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  1. GeorgePerry

    Introduction and owner question...

    Aircraft partnerships are almost like a marriage. You definitely need to find the right partner or it'll cost you big-time!
  2. GeorgePerry

    Introduction and owner question...

    Its tough to find someone willing to pull fuel into a Bravo :-)
  3. GeorgePerry

    Introduction and owner question...

    Buy the plane and find a partner or two to split the costs with if ownership, operating costs and low usage are concerns. You can try to find a partner and then buy the plane, but this can be a challenge. Best bet, buy the plane (so it's real) and then find a partner. Once you have a bird parked in a hanger, finding a partner to split costs with will be much easier.
  4. GeorgePerry

    Why Pilots Matter

    Thanks for pointing out my typo. Yep its meant to say US flagged carrier. Corrected. And I'm not a lobbyist:-)
  5. GeorgePerry

    Why Pilots Matter

    Atlanta Blackout - Why Pilots Matter
  6. GeorgePerry

    Career Advice

    Lawrence These questions require an in depth discussion. As someone who started in the civilian side of the business (ERAU, CFI, Freight and charter flying) and switched over to the military (20 years in F-14/F18 Aircraft) and now fly for a major airline, I'd be happy to discuss the pro's and con's of different career paths and hiring trends. As an aside I gave my 13 year old son his first lesson two weeks ago. He's interested in flying so this topic is near and dear to me. If you'd like to discuss send me a PM and we'll connect. ATB, George
  7. High profile ICON pilots fatal accidents
  8. GeorgePerry

    GNS 430W or 530W wanted

    Yep, flying 757/767's for UPS and loving it!
  9. GeorgePerry

    GNS 430W or 530W wanted

    Yes...PM Sent
  10. Starting the avionics upgrade process on my new to me F. If anyone has a GNS430 or 530 they'd like to part with (WAAS preferred) please let me know. Thx George
  11. GeorgePerry

    Plane sold - Post removed

    Mike. I sent you a PM.
  12. GeorgePerry

    Plane sold - Post removed

    A lot of fun. Compressed and intense training on par w what I’m used to from the military. Plane is easy to fly after getting familiar w all the various systems.
  13. GeorgePerry

    Plane sold - Post removed

    I was considering a host of options but when this opportunity popped up it was perfect and w partners extremely affordable.
  14. GeorgePerry

    Plane sold - Post removed

    As an update I’m all settled flying 757 / 767 for UPS. Just bought in on a highly upgraded m20f partnership.
  15. GeorgePerry

    Grumman Mallard accelerated stall

    Red Zone awareness...See the ASI low altitude maneuvering video