The other one has a lot of detail year by year. Thanks, Frank
  12. Does anyone still have a link to this spreadsheet? I had it bookmarked but somehow deleted it by accident. Thanks, Frank
  13. The plane is hangared. I am pretty much doing a total refurb so the down time is not critical. The engine and prop are going out this week for overhaul. As soon as they are back the other phases will begin.
  14. I am getting ready to upgrade my panel, major changes, completely redo the interior as well as new paint. The plane has already been completely stripped of all old paint and the control surfaces reinstalled for ferry. Which order would you do the above? I am thinking, 1. Avionics, 2. Interior 3. Paint. Anyone know of any reason it would be advantageous to do it in a different order? Thanks, Frank