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  1. Can you send me a pic of what you need?  Is it a screw terminal, screw mount switch?  If so, let me know. Probably have a cheap option for you.


    Scott F

  2. I might still be in the Mayo Clinic, please call if I don’t answer please leave a message I will call you back. Yes, please, I want it. Tom Moquin tel 847-340-2325
  3. Yes, please, I want it. Tom Moquin tel 847-340-2325
  4. Great, please call me at 847 340-2325 Tom
  5. I need a new cover for my M20J (Radio Master). Any chance of buying one from you? Tom Moquin 847.340.2325
  6. I have a 1984 Mooney M20J and need a Radio Master Switch. Does anyone have one to sell? Tom Moquin 847.340.2325
  7. When I turn on the electrical master switch, quite often I need to cycle the switch numerous times for power to come on. Sometime when I put the switch on I have power, but if I then put the radio master on or the starter on the power will fall off. I can always hear the battery solenoid clank on but no power. Sometimes it work fine, but I never know when I go out to the airplane if today it will work or not. I have replaced a perfectly good Concord battery, a perfectly good Electrical Master switch, I have replaced two new Sky-tek battery solenoids. I have replaced both wires from the Electrical Master switch all the way back to the battery. I have had the shop replace numerous grounds. No one can figure out what the problem is; anyone ever run across thjis before? any suggestions?
  8. If Mooney Ambassador will have a table maybe we can meet up and all get together for lunch. Tom Moquin M20J N5756K
  9. I had Moody Aero Graphics make me up a bunch of exterior labels and they evens (for a price) added a coating over the font to keep it from fade/wear. I find them to very a very good company> Tom Moquin M20J
  10. My wife and I are flying our M20J from Chicago to Kissimmee (ISM) for Sun N Fun. I was wondering if anyone else is and if there are any plans in the works to all meet up for lunch or dinner. Tom and Debbie Moquin Cell: 847 340-2325
  11. My exhaust strap broke. Its just a silicone strap with some woven fabric in it. Its 1 inch wide by 6 inches long. LASAR wants over $70.00 for it. Where can I buy this material? Tom Moquin M20J
  12. Well I dropped the airplane off at Aircraft Systems, Inc. (Rockford, IL, KRFD). If anyone can figure this out Terry Norris can. Sometimes when I try to engage the starter all electrical power drops off line. If I toggle the master switch several time, sometimes it come back. Other times during cruise the alternator goes off line and I see almost 30 amp draw. I've changed the master switch, battery solenoid at the battery; and just last week at annual the mechanic changed the battery (which wasn't old and seemed fine to me). The problem is the problem is intermittent. It is hard to figure out when you can't duplicate it on demand. Hope this solves the problem, we want to fly the Mooney to Sun N Fun next month.
  13. Yes, I'll trying looking at the cannon plug connection. Tom M20J
  14. I found it right under the co-pilot panel. I keep getting the high/low voltage light with the alternator tripping off line. Tom Moquin M20J