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  1. @Ragsf15e, unfortunately we do not. We just happened to have a customer with the M20C system available. You may be able to find one from a donor aircraft. We would be more than happy to assist with the refurbishment and installation of a kit if you find one! We don't own the STC, but have all the data necessary to support you.
  2. tomgo2

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    @skippyf16, You will absolutely LOVE the Mooney with the RAJAY System. Taking off with a turbo out of a high DA airport is night and day vs a normally aspirated airplane. Other airplanes will have to leave with barely enough fuel onboard and take off early morning or late evening to avoid the heat. You will be able to take off any time of day with more fuel on board. @carusoam had some really good recommendations on a recent thread regarding what to look for. I will try and summarize and add a few things below: 1. Find out how much time is on the turbo. The recommended overhaul time is 1000 hours. They can go much longer than that if they are used frequently and no oil leaks. 2. Find out how long the v-band exhaust clamps have been on the airplane. RAJAY's exhaust clamps do not have an AD but the FAA recommends changing them every 500 hours. 3. Have your Mechanic pressurized the system and look for leaks in the ducting and valves. Any leaks have a big impact on MP at altitude. 4. Check the exhaust condition including the waste gate. Both are exposed to high temps and wear over time. Waste gate should close completely and freely using the vernier control cable inside the cabin. No light should shine through when closed. 5. You could also perform the oil flow check shown in the Owner's Manual to ensure check valves and scavenge pump is working correctly. The good news is RAJAY has all the parts you need to keep it flying and tuned up to fly those high altitudes. Buy with confidence knowing that RAJAY will support your part needs. Regards, Tom
  3. tomgo2

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    @JETmachine If this aircraft was modified with a different type of engine, then the current STC won't work unfortunately. Your installation would be unique and therefore not compatible to the M20C kit we currently have. To answer your other questions for completeness.. Yes, there are several RAJAY STCs that are for fuel injected engines. Yes, 190kts is impressive and was achieved using stock cowling back in the 1960s well before loPresti mods. Admittedly, these numbers are published in a marketing brochure, so I cannot say with certainty you will see those numbers. You will find most owners stay below FL200. Those who do go above FL200 probably see really good speed, but probably not 190kts. If your plane were compatible, I was offering the overhauled kit plus installation for $20K. The authorized service center is based in Spring Branch, TX called Fisher Aviation. Regards, Tom
  4. tomgo2

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Yeah...I have to admit, those numbers are in a marketing brochure I'd love to hear your experiences and updates as you stretch her legs and put her running shoes on! Any possibility in doing some videos that could be posted on YouTube or possibly the RAJAY website would be greatly appreciated.
  5. tomgo2

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    @JETmachine, do you own an M20C and interested in a RAJAY kit? We have a used kit that we would refurbish and do the installation at one of our Authorized Service Centers if you are interested. The marketing material from 1985 shows the M20C ceiling at FL300 and cruise at 190 knots @ FL200 with 75% power....
  6. We have an M20C RAJAY Turbonormailized kit available for installation. $20K includes the kit, overhauled accessories, and installation at a RAJAY Authorized Service Center. Contact us at
  7. tomgo2

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Hi Folks - that is correct. Give us a call if you are interested in a new installation. We need at least 3 deposits to get the ball rolling. It is too speculative to begin without firm orders. Tom
  8. tomgo2

    WTB M20J RayJay Turbo

    Hi Eddie - call us at 386-304-7079
  9. Hi Everyone. thanks for tagging me to the discussion @carusoam. RAJAY owns the STC for the RAJAY installation for the M20J SA3555WE. We are taking deposits now to be put on a waitlist. We want to have at least 3 orders before we go into production. If you are interested in putting a $1,000 fully-refundable deposit down, please contact for more information. We haven't nailed down the exact cost for the M20J, but we would estimate a purchase price for the kit to be somewhere around $28K plus 50 hours of installation labor. Regards, Tom
  10. tomgo2

    WTB M20J RayJay Turbo

    Hi Eddie, we (RAJAY) own the STC for the M20J. We are taking deposits now to be put on a waitlist. We want to have at least 3 orders before we go into production. If you are interested in putting a $1,000 fully-refundable deposit down, please contact for more information. We haven't nailed down the exact cost for the M20J, but we would estimate a purchase price for the kit to be somewhere around $28K plus 50 hours of installation labor.
  11. Hi Everyone, We receive a lot of phone calls and emails regarding exhaust components and turbo aircraft maintenance. To help out the Mooney owners who own a RAJAY system, we signed an agreement with Acorn Welding ( to be our one and only authorized RAJAY exhaust facility. They now have all of our design data, tooling and fixtures to repair or build new RAJAY exhaust parts for your aircraft. We also began establishing RAJAY Authorized Service Centers throughout the US for owners who need a little help tweaking or tuning their systems. Fisher Aviation is our first RAJAY ASC which specializes in Mooneys. They are based at the same airport as RAJAY (1T7) in Spring Branch, TX. We are looking for more Mooney experienced shops to become an ASC and welcome any input from the Mooney Community. If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to contact us! Regards, Tom
  12. tomgo2

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    Yeah, if it were a reasonable guy maybe. I offered options and solutions as you all suggested and got short with me and said NO and hung up...
  13. tomgo2

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    Yes, thanks. As much as I would like to do this for fun, I would need to own the STCs to in order to commercialize the solutions. Any data released under the abandoned STC process cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  14. tomgo2

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    All valid points to consider and appreciate your comments and all the others. I'm just throwing it out there as I am just about ready to throw in the towel on these STCs. Keep in mind owner produced parts are a bit of a slippery slope and still a hassle. The knowledge that the STCs are abandoned still cause harm to aircraft values and reduce ease of maintenance. No one will go to the trouble of PMA'ing parts by identicality/analysis due to the costs of certification, substantiation, analysis etc etc etc. Try importing, exporting or selling a plane to a thorough buyer that can identify owner produced parts or deviations to whatever drawing they may possess. Again, if there are any Attorneys based in FL that would like to explore options, please let me know.
  15. tomgo2

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    The attorney won't compel the owner, but rather a judgement from a court will. There could be a lawsuit for damages brought forward by the aircraft owners for the loss of value in their plane or inability to maintain their plane??? The lawsuit could seek damages and use the STCs as the possible rectification??? Hence the need for an attorney that is a Mooney fanatic that is willing to do this for free (addresses CB club statement above). If there is a judgement (of some type) and takes the onus off the owner and relieves him of his corporate shield concern...I'm not an attorney and that is what I would expect them to formulate. I am just throwing something out there. Truthfully, I don't really know if I have a dog in this fight, but would like to see how we can help the Mooney owners that I encounter who get shafted on this stuff. I know this hurts the RAJAY brand even though we have nothing to do with the situation. Tom