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  1. I helped someone install one of these recently. I really liked the seal. Recommendation, keep the brush part as short as possible. I have seen others installed that were 2 inches plus long and they didn’t do nearly as well as the shorter ones.
  2. Hello, I am looking to purchased a used but serviceable or a rebuilt Bendix Flight Director Horizon. Bendix King PN: 4000184-8503 AIM PN: 504-0001-911 Type DH-841A Aviation Instrument Mfg Corp is the manufacturer but was sold through Bendix King and was part of the Bendix King FCS-810 auto pilot system. These units were most common in Beechcraft Bonanzas and Barons as well as, I believe, Piper Aztecs. The unit would look like the attached photo but may utilize different colors on the face. Thanks, Frank
  3. I probably buy 90% of the used parts and tools that I need through WTB ads. I reported the suspicious account and I believe he is already history.
  4. I just got a scammer also, I believe. See Attched
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy a dynamic propeller balancer. A Dynavibe Classic, or other brand will work. Does not need to be certified so no NIST certificate is required. Surely someone saw the Dynavibe at OSH, bought one and used it once or twice, and hasn’t had it out of the case since. Thanks, Frank
  6. But how many Mooneys has Frank B. Owned and flown in the past. I still love a Mooney. You should see the M20J project we have going on in my hangar right now. It’s no longer mine, but belongs to another member here. Post some photos Dustin Payne.
  7. I guess I totally missed what his question was!
  8. It’s just an adjustment made by backing the screw out. You will get approximately 200 additional RPM FOR EVERY 360° revolution of the screw, assuming that the governor is controlling your max / takeoff RPM. But, the propeller governor should NOT be what’s controlling your maximum RPM at take off. If your low pitch stop is set correctly then WOT you will make just under full RPM. Then as you start your roll down the runway the RPM will come to the 2700. When the pitch stop is properly set the adjustment screw will be just barely touching, but not regulating the RPM at WOT, take off power setting.
  9. Those PA46’s … other wise know as the “M Class” Malibu, Mirage or Meridian have always had an certain appeal to me from both ascetics and performance, but there is just something that I can’t seem to make jive in my mind about them. I always get that same feeling in them that I also get in a V tail Bonanza. I have never had or should I say experienced that same deep in my gut something’s wrong or when is something going to go wrong just anytime now feeling in any of the M20 series Mooney’s nor have I in the A36 Bonanza family. You notice I said A36, not 36.
  10. Has anyone heard about a TFR violation that “supposedly” happened on Sunday 4/23/23 during the Blue Angels Airshow performance in Beaufort, SC? Someone told me that he read about the violation but I have looked and looked and I can’t find any info at all on it. It was supposedly a Mooney that descended from 6K to 4K passing through the TFR and later landing at 7FL6. I am just curious of the details and wondering if maybe the pilot was on an IFR flight plan and ATC messed up? Curious minds want to know. Even thousands, IFR Flight Plan? Thanks, Frank _________________ KOMN Hangar Investors, LLC
  11. I don’t guess that I have but maybe an hour total time LOP in my flying time unless I was LOP back in the Cessna 150 days of training when we leaned until it started cutting out and turned it back in just a little.
  12. Finding hangar space in the KDAB area is virtually impossible . One of the owners that bought in our complex is going to have a hangar for lease very soon but he is looking for a minimum of a one year lease and his lease rate is north of 11.00 per sq ft. He is mainly looking for a twin turbine tenant I think.
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