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  1. As of 8/26/2021, my question is: 1. Are new factory Mooney's still getting Landing Gear Actuators that need this Spring replaced every 1000 hours? 2. If not, what are the new improved Actuators and do they fit in the previous models? 3. If they don't fit, can they be retrofitted.
  2. Hello. I have an 84 201J with mostly original paint. Having limited funds, I have to choose my plane refurbishing projects wisely. My paint doesn’t hold a sheen very well. Is there an easily applied coating that I could use to hold me over till repaint? Thank you.
  3. Fellow Mooney Pilots & Owners, I am inquiring into the interest of a group of us forming a non-profit Mooney Parts Consortium. This is in response to various Service Centers suddenly going out of business and the propensity of Service Centers to double/triple/quadruple prices knowing they have the last available few parts. The goal would be to provide part orders to the Mooney Factory in sufficient quantity to make it economical for Mooney to produce a manufacturing lot. This would require an interest from a sufficient number of you for certain parts and/or tooling, along with an investment by “charter members”. Also, a small annual fee to cover internet and management expenses. I had a few parts I was already interest in purchasing: GSE 030007 MAIN GEAR RIGGING TOOL GSE 030010 NOSE GEAR SHOCK DISC COMPRESSION TOOL A10-85 NO-BACK SPRINGS REPLACEMENT KIT Please respond to this posting if interested. Ken
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