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  1. I think in this day and age of cheap batteries and electric motors you could have one tiny battery exclusively dedicated to running the gear and one motor per gear leg and have a solution that is lighter, more elegant and more simple than the backspring clutch workaround.
  2. shorrick mk2

    Wow - I coulda had a V8.

    For what it is worth, Continental has just certified a six cylinder turbodiesel that puts out 300hp at takeoff, runs up to 25k feet, has a 285hp continuous power rating, and is only 3kg heavier than the Acclaim TSIO-550.
  3. shorrick mk2

    New CEO at Mooney

    A BRS will in effect make the current Ovations and Acclaims two-seaters by further eating into the payload. A BRS without proper landing gear and increased MTOW is throwing good money after bad. Donuts are cool and low cost - but surely in this day and age with the multitude of tiny powerful electric motors available one motor and proper strut per landing leg will be cheaper to buy and easier to build than the current solution. The question is how much will that cost versus how many airframes will be sold. And neither addition will solve the labor-intensive solution of building the plane around a hand welded steel tube cage. Keep in mind good second-hand DA42s are on the market at the Acclaim / Ovation Ultra price point and they have the best parachute - a second (reliable) engine.
  4. shorrick mk2

    I-Pad overheated in flight

    The key to iPad "heat management" is making sure you are not running several apps at once (double click the home button to see the ones that are open) and not using any type of cover. The back of the iPad is a heatsink and if it is enclosed it doesn't fulfill its function.
  5. shorrick mk2

    Repaint and refit

    Maybe you want to check with Aeroservis at LKVM. They did a Mooney that looks nice. Do interiors too. Check out their work.
  6. shorrick mk2

    Flying to US from Canada with a EU passport

    EU citizen cannot enter the US in a private aircraft based only on the ESTA. The only way it would work is first enter the US flying commercial then exit (and reenter) by GA.
  7. shorrick mk2

    Fuel Flow indicating issue

    On my Ovation when pulling the mixture back to ICO with boost pump the fuel divider certainly doesn't prevent fuel running to the engine as it will keep running...
  8. shorrick mk2

    Fuel Flow indicating issue

    But *is* fuel recirculated back to the tank - the normal setup is a vapor return line, not a fuel return line?
  9. shorrick mk2

    Rubber Puck Thickness

    The Mooney has a great advantage in that it has a trailing link gear - yet it stopped short of awesomeness by going for the pucks (understandable in 1955). Cirrus had pucks on the nose gear and switched to an oleo - surely they don't charge 20k for it not even as a spare. With nowadays oleos one can adjust the damping depending on movement amplitude i.e. stiff when cornering and soft when taking a bump. Also damp and rebound rates can be set individually i.e. the oleo will compress faster than it'll extend back. All things that could prove useful - especially if landing on less than perfect grass say.
  10. shorrick mk2

    Rubber Puck Thickness

    1000 for pucks sure, but how much for avionics and fuel tank sealing shagged by undampened landings?
  11. shorrick mk2

    Rubber Puck Thickness

    I wasn't thinking of maintenance I was thinking of having actual sprung and unsprung dimensions and get together with a coil and shock specialist see if they can fit anything in that sort of dimension.
  12. shorrick mk2

    Rubber Puck Thickness

    Toying with ideas and projects - does anyone happen to know the thickness of the standard Mooney donut when uncompressed? If someone happens to be up on jacks now or to have one on the shelf, I'd appreciate knowing the measurement.
  13. shorrick mk2

    Ovation parts

    Could you not make molds of existing exhaust fairings and make your own out of fiberglass? Or is that a no-no.
  14. shorrick mk2

    Ovation Baffling Seals

    Thank you for that last photo. That's exactly it (and how I set it up as well). My problem is that the "zig-zag" induces a massive wrinkle (one can see it glancing through the oil filler door) when the cowl presses down on it - so all the efforts of say RTV'ing the small holes shut and such are negated by having a big one smack in line with the airflow.... So i'm wondering how to get rid of it.
  15. shorrick mk2

    Ovation Baffling Seals

    Can't really tell from that photo unfortunately... though unlike the Ovation the back baffling seems to run in a straght line.