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  1. Anyone have an airplane with the SWTA cowling? Any PIREPS on them?
  2. There is a chance of installing a used kit on your airplane. Send us an email at for more information.
  3. Hi, unfortunately I do not have an AFM for this STC.
  4. Hi Gents. I was researching something else on here and picked up on something that I didn't catch the last time around. Please keep in mind that the flex ducts are custom made to RAJAY specs and exceed SCAT and SCEET specs. RAJAY ducts are much thicker, have clamping cuffs and withstands higher pressures and temps.
  5. Still have that M20C refurbished kit available. It will come with freshly repaired/overhauled exhaust, wastegate, scavenge pump, new hoses and flex ducts.
  6. There are a lot of factors. I'm not referring to product reliability. There are other aspects to it unfortunately.
  7. @hmasing the M20 A through D/G and M20E/F STCs are dead. The company that owns those STCs closed and took the STCs with them. I spoke with the owner and he will not sell/sign them over due to liability issues. RAJAY owns the M20J STC and taking deposits if your interested!
  8. Hi There, we have 1 refurbished M20C kit available for purchase. Asking $20K installed.
  9. Hi John - thanks for the input. There are to different styles of scavenge pumps for the RAJAY setup. The one I am referring to is the one I show on my previous post. These are very unique and different than the cube-shaped scavenge pumps. Hartzell bought the rights to the cube-shaped pumps and yes, they keep the data to these pumps very close to the vest. There is nothing RAJAY can really do about this product except for re-designing a new pump...which isn't going to happen unfortunately. The pumps I am referring to aren't Hartzell property and still remain with RAJAY. I wanted to see what type of demand there is for these types of pumps and if RAJAY should invest in supporting these or not. Not sure if there are solutions or workarounds that I am not aware of. Regards, Tom
  10. Let me know if the image doesn't work this time.
  11. RAJAY is looking for feedback from the RAJAY community to determine needs and support for 2019. Questions for our RAJAY owners with the Drive Pad Scavenge Pump Assy:1. Have you ever had your Drive Pad Assy overhauled? If yes, who did the work? 2. Have you ever run into issues related to the Drive Pad Assy? How was the issue rectified? 3. Would you be interested in a RAJAY service to provide overhauled/rebuilt Drive Pad Assy? Post
  12. Hi Aaron, the plane had already left before I could take photos. Sorry!
  13. These are photos from the installation manual from the 1970...they didn't have hi-res HD cameras back then! There is a RAJAY'd F Model at the shop next to me. I can take some photos of that on Monday.
  14. Thanks, but no. We are looking specifically M20J/201 with RAJAY STC SA3555SE. That particular installation has a pressure relief valve and some type of automatic wastegate feature. Thanks, Tom